The Legacy of Lanez

With the Hip Hop industry booming, there are a lot of artists out there. Some people say that music has gone downhill, but this is simply not true. With the increased popularity, there are so many more artists making music. It’s watered down more now than ever before. True talent is out there, you just have to listen for it.

Daystar Peterson A.K.A Tory Lanez is an up and coming singer, rapper and song writer. He was born July 27, 1992 in Toronto, Ontario to Luella Peterson (Dutch) and father Sonstar Peterson (Barbadian and Asian). After moving to Miami, FL with his family, Daystar began rapping at the age of 9. Sadly, his mother became ill and passed away when he was 11. Following his mother’s death, his father Sonstar become a missionary and minister, which caused them to move frequently around the U.S.

When living in Atlanta, GA Daystar met a janitor named Hakeem. Hakeem nicknamed him “Lanez” due to seeing him run around on the streets with ill regard for oncoming traffic. After moving to New York City, he began focusing on his music more and more. He was calling himself “Notorious”, after the Notorious B.I.G (R.I.P), whom he greatly admired. Shortening the name and adding a Y instead of an I, he went by Tory and then later added Lanez. Thus, Tory Lanez was born!
He flew back to Toronto at the age of 15 to find out that he had lost his home, resulting in a few years of homelessness. This did not break him, as he began performing at small, outdoor concerts around age 16. By age 17, he began singing in addition to rapping. Never receiving vocal training, he taught himself how to sing.

Tory Lanez is rumored to be related to Drake, his fellow Canadian singer/rapper. After releasing his mixtape “T.L 2 T.O” in 2010, he posted a video on Youtube challenging Drake. He said that if Drake listened to his tracks and didn’t like them, that he would pay him $10,000. Drake listened to his music and allowed Lanez to keep his money.
Living in South Florida, Lanez began directing some of his music videos and posting them on Youtube. One video of him freestyling over Lloyd Banks’ song Beamer, Benz, Bently caught the attention of Sean Kingston. He contacted Lanez in February, 2010 asking him to meet up during the Ten0s’s My World Tour. Lanez accepted and ended up performing live on the tour. Later, he was signed to Kingston’s label “Time Is Money Entertainment”. Before leaving the label, he had released 10 mixtapes, but not all while on the label.

Lanez owns his own store called “Forever Umbrella” in uptown Toronto and a clothing brand called “Crist” that is coming soon. He hopes to make the store a chain. Lanez is a true business man. He claims to have ghost written songs for Akon, Travi$ Scott, August Alsina, Meek Mill, and T.I. This summer he released his single “Say It” from his upcoming 2016 album with Interscope Records. Lanez is multi-talented and likes to fuse different genres of music together. He calls this style “swavey”. In an interview Lanez said “Labels want to put you in one lane, but I feel like there are so many people that are more than that and they’re swavey artists. Swavey is a very unpredictable thing. You just know it’s going to be quality and it’s going to be good”. With the exception of Notorious B.I.G, Lanez does not claim to have any specific musical inspirations. In a separate interview he said, “My whole goal isn’t to draw inspiration from particular people, but rather good music in all forms. I’m inspired by life, the misfortunes I’ve had and when things aren’t so dandy. Even when I say things that are farfetched, like every rapper does, the difference is that all the farfetched things I’ve said in the past have come true”. Tory Lanez is definitely someone to watch out for in 2016. He is a gifted singer, song writer, rapper, producer, director, fashion designer and business man. In this somewhat watered down industry, he is a sure thing.

Tory Lanez