Drama Life – Type X Born in the American Ghetto

Adrenaline Cliff
Peace to the social world. Hey, big shout outs to the Villanova Wild Cats for their victory in the Championship game. What a shot! What a tournament!

Now, let’s deal with a real situation as it reflects on our lives. Are you living life as a magnet for drama? Are you the one who sets it off? Does drama follow you like Twitter? This lifestyle exists in every race and every walk of life. They’ve broke it down in psychology class as Type A, B, Typical and X personalities.

Type A is described as a little uptight, goal oriented and liking to take charge.

Type B is described as more creative, reflective and maintaining a less stressful life.

Type Typical is described as those who’s life has never been exposed to chaos or crime. They adjust well to society and responsibility.

Type X is described as a cross between Type A and B that needs excitement and are willing to endanger life and freedom for a thrill – an adrenaline junkie. You exist in the highs and lows of life. A happy medium is an uncomfortable and more importantly, unfamiliar territory and lifestyle for you.

When you hear/read about adrenaline junkies you see people jumping off cliffs, sky divers, race car drivers, stuntmen and all types of extreme sports and hobbies. What if you live or come from an environment that does not allow you to express yourself? Does that mean Type X does not exist in American ghettos and slums? Most certainly not! It manifests itself as “drama”. The crazy one out of our crew or neighborhood. Combine that with anger and extreme upbringing and touch it with intelligence. Trust is a recipe for a self-destructive lifestyle. If these character traits are mixed without luck and lack of intelligence, it’s a recipe for becoming a statistic. Do you know any? But, let’s say you become lucky or blessed enough to survive, despite bouts with the streets and justice system. Now, you’re older and still dealing with who you are. Trying to find balance. The drama lifestyle could be described by others as a need for attention. This is not a true Type X attitude, it’s a child-like selfish one, bringing stress and drama to your life.

But, this is for my “really’s”. Those with Type X that were born in a hostile environment. You have to understand who you are! Define yourself. Is the rage and anger still important in your life or has that survival instinct run its course? Learn new techniques to cope with stressful or surprise situations. Especially if you’re in a new environment that is less accustomed to random violence or outbursts. Simply put, it’s maturing and letting go of the old you, who has brought you this far. Like an old friend, rage and anger are a consistent companion.

I’m talking to those of you who are the cream of what I’m speaking on… take this cup of reality cuz your traits can be redirected and those same tools are an asset in society. Attack a goal or dream with that extra tenacity, replace the position with passion. Your fault in your life now may be “reaction”. Maybe your existing and adjusting, but without addressing this. It’s still not a solution because when events occur, to most people it seems you over react to avoidable situations. The rage is put on the back burner as it has been many times before. When it’s unleashed, it’s on 10! Not every situation is a test or testament to your manhood or womanhood. Every dilemma does not need to be met with extreme force. Every problem is not life or death, freedom or incarceration. It’s not ALL or NOTHING! Find security in the medium. Find comfort in the calm of life. How unfair or selfish you are to those that care and love you. With this type of personality, the complexity makes you highly attractive and easily cared for and loved. You have qualities that make you a leader in life. People find safety in your presence.

Drama free life; you’ve made it this far off of sheer aggression, street smarts and knowledge. That animalistic instinct has carried you as far as it can. Trying to continue this way will only lead to self-destruction. As your body changes, your life changes. So, to most, your view and attitude on life changes. It’s in the decision making. Anything less than a direct threat to you or your family is not worth your life or freedom. Your survival instincts were meant for you to live. So, live. Find harmony out of your hell. Find love in the arms of fate. Find peace after internal war.

If there’s never been a “presence” in your life to show you the map of life, let experience be the teacher, but learn and grow. Anything that’s not learning or growing is dying. Life won’t wait for you to get it. So, they say your personality is creative, your intelligence is driven and direct. PROVE IT! Take the positive and shake off what you don’t need and not only live, but PROSPER!

Simply your brother – KJS
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