Book Review on “The Single Mother’s Guide to Financial Freedom”


Wow, what a hectic, insane week it has been, but keep your head up and stay on your ones and twos. As brother born would say “The madness of events leads me back to something that grounds me to refocus the ‘why’ for me”. The topic I chose today is for the reconstruction of the black family. I had a young lady once say to me “What if my man’s never coming home?” after he got into a car accident. He was a good man and the young lady wished to honor his memory by not allowing a stepfather into the picture. To her and millions of other single women, regardless of color, I offer this…

A book newly written and released called “The Single Mom’s Guide to Financial Freedom”. It’s available at where there’s a wealth of motivational, black man, black woman, educational, career, business and health/fitness types of literature.

The new book “The Single Mom’s Guide to Financial Freedom” offers real organizations and programs that can help you pay bills, collect child support, attend college and much more. Did you know there’s a single mother’s grant to help pay off heating, gas and electric bills? This guide is a must have for women of all ages and ethnic background. It is truly everything you need to gain “real” financial freedom.

So, I’ve broken down some topics covered in this rich, uplifting woman feel type of book. It throws any selfish ambitions and, through pain staking research, has combed through the less talked about help centers, grants and loans geared toward single mothers.

All these programs have helped thousands of women already. So many women/girls and grandparents raising their children’s children across the country. All of these listed programs have the same philosophy of “women first”. Combing through the tens of thousands, these programs are the most complete with proven results that are not geared towards Federal/State funding that’s dictating their output. Their stance that women are disadvantaged are discriminated against and need programs and organizations geared toward them is the strong, overwhelming belief and agenda.

I won’t spoil the chapters of the book, but here are the programs because, we at the B.A.F., believe they’re the best in America.

• The Black Women’s Health Imperative
• The Sojourner Center
• The Global Fund for Women
• The Parents Without Partners Program
A) Complete with a dating site
• Single Parent Alliance of America (SPAOA)
A) Complete with a single dad’s group
• Janette Rankin Foundation
• Black Career Woman Network
• Child Care and Development Fund (CCDF)
A) Of American single mothers polled, child care was the number one concern!
• The Take Wings Foundation
• The Rape, Abuse and Incest National Network (RAINN)
• My Sister’s Keeper Foundation for Women
A) Voted best women’s foundation the last two years!
• The Helping Hands for Single Mom’s Program
• The Working Cars for Working Families Program
A) Help even if the man is in the home and both parents work!
B) Donated thousands of working cars to families.
• The White House Council on Women and Girls
A) A program founded by Michelle Obama
• The G.U.R.L.S. Rock Program
A) A program that has taken off with celebrity backers like Alicia Keys and many others
B) The programs has been highlighted with National T.V. coverage

Please, if you don’t buy the book then utilize some of these listed programs. They all have websites. Some may be just what you need. I tried to list them in a variety form, as to cover as many concerns that single mothers and struggling families have.

Care to be aware!

Hustler of Culture

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