Biracial Hair Care Tips: Bed Time Routines

Night time routines are important in hair care regimens for biracial children. If you do nothing, they will wake up with a head full of tangles and very dry hair. Cotton fibers suck the moisture right out of the hair. I recommend getting satin or silk sheets and/or pillowcases as well as using a satin or silk bonnet or wrap. Some kids won’t tolerate wearing these and that’s why you will need the special sheets and pillowcase. It also protects them if the bonnet comes off during the night. If your child is wearing a protective style, you’re good to go with just using a moisturizing spritz and throwing the bonnet on. If not, naturalists say to put the hair in a pineapple (high ponytail), braids or twists. Braids and twists are your best bet because they will keep the hair detangled throughout the night. If you have done the L.O.C method that day, it’s probably moisturized enough. If not, do the L.O.C method (using a spray bottle to wet the hair first if you’re not washing/conditioning/cowashing) or a good moisturizing spritz. The more moisture retention the better! Dry, tangled hair leads to breakage and we don’t want that! Make sure you read next week’s piece on hair porosity. Thanks!

-Sherry Ulvick

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