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New studies indicate that stress and trauma can actually change or alter a person’s DNA and genetic makeup. This is referred to as “epigenetic change”. The changed or “variated” gene is then handed down, genetically, from parents to their children. Have you ever wondered why violence is passed down from generation to generation? It could have less to do with nurture and more to do with nature.

The FKBP5 gene plays a role in your body’s stress responding system a.k.a. the hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal axis (HPA axis). In PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) patients, their HPA axis appears over active. In some of these people, their FKBP5 gene has significant variations. These variations can change how the body reacts to stress. People with the variations are more likely to suffer from mental health issues like anxiety, depression, PTSD, bi polar disorder and others.

Since research shows that the variated genes are passed down to offspring, then that would mean that most of the African American population has these variated FKBP5 genes, due to slavery. It was one of the biggest atrocities in American history. Can you image the trauma these people suffered through? It went on for hundreds of years and didn’t stop with the abolishment of slavery. African Americans and other races have been subjected to heinous trauma for many generations. With this new information, hopefully we can start to explain some of the problems that still plague African American communities today.

The Black Awareness Foundation likes to offer solutions. It seems pretty hard to combat something like genetics. But, what we can do is stay on top of mental health. In a previous piece, we discussed mental health in African American communities. It’s very important to seek help when you need it or even think you might need it. Don’t underestimate the power of a disorder like PTSD or depression. With the implementation of Obama Care, it’s easier now, more than ever, to get health care. Don’t ignore the signs or think you can take care of it yourself. It’s a serious issue and should be treated as such.

-Shaniya Jackson, Guest blogger
Copyright 2017

Slavery Woman


Peace to our visitors. We always thank and give love to our audience that take time from their hectic days. But, to take time to feed your mental, as food feeds your body, is a positive choice.

How is our word and our cause spread? Hip Hop, yes of course. That’s Hip Hop’s true essence. Expression caused by frustration, because of our story, was silent to the masses. Now they hear us! But, more to the whole of our community, we need true media outlets that work hard to deliver us information and keep what’s important to us relevant! There has always been a two way street and fight for our light in mass media “Forget not the power media has to shape a world view of a race and its condition.” First is “truth” and a close second is “How that news pertains to you our perspective.” We come to you not in competition with other black voices, We just strive to be the number one voice in African American concerns, information, outreach and awareness. How do we/were do you think we rank?


BLACKAWARNESSFOUNDATION.COM AKA #BAF #TheSiteWithInsight The symbol says it all Black because its the “cause” Wise enough to know true salvation is in the unity (respect) Because America is the home of (3) base races Native Americans, Whites and African Americans!

Of course, we are well represented in the commercialism of big news conglomerates like CNN, MSNBC, Fox News and smaller, local news stations. Those from CNN are Zain Asher, Victor Blackwell, Don Lemon, Michael Periera and Van Jones. Those from MSNBC are Harold Ford Sr., Joy Ann Reid, Melissa Harris – Perry, Rev. Al Sharpton, Tamron Hall, Karen Finney, Toure and Craig Melvin. Lastly, those from Fox News are Lauren Green, Erick Rush and Juan Williams.

There are thousands more who keep the face of African Americans alive, despite our only making up 13% of the Unites States’ population. So many have chosen the path of journalism in News, Sports etc. to continue the path of making and preserving our culture and history.

For too long were the ills of our condition kept from the worldwide media and its outlets. With this new wave of commercialism, technology has allowed us to never be in the shadows again. With this social media crazed world, our fight for equality is broadcast on nightly news casts. The internet has opened up new avenues of information and how we deliver our message.

We’ve come a long way from Jet magazine in modern times. Print has been a part of our history. Beginning with Frederick Douglass’s abolitionist newspaper, the NorthStar from 1847 – 1851 to now, with digital t.v. shows like “Soul of the South”. Seven t.v. stations have come under black ownership since 2014. Pluria Marshall owns three and Dujuan McCoy owns the rest. Also, there are many African American oriented web sites. Here are a few –,, and There are t.v. news shows like “Bounce” in Charlotte, North Carolina. There is the very versed Black Television News Channel on most cable networks. Also, I must direct ya’ll to That takes a strong stance on issues that pertain to us and the “Black Report” posts top stories in the African American interest.

But, there is no show, no person, no podcast more concise or better delivered than the intellectual giant Mr. Roland Martin at TV One, t.v’s # 1 show. Formally a member of CNN Crew, his views and sniper like facts cut through the b.s. He is a commentator for TV One and host of News One Now, a one hour week day morning news show on the network. News One is your destination for news and information for and about blacks in America. It is filled with original stories, diverse opinions, photos, videos and polls. Let News One be our daily stop and make your voices heard! News One leads the way in a true focus on black issues. With Roland Martin a part of their direction and face of the network, they have carved a path in a world of old money and rules. Mr. Martin is unparalleled in his understanding of the under lining of issues. The knowledge he has on economy and black’s plight and place in today’s America is extraordinary. It’s in line with our cultural history as a truth giver and an orator deliverance that captures his audience. Plus, his temperament of a no nonsense approach to his topics and his quest reminds me of sports commentator icon Stephen A. Smith.

Some say, why give light to those you are in direct competition with? I say, this is the season of unity and awareness. Not hate!

-Simply KJS #YoungBlackHistorian copyright 2017


fleet lead

The true first African American Baseball player, yet he was no yes man or boy. He stood for a new age black man and baseball was not ready for him and instread, shined its light on Jackie Robinson.

