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I start this out with a saying I’ve come to love. “Blacks are the benefactors of the biggest atrocities in human history. Now it’s our time so shall ‘WE’ become the stewards of destiny, transprung before your very eyes”. Ever hear the expression “People don’t plan to fail, people fail to plan”.

Urge into energy – the passion and drive is instilled inside of you, if you’re African American, because our roots are embedded in betterness! From the beginning of our existence in America, we’ve had to fight against genocide of the American blacks. They envisioned slavery or death. We envisioned freedom or death. Just to remind you of the mind state of your roots, there was a time when we all had a common bond and goal. First there was survival, then the urge, then the energy, over generations, to carry it out.

The pain and hope of a slave woman is instilled in her seed. That burning hope has produced leaders, men and women dedicated to the cause. What is the urge today? It’s very different . Our common bond is selfish, although we have many social issues and common links. The urge is more individualized, meaning we’ve accomplished a life when a causal freedom and opportunities are now at our feet.

How can one harness this power? As I’ve said, it’s already inside you. They say some of our worst traits, as African Americans, are shock waves of atrocities. These are the fruits of slavery. Then, it’s also the truth, the urge and energy to overcome. It’s in us as well.

But, how can one focus that urge and harness that energy? Goals are the key! What is your aim in life? Do something every day to bring you closer to that which you want.

You’ve maybe heard “to be it, you have to see it”. That’s true. So, no matter how it sounds, lame, played or b/s, it’s true. Here is an example…

Short Term Goals:
Better Condition
Stop Smoking
Get a job
Go to school

Long Term Goals:
Own a house
Move out of state
Have a family
Become a millionaire

Ok, your list or any list starts with desire. What is it that you wish to obtain? Your mind automatically moves toward what you want. Now you have the urge. What part one fails at, most often, is the energy that it takes for achievement, the passion and practice of desire. But, allow yourself to be what you want. Once you move in the direction of your goals, things start to happen in that area. You may meet people on the same path and possibilities open in that lane. Information and opportunities become reality. I promise you, it’s true. The networking of self!

If a home is your goal and you start seeking loans and information about home ownership, doors open. A loan you had no knowledge of may spring up.

What is your urge? How much energy does it take? I am tired often and so is everybody who works with me, here at the B.A.F. It’s because everyone here has other goals and dreams and they work hard for them. Outside of energy, there is laziness. I remember saying, “There are two cardinal sins from which all others spring and where failure lives – impatience and laziness”. Balance is key. Rush anything and it will fail or be less than what it could have been. The other extreme is laziness. I have no love for this… I know people who would give a limb just for the chance to grind again. Our lives have been a constant drive of manual labor. Working harder has been the corner stones of our culture.
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Urge into energy, energy into results. The application of this are the principles of achievement, but rest assured, negativity brings negativity. Trying to be the next Tony Montana or Bobby Shmurda will bring you to a result of infamy, but also your end. It will be exactly what you’ve put into it, negativity.

Be realistic in your dreams. Think not how I and many used. Dwell in the fruits of negativity to produce something positive. The harm you cause along the way may give way to your demise before you can change the game. There is no control over negative ambition. It leads you to a dark place and many are trapped there. Your lust has to be based in something with an impact of good! It’s good to be a home owner. It strengthens us all. The impact of a drug dealer is negative on the community. It kills others goals while you selfishly cling to yours.

I bleed reality – KJS
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