Mental Illness In The Black Community

Mental illness

Thank you for joining us, Coming at you wit the REAL to kick it wit you about an epidemic within an epidemic inside the black community, no matter the city or state. Mental illness and how blacks overlook and deal with mental illness in our hoods. In every hood I’ve been in, there is at least one “Crazy Kurt” or “Bugged out Bre”, someone that has mental problems. With no medical attention, no support from family because they don’t understand. So, where does that leave the one suffering with the mental disease? They self medicate with weed, coke, heroine or even alcohol to deal with the voices or any mental problems they may have. They exist on the edges of a community already on the outside of mainstream society. They stand outside churches, corner stores, rec centers or whatever talking to themselves, dancing to no music. In my hood there used to be “Kung Fu Crazy”, a man who stood in front of a community based office doing kicks and punches at the air all day. He swept up the front of a parking lot for, I don’t know, some change he got or free coffee and a place to exist. I’m sure y’all got the similar stories. He and people like him at least found a way to BE in a world that have just shunned his condition. Just go to any homeless shelter and see the thrown away mental African Americans! Those that fell through the cracks.

Mental illness has come to ravish America. It is a faster growing epidemic, faster than the prison population. Not that it affects blacks more, it’s just that other races at least except it as a TRUE medical condition more so than us. Not saying that’s always a bad thing because other races might have decided to over medicate, especially their children. But, in some cases medical help is so badly needed! I am not talking about those who fake the funk to get a check from SSI (Supplemental Security Insurance) but, the very real problems that exist in the black community.

FACTS; severe disabling mental illness has dramatically increased in the United States. The number of those who are so disabled by mental disorders that they qualify for SSI or SSDI (Social Disability Insurance) increased nearly two and a half times between 1987-2007. From one in 184 Americans to one in 76 Americans. For children, the rise is even more startling, a 35% increase.

What? You don’t think that our black population (13.2 %) suffers from this mental epidemic? Our percentage translates to roughly 42 million blacks in America! It’s the stigma and shame that blacks face with mental health treatments in the African American communities. Our lack and reluctance to deal with mental illness as seriously as other races. Why? It’s misinformation, our trust in a field of medicine we don’t really understand or in some cases believe in and it’s the extremely high cost to treat a mental disorder. But, mainly 63% of blacks think that depression is a sign of personal weakness. Depression is the most common form of mental illness. I do agree with my people that America OVER medicates. It seems that if a child in school is just a little wild, they wanna give them Ritalin or some other drug. Be very careful with this because they’re children and they’re supposed to be hyper! You know as a parent if your child has real problems.

Thank God you were not born with or developed a Mental Disorder! True Words.

Solutions; You know I think it’s so important not just to talk about problems but more importantly, to give real concrete solutions. So I did my homework about how blacks can get help Nation wide without the stigma. Here’s what I got for you…

Sarah Vinson; A black psychiatrist has developed a website that caters to the black community. It’s called Black Mental Health Net (BMHN). The site asks no personal questions and offers articles, videos, forums, links and referral sources. Thank you.

-Simply KJS
Copyright 2017
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