We post for the sports fans and our first love and pathways to the American sports world, “Baseball.” Sports have always been more than just a game to African Americans. It has been a life and death struggle in some cases. Even before America, we excelled. The African was blessed with physical prowess. Our nose is designed for more air flow, our muscle density is unique and conditions forced us to use running (like Native Americans) as the primary way to travel from one tribe or township to the other. Grace, smoothness and rhythm, or whatever you want to call it, is instilled in us by nature. Exposure to America only sharpened those physical gifts. They made us mate the strong with the strong and we were still forced to run as our means of travel. White plantation owners used black men for sport as entertainment. They had “hunt the nigger”, had forced boxing/fighting matches, foot races and all sorts of other things. So you know the sport that was left for our race of women! That’s why white men think so low of black women. Today we focus on an early sports star, tge real first African American in Major League BaseBall. He is Mr. Moses Fleetwood Walker. I’m definitely not taking anything away from the Great Mr. Jackie Robinson. He was a better player then Moses ever was and was better suited for the hate and discrimination. However, falsehood and myths swirl in our race. Know your truth and history. Let not another tell us about us! Jackie Robinson was not the first, Moses was.

fleet 1

Mo’ne Davis captured hearts of “Americans in general” In her amazing skill and charisma in the Little League World Series 2014 and inspired little girls every where!

Sports in America, to the nation of blacks, both male and female, has been opportunity. It’s not just a game to African Americans. It has been a way out. A way to college, a way to become successful. Early in American history, the “black” has been a worker or entertainer. In work we learned, but in entertainment we earned. presents:

fleet 2

“Racism chased him even after baseball and “Fleet” was charged and beat a murder charge. Read More…

Moses “Fleetwood” Fleet Walker waa born October 7,1856 in Moubt Pleasant, Ohio. He was an American Major League Baseball player, business owner and inventor. His life was full in a time of aggressive racism. His life evoked firsts and he led his life on his terms. He was not credited with being the first African American to play in the majors, but he was (save William Edward White). Why is he not revered as the first player to break the color barrier? He is not the perfect example that whites wish to show,. The son of a Doctor, Mr. Moses W. Walker Sr. Young Walker’s confidence comes from a father whom proved success could be! His father was the first doctor in Mount Pleasant and married a rich white woman.

“Fleetwood” played one season as a catcher for the then Toledo Blue Stockings, a club that just joined the Majors in the newly created American Association to rival the National League. It was Walker who eradicated the color barrier in the MLB. He was right out of high school where his father insisted he and his brother Weldy were educated. It was the public school system. “Boy you gotta know you’re black” his father would stress in their upper class world. Walker was heavily recruited by the University of Michigan. In 1884, Toledo joined the majors and called on “Fleetwood” as their catcher. He debuted May 1, 1884, opening day, versus Louisville Eclipse. The color line was broken and yet Walker was not the model of a tolerant man. He defended himself at every turn. He didn’t bend to the white hate, rarely spoke to team mates and waved bats at racist fans. His temperament was not what baseball or he was ready for. He often fought with his team mates, but some were indifferent and just played with him. Toledo’s star pitcher at the time, Tony Mulane said “Walker was the best catcher I seen, but I dislike the Negros and whenever I pitched to “IT” I didn’t wait for his signals, I just threw it.” Walker suffered many injuries by his own team as well as the rivals.

No disrespect to Jackie Robinson because was a much better player and the man to make an impact and open the door for the black baseball player. Pride was a quiet friend to Mr. Robinson and his game, wow! It was Hall Of Fame earned! I deal with the truths in our culture. Earlier, I spoke of William Edward White who played just one game before he was barred by the state! It was in 1879 for the Providence Greys. Let the facts be known! That one game is less than the impact “Fleetwood” had and less on the impact of the MLB, but not in his importance to black history. I just had to give Jackie his due credit. He made it happen for the long haul and the impact was felt world wide!

Why was he not revered? Moses Walker treated baseball as a game and was not the model baseball player wanted as a spokesman for change, nor did he wish to be. Walker suffered a season ending in July and Toledo folded as a team. The league change on paper was the black ban in baseball. This waa years before Branch Rickey’s door opening and fielding of a black player. So many things are blurred to fit America’s vision. Walker, the next year in 1888, signed with the Syracuse Stars of Syracuse, New York. In the first exhibition game, a Chicago player named “Big Anson” refused to play with a “Negro” and held up the game for hours. Fans chanted “NO NO THE NIGGER MUST GO”. The team benched Walker and went on to play the game. The team released him the next year. Walker was a great catcher and an average batter. In 1891, Walker retired from baseball. Still, his legacy in black history was not done. Walker being his fathers son, he became a business owner and purchased the Union Hotel in Steubenville, Ohio. It did excellent as a high class hotel. He thrust his education, began inventing and secured a patent with the U.S. military for exploding Artillery Shells in 1891.

Murder Acquittal:

The thing to say about Mr. Walker is he was his own man. He didn’t wait for time or permission from anyone. In late 1891, his arrogance was met with racism. The “Uppity Negro” was approached by three white men and attacked. Walker pulled a knife and stabbed one in the groin, killing him. The other two chased him screaming “Kill Him”. Walker escaped, but was later arrested by police. He hired the best lawyer in Ohio and plead self defense. In 1891, he was acquitted during trial. This led Walker to his next contribution to the African American race. His rise to Black Nationalism began to support the activist of the time. He wrote a pamphlet that became a masterpiece in black a “push-back’ness” movement of the day. The pamphlet was entitled “Our Home Colony: A Treatise on the Past, Present, and Future of the Negro Race in America.” His stance is one I think never was or will be embraced. “African Americans emigrate to Africa.” It was a Black Nationalism blueprint and a black college favorite. His death came in Cleveland Ohio on May 11, 1924.

fleet 3

You should know the truth and the real life of a man “First” and fits in line with you and the family you know. Our Splendid Brother Moses “Fleetwood” Walker!

