Biracial Hair Care Tips: Moisture Retention Methods

Natural, curly hair requires more steps to keep it moisturized than straight hair does. You must develop a regimen, techniques scheduled and specified for their hair. There are two of these regimens that I will be discussing and a third on the best way, in my opinion, to keep the hair moisturized for several days.

The Curly Girl Method developed by Lorraine Massey
1. Clarify with a shampoo (for the last time) to get all the build-up off.
2. Throw that shampoo out! (This method strongly suggests cowashing at least once a week).
3. Use a silicone free conditioner and finger detangle. Always avoid styling tools like combs and brushes.
4. Use a cotton shirt, paper towel or mico-fiber towel to dry instead of terry cloth.
5. Get their hair trimmed by a professional every 4 to 6 months.
6. Never use heat on the hair. Heat is curly hairs enemy!
7. Sleep with hair in a high pony tail (pineapple) and satin bonnet or scarf (pillowcases for toddlers).

Put styling products in the hair while it’s dripping wet. Gel or mouse is good to define curls and it’s recommended that you leave the hair in its natural state (low manipulation. It may take a little bit of time for the hair to adjust to this regimen so be patient!

The Tightly Curly method developed by Terry LaFlesh
This method is pretty similar to the Curly Girl Method. Here are few differences…
1. It’s fine to use shampoo as long as it’s only on the scalp.
2. Combs and brushes are fine as long as you are gentle.
3. Blow drying with a diffuser once in a while is ok.
4. No gels – use conditioner in place of this to prevent build up.
5. Don’t over trim, if you are taking good care of it, trimming is not needed very often.
6. Braid hair for sleeping.

The L.O.C Method
This method is named after the products used for moisture retention. L stands for liquid or leave in conditioner (water as the first ingredient), O stands for oil and C stands for cream. After washing and conditioning (or cowashing), apply these products in this order one at a time, section by section and detangle if you haven’t already detangled the hair while it had the conditioner in. Depending on the thickness, porosity, density and curl pattern you may not need all three components. It takes a lot of trial and error to find the right combination for your child(ren). Also, you will probably have to adjust it several times throughout their childhood. Some people do the L.C.O method which is just rearranging the order of products. Both are effective. You probably won’t need to L.O.C or L.C.O every day, but if you need to refresh their hair, use a spray bottle with warm water before reapplying products to avoid build up. If you ever feel like you need a demonstration on how to do anything, and I mean anything, it’s always a great idea to look on Youtube. There are tons of tutorials out there. I use a combination of all of these methods. Do what works for you. Trial and error! Stay tuned for next week. Thank you.

-Sherry Ulvick

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