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tiger lead

Peace and much love. A fall from the top is long fall and in the public eye it’s even more so. O.J., Bill Cosby and Stacey Dash are those who hitch themselves to the white side of life while standing in front of all of us in black skin. Sometimes we are no longer useful to them (Stacey Dash) or whites set you up to tear you down (Tiger & Bill). In 2009, Tiger Woods had his “infidelity scandal” and now a recent DUI arrest. Woods has fallen from grace in the public eye, the same way he was built. To us, as African Americans from all walks of life and are not fans of golf, Woods is a joke. He’s a sell out and we hold little sympathy for him as he held little sympathy for the African American race when the record books showed “First African American to win the Maters.” He is still rich, no question about that, but his life is an living example that “Money isn’t everything.” Even his health has betrayed him from the very sport that made him famous.

tiger 1

The Slow And Steady Fall:
Eldrick Tont “Tiger” Woods was born in Cypress, CA on December 30, 1975. His father, Earl Woods shaped and drove the family. His mother is of Asian descent. To us, his fall happened as soon as he said “I’m not Black”. Woods coined the phrase for his ethnic make-up as “Cablinasian” What? He is black/Asian, period. There is huge population of black/Asians. Tiger attempted to distance himself as African American to draw close to the white world in America and get connections to endorsements.

tiger 3

The personal fall began when Woods’ father died in 2006. He was his rock and it devastated him. He found himself alone swimming with sharks who marketed him and pushed him to distance himself from the “black life”. But the bomb was his 2009 infidelity scandal when it was exposed that Woods was unfaithful, not with a side chick or street hookers, but A-list Escorts (High class hoes). He even bought some of them homes and cars. The event shamed his white mask and he was thrust back as a “N….” again in the public eye. It brought humility. Woods made several public apologies, but the break up from his wife and ex-model, Elin Nordegren cost him half of his wealth and home. It forced him into a sex addiction rehab center and caused a loss of lucrative endorsements and time away from the game that rose his career. That took away the teeth of the “Tiger.”

He knows he’s black now! There is no life in selling out one’s race for fame or wealth because before you return to God, you must return to family! By family, I mean one’s heritage and culture, your race. It happens over and over again to ones who grew from the essence of black culture or the womb of black women. There is no life in this union of another’s race and customs. The bed you make with the actions effects you for and life even after life. Just think how Bill Cosby will be remembered. Pride comes with the ability to endure the true obstacles of life. Prison life gives the raw real stripped down urges! Race is the final backing one truly has.

tiger 4

#YoungBlackHistorian from the staff at #TheSiteWithInsight
We post what is “Real” and effects us in real time. There are those who uplift us and those who forsake our “plight:, those in our “own” skin that do us a disservice!
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rh lead

Glad to be back, from a long weekend hope your holiday was healthy and happy. Opens this week with a breakdown of a topic we as a Nation must address and overcome…March on with us to conquer this topic that “Cannot defeat us as Americans.”

Social conservation is now the way to interact with one’s peers. Step up, get familiar if you’re not social! Moving trends, after they’re invented, is a tactic to shake those on the edges of society.

To my peers in the social world – do all of you care while on this land?

The majority has always been the whites of America. If we look at this as a racial conflict within the borders of the world here in America, whites are the racial apex. Centuries of dominance led the way to white privilege and all the other names you wanna give it. That’s the “CORE” of “RACISM”. As with any group that has enjoyed the fruits of such superiority, they feel in their soul that by the bible and blade, this is theirs and they deserve the top of the human chain in status world wide. No matter the pockets of European Abolishement, the moral wrongs or the legal human violations. Not to mention, the religious transgressions.

The facts remain true. Big bank takes little bank. So, if you’re the apex, you need to validate your position. That was the first Native Americans, present holders of fertile land (it always comes down to people owning land). They took land by force by a claim of civilizing a savage race. Bringing Christianity to the lost race, whatever their stance. Fact – Europeans took North America, but the race of Native Americans were deep with culture and pride. They had too much knowledge of their land to conform and be the workers and homage payers that an apex race needs. Also, the fight in the Natives diminished their numbers so much so, that their population was not sufficient enough to be the second class citizens European’s needed.The importance of physical laborers and groups of races helped them mold and control them. That was the next progress in a plan to secure lands with their own ideas, religion and government.