Moses “Fleetwood” Walker was a proud and able man who made marks in history in a time when most black men were just finding themselves in American society. He stood on his own feet and lowed ahead with goals. He was a great man in the face of discrimination. His life was amazing as he dealt with the hate of Jim Crow laws. It was said that he bought a diner that refused to serve him and kept all the workers. That is true Nationalism!

fleet last

Often overlooked because he stays out of rumors and pop-social limelight. A true Role Model Mr. Derek Jeter!

Reporting Live From Our Past! #YoungBlackHistorian
Love US!
Copyright 2017

YES, IT’S NEVER TO “LATE” TO IMPROVE LIFE DESPITE………(you fill in the blanks with whatever excuse)

l i lead

I “Promise” We will move past the vibe we’ve set since late last week “Self-Help” climate we are driving home. So much other things are happening around us. My duty is to inform “do what you will with it” But no longer will we be the last to know and more importantly “Know what they want hidden about our contribution!”

Love and thank “all” of our fans, as we at BAF hit record numbers with yesterday’s “Fear prevents forward movement” So we post one more time “by design” in the spirit of Self-Help, Self-Improvement to led you to be Self-Made! In the light of our continual dedication and our topic heading “Re-construction of the Black Family” We push one more at you and keep up the awareness, education and true solutions for the African American race. Help the Real rise as we fight our way through the fake and enemies of our plight. Bonded to you. #TheSiteWithInsight BAF.

There’s a myth, a vibe, even a cultural mind set in American life. That achievement is reserved for the youth, the teen to 20 year olds. Real life facts show us that most achieve later in life when we work out life’s obstacles. This fast tech. age and social up to the minute pop culture highlights the icons of now like these young rich entertainers and sport stars. We focus on the young and blessed. Yet, that is not the reflection of real life progress. Life accomplishment and achievement is usually a slow self conquering journey. We face maturing both mentally as well as physically, learning and growing! I say “Many are late bloomers, but boy look how they blossom.”

l i 1

It’s never too late to improve life in all areas, despite…

l i age

Age: The biggest hater of self improvement is the stereotype of age! Age discrimination is in public life and also in one’s self. There is no limitation on improvement. As the body slows, you may experience hair loss, your eyes get weary and the drains of life show. However, the wisdom and the mind take the forefront and your youth gets you thru the manual labor of life. Wisdom and experience bring you thru the later stages of life. You can still make advances and the intelligence of a wise man lasts longer than the luck of the youth!

Love: Can one find a meaningful love later in life? I say hell yes! It can be a pure love based on more than lust. As an older man, you can see the difference in finding and dealing with women. One night stands and superficial bonds become less and less. Adapt or improve your life in love. It’s as simple as that. Women at the age of 30 or better are raising or have raised children and they want security and substance. They want someone to grow old with! For my ladies, you now understand that looks are not your attracting power anymore. It’s not at your forefront. Now you have to focus on the qualities of a man. Is he a provider of balance? Your real woman assets begin to blossom! Embrace the changes of life to deal with the opposite sex with a mature view.

Health/Weight: A sure sign of life is the body beginning to breakdown. The neglect you showed as a youth betray you today. No longer can you eat anything you want or do things you used to. Can you improve life in health and weight? Yes, but now you must work harder. I’ve joined a gym recently. Now we see the value of health and the “real” in life. We’re “born to die”, but go out on the terms of “I did all I could to preserve my life.” Make weight loss a focus in life if need be and make the health of this body that you were blessed with a priority.

Education: Would you let embarrassment prevent you from going back to school? Your life wasn’t meant to go to college at 18 years old. Maybe other obligations controlled your time. O.K, well now is your time to secure your family’s future. I understand being a single parent and going to school is one of the hardest things to do in everyday life, but now you see the value of education. It may be the only way to get to your dreams. Can you not dedicate 2-6 years of your life? You have dedicated 10 years or more to someone else. Even if that someone else was the Prison System of America!

Family: Can you improve family relationships? It’s never too late to re-build the bonds in family. There may be distant children or broken bonds with other family members. As you grow older, you understand the value of family. So many 30-50 year olds stress over lost love of family. Take it from me, there’s a time limit to forgive or ask for forgiveness from family. As I sit here today, I would gladly give my life and all it’s worth to just say sorry to my deceased mother! And that’s “Real Talk”. So tuck that pride in and talk to that mother, father or whom ever it is in your life. Family will always be family!

Money/Career: Can you get that money still? Hell yes! Did you know Vera Wang was a figure skater/journalist before becoming a millionaire designer at age 40? Samuel Jackson was a Hollywood actor for years before he got his shine in Spike Lee’s 1991 Jungle Fever and made his first million at age 43. You see him now? Henry Ford was 45 years old when he became the maker of the revolutionary Model T car. So age has little to do with persistence and timing! Stay true to your dream. It’s not you who decides “WHEN” so just be ready!

l i last

So I say “YES, it’s never too late to improve life”. Give that of which you were meant to give to the contribution of life. No one can do it for you. Not only do you owe it to yourself, but you owe it to life!

