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Yeah, I’m going in on Kors. Yesterday I posted a picture that painted Kors as a racist! This story developed in 2015 with some admitting “both” sides. He is…He isn’t… and fake messages on his account. That was true, but to my black women, you should know where you’re spending your millions! I back my words and my pictures. Today I’m giving what’s known as “receipts” in the black community and even behind prison walls.

Since Michelle Obama wore one of his dresses for an official White House picture, black women have flocked even more to Micheal Kors and his products. No question, his products have become a symbol of success and a life of quality. Women have told me his products are high quality. Wholeheartedly, black women buy and support Kors’ many products. His bags are a must if you’re in step with the times. Yet, my view is to the core of “Don’t support those whom don’t support us.” It’s a new day being built and I’m proud to push this new vibe. #BlacksBackingBlacks is the bond and connection between black owned business and the black consumer. I’m not some ultra black activist! Just look at our symbol! “The true goal is to be respected and enjoy equality with whites (majority of America) and maintain black culture and own our own!” I’m chained to betterment and “by the grace of God”, financial freedom!!!

So let’s look at the points Kors faithfully stands on. He campaigned with Halle Berry. They pushed t-shirts with proceeds going to feed children. Remember that? I say “Halle Berry is an icon to our race, yet she is not political nor a great advocate of black issues.” Ain’t mad at her husband’s race cause I still love Serena, Venus, Janet and the other sisters whom chose white men for fathers, lovers and husbands. How can black men really complain? We have been linked to getting money and white womwn. I deal with facts not B/S. Let’s take a hard look at us so we can grow better. Trust me, the billionaire doesn’t need t-shirt sales to help feed children.

mk 1

Why should a black man like me care how or where black women spend their money? The majority of Kors’ income and leading customer base is the black woman. African Americans are Kors’ number one consumers! Does he highlight black models? Does he give to “Black Girls Rock?” Kros doesn’t support, fund or donate to any black causes or charities. (Yeah I checked for two hours on Kors’ charity!) Not one was African American orientated. Should he? I say earning off the backs of blacks is a thing of the past. Let’s not let them underhand us either. We’re not asking for a hand out. I think where you spend your money should be reciprocated by the ones who usher in that money. That would be the gender of a race whom has propelled the Kors namesake.

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One of my fans, a black woman, told me “You better have some hardcore points going at Micheal Kors.” Ok, well if I can expose my own people when they sell out or go left from the core/cause of us, I ain’t scared to go at Kors. Trust me, New York born don’t scare easy!

Receipt One: Kors does not reach us on the level of grassroots schools, college grant or single mother organizations. He has a very diverse clientele and we need to demand his return.

Receipt Two: Kors Marketing. The core, over 80 percent (hang bag sales), comes from minority consumers of mainly Black/Asian. Ads for Kors and models for his products are “overwhelmingly” white. The models’ shape and attitude represent very little of the base whom buy Kors products. Should he not reward the black model or shoot ads in areas where his product is displayed?

Receipt Three: In the fashion industry, the billion dollar businesses is what is called a “Trickle Down Effect.” In 2015, Ebony and Jet said ” Kors has never advertised with Ebony nor Jet.” Check it out. There is money by the millions for smaller markets. Big names offer such earnings and Kors has not. That’s a fact! I know in the 90’s it was said that “Tommy Hilfiger Hates N….’s”. It was a lie. Tommy worked with the black race, highlighted and shared profits with the Hip Hop and model industry for African Americans. Nike which all brothers love, give back aa well. Air Force Ones, the greatest sneaker ever and Jordan’s (J’s) are a lore on American streets. Nike sponsors basketball camps, Boys/Girls Clubs in urban areas, and over 34 grants/programs geared towards African issues.

mk 4

mk 4.1

Black women have enough Kors bags to fill a Canyon. All I’m saying is let’s spend some of that money on high quality African American designers. Demand better of those whom we support. He has a disconnect with us. He doesn’t care about us which means he has a lack of respect for us! More importantly, I burn with the feeling, as a black man, to protect my sisters from any manipulation. I want to protect our place in a place that brought us here to “serve”. “I Need my Residuals.” That’s my passion for it.

I’m chained to our Betterment, always! Kjs
#YoungBlackHistorian and I ain’t played! True To This…
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Peace and love. We will call this the day after. The NFL draft has become such a huge event. To my audience that could careless about sports, I apologize! I love sports and this is a yearly epic event. So, the Top Five picks (and my Raiders) are…

1.) Myles Garrett (DE), #1 pick of Cleveland Browns
2.) Mitchell Trubisky (QB), #2 pick of Chicago Bears
3.) Solomon Thomas (DE) #3 pick San Fran. 49ers
4.) Leonard Fournette (RB), #4 pick of Carolina Panthers
5.) Corey Davis (WR), #5 pick of Tenn. Titans
*** Radiers pick at 24, Gareon Conley (CB)!!!