Blacks and Asians were those races brought to America. The Asians did not come in chains or bondage, having already been sold and seasoned like the African slave. They came looking for work and the “freedom” of a new land. The Japanese already had considered them second class citizens in Asia. In 1763, a small group of Filipinos established a small settlement called Saint Majo in the bayous of Louisiana. But, the strongest Asian surge was in the 1820’s. Chinese merchants, sailors and students began to immigrate via Sino U.S. maritime trade. Once an influx of Chinese came to America, they earned such little pay and did dangerous work on building Americas railroads. Many thousands died and soon after, some were used as slaves. But, they were not “chattel” or looked upon as blacks. Still in the West where their numbers were populated, they endured the discrimination of the apex class.

To mold a people to have hundreds of years, or as many thought a life time of homage payers, one must strip them of home, religion and hope. You must break them physically. Instill self-loathing and a wide scale view of inferiority to mentally enslave them as well. All this was done and these words devalue the process.

So, then we must look at the 450 years of true slavery! In this time, the whites as a whole prevented blacks from education, self dignity. Blacks as a whole had to adopt a new language, a new religion, new customs and traditions. Know and understand when I speak of these races and the plan, nothing goes smooth. There were slave revolts on both land and sea. Pockets of whites whom disagreed with the enslavement of a race. Those of the enslaved that OVERCAME, shined in spite of… But we’re talking about the WHOLE of a race, then place and positions of the majority of each race.

rh 1

The next phase was blacks becoming stronger as a race in North America, learning to read and write. They began to understand the principles of the Christian religion. Thru the Civil War and the strength of the most resilient race upon the planet, we became and to this very day, are now a “threat” to the white establishment. Slavery was broken in many ways. Internally through black nannies raising white children, those children grew with a love for that black woman. Slave masters having children to produce “free laborers”, but how can one not see himself in his/her own child. Blacks/whites constant synergy to overcome slavery. Evil will never succeed without opposition. The inner conflict of the North and South view of the African slave in America. All these and more were reasons that broke the back of slavery. No doubt, it takes time to come out of the most diabolical atrocity inflicted upon a race of people.

rh 2

Now, in 2016, we’re still fighting off the fruits of slavery and at the same time, we’re targeted as a threat to the white world in America.

“The threat”. So, if I fast-forward to now, the hate is ingrained in them as inferiority is ingrained in us and the two are in conflict, creating what we now have. Those of the black race educated and filled with making it the American Way, you have a race of whites deeply engulfed in guilt, struggling in ways to justify actions by brushing slavery off in many ways. You’ve heard them all.. “it wasn’t me who enslaved you”… “my family wasn’t even here yet”. Yeah, the many and they are now the majority – but, you have the few who wish to preserve the white America as it was, and these few are the ones in “power”. It rears its ugly head often in the form of politicians with old, racist views. An unfair justice system and of course, in the form of those meant to hold order on American streets (police).


We’re a threat because blacks have a factual claim that we are the original people upon the earth. Pride in our race and history has been constant since the 1920’s. We’re a threat because physically, we’re built stronger and during the slave-era, bred to be physically stronger. We’re a threat because we create better out of what we have. We now have a major influence on American Pop culture. We’re ingenious in our skills of dance, singing, sports, style and our mental contributions have always been copied or stolen. “Threat”.

We are a threat because we are a reminder of what hate produced. We’re a threat because to survive, we had to become militant in our thoughts, ways and actions and this ravishness revenge percentage directly threat the stability of a nation.

We’re a threat because tall, dark and handsome and have became the object of desire for other races of women. We directly threaten the very existence of white America.

We have taken ground and positioned ourselves as the dominant minority in America. Even at only 13%, we are well represented in the view of America by other nations. We touch all avenues in American society. We, as a race do not want to take over this nation. I’ve never heard blacks as individuals or as a whole, ever talk about that. What we strive for is equality in a nation we helped build, a nation that has killed and displaced millions on its shores. We want a rightful place in a nation that leads the free world.

The new surge in racial attacks is pitted from race hatred and a feeling by whites that their America is slipping away. The Latinos threaten to become the majority in America by population. Blacks threaten to take power positions, once thought impossible to possess.
There’s no unity in America where races within are trying to defend and trying to blend and the Latinos trying to get in. While outside nations wait for us to fall and know we’re ripe for take over!

RACE HATE will be the fall of America. Rome fell, Babylon fell. You cannot build on hate.

-Simply KJS….From the staff of #TheSiteWithInsight (BAF)
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Today is a day to “Remember” not Race or Gender have a place for the sacrifice American soldiers made. On this unofficial start of Summer, picnics and beach parties and BBQ’s. Please remember the lives that spilled blood and their life’s. Please remember does not post on Sunday’s nor Holiday’s. Thank you from the staff of BAF.