Hustler of Real Culture
Copyright 2017 ‘IT’S YOUR BOI”


fear lead

Good day. Today is even more unique than our usual self. If this is your first time joining us, you are in for a can’t miss. If you’re a faithful follower, we will grow our sense of diversity writing. This is a true life testimony from a man I am sure must be dead. I didn’t even know his real name (government). I wrote every word he said, however. I was so intrigued that someone was talking about the taboo subject of “Fear In A Man.” Yet, first I will expound on the very real enemy of man and closer that which I am “A Black Man”. Fear is more damaging than the American justice system, more detrimental than the forged prejudice of an old white Southerner, more stinging than the elite one percent power hold over entire races. It’s “fear” and it projects to every race. It takes no bribes. It cares not about your social status, family wealth, gender or even outward beauty. Fear grips the soul of human life.

fear 1

Not the fears of a child to the authority of adults. Not the fear of “fight or flight.” On the many pathways and avenues, fear has developed in human life, but the core of fear is the fear of wanting more, but hesitating to grab for it. There is fear of the unknown and the shame of it. Emotional fear that paralysizes the heart from your self. There is also fear of finding a role model and father/mother for your child. The fear I speak of prevents you from being all you can be. This soul killing fear prevents you from aiming at and reaching your fullest. Racial ingrained fear hoovers over the lives and history of both bkack and white Americans. For blacks, it’s that inherent fear of Doctors, large bodies of water (swimming), dogs (slave dogs were savage) and courtrooms! For whites, inherent fear comes by way of young black males, minority women, living broke and other religions. These fears plague races. Not every single soul, but a mass of one’s race is conditioned with inherent fear. The fears of the “poor” are establishments like the unknown of the Stock exchange, Fortune 500 businesses, the Government, home ownership and things that change one’s tax bracket like information on College grants. These are the fears that prevent “us” from being the fullest we can be. There are many sayings that bring these fears into focus like “There is nothing to fear, but fear itself.” The most impactful is “The only real failure is the fear of trying.” These fears are ingrained in our souls, family structures and even in entire communities. This fear kills dreams, aspirations and goals. That’s the fear I am writing about today.

fear 1

The uniqueness of today’s post is my written account from a man I knew. He held my attention as he talked about fear as if it was a bully from the other side of town. Like if he could overcome “fear itself” his life would be limitless. I present to you the gripping testimony on “fear” from Mr.”Old Black Soul.”

fear 3

Fear prevents our forward movement as a nation! It is not the absence of bravery nor is bravery the absence of fear. Over coming my fear, to me, is the ability to act while fear is present. I shall master my fear just as I’ve masted my anger, as I continue to master my life. For me, fear is the largest hurdle in my personal battle within myself. It will remain constricting for as long as I refuse to acknowledge its existence in my life. Fear of failure manifests itself within me by not attempting goals or having a negative attitude towards any attempt. Fear of success manifests itself in me by being stuck in this miserable station in life and not believing I deserve better because of my perception of life in my environment. Fear of intimacy manifests its self into a self-destructive projection, no matter how healthy a relationship is for me. Fear of conflict remands me to a less than honorable feeling within myself. A less than respectful view by my peers, but more importantly in the eyes of God.

fear 4

Fear has confined me more than any other factor in my life and more than any race oppressor. More than any prison or any destitute environment. Today I throw off the shackles of my own barricade. Not only to suppress my fears, but to crush them. I will use the energy from fear to push me beyond its debilitating vice it has had in my life. I will harness its magnanimous power over humanity to re-channel it into positive progression in goal attainment.

Fear is now a new tool in my repertoire and as a man, I shall use my tool to carve my life. I use fear, it does not use me. whom shall I fear? What shall I fear? None but God Almighty!”

fear 5

I’m the “The Old Black Soul”. Listen young man and listen well. Time is the cousin of fear and lazy nigga’s can’t get that back.

I salute the man I came to know quickly with help or a word for the younger black men around us. May his words reach you as the “Old Black Soul” lives on.

We thank you for joining us today.
See you tomorrow!
Copyright 2017



AAA 1b

I wish you safety and security. As much as I’ve focused on the ills that our race! This is a pride push while these accomplishments are over shadowed by the negatives that were impairing our sense of worth. Beyond the heroics of our past, we are still in the mode and on the road to everyday contributions to American life! We, as a race, have not just stopped or slowed our creativity. You just have to sift through the traffic of information that’s every where. We have made ground breaking and major accomplishments in recent years and “Awareness” is the true Major Key in these times. More important is how you made room for reflection of our covered past and our journey of equality and justice. Today, we bare a burden that few races endure!


Back on our train of awareness of the “Black Thought” despite our recent political blow. We shall survive, such a blow only slows our progression reminds us for our plight. The reality is we are a long way from racial equality. White America was so offended about the two terms of Obama and the attitude of African Americans the arrogance and joy blacks displayed. African Americans know how to exist in the face of extreme race tensions. We have built our African Americans Heritage in the shadows of Jim Crow laws and Governmental oppression. The fight drains our souls and slows personal growth, yet the obligations of racial contribution is now highly visible and on our shoulders. So take pride in our daily grind the burdens like no other race as we continue the acknowledgement for respect. Or is the question we as a whole must seek the acknowledgment and pride in our accomplishments in ourselves. Dedicated to the plight and cause Join us!

Our most pressing issue at the B.A.F. is to inform our audience with positive dignity. To give updated accounts of daily occurrences. To give concise reports of topics that are imperative to the unity of black culture. So, now we will give rapid fire, short of some of the most recent accomplishments of African Americans since 2000. Take a moment to the let pride soak in. Walk in the day with knowledge of your race’s ability to be a force of positive accomplishments.

Please, if any of these race giants move you, do deeper research on them. Educate yourself about yourself!
2001 – First African American woman to win the ASCAP (American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers).
Pop music song writer of the year award: Beyonce Knowles
First recorded African American Billionaire: Robert L. Johnson, founder of Black Entertainment Television (B.E.T.)