Now, to the substance of today, have you ever heard of the Robin Hood Foundation? If you’re not from the East coast or in tune with the condition of the urban poor, then you may not have. Have you heard of Wes Moore? He’s a young African American who was a CEO even before his appointment at the Robin Hood Foundation. My goal and your expectations for is to bring you closer the issues that matter the most to us.

wes 1

What is the Robin Hood Foundation? It’s a charitable organization which attempts to alleviate problems caused by poverty in New York City. The organization also administers a relief fund for disasters in the state. There are plans to expand to every state in America in the future. It was founded in 1988, by hedge fund manager, Paul Tudor Jones. Robin Hood’s chief principles are to target “poverty”. This came after the fall out from the 80’s Reaganomics and the era of former Mayor, Giuliani. It still rings with the racist fruits of economic discrimination that has translated to 1 in 5 people of all races that live in poverty in New York. The Robin Hood Foundation directly services these people. They provide grants, general operating support, Capital grants and funds to build management capacity. The foundation has raised $2.5 billion since 1988. It’s one of the most effective non profit organizations world wide.

Wes Moore has recently been named the new CEO. Our brother, Mr. Moore is a 38 year African American man whom was a CEO even before his new post at the Robin Hood Foundation. He is a national prominent social advocate, a decorated army combat veteran and also, a best selling author. Moore grew up in the Bronx, New York. He founded and served as CEO of BridgeEDU, a platform to get poor children into college. He made such amazing advancements in the area of getting businesses behind young adults to further their education. He developed new grants and loans in field. To my sisters and ultra conservative brothers, Moore is married to a African American woman.

wes 2

On a CNN interview, Moore said “I’ve long admired Robin Hood and I’m grateful for this tremendous opportunity to lead such a ground breaking well respected organization doing so much good.” He also said “People living in poverty are particularly vulnerable now (Since Trump). So Robin Hood’s work is more urgent than ever.” He is an excellent example of our new wave of educated and more importantly, motivated.

wes 3

Robin Hood Foundation is known for helping struggling New Yorkers (with other states in their sights) build and rebuild better lives for the themselves and their families. Robin Hood houses, feeds, trains, educates, advises and helps transport hundreds of thousands of men, women and children living in poverty. The organization also helps the nonprofits that it funds by providing leadership training, board recruitment, real estate, finance and marketing assistance. When an effective solution to challenges faced by low-income New Yorkers doesn’t exist, Robin Hood has and will create it.

wes 4

Business is even in the charity side of our black community which is the first hand up. I love bringing you the cream and positive of us.

Kjs, Warrior of Awareness and founder/writer of #TheSiteWithInsight, The B.A.F.
Copyright 2017

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Since the inaugaration of the new president, we have been on high alert. I hear the talk and the fear as you do. “Get your money. Fuck everyone and everything else”, “Move out of the USA”, “It’s every minority for him/her self” and “Focus on your family, they’re going to crush us”. This is some of the talk since “your new president.” I say a man so ill-equipped in life, in the experience of work and so out of touch with “common reality” can’t break the back and the bond our race has with this soil of America! I say “Fear not what is not real, never was and never will be. What is real has always been, even before THEM and that cannot be destroyed.” The push for “Let’s make America great again” will not push us over the edge, as a race.


blk 3

Their justice system, that has always promoted their agendas, promoted us as tools for the unspoken new-age modern day slavery, the big business of the Prison system and the wave of manual labor for cheap by those on the other side of the fence. It has a flaw that the old system of slavery did not. We can avoid the trap as long as we mature from the traps and street corners. They’re feeding the system with young minority lives and the stock is from the corners of urban America. The gun and packaged product is preventable. We’re not our ancestors. We’re not powerless. We can overcome! Feeding that baby and securing your family with that lifestyle is no longer worth it or sufficient. The block game is dead.


blk pride

Let not the nuances of technology and social media overwhelm us. This is the wave of a so called “smarter age”, but common sense will never be surpassed or become outdated. Let not this technology make you feel out of touch. Discover and learn! There are no tricks or secrets to it! To be truthful, it has leveled the playing field for all. As they struggle to regain control, they will resort to the fail safe violence and abuse on the backs of blacks! Technology is faceless. It cares not about race, gender, sexual preference, or your age. The social world caters to all! The snapshots, videos and live feeds have torn the “white sheet” off the face of America. Let not their frantic scramble be confused with a premeditated plan. The mass of whites are in flux! They are like a true wounded animal that’s dangerous until it dies! New social media has let the world see the discrimination in real time and America’s need for subservient souls for its existence!


