YES, IT’S NEVER TO “LATE” TO IMPROVE LIFE DESPITE………(you fill in the blanks with whatever excuse)

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I “Promise” We will move past the vibe we’ve set since late last week “Self-Help” climate we are driving home. So much other things are happening around us. My duty is to inform “do what you will with it” But no longer will we be the last to know and more importantly “Know what they want hidden about our contribution!”

Love and thank “all” of our fans, as we at BAF hit record numbers with yesterday’s “Fear prevents forward movement” So we post one more time “by design” in the spirit of Self-Help, Self-Improvement to led you to be Self-Made! In the light of our continual dedication and our topic heading “Re-construction of the Black Family” We push one more at you and keep up the awareness, education and true solutions for the African American race. Help the Real rise as we fight our way through the fake and enemies of our plight. Bonded to you. #TheSiteWithInsight BAF.

There’s a myth, a vibe, even a cultural mind set in American life. That achievement is reserved for the youth, the teen to 20 year olds. Real life facts show us that most achieve later in life when we work out life’s obstacles. This fast tech. age and social up to the minute pop culture highlights the icons of now like these young rich entertainers and sport stars. We focus on the young and blessed. Yet, that is not the reflection of real life progress. Life accomplishment and achievement is usually a slow self conquering journey. We face maturing both mentally as well as physically, learning and growing! I say “Many are late bloomers, but boy look how they blossom.”

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It’s never too late to improve life in all areas, despite…

l i age

Age: The biggest hater of self improvement is the stereotype of age! Age discrimination is in public life and also in one’s self. There is no limitation on improvement. As the body slows, you may experience hair loss, your eyes get weary and the drains of life show. However, the wisdom and the mind take the forefront and your youth gets you thru the manual labor of life. Wisdom and experience bring you thru the later stages of life. You can still make advances and the intelligence of a wise man lasts longer than the luck of the youth!

Love: Can one find a meaningful love later in life? I say hell yes! It can be a pure love based on more than lust. As an older man, you can see the difference in finding and dealing with women. One night stands and superficial bonds become less and less. Adapt or improve your life in love. It’s as simple as that. Women at the age of 30 or better are raising or have raised children and they want security and substance. They want someone to grow old with! For my ladies, you now understand that looks are not your attracting power anymore. It’s not at your forefront. Now you have to focus on the qualities of a man. Is he a provider of balance? Your real woman assets begin to blossom! Embrace the changes of life to deal with the opposite sex with a mature view.

Health/Weight: A sure sign of life is the body beginning to breakdown. The neglect you showed as a youth betray you today. No longer can you eat anything you want or do things you used to. Can you improve life in health and weight? Yes, but now you must work harder. I’ve joined a gym recently. Now we see the value of health and the “real” in life. We’re “born to die”, but go out on the terms of “I did all I could to preserve my life.” Make weight loss a focus in life if need be and make the health of this body that you were blessed with a priority.

Education: Would you let embarrassment prevent you from going back to school? Your life wasn’t meant to go to college at 18 years old. Maybe other obligations controlled your time. O.K, well now is your time to secure your family’s future. I understand being a single parent and going to school is one of the hardest things to do in everyday life, but now you see the value of education. It may be the only way to get to your dreams. Can you not dedicate 2-6 years of your life? You have dedicated 10 years or more to someone else. Even if that someone else was the Prison System of America!

Family: Can you improve family relationships? It’s never too late to re-build the bonds in family. There may be distant children or broken bonds with other family members. As you grow older, you understand the value of family. So many 30-50 year olds stress over lost love of family. Take it from me, there’s a time limit to forgive or ask for forgiveness from family. As I sit here today, I would gladly give my life and all it’s worth to just say sorry to my deceased mother! And that’s “Real Talk”. So tuck that pride in and talk to that mother, father or whom ever it is in your life. Family will always be family!

Money/Career: Can you get that money still? Hell yes! Did you know Vera Wang was a figure skater/journalist before becoming a millionaire designer at age 40? Samuel Jackson was a Hollywood actor for years before he got his shine in Spike Lee’s 1991 Jungle Fever and made his first million at age 43. You see him now? Henry Ford was 45 years old when he became the maker of the revolutionary Model T car. So age has little to do with persistence and timing! Stay true to your dream. It’s not you who decides “WHEN” so just be ready!

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So I say “YES, it’s never too late to improve life”. Give that of which you were meant to give to the contribution of life. No one can do it for you. Not only do you owe it to yourself, but you owe it to life!

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