2002 – First African American to win the Academy Award Best Actress: Halle Berry
First African American women combat pilot in the U.S. Armed Service: Captain Vernice Armor (USMC)

2003 – First African American Bar Association President: Dennis Archer

2004 – First African American person to win Broadway theatre’s Tony Award for best lead in the play, Raisin in the Sun: Phylicia Rashad
First African American inducted into the World Golf Hall of Fame (First black golfer): Charlie Stifford

2006 – First African American to reach the peak of Mount Everest: Sopia Danenberg

2007 – First known African American woman to reach the North Pole: Barbara Hilary

2008 – First African American President elected: Barack Obama (M.L.K’s dream fulfilled)
First African American to referee a Super Bowl Game: Mike Carey (Superbowl XLII)

2009 – First African American woman C.E.O. of a fortune 500 company: Ursula Burns (Xerox)
First African American to win the Pulitzer Prize for History: Annette Gordon-Reed. Her works are “The Hemingses of Monticello. An American Family”.

2010 – First African American Hockey teammate to be a Stanley Cup winner: Dustin Byfuglien (Chicago Blackhawks)

2012 – First African American Military Commander of the United States Central Command: Lloyd Austin

2013 – First African American President of the Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences: Cheryl Boone Isaacs
First African American World All Around Champion: Simmone Biles (It’s okay, I’ve never heard of this sporting event either LOL)

2014 – First African American Four Star Admiral: Michelle J. Howard
First African American to have been elected to both House and Senate: Tim Scott

2015 – First African American to be inducted to the Nascar Hall of Fame: Wendell Scott
First African American woman to become American Bar Association President: Paulette Brown

2016 – First African American President of a major Broadcast Network (T.V.): Channing Dungey

Our work as a race of creative contribution has not slowed or given less in true value. This short overview, since 2000, is just a small portion of our legacy to the fabric of American life and history.

The pride I’ve felt during the research process for this topic will carry through this month, as I myself, do the one two on some of these historic African Americans.

Love bringing to you the accomplishments of OUR people!

Passion With Thiz Pen Kjs. #YoungBlackHistorian

Copyright 2017




I wish you safety and security. So much has been said about how some elites in the African American culture are new money, new power and our control of pop culture has opened doors to new alliances. Secret societies have now added African Americans. Are blacks now down with the Illuminati? I will uncover the history and nature of this secret society which, in the past, viewed blacks as the “sheep” of whites. Now blacks are praising the Illuminati. Please know your history before you throw up the “All Seeing Eye.”

“Since ya’ll claim I’m Illuminati, tell me why would you try me? Kennedy, John F. about me.”

Words from Pusha T.

“It’s a secret society. All we ask is trust.”

Words by Jay Z


So, since I’ve been writing about black culture, I’ve been asked if the Illuminati is real. “Since when have so many African Americans become involved? You have to do something on the subject”.

It’s a hard pressed topic since their goal is anonymity, but these are the goals of the Illuminati…

1) One world government
A) One world currency (money)
B) One world market
C) One organization (them) who brings about this change.

Imma go in on this(like I always do). So, here we go…

The Illuminati is a Latin word, meaning “enlightened one”. It’s a group of individuals who believe that they are more enlightened than everyone else. The founder or the one recognized as the founder (Adam Weishaupt) organized the Bavarian Illuminati on May 1, 1776. That year shaped American history! On January 1, 1776, George Washington hoisted the Continental Union flag and on June 11, 1776, the first draft of the United States Declaration of Independence was created.

Mr. Weishaupt saw the potential of this new nation. He intended that members of his group (yes, he was super rich) would help him fight the supposed false teaching and religious ideas of that day/time. He opposed religion and instead favored scientific pursuits. Many believe that the Illuminati switched their aim. The purest founded or planted the seeds of Scientology (founder, L. Ron Hubbard). The foundation of the Illuminati then, was religion or a society without religion. They opposed an unseen entity that ruled unopposed. They opposed the symbol of God, so know what you’re repping. I hear a lot of the Hip Hop culture fans/artists rep this society.

The Duke, Karl Theodore, banned all secret societies in the year 1785. His aim, however, was the Masons. They were white abolitionists. That is what drove the Illuminati deeper in the shadows of secret societies with late secret meetings, code words and secret hand signals. Members are not publically associated with the group, until more recently with Hip Hop.

Illuminati supports and has a true goal of “new world order”, a platform advocating a global government. It’s a secret wealthy group that holds power over politics, religion (non religion) and economics. I know you think there is already that type of structure. While the NRA, oil tycoons, and etc. have powerful influences, none control all three like politics, religion and world economics at the same time. That’s the Illuminati! NEW WORLD ORDER.

Make no mistake, the power of the true members of Illuminati is no JOKE. They have infiltrated every facet of popular society. The Illuminati controls more of entertainment, news media (Fox News) and the education system. To control what our children learn is a true power move!

Before you think it’s cool, the new wave, know what you’re reppin. The Illuminati has bred some of the world’s most evil! Karl Marx, the founder of Communism (Marxism) was a student of Illuminati. Albert Pike, the true founder of the Ku Klux Klan (not General Nathan Bedford Forest) was a member of the Illuminati. Hitler, Stalin, Lenin and Musolini were all either members as well or like Hitler, had direct connections to the secret society. So, are they racist? Yes, they used to be. Based on the racist thought that black people are lesser, then definitely yes!

