Biracial Bond


The “Biracial Bond” drop down tab is a section dedicated to all aspects of raising biracial or African American children. You’ll find that much of the content is focused on hair care. Curly or kinky hair can be difficult to manage for people who have not taken care of it previously. There are many things to learn. This is where we come in. We offer many articles describing how to care for curly/kinky hair as well as other aspects of raising biracial children. In many articles, we have provided links to products (click on the image for purchase) that we personally use and recommend. All of the products are affordable and practical. Sometimes it’s hard to find adequate hair products, depending on where you live, in a traditional brick and mortar business. Ordering them online is easy and convenient.

Going into this hair journey can be somewhat over whelming, but we believe that with a little education, a little patience and a lot of love, you can do it! Please explore the “Biracial Bond” drop down tab today and tell your friends about us! Thank you.

-Sherry Ulvick

Here is a word from the founder of … Just to put it out there, my scope reaches beyond just web writing. I am available for public speakings on various topics, but I specialize in African American history. Payment depends on speaking topic, length and scope in which you need covered. Schools at all levels are ALWAYS one flat rate, regardless of the area covered. Thank you, from your young historian.

Agent Booking information – Sherry Ulvick (406) 241-6801
Flat rate – $1,000 plus travel expenses/accommodations