blk 4

We wake everyday, looking out the window and knowing they’re waiting for the black life. We’re so tired as a race! “But so what!” We have to roam the streets with the teeth of the enemy. Let not the victory of the 60’s movement make us lazy. Putting a black man in the seat of the white house was a victory. It was a direct effect from the effort of ones such as Malclom X, Martin Luther King and the sacrifice of Mutulu Shakur and Ms. Assata. Don’t let that victory stir us off our course. Our generation’s contribution and our fight are the seeds we’ve planted for racial equality! That we will not probably see, but did Rosa Parks see the black First Lady? This is the reality for building for the future. These American streets are hot, but so are we! We are “awesome creators” and we will defuse the hate with opportunity. We will defy genocide with a new vision for black life! …..and YES, “WE ARE NOT BROKEN…BUT AWOKEN”.

blk 5

I have high hopes that we will over come this as a portion of the black plight in the form of generation X’ers and Milliennials. We will move our wants and needs to reality. We are the birth point of life… Taking us off the planet or throwing us back to the days of slavery are over. The real truth is “They needed us to build the new Babylon”. The new ushering of human life is making America the leaders of the free world. It’s beyond probable. It’s a dream of an old white mind state and we have come too far to watch our mothers, sisters, daughters, aunts and wives subjected to seeing us lesser than the men. We have become the doors and we have banged open. Our women will refuse to watch their fathers, brothers, sons and uncles subjected to the jealous hand of another race. The women of our race strive in areas once closed to them. They lead today’s small business market. No, we won’t go back and no race can push us back, but ourselves. I say “WE ARE NOT BROKEN!….BUT WE ARE AWOKEN”

blk last

Writing for the future…..The world embraces you when you’re profound with words!
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Peace and love. Do you embrace or repeal technology? Some think it erodes mankind itself and makes us impersonal to one another. Others love the freedom of technology. It has caused so much impact. Unlike the 80’s and 90’s, you no longer have to carry paper money anymore. Are you mad that 8-Track tapes are now obsolete? Simple things improve life and there are extremes like freezing one’s body for future cures. Those are a stretch of technological promises. It’s everyday life technology that makes life easier for “home”. So let’s look at what’s hot in technology. What improves on your hard work, your blood, sweat and tears?

new 1

What I think is a great leap in A.I. (artificial intelligence) and don’t be shocked, is your smartphone. Google Home and others like Watson are voice activated. That is artificial intelligence, wireless charging and digitized note taking. This technology is just a hint of things to come. Things will be mandatory in homes and offices soon. Smart phone technology is not new for 2017, but has evolved in the three years since it was introduced. I know you’ve seen the advertising. This A.I. bot is the next step in a totally automated home, office and even in cars! It’s the biggest jump since smartphones. No longer will you have to hunt online for anything. No longer do you have to remember or write down SSI numbers, emergency numbers, passwords etc. Even further, SSI numbers, birth certificates and marriage records can be forwarded to offices and State Departments without question. Google Home offers a Federally protected cloud based security system. A notepad in the office meeting is a thing of the past. Now the business Man/Woman let’s the Google-Bot take records. It has unlimited storage because it’s cloud based. It costs $129.00 and you must have internet service.

new 2

The Era of 4K T.V.:
Man, if ya’ll thought you could see newscasters and your sport stars pores before, wow these new 4K T,V’s have four times the resolution of high definition. Ultra and Ultra HD TV’s are now a thing of the past and Ultra HD is only three years old. Technology moves so fast and some say that’s a problem. The price tag has dropped as well. When it first came out, the price tag was $650 to $999. Now the the basic 4K T.V. is between $350 and $600. Chief Technologists says it will be awhile to improve on 4K because it is crystal clear. I mean, how can you do better than that?

new 3

new 3.1

Samsung Family Hub Fridges/LG Insta View See-Through Fridge:
Have you seen these? First up, Samsung has created the new “grocery list”. It’s a fridge/freezer with a built in camera that takes a snapshot everytime you close the door. You can see it from your smartphone. So, while you shop for groceries, you can see what you need. This is making grocery list obsolete. Also, the LG Insta-View See-Through Fridge allows just a “double tap” to see into your fridge without opening it. This cuts down on energy costs from opening and closing. It’s cool as hell!

new 4

From me to you, the top three FREE Antivirus Providers function better than some paid providers.

1.) Total AV. The best and top graded was provided by a reformed hacker.

2.) ScanGuard. A choice for some big businesses.

3.) Norton. One of the best names in Antivirus protection. Norton offers a free service after making over $30 million in profits.

Rare is my push for fame and glory. By pressure from my staff and audience, I offer my picture at the end of today’s post (one time only). I see it as “vein” and a lean towards “arrogance”, but here goes.


“I say, to not try is the ultimate fail”.
-Warrior of Awareness

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Peace and love: Today goes to the heart of new building blocks of our black culture in America. We’ll take a look inside Charlamagne’s new book, a major key in the world of entertainment. No longer can we confine him to just a