The symbol of Illuminati is the all seeing eye. You’ve seen Jay Z, Kanye West and Ri Ri throw it up. It’s not the roc sign or diamond they are throwing up. It’s the all seeing eye. It was traditionally viewed as a symbol of God, but it’s used by the Illuminati to mark their presence throughout history. It had so much influence that it appears on every Federal note (money) and it’s the logo for CBS, AOL, Time Werner Cable Corp. and sever other major companies. It’s a symbol now used as a shadow like model.


How did blacks get so down with Illuminati?

When Weishaupt founded it, many racists were a part of it like slave owners and purists with racist ideas. Weishaupt just wanted members with power and influence and in 1776, there were no blacks with that nature. So, they, as well as all minorities (like Jews), were excluded. To all of you ladies, women were banned as well. However, when the Illuminati infiltrated the free masonry and the fall of slavery, blacks were then allowed to make in roads to financial success and power. Some Masons (black) were powerful and thus began their membership and became students of Illuminati. It wasn’t Jay Z or Oprah who started blacks into this. Women had begun to hold power and wealth as well and were then allowed in. It’s said that one of the first blacks to be sought out by the high members of Illuminati was Annie Malone. It was said that she refused numerous times, but her husband (who helped bankrupt her) was a part of the Illuminati.

O and J

Blacks/Illuminati now… Jay Z is definitely the face of the Illuminati. In the new black area of Illuminati, people jump on the band wagon of the wave of new African American SHINE and SUCCESS. The society cares more about who has power, control and influence than color or gender. Do blacks and racists work together? Yes, every day in America they do. The USA Today Newspaper sells newspapers to minorities everyday. It’s business! Minorities are the consumers of the world. It’s hot and popular to boast about “our” involvement in this society. It’s hip. So, is Jay Z Illuminati? Hell yes, as well as Kanye, Ri Ri and Oprah Winfrey, most likely. As well as others in sports, music and entertainment like LeBron James, probably. Jay Z is a brilliant thinker, a very smart man and moves where his limitless thoughts want him to move. He aligns himself with pure power and became the quiet spokesperson for a power movement that got Obama in office!

Is Obama Illuminati? I say no for many reasons, but definitely no. the Rothschild’s rep true power in Illuminati. They have ran banking and financed the French Revolution and both sides of the American Civil War. Others in Illuminati were the Chase Morgan family, Carnegie Ford, the Rockefellers and of course, the Kennedy Klan, most notably John F.

Many non-believers and critics of the Illuminati say that there is no way so many people could keep such a huge secret. If just one came forward, it would be the collapse of the whole thing. However, I say it’s out there! People’s own ignorance and real life problems make them not believe or care about some secret nation. Also, the true hierarchy of the Illuminati leaders are the only ones who know the true plans or full details. The students and members are only given enough information to carry out their assignments. They have become folklore or fairy tale like. But, they are deadly real.

I don’t rep Illuminati because I know what they truly are and they’re no friend to black life. They’re just hot right now. In the New World Order, Jay says he’s trying to make a road for US. Naw, Hov, you’re dealing with an entity that has already established their goal, if they ever reach it. Naw, Hov, let’s build our future in the foundation of “our” tradition, not someone else’s.

Love and respect, Jay, but I strongly disagree with the Illuminati.

Your brother,
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anger lead

I know that I usually post pertaining to the women or children of our diverse black race. They deserve the light, but men are most often looked over. I Love you my brother! A couple years ago if you weren’t my “day one” (close friend), I couldn’t greet you like that or show love to another black man. I grew in the 90’s when your manhood was measured by how far you distanced yourself from any “homo association.” There was no showing of emotion and you could never let’em see you fold. All men of every race has bravado. It’s the testosterone in man. All these steroids you hear about is the medical attempt to recreate testosterone. Yet it seems any soul born into minority poverty has evolved to have another level and obligation to bravado that translates to rage/anger in the many urban and suburban mind set of the youth and Millennials. This is a mind set I used to adopt. I used to live by 10 Codes that was developed to survive a tribulation. “All born life shall go through trials and tribulations. Its the test of man/woman.” I swore by these codes and as I write this, the words look stupid and I’m ashamed of the deeds I’ve done. One of my codes and the mind set of today was/is “Death B4 Disrespect”. If you didn’t back down from me, I was ready to “…!” This is the level of anger you walk and live with daily. Oh but its understood the adults and good folks of bad neighborhoods yield the night and neighborhood to real gangsters. This mind set prevails over small blocks in rural areas or over entire cites like Chicago. Where does anger/rage come from? I will go deep so you hear me! Toady young teens are in the mind set that to spill blood is accepted. “Over kill” is expected. They are ready to shed blood.

anger 3

The new word or description of a stand-up man in the ghettos/suburbs is “savage” in every sense of the word. It was made famous by the “Savage Life” that Bobby Shmurda, of the ruthless criminals and part time rap group GS9, lived. This is the Drill music generation (Millennials) and they have brought forth a new light the era of the street gangsters. City streets are overrun with teenage killers. Some of today’s artists and entertainers live the lyrics and new acceptance. GS9 all rest in prison on various charges. Bobby even took 7 years to maintain this new mind set of over 21 murder charges. Every member of GS9 has been convicted. Today is a w wave of “live that which you talk about.” Where does this rage come from? You know the usual suspects are “gula” (money), a history of racism/discrimination and of course, personal turmoil. It’s a shock to me when people are overwhelmed by tragedy. “Every human life has to overcome trials & tribulations. That’s a test of man/woman.” Many and I almost said “most” young males that are black, Latino or Native American are caring less about peace and unity even about their racial traditions/culture. They ignore or unaware of the pride they could instill. Malcolm X and Ernesto “Che” Guevara don’t inspire these young minds like our generation. It’s becoming even less about God or religion. They don’t even talk about the government and uplifting communities which is the duty of us all. Naw, you will get laughed at or slapped for “preachin”. Elders be damned, these kids walk around armed with the new street weapon of today, the AR-15. These are assault rifles and they’re becoming the norm of street violence like a small guerrilla warfare happens. Southern cities like Little Rock, Arkansas to Metropolitan cities like Brooklyn, New York are war zones. I didn’t think the “warriors” would come out to play with today’s gangs.

anger 4
COULD POSSIBLY THE MOST FEARED “SAVAGE” IN AMERICAN HISTORY MEET THE REAL 50 CENT (The only known picture of Kelvin Martin. “That, in it self, is a shame!

