I wish you safety and security. So much has been said about how some elites in the African American culture are new money, new power and our control of pop culture has opened doors to new alliances. Secret societies have now added African Americans. Are blacks now down with the Illuminati? I will uncover the history and nature of this secret society which, in the past, viewed blacks as the “sheep” of whites. Now blacks are praising the Illuminati. Please know your history before you throw up the “All Seeing Eye.”

“Since ya’ll claim I’m Illuminati, tell me why would you try me? Kennedy, John F. about me.”

Words from Pusha T.

“It’s a secret society. All we ask is trust.”

Words by Jay Z


So, since I’ve been writing about black culture, I’ve been asked if the Illuminati is real. “Since when have so many African Americans become involved? You have to do something on the subject”.

It’s a hard pressed topic since their goal is anonymity, but these are the goals of the Illuminati…

1) One world government
A) One world currency (money)
B) One world market
C) One organization (them) who brings about this change.

Imma go in on this(like I always do). So, here we go…

The Illuminati is a Latin word, meaning “enlightened one”. It’s a group of individuals who believe that they are more enlightened than everyone else. The founder or the one recognized as the founder (Adam Weishaupt) organized the Bavarian Illuminati on May 1, 1776. That year shaped American history! On January 1, 1776, George Washington hoisted the Continental Union flag and on June 11, 1776, the first draft of the United States Declaration of Independence was created.

Mr. Weishaupt saw the potential of this new nation. He intended that members of his group (yes, he was super rich) would help him fight the supposed false teaching and religious ideas of that day/time. He opposed religion and instead favored scientific pursuits. Many believe that the Illuminati switched their aim. The purest founded or planted the seeds of Scientology (founder, L. Ron Hubbard). The foundation of the Illuminati then, was religion or a society without religion. They opposed an unseen entity that ruled unopposed. They opposed the symbol of God, so know what you’re repping. I hear a lot of the Hip Hop culture fans/artists rep this society.

The Duke, Karl Theodore, banned all secret societies in the year 1785. His aim, however, was the Masons. They were white abolitionists. That is what drove the Illuminati deeper in the shadows of secret societies with late secret meetings, code words and secret hand signals. Members are not publically associated with the group, until more recently with Hip Hop.

Illuminati supports and has a true goal of “new world order”, a platform advocating a global government. It’s a secret wealthy group that holds power over politics, religion (non religion) and economics. I know you think there is already that type of structure. While the NRA, oil tycoons, and etc. have powerful influences, none control all three like politics, religion and world economics at the same time. That’s the Illuminati! NEW WORLD ORDER.

Make no mistake, the power of the true members of Illuminati is no JOKE. They have infiltrated every facet of popular society. The Illuminati controls more of entertainment, news media (Fox News) and the education system. To control what our children learn is a true power move!

Before you think it’s cool, the new wave, know what you’re reppin. The Illuminati has bred some of the world’s most evil! Karl Marx, the founder of Communism (Marxism) was a student of Illuminati. Albert Pike, the true founder of the Ku Klux Klan (not General Nathan Bedford Forest) was a member of the Illuminati. Hitler, Stalin, Lenin and Musolini were all either members as well or like Hitler, had direct connections to the secret society. So, are they racist? Yes, they used to be. Based on the racist thought that black people are lesser, then definitely yes!

The symbol of Illuminati is the all seeing eye. You’ve seen Jay Z, Kanye West and Ri Ri throw it up. It’s not the roc sign or diamond they are throwing up. It’s the all seeing eye. It was traditionally viewed as a symbol of God, but it’s used by the Illuminati to mark their presence throughout history. It had so much influence that it appears on every Federal note (money) and it’s the logo for CBS, AOL, Time Werner Cable Corp. and sever other major companies. It’s a symbol now used as a shadow like model.


How did blacks get so down with Illuminati?

When Weishaupt founded it, many racists were a part of it like slave owners and purists with racist ideas. Weishaupt just wanted members with power and influence and in 1776, there were no blacks with that nature. So, they, as well as all minorities (like Jews), were excluded. To all of you ladies, women were banned as well. However, when the Illuminati infiltrated the free masonry and the fall of slavery, blacks were then allowed to make in roads to financial success and power. Some Masons (black) were powerful and thus began their membership and became students of Illuminati. It wasn’t Jay Z or Oprah who started blacks into this. Women had begun to hold power and wealth as well and were then allowed in. It’s said that one of the first blacks to be sought out by the high members of Illuminati was Annie Malone. It was said that she refused numerous times, but her husband (who helped bankrupt her) was a part of the Illuminati.

O and J

Blacks/Illuminati now… Jay Z is definitely the face of the Illuminati. In the new black area of Illuminati, people jump on the band wagon of the wave of new African American SHINE and SUCCESS. The society cares more about who has power, control and influence than color or gender. Do blacks and racists work together? Yes, every day in America they do. The USA Today Newspaper sells newspapers to minorities everyday. It’s business! Minorities are the consumers of the world. It’s hot and popular to boast about “our” involvement in this society. It’s hip. So, is Jay Z Illuminati? Hell yes, as well as Kanye, Ri Ri and Oprah Winfrey, most likely. As well as others in sports, music and entertainment like LeBron James, probably. Jay Z is a brilliant thinker, a very smart man and moves where his limitless thoughts want him to move. He aligns himself with pure power and became the quiet spokesperson for a power movement that got Obama in office!

Is Obama Illuminati? I say no for many reasons, but definitely no. the Rothschild’s rep true power in Illuminati. They have ran banking and financed the French Revolution and both sides of the American Civil War. Others in Illuminati were the Chase Morgan family, Carnegie Ford, the Rockefellers and of course, the Kennedy Klan, most notably John F.

Many non-believers and critics of the Illuminati say that there is no way so many people could keep such a huge secret. If just one came forward, it would be the collapse of the whole thing. However, I say it’s out there! People’s own ignorance and real life problems make them not believe or care about some secret nation. Also, the true hierarchy of the Illuminati leaders are the only ones who know the true plans or full details. The students and members are only given enough information to carry out their assignments. They have become folklore or fairy tale like. But, they are deadly real.

I don’t rep Illuminati because I know what they truly are and they’re no friend to black life. They’re just hot right now. In the New World Order, Jay says he’s trying to make a road for US. Naw, Hov, you’re dealing with an entity that has already established their goal, if they ever reach it. Naw, Hov, let’s build our future in the foundation of “our” tradition, not someone else’s.

Love and respect, Jay, but I strongly disagree with the Illuminati.

Your brother,
Copyright 2017

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