Peace to our visitors. We always thank and give love to our audience that take time from their hectic days. But, to take time to feed your mental, as food feeds your body, is a positive choice.

How is our word and our cause spread? Hip Hop, yes of course. That’s Hip Hop’s true essence. Expression caused by frustration, because of our story, was silent to the masses. Now they hear us! But, more to the whole of our community, we need true media outlets that work hard to deliver us information and keep what’s important to us relevant! There has always been a two way street and fight for our light in mass media “Forget not the power media has to shape a world view of a race and its condition.” First is “truth” and a close second is “How that news pertains to you our perspective.” We come to you not in competition with other black voices, We just strive to be the number one voice in African American concerns, information, outreach and awareness. How do we/were do you think we rank?


BLACKAWARNESSFOUNDATION.COM AKA #BAF #TheSiteWithInsight The symbol says it all Black because its the “cause” Wise enough to know true salvation is in the unity (respect) Because America is the home of (3) base races Native Americans, Whites and African Americans!

Of course, we are well represented in the commercialism of big news conglomerates like CNN, MSNBC, Fox News and smaller, local news stations. Those from CNN are Zain Asher, Victor Blackwell, Don Lemon, Michael Periera and Van Jones. Those from MSNBC are Harold Ford Sr., Joy Ann Reid, Melissa Harris – Perry, Rev. Al Sharpton, Tamron Hall, Karen Finney, Toure and Craig Melvin. Lastly, those from Fox News are Lauren Green, Erick Rush and Juan Williams.

There are thousands more who keep the face of African Americans alive, despite our only making up 13% of the Unites States’ population. So many have chosen the path of journalism in News, Sports etc. to continue the path of making and preserving our culture and history.

For too long were the ills of our condition kept from the worldwide media and its outlets. With this new wave of commercialism, technology has allowed us to never be in the shadows again. With this social media crazed world, our fight for equality is broadcast on nightly news casts. The internet has opened up new avenues of information and how we deliver our message.

We’ve come a long way from Jet magazine in modern times. Print has been a part of our history. Beginning with Frederick Douglass’s abolitionist newspaper, the NorthStar from 1847 – 1851 to now, with digital t.v. shows like “Soul of the South”. Seven t.v. stations have come under black ownership since 2014. Pluria Marshall owns three and Dujuan McCoy owns the rest. Also, there are many African American oriented web sites. Here are a few – MadameNoire.com, Bet.com, WorldStarHipHop.com and BlackAmericanWeb.com. There are t.v. news shows like “Bounce” in Charlotte, North Carolina. There is the very versed Black Television News Channel on most cable networks. Also, I must direct ya’ll to yourblackworld.net. That takes a strong stance on issues that pertain to us and the “Black Report” posts top stories in the African American interest.

But, there is no show, no person, no podcast more concise or better delivered than the intellectual giant Mr. Roland Martin at TV One, t.v’s # 1 show. Formally a member of CNN Crew, his views and sniper like facts cut through the b.s. He is a commentator for TV One and host of News One Now, a one hour week day morning news show on the network. News One is your destination for news and information for and about blacks in America. It is filled with original stories, diverse opinions, photos, videos and polls. Let News One be our daily stop and make your voices heard! News One leads the way in a true focus on black issues. With Roland Martin a part of their direction and face of the network, they have carved a path in a world of old money and rules. Mr. Martin is unparalleled in his understanding of the under lining of issues. The knowledge he has on economy and black’s plight and place in today’s America is extraordinary. It’s in line with our cultural history as a truth giver and an orator deliverance that captures his audience. Plus, his temperament of a no nonsense approach to his topics and his quest reminds me of sports commentator icon Stephen A. Smith.

Some say, why give light to those you are in direct competition with? I say, this is the season of unity and awareness. Not hate!

-Simply KJS #YoungBlackHistorian copyright 2017

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