Where Does It Come From….? First, its the mind set of today. Centuries of built up frustration have made a street term “show up and show out” the motto that many live by. The meaning is “come to fight and get your money”. Show out and go all out! Young black males live the Jet Life (lavish lifestyle) or Savage Life (blood thirsty overkill). They have lyrics like “Left him with 30” (shot him with 30 bullets). Jail no longer holds fear to this mind set and they know it will be 20 to life charges. They call it “Taking Fed Chances” and it’s accepted as part of the life. Do you know the negative energy you must feed a mind set like that? It’s being fed by Drill music and Molly or any drug that makes you feel good while killing. The reinforcement of this is the abundance of money this image and lifestyle brings. America feeds off its young.

anger 1

The core of the black males’ anger in America is deeper than the surface reasons you’re used to hearing.


It has been a slow erosion over 25 generations. You do the math. It’s a breakdown of the symbol of man and the African male. We are the first man of God and the father of the human race. There is the true hate. You are from the soul prints of the first civilizations of the world. “We did that!” The outside world viewed us while the world used the African trade route (Egypt and others) and grew sick of our status even though we were fair and not concerned in world takeovers and war for other lands (except the Moors of Africa). A European white male planned to take the riches of Africa (natural resources) and paint Africa as an uncivilized culture. For the black man, this was a life long plan to strip him of his birth right. They broke the entire nation of the Native Americans, pushed out and barred the Mexican/Latino race. They stripped the black race of our language, culture, names and even the memory of our historic past. Each generation, we grew stronger with a burning that we were meant for more. That’s the fuel that burns in African American males. More than that is the shame of the African American male that has been building for centuries as we watched our women get raped and watched our children be sold off before our eyes. We could not protect our women/children nor match the “rage of white men” in this strange land. Oh, but we learned rage/anger too. Our blood was shed for sport or pleasure. They mutilated our bodies (white men back then had a strange obsession with our genitals). We were hung and left in view of women and children to show our lack of power. It was meant to embarrass us on an entire American race level. This is the core of rage and anger in the black man. This is the symbol of man to the world, “STILL.”

anger 5

….I Love you my brother even though I know you not. We are of each other and I know the core of your anger. It’s emotion suppression that leads us to let anger supercede our intelligence and our true lineage. Control of one’s self is the true measure of man. That brings peace and truth in the saying “One can’t have peace if you don’t have it with in”. Find your peace. That’s my meaning when I say peace brother!
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anger last


part 2 lead

page lead lead

Good Wednesday to you and yours. If you’re a regular to our website then you were with us Monday for part one. If not you should get involved with us as we’re called the #SiteWithInsight and we’re moving fast into the fabric of African American life. We’re doing things other websites are not. is cemented in the solutions above the issues and everyday problems we face. We focused on three topics on Monday’s post which are Systemic Racism, Police Brutality and Single Parent Households. In the near future we will focus on other issues and meet the crippling affect it has had on African Americans. The Millennials deserve for us to make things better than they had. Can we solve “any” of these with a few paragraphs? Men and women that are much smarter than me have written and spoken on these issues and had better plans for actions against them. But still, here we are! Know that a long existing problem can’t be met with just words, but with motivation and actions. To pass down the richness of our experience, the older generations need a road map for “betterment”. That’s the freedom we seek and it’s away from the American norm of injustice and the power of money. So as I said in Monday’s post, let’s go…

Tough topics yes, no doubt, but we must address the issues that “dog” us as a race that’s outnumbered in the land of plenty. Not in one post can we stamp out 600 years of discrimination. We have to keep it in the light because hate grows in silence. As Desmond Tutu, the Nobel Peace Prize Winner, said “If you are neutral in situations of injustice, you have chosen the side of the oppressor.”

page 2

Systemic Racism: This has been a plague since the beginning stages of the American Civil War. It was “the black problem”. When white abolitionists came along and threatened the power of racist money and slavery, so came along Systemic Racism, even before it had a name. What is Systemic Racism? When one group (whites) occupy most positions of decision making power and use that power to oppress a group (race) in the foundation of institutions like schools, the justice system, careers, law enforcement and government. Systemic Racism stems from the Constitution of America that originally “read” that “black people are the property of whites in America.” The break down of that lead entitled felt whites to birth a system of hate to “Make America White (great) Again.” Please remember the United States was built by whites with violence.

part 2 1

Fight Black “I mean back”…

1.) Educate your children and family on the history we had to endure for 500 years to arrive to the Millennial generation. Mainly through the education system (young minds), America is slowly eroding the horrors of slavery by calling it forced service!!!

2.) Become owners of homes, businesses, cars, and land in our communities. Once you’re an owner, you get treated differently and you’re almost impossible to oppress.