School 1School 2

Thank you for joining us on this important topic, “our future”, the children! But, where are they getting their understanding of America, the world and history? The true victory in life, a legacy lays in passing all you know to the “next.” Let them remember you for building a strong foundation. That’s the energy that lives forever, the legacy you leave behind. The way to counter act the shortages of the public school systems is to take part in your children’s or the children of the community’s education. Take part in homework, open houses, and school functions.

Here at the B.A.F., we show sympathy for the victims of the recent tornados!
Thank you for joining us as we continue to strive to be the voice of the positive ripples of a nation, taking control of their future. Right NOW!

The topic today is one of the top five African American concerns in the United States. For the first time since… huh, FOREVER, health care has dropped out of the top five concerns for African Americans. This is a direct effect of Obama Care.

The achievement gap between black and white students in America continues to grow. Too many black children attend overcrowded and unfunded public schools that are racially and more importantly now, economically segregated from main stream America. Instead of learning to become critical thinkers and becoming tomorrow’s leaders, our children are suspended from counter parts and introduced to the criminal justice system in elementary school. To be young, black and POOR in America is to be confined to some of the nation’s most dangerous, violence ridden and vulnerable spaces. A public school in an extremely poor section of a city can be fertile ground for criminal activity and is one of the most dangerous places from 3:00 to 4:30 p.m. every day when that bell rings!

In America’s cities, 2016 marked the 62nd anniversary of the landmark Brown v. Board of Education desegregation case. It instantly became a symbol of racial progress, but did we forget who was going to set the curriculum for our children? Or what books to approve or disapprove as the standard for “ALL” public school systems.

Have you ever heard the term “school systems are culturally biased”? Do you understand or see what it means? The surface definition is cultural bias in standardized testing. These aptitude tests are designed to fit white America. In history, this leaves very few reflective and relevant issues to minorities like African Americans, Latinos, Asians and etc. The course books reflect a life without much color. Well, you might say “How does that affect a nation of minorities at school?” Remember, we are dealing with fragile young impressionable minds. No matter how much you think the youth of these days are bold, brash, fast or stubborn, they are still children. They are mentally immature, as they should be. If they can’t identify with what they see as the face and leaders in America and life, they exist in the stone facts of education, higher education, loans and jobs. Then the family dies.

It lacks the creative essence of the color of America’s minorities. Not to say white children lack creativity, not at all. A creative mind is not regulated to color. What I am stressing is that whites usually have a blueprint in life, a standard set by generations of stable life. Minorities have to be more versatile in careers and even just to get into college. They have to be versatile in their maneuvers of fitting into society. Whites set up what is considered as intelligence based on an old classification system. It’s called the Terman’s Stanford-Binet Classification Chart.

I.Q. Range—–Classification Rate
164 or over—-Genius or near
148-164—-Very superior intelligence
132-148—-Superior intelligence
113-132—-Above average intelligence
84-113—-Normal or slightly above
52-68—-Mental deficiency
Below 52—-Mental feebleness or definite mindlessness

There is indirect scoring of standardized tests in schools across America. The tests are SAT (Scholastic Aptitude Test), PSAT (Preliminary SAT) and NMSQT (Merit Scholastic Qualifying Test). These and other high school tests determine so much that it affords children scholarships to colleges. It is also what corporate companies use to review individuals.

Now, back to the focus, minorities can’t see themselves or their family life in the books. Small contributions from their ancestors devalue them and that forces the oppressor’s aim to show you and the world who OWNS and RUNS this country. The students become detached. A young woman might want to open a beauty shop because her mother and aunt have been doing hair out of their homes for years. That’s what she identifies with.

You know the B.A.F. doesn’t complain! The answer is in everything minorities have to do – work harder!

• Parent/Parents/ Guardians have to be active in the education of their children
A) Your son gets an assignment about George Washington. Tell him about George Washington Carver or, like my mother made me, have him write another report about a similar African American (Oh, I hated the extra work lol). Or read another book with a Shakespeare assignment. My parents said “Read this book by Langston Hughes also”. I would have never known about Hughes, Benjamin Banneker or others if my mother didn’t insist on it.
B) Know your child’s teacher
1) Is he/she invested in the concerns of your child?
2) Please represent at school functions and activities
3) Proudly display your children’s work in your home

Basically, add on to the deficiency of public schools. Stress the importance of education. Simply put, it is still the most assured way to properly prepare for one’s future. True, everyone must conform to fit in civil society, but with cultural pride, it enhances the opportunities and advantages we all seek.

