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I wish you safety and security. As much as I’ve focused on the ills that our race! This is a pride push while these accomplishments are over shadowed by the negatives that were impairing our sense of worth. Beyond the heroics of our past, we are still in the mode and on the road to everyday contributions to American life! We, as a race, have not just stopped or slowed our creativity. You just have to sift through the traffic of information that’s every where. We have made ground breaking and major accomplishments in recent years and “Awareness” is the true Major Key in these times. More important is how you made room for reflection of our covered past and our journey of equality and justice. Today, we bare a burden that few races endure!


Back on our train of awareness of the “Black Thought” despite our recent political blow. We shall survive, such a blow only slows our progression reminds us for our plight. The reality is we are a long way from racial equality. White America was so offended about the two terms of Obama and the attitude of African Americans the arrogance and joy blacks displayed. African Americans know how to exist in the face of extreme race tensions. We have built our African Americans Heritage in the shadows of Jim Crow laws and Governmental oppression. The fight drains our souls and slows personal growth, yet the obligations of racial contribution is now highly visible and on our shoulders. So take pride in our daily grind the burdens like no other race as we continue the acknowledgement for respect. Or is the question we as a whole must seek the acknowledgment and pride in our accomplishments in ourselves. Dedicated to the plight and cause Join us!

Our most pressing issue at the B.A.F. is to inform our audience with positive dignity. To give updated accounts of daily occurrences. To give concise reports of topics that are imperative to the unity of black culture. So, now we will give rapid fire, short of some of the most recent accomplishments of African Americans since 2000. Take a moment to the let pride soak in. Walk in the day with knowledge of your race’s ability to be a force of positive accomplishments.

Please, if any of these race giants move you, do deeper research on them. Educate yourself about yourself!
2001 – First African American woman to win the ASCAP (American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers).
Pop music song writer of the year award: Beyonce Knowles
First recorded African American Billionaire: Robert L. Johnson, founder of Black Entertainment Television (B.E.T.)

2002 – First African American to win the Academy Award Best Actress: Halle Berry
First African American women combat pilot in the U.S. Armed Service: Captain Vernice Armor (USMC)

2003 – First African American Bar Association President: Dennis Archer

2004 – First African American person to win Broadway theatre’s Tony Award for best lead in the play, Raisin in the Sun: Phylicia Rashad
First African American inducted into the World Golf Hall of Fame (First black golfer): Charlie Stifford

2006 – First African American to reach the peak of Mount Everest: Sopia Danenberg

2007 – First known African American woman to reach the North Pole: Barbara Hilary

2008 – First African American President elected: Barack Obama (M.L.K’s dream fulfilled)
First African American to referee a Super Bowl Game: Mike Carey (Superbowl XLII)

2009 – First African American woman C.E.O. of a fortune 500 company: Ursula Burns (Xerox)
First African American to win the Pulitzer Prize for History: Annette Gordon-Reed. Her works are “The Hemingses of Monticello. An American Family”.

2010 – First African American Hockey teammate to be a Stanley Cup winner: Dustin Byfuglien (Chicago Blackhawks)

2012 – First African American Military Commander of the United States Central Command: Lloyd Austin

2013 – First African American President of the Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences: Cheryl Boone Isaacs
First African American World All Around Champion: Simmone Biles (It’s okay, I’ve never heard of this sporting event either LOL)

2014 – First African American Four Star Admiral: Michelle J. Howard
First African American to have been elected to both House and Senate: Tim Scott

2015 – First African American to be inducted to the Nascar Hall of Fame: Wendell Scott
First African American woman to become American Bar Association President: Paulette Brown

2016 – First African American President of a major Broadcast Network (T.V.): Channing Dungey

Our work as a race of creative contribution has not slowed or given less in true value. This short overview, since 2000, is just a small portion of our legacy to the fabric of American life and history.

The pride I’ve felt during the research process for this topic will carry through this month, as I myself, do the one two on some of these historic African Americans.

Love bringing to you the accomplishments of OUR people!

Passion With Thiz Pen Kjs. #YoungBlackHistorian

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