3.) Get involved in the institutions that are the foundation of “your” Nation. Get to the ground floor of the decision making process.

part 2 5

Police Brutality: This is a carry over from those whom felt that power belongs to whites! Slave owners hired over-see’ers to watch the slaves and land. Today Over-See’ers are Officers! Do you see it?

1.) Real Talk, this falls back on us… Re-shape the urban mind set that crime pays and fast money is the way to live. You can’t get everything now now now! Stop praising the crime bosses in the hood. America values the criminal “infamous”, yet it entertains them and jails and kills us!

2.) With peaceful pressure, “demand” how it used to be. If you patrol an area, you must live in the area. Watch how quickly things would change!

3.) It might sound crazy to ya’ll, but apply for more positions in police departments so we can patrol our own or at least get more brothers and sisters in our communities.

part 2 5

Single Parent Households: Wow, this is a problem for all races and the wave of fatherless households grows. Due to many elements, black men targeting (profiling), prison and early death have contributed to the demise of the black family. Real talk, as African Americans, the family has always been interrupted. There is an old rule that whites must conquer and divide. Let us not forget the immaturity black males have had.

1.) Teach your girls early of the burden of young motherhood and that sex is a gift, not a tool. We must change the attitude of our youth about sex and drill into them the power of life creation.

2.) Teenage parenthood is a painful journey for a teen, no matter how mature or well grounded you are. You’re still not ready for motherhood, especially alone. Talk to your sons and demand that they share the duties of parent hood. Lately, I see this is changing for the better.

3.) Have respect for the act of sex by showing in yourselves, as adults, the “good example”. There is no perfect way of mother/fatherhood.

part 2 last

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I am #WritingWithPurpose
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1859 lead

Not every step in our advancement from slavery happened with “persons”. Events have shaped us, moved us and defined us as well! Our roots run deep and the rise again of the African, I believe, is destiny. However, it was painfully slow. Our ascension is also the burden our “plight”, as a race. A major event in our American history was the ban on slavery and incoming slave ships in 1859. The last known slave ship that came into America was called the Clotilda Schooner. It brought the last of the enslaved Africans to reach America. It was a huge blow to slavery to have the end of the importing and raping of the Motherland. I wish to highlight this event because of the town it birthed, AfricaTown USA and the face and fame of Cudjo Lewis. He took charge of the enslaved tribesmen, established AfricaTown and began a fellowship with black activists of his day. The nature of the evil began to die and slavery began to peel away.

1859 1

The Schooner Clotilda was the last slave ship to bring captives from Africa to America, even through in 1859, it was already illegal. The United States brought the captives to Mobile Bay, Alabama with 110-160 slaves. It was captained by William Foster. Foster was illegally working with Timothy Meaher, a wealthy shipyard/shipper whom built the Clotilda. This was a man whom built a ship for the purpose of holding human beings who they deemed “Chattel”, not real human life. Never has greed been more sinister than the trade of slaves! When the Clotilda arrived, the Federal authorities were already on alert and headed to intercept. Foster, knowing the illegal nature of the dead business, arrived at night loading slaves in riverboats to transfer them ashore. He then burned the Clotilda and sank it. Slaves were sold and Meaher retained 30 of them for his property. They were just 24 hours ahead of the Federal slave enforcement.

The Africans that were brought on the Clotilda could not be legally enslaved or sold openly like in the past. The American Civil War ended just six years earlier after the Illegal Slave Trade Act that was passed with the North’s victory. It also invoked the change of Republicans and Democrats and their base. Since it was an illegal ship, you should know the last so-called legal documented slave ship was logged as the “Wanderer”. Yet, many illegal slave ships ported in the USA even though it was a dying trade. The Clotilda was the last, mainly because the government ordered the U.S. Navy to stop all incoming slave ships. The punishment was ten years imprisonment and a $2.00 per slave fine.

1859 2


Children made up a large portion of the human cargo on the Clotilda because of the life long slavery they could get from them. What a lack of human sympathy this was! The slaves of the Clotilda were freed upon investigation. This allowed them to to build a town in Mobile, Alabama called “AfricaTown”. It was also the rise of another African American hero named Cudjo Lewis (his African name was Kazoola). He was the last survivor of the Clotilda and AfricaTown. In 1927, the great writer of the Harlem Renaissance, Zora Neale Hurston, interviewed Mr. Lewis for the “Journal of Negro History” and made a short film about him and his journey from Africa to America. Lewis also served as the spokesman for AfricaTown and his tribesmen “Tarkar”. Lewis, became a symbol of strength in America, meeting with black leaders of the day like W.E.B. Du Bois, Booker T. Washington (sellout) and many more. He took the stance and rang it out loud in the 1860’s and early 1870’s with his words “Africans need to adopt land in America, create an Africa within these lands.”

1859 3

AfricaTown was met with hate and the National Guard had to come in while it was still being built. It farmed and raised it’s own food, sold soul food and traditional African food to many whites and had peace and profit for a time. Lewis died in 1935. He was 94 years old. One of his famed statements was “I’m trying to out live discrimination.” In AfricaTown, the Union Baptist Church has a Cudjo Lewis Memorial Statue.

This was an epic event in our plight and in American history. Word from slaves spread out about the last slave ship. It must have given so much peace and comfort for those who saw no relief in sight. A quiet victory. Pride was what Lewis gave to the surge towards our footprints of independence. Stay with us as we explore our journey to today. To know our history is the duty of all of us. Why? To prevent anyone from enslaving us or taking advantage of us ever again! Know the roots of your race and life. We will not make the mistakes that brought us from Kings to things!

1859 last

The fruits of your family tree could have came on the “Last Slave Ship” to American shores.
Bonded to our roots.
Writer KJS.
Copyright 2017