Effective Self Change

Waz really good? We’re throwing up for the Reconstruction of the Black Family section of our site! Each of us have a moral and spiritual duty as a part of this incredible race. To my younger audience – ever hear your people say “learn from your experiences”? Take my advice… does it make me old that I understand and want to express that very advice?

There are topics my team wants me to address. Like helping young blacks avoid the pains of the “Justice System” and other hot topics. But, I say any way to have effective solutions, the first thing that must be addressed is self-change.

Change; to make or become different. The first thing is to know the true meaning of what you wish to CHANGE.

We’re going in on solutions, not lectures.

1) The human body enjoys familiarity. It likes to know what to expect. No matter your level of suffrage, the body can become comfortable and content with its condition. Have you ever heard of being institutionalized or having Stockholm syndrome? These are examples of what I’m saying.
A) Do you really want change?
B) Why do you want change?
C) Change must make you better!

2) Identify your obstacle, vice or addiction you would like to change.
A) Look at yourself in the mirror. Seriously admit your fault and announce your war on your imperfection. This is your pledge to self-improvement!
B) Allow yourself the permission to want better and believe you can do better.
C) Reflect on how this defecation of character has damaged and brought pain to your life. “Know your enemy”.

One of the most famous quotes on change is from Mahatma Gandhi. He said “Be the change you wish to see in the world”.

I am living that. My passion is to uplift our mighty race and become a credit to it. To be the sum of my race, not a distraction from it.

Leo Tolstoy said “Everyone thinks of changing the world, but no one thinks of changing himself”.

3) Know thy self. You should know your body and mind. You can be in tune with who you really are.
A) Think about your typical day. Very little is typical about it. It takes extraordinary skills to make it through and extraordinary skills to be destructive to yourself.
B) Reinforcing your positives and destroying your negatives in your life is it the fruit of the true meaning of human life!

4) It does not matter your shortcomings. Mine is my war against cigarettes. It may sound trivial to you but, anything that can alter your health and steal years from your intended life is not trivial. One can improve his/her will power and self-resolve. Just as one would develop his/her physical body.
A) Obtain as much information on your subject as you can. Any subject you can Google, you will get info lol.
B) Do not underestimate your body’s fight to go back to your old, comfortable life.
C) Change is growth and although you may have forgotten when you were little, there were
“growing pains”. Growth, true growth, involves pain for accomplishment. You can have “withdrawal” from anything. So, expect it.

5) Be ready to live in change. Some people change then “fall of the wagon”, “relapse” or “fall back in love with it”. Due to the fact that it’s hard for you to enjoy better, think you deserve this life or feel alone because your friends, family, coworkers and social world still dwell in that which you wish to change. SO WHAT! This is your life, make new social connections with lovers, friends and have a close relationship with a co-dependent family member.
6) Reward yourself for any goal achieved, large or small. There can be no incentive without reward.
A) As large as you can dream.
B) As little as saying “good job” in the mirror.

7) WRITE IT OUT! “You have to see it before you can be it”. If your improvement is material, have a photo and look at it daily.
A) Write down your goals and your flexible, but projected timeline.
B) Make short-term and long-term goals.
C) Fact; the mind functions better with an aim. It moves towards that which you think about all day.
D) Incorporate some kind of physical conditioning. It goes without saying if better physical condition is your “change”. Better physical condition will only help your mission!

One of the hardest, most constant things in life is self-maintenance and improvement. The term “craps in a barrel”, haters wanna see you fail etc. all try to prevent self-improvement. Change because true core change is a courageous thing many dwell in as sheep following the masses. Those whom choose to challenge themselves thru higher education and self-improvement affect the waves of life!

Be that which you’re meant to be!

Your brother, KJS