Warrior of awareness

SChool 4School 5


seed lead lead

Ever wonder why, despite slavery, racial genocide and utter open faced discrimination, these attempts have all failed in vnishing the black race? The fact is we are the second greatest population on the planet earth after Asians. We are the “reason” and the answer to the question of original life. We are the seeds that have sprung the human race all over this earth. Every walk of life has the genes of Africa running through it. From the most Aryan white life to the richness of the Aztec to the agelessness of Chinese blood. The fruits and seedlings of Africa are built inside their DNA.

seed lead

Mitochondrial Gene:
This is the map of human life, the tracking code of all human life. It is passed down only from mothers to both sons and daughters, yet only the woman can pass this “Marker of Life.” The gene (mtDNA) is only transmitted through the female egg. Definition of the Mitochondrial gene: The mitochondrial genome is the sum of the genetic information contained in the chromosome of the mitochondria. It is composed of the mitochondrial DNA which is “mDNA”. The Cambridge Reference Sequence is the genome that all, not some or most, scientists use as their standard for comparison. It is a scientific “ruler” for comparing an individual’s DNA sequence to a standard. By looking at the patterns of SNP’s in mitochondrial DNA, scientists can trace maternal ancestry back hundreds of thousands of years. Don’t believe the images of “white Eve” portrayed in books and movies. Our pide comes from knowing that all life sprang from the African woman!

seed 1

“Race divides us. Why? When they kill blacks…They are only killing their brothers and sisters. When we are prejudge against whites, we are only hating on our own sons and daughters…” Quote by Kjs

All humans are from one family. Not in the moral/religious sense, but on a scientific leve. All humans can trace their family trees back to a surprisingly small group of common ancestors. Every person on earth’s most recent common ancestor only goes back just 2000 years. They trace back to small pockets of African tribes that spread to different corners of the globe.

Ever heard of the “Out Of Africa Hypothesis?”

Mapped by every Nation on earth, there is what science calls the “Mitochondrial Eve”. She is confirmed as the mother of all humans. She is a maternal ancestor to all living humans. She is used in all scientific texts called often the “scientific eve.” She ikely lived over 200,000 years ago in Africa. The science is based on the analyses of the Mitochondrial DNA, published in it’s world wide final form on August 18, 2010.

seed 3

Did you know that all humans are 99.9 percent identical in genetic makeup?

The punishment of human life is division of race. As a whole, we must overcome this shortcoming of humanity. Europeans have used race as a way to band together against a chosen race, Africans, Jews and Native Americans have been the targets throughout history. While all have suffered, we as African Americans, have been held back the most. We had to learn a new language. We had to become “American” while enduring over 500 years of mental/physical slavery. Yet we have thrived and even surpassed every other minority race in visibility in the leading Nation in the world. The population of minorities within America grows and threatens to take control as the majority African Americans grow with the boom.

seed 5.1

“They tried to bury us, not knowing we were seeds”…The seed, once sprouted, cannot be killed. The tree has grown it’s branches and opened it’s leaves of life. It’s fruits ripen and it’s branches extend past murder. It’s leaves blow past discrimination. The seeds of fruit spread and birth new life. Although it grows in different shapes and shades, it will always be rooted to the core of its inception!”, a quote brought to you by the mind of Kjs…

seed last

There can never be human life without African life. Our burden, as a people, is “unity” and overcoming the journey from Kings and Queens. We are the cream of the planet earth. We gave way to slave labor in every Nation for over 3,000 years. I say our journey is not yet complete. It is our duty to contribute, in our short life time, a positive push in the constant current that is the African Race.

Kjs, writing for a reason cause we are the reason for the writing.
Thank you to all the staff of
Copyright 2017


sheriff lead

Peace and love. Do you know Sheriff David Clarke? In these coming mid-elections of 2018, things are heating up in America. Crawling out of the “Sell Out Cellar” is Milwaukee County Sheriff, David Clarke. No African American sell out, known as Uncle Tom, has been more dangerous or has had more power in recent times than “Clown Clarke.” He’s in an all out battle with BlackLivesMatter activist and leader, Shaun King who is also a New York Daily news columnist.

sheriff 1
SHAUN KING OF (BLM) calls Sheriff Clarke Uncle Tom

Clarke, time and time again, under minds the BlackLivesMatter movement (BLM) every chance he gets. Vociferous of the BLM, he describes it as a hate group. He strongly denies that Police brutality exists. Clarke even called BLM the American ISIS.

Who is this Sell Out?:
Clarke is a Sheriff of Milwaukee County. He was registered and elected as a Democrat (only because his county is heavily Democratic). However, Clarke appears as a regular guest on Fox News and his views align more with conservative Republicans. The Sheriff is also a strong critic of Planned Parenthood. He said “It should be called Planned Genocide.” Also, Clarke has been “throwing shade” (verbal disrespect) on “all” black women and targets Beyonce, calling her a “musical Black Panther.” He called Former Attorney General Eric Holder an “A…hole.” and referred to Al Sharpton as a “Charlatan”.

sheriff 3

Sheriff Clarke’s Abuse of Power:
His true threat and effect on African American life in Milwaukee is in the power of his badge! The Sheriffs of most states run the county jail system and this is his. Unlike most sell outs, this is where his hatred comes alive to sting minorities. In 2009, the Sheriff’s department took over the city jail system. Minorities in Milwaukee know “Don’t go to county jail cuz you might not come home.” Clarke has been repeatedly accused of abusing “only” minority inmates at county jails. He set a trend and gave his blessings to use force in county jails against the poor and minorities. The U.S. Department of Justice launched an investigation in 2010 after four minority deaths happened in county jail custody. He held a pregnant black woman in shackles for 21 hours. In July 2016, another black pregnant inmate (it seems that Clarke hates the very birth of black life), with a serious mental illness, went to labor and was denied medical help. She delivered in the jail infirmary. As a result, her new born died. The cruelness of this man’s policies is on a new age hate that Trump has brought forth.

The story you really must know about is Terrill Thomas:
He was brought into custody for a shooting in Milwaukee county jail. Thomas was “Big & Black.” On April 24, 2016, while in a high security area, the Milwaukee county jail sheriffs turned off water to inmate Terrill Thomas’ cell, resulting in his death from profound” dehydration. The water was turned off for six days. Wow! This was barbaric torture to watch a human being die of dehydration for six days! Thomas was locked down for 24 hours, which is illegal and refused water. Thomas was suspected of shooting a white man and shooting at the Potawatomi casino in broad daylight. On September 15, 2016 the Milwaukee medical examiner ruled Thomas’ death a homicide. His family filed a lawsuit. Clarke refuses to talk about the case. It dogs him.

sheriff 2

sheriff 2.1

More than just a sell out, Clarke is a true threat. He has ties with Trump and the conservative Republican party. He has self hate for his own black skin. All the military medals he wears are fake. His assertion that Trump appointed him to the Department of Homeland Security is false. Even his Mater’s Thesis has been discovered as plagiarism. He is a fake and an Uncle Tom just like Shaun King said in a New York Daily News article in 2016. Why am I bringing this to your attention? Clarke plans to run for Congress or so his sell out talking shows on Fox News lately shows. He is beyond cruel in his actions towards us. This is his desperate attempt to be accepted by Republican whites. He is the true definition of an Uncle Tom!

sheriff last

“Clown Cop! Beware of those whom would “Forsake you for your Skin”. There is no defense or dialog for that. This is a call out for a sell out. It’s our job to know who supports and who wishes us harm as a race.

Reporting Live From Reality!
Copyright 2017


Man Woman

I wish you safety and security. We have much more to solve than a new president. We are in a position, as a race, to now help ourselves. This is a problem born out of an unjust laws, which has conditioned us to a state of “Loving Our Hell”.

Before we begin this important point of a growing population in the African American communities, we pause for us
The shock of Manchester grips the world. As quietly as he lived, Cortez (TEZ) Kennedy passed away last night (5/23/17). Kennedy was one of the greatest defensive linemen in NFL history. He was qiet in his off field life, but a beast on the field. RIP to the man whom found a Hall Of Fame balance in life.

ck 1

Today, the B.A.F. focuses on a terror group that has existed long before ISIS, a shameful mental bond, long before the hot topic of PTSD. There exists a syndrome that has ravished minority communities, a conditioning that embodies the term “love your hell”. Ever heard of someone saying “Oh he’s just institutionalized”? Everyone has some working understanding of this or a family member/friend or maybe some of you ladies live and love with such a mind. I feel for the patience you ladies have. The simple Webster definition for institutionalized is “established in practice or custom”.

This community crippling endangerment walks among us. This mind thinks differently. Society is a stranger. The activity, noise, and mainly responsibility is abnormal them. Even eating is a tactical maneuver. The openness of the world is stifling to one with this mind.

Not only have these men/women been imprisoned by the body, but no matter where their physical form may be, their mind is still in prison, broken. They are pushed beyond the limits of coping. Snapped in silence, while waiting at pill pass, in the van ride after a conviction or while reading that Dear John letter for the 13th time at 4:00 a.m. It is the most self-loathing condition.

You hear verses like “no rent, no bills, no struggle to make it or 3 hots and a cot”. You see those homeless people and nobody’s in real world life. Kings, Queens and shot callers on the other side of the fence with respect and admiration. You have love for them but, that title, that praise comes with aggressive actions and animalistic responses to minor mishaps, overblown reactions to small situations. It’s living with an unpredictable monster.

Basically, an institutionalized person one who is more comfortable living incarcerated than free. It’s hard for the majority to fathom, but they are casualties of the justice system. The world of prison can be so pressurized with nowhere to run to. These murderers, thieves and masters of assault are your neighbors every day! One thing about prison, it strips down all the masks you wore in society. It will get to the real of the man/woman exposed to the population of convicts.

Sad 1Sad 2

The workings of an institutionalized mind…

• Eating in public with your back never to the door. Eating fast with an arm encircling your food and your leg posted out, not under the table.
• A quick scan of any area you enter for anything around that can be used as a weapon.
• An assessment of every exit in the building or area.
• A weapon on one’s person, even in your pocket. A pencil or pen is ready to act as an assault aid every day.
• Lights, noise and the busyness of a Wal-Mart or Mall may overwhelm the senses of such a mind.
• Verbalization and the abilities to socialize become damaged.
• Sleeping with shoes or sneakers on is normal.
• A sixth sense of impending danger or explosion of aggression is posed.
• Always protecting the ones around them. Watching and treating everyone as hostile is common.
• Observance of every car or passerby. Looking behind and doing a quick assessment, up and down, before walking. Standing with your back against the wall.
• Saving little throw away things like plastic wrap on a sandwich.

There is a need for structure, where day in and day out, your life is basically the same. The surprises of real life, the unexpected is too much for the institutionalized mind. The small window of prison life is just enough for them. The real shame is the acceptance of this as true life in so many ways. Giving up on trying to be someone greater than you are today. It’s submission of the journey of struggle. It’s the forfeit of discovering whom you truly are. It’s the weakness of responsibility. It’s the ultimate feeling sorry for yourself. Dare I say, it’s the element of weakness, no matter how physically strong or intimidating they may be.

The true danger is in the community. Someone whom has no fear of the criminal justice system and feels more at home in prison or county jail than anywhere else is an extreme menace to society. They are capable of uncharacteristic violence at any time or place. An over reaction is just a story to tell his true family, those that are locked up.

We need to develop a care house, a whole new structure to help those minds. All those places deal with are the outside problems like jobs, housing, family and getting settled. The real issue is deeper. But, thankfully very few are truly incarcerated scarfaces, true cell block boys or Queen of the Pen types.

May you find harmony and meaning. It will never be found thru your children or an ex, your sick mother or sibling. Because life goes on while you’re inside. No, the change must happen from within. No force, not even outside love can overcome it. No, it has to be love of self. They will say “I love myself”. Love yourself to want the most sacred of all, our black cultural struggles.

“I speak for the tongueless”.
Copyright 2017


Raising Biracial Children In Today’s Society

Peace and Love. Today we have a guest post that will touch on our biracial brothers and sisters. We, at, must give prayers and sympathy for Manchester, England’s bomb victims. Monday night (5/22/17) there was an attack outside an Ariana Grande concert. Thousands of “tweens” and teens were there. A reported 22 were killed and an unknown number were hurt by a lone suspect carrying a bomb (IUD). A terrorist atrocity. It’s also reported that at least two were arrested. The love and protection of our children overwhelmingly supersede race. We will give you today a race that is making a statement for equality by their living breath. #BiracialBonds

bomb 1

Now for our guest post…

Miss Cheerio

Gone are the days where it’s totally taboo to date outside your race. Well, mostly. Surely, there are people that still look down on it and that will never fully die out. You will always have people that “stick to their own” and disagree with falling in love with someone of a different race or background.

Even still, interracial couples are steadily on the rise. In 2010, the United States Census Bureau showed that there were 50,410,000 white couples and 4,072,000 black couples in the U.S. The black man/white woman couples totaled 390,000 and the white man/black woman couples were 168,000. I’m sure those numbers have increased quite a bit in the last six years.

When you have interracial couples, you have biracial/multiracial children. Those statistics are also on the rise. (See the charts below). If you read the article titled “Why is My Skin a Different Color”, you will read that the National Geographic estimated that by 2050, the average American will look mixed. This world is evolving like never before.

Biracial people have existed since the slavery days, and I’m sure, way before. At that time, it was mostly the female slaves having their masters’ babies. So, the children were not seen as anything more than another field hand or house maid. It’s appalling to me that someone could treat their own flesh and blood like that. Thankfully, we have drastically changed since then and people are, for the most part, equal.

Raising a biracial/multiracial child has its own challenges and quirks. The area you live in can greatly affect your situation. A small town in Wisconsin will have a very different vibe than raising your child in Brooklyn, New York. Here are a few of the challenges I’ve come across in my six years as the mother of a biracial little girl…

• Hair Care – this is a big one! When she was a baby, her hair was very soft and a little bit curly. As she got older, it changed drastically. I researched and watched Youtube tutorials until I felt confident in taking care of her hair to the best of my abilities. Now, she has long, kinky and healthy hair!

• The Nanny – people just assume she isn’t my child. Especially, if we are with a friend that has darker skin. They ask my friends things like “Your baby is cute. How old is she?” I have even been asked where she is adopted from. They act surprised when I say she is actually mine.

• Race boxes on paperwork – When you’re asked that racial identity question and it says “check one”… well, I still check both. After all, she is BOTH! Usually though, it will say “check all that apply”. At last, they are catching up to society!

• Other children’s questions – Children are very observant and they don’t hold back. I can’t count how many times I’ve been asked why we don’t match. One little boy said “Are you Destiny’s mom?” I said “Yes, I am”. He replied “But you’re white though”. I thought it was especially funny because the little boy is also biracial, but his mother is black and father is white. I just tried to explain it the best way I could.

• Cultural differences – my daughter’s biological father has not been a part of her life. It been hard to effectively teach her about the other side of her existence. She knows his name and I’ve shown her pictures of him and his side of the family, but that’s about it. Now, she has a step father to fill in those missing gaps and properly teach her about her roots. We are grateful for him.

The whole goal of parenting is to raise a child to become a positive adult member of society. This is no different when raising biracial/multiracial children. Keeping them happy and healthy is essential. Teach them their roots, tell them they’re special and make sure they feel like an important member in their families. It will only get easier as the world evolves. Multiracial will become the new normal!

Biracial chart 2

-Sherry Ulvick
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gd 4

Peace and love. A true writer writes for the future. One of our mottos is #FootprintsOfThePast. Today we post for the future. We use this to introduce you to the motivations of tomorrow. This young, up and coming man carries the resolve of the African American race by utilizing the institutions of sports that still propel us. More than his skills and dominance in the ring, was how this young man is (now 22). He rose from the crime ridden Sandtown-Winchester community in West Baltimore (B-More). The HBO T.V.series, “The Wire”, gave the rest of America a glimpse into the turmoil of Baltimore. It’s a high crime city like Oakland, Brooklyn, Detroit and Chicago. Davis came from this! Life on the soulless streets were met without a sound home. His life was without the compassion of a loving mother or the guidance of a father. He was shuffled around from group homes and care giving systems. On the streets, he became a statistic, a Digital Harbo High School drop out. Even earlier than that, at age nine, he was known as a fighter. He got into fights at every confrontation. He was a wild child full of anger and too young to know why. This is a direct response from a lack of love and belonging.

gd 1

There are many thousands of young black males “lost” on these city streets with no loving safe home life. They are thrust into the loathing hostile environment that “uses” and “loses” our young. There’s no love or sympathy on these American urban streets filled with gangs, drugs, hoes and thugs. How did Davis make it out? As many of our desperate young men, Davis found compassion, love, direction and reason in boxing. Davis channeled his anger in a legal outlet. He found a father figure in Calvin Ford. Ford’s life was the inspiration for character Dennis “Cutty” Wise on the hit show, “The Wire”. He himself was one of the first urban thugs on the Baltimore streets. He was an OG and gang member who walked out of prison to a new heartless city that he helped create. He chose to help and change the damage he had done so he opened a gym called Upton Boxing Center. I’m also proud to report that Ford helped young Davis earn his GED.

gd 5

Davis’ rise in the ring was like a starving shark or a wounded lion. It was best described as “controlled rage”. A new career, but the same old action. There is a “sweet science” to boxing while many of us still fall into the statistics of black males dying or going to prison by age 21. Davis is now 22 years old and yet he now enjoys life anew. At 5’6″, he is a superfeatherweight champ. He just defeated Walsh, making him 18-0 with 17 knockouts. Davis’ nickname is “Tank” because of his build and relentlessness inside the ring. No one has even come close to beating this young lion. He fights with a ferociousness and a never coming back attitude and drive. Davis made his debut at 18 years old on February 22, 2013 vs Desi Williams with a 1st round KO. On January 14, 2017 at the Barclay’s Center in Brooklyn, NY, Davis defeated the then champion Jose’ Pedraza (22-0 12Ko’s). In the seventh round, he knocked Pedraza out to win the IBF junior lightweight title. He became the second youngest champ in boxing history wiht Mike Tyson being the youngest. Davis also has the great advantage of being the protege of Floyd Mayweather, who is now his promoter and mentor. Mayweather said, “Davis is the future of boxing.” I believe it when I see the young lion in action.

gd 3

gd 2

Young Lion Gervonta Davis is the rage of the ghetto harnessed and saved by sports. See our plight in his fight.

Reporting live from the gutter with purpose.
Kjs yeah the corner used to be your boy’s office, but now I have BAF as my office
Join us everyday!
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get lead

A special thanks to all our audience who are growing with us. This post is dedicated to that which you love, to reignite your energy and to capture your dreams and goals. Self help, from our perspective, is tapping into the power of that which wakes you up in the morning. What is your passion? What is your desire? Is your journey a career or is it school? Is it securing your family structure? Or is it building an empire in your family name? Some wish to educate and give awareness. This post is chained to that dedication, that “burn” to succeed and advance.

Learn To Know:
A education in whatever field your mastering is essential. There is a business side to every dream. Ask any writer, musician or artist. There is another side. It’s marketing and there is still a thousand other things to know. Learn the language and the other bits that go along with your dream.

Family is, by far, the main goal of all races. The security and safety of one’s family (life ties) is important. More than money or career is the value and importance of family. Do you wish to strengthen your family bonds and your family’s place in life? Do you wish to build/rebuild your family’s name? Become the centerpiece of your “last name.” Record your family’s existence and their history. Gather all those old family photos and build your legacy. Make a living reminder to all yours of where you all come from, down to that great great grand parent that was a born slave. Be the one your family flows through. Plan that family reunion and yeah, even with those corny tee shirts that say “Jones Family Reunion 2017.” Family is the end game and, in turn, it will advance our entire race.

get 1

get 2

Whatever your venture, the greatest trick on humanity is the feeling that you must rush through life. Do you ever feel like your behind in life? Ever lose hope in the frustration of the pace of life? Do you feel like you’ve wasted it? These feelings are seeds of “doubt”. It won’t kill dreams, just derail and delay. Every life has its own growth. A tree may take 50 years to mature, but can live for 100 years, while a moth’s life may only last for a few weeks in the summer. Human life is limited, but it’s a life unlimited in accomplishments. Goals are achieved by maturity of the mental, not the physical. Emotional maturity, especially for men, is the balance and the road to victory. This comes with patience and poise. Live with the belief that you will get there. You can see the end and overcome the obstacles that will try to stop or slow you. Seek it with persistence, drive and an unbending will. Time is of the mind and it is man made.

get 3

Food fuels the body anf money refuels the months. What propels our energy for success? It’s an easy question. The greatest tool on planet earth is the mind. It fuels the unseen, the yet to become reality. What does “stay focused” really mean? Put plain and to the point, it means find time to reflect on your path, your goals and dreams. It doesn’t take long, just a few stolen minutes. Some call it meditation. It’s just a solo walk to reflect or even a few minutes in the bathroom. Envision where and what you want to be. Ever heard that expression that the mind will always attempt to complete the picture you give it?

get 4

get 4.1

To my dogs and thugs, chicks who ain’t tryin’ ta hear nothing but $$$ (Can’t Knock Your Hustle) aren’t in it for you. Your plan might be to turn blood money into profound money and use what is evil for good. I used to have that same mind set. “I just gotta raise this capitol to excel.” It’s a lie, a trap, and never will balance out. You are destroying other lives to build yours. That is a European approach at life, to destroy and conquer. It’s a trick to erode your moral values. The odds are so stacked against you. It’s like the chance of hitting the lottery. Some will say “Niggas hit the number everyday B.” True and you and your team might beat the odds. But then your foundation is built on the lives of addicts, mothers and brothers. To me and many, that’s hustlin’ backwards. Think on it and be safe.

get 5

“Ain’t No Giving In…Or Giving Up.” I say “Life is bigger than Swaggin”. Feel me? S.W.A.G.G.I.N is just Nigga spelled backwards! We are more than just niggas! Enjoy your life, believe in and plan your life!

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Your Brother In Bond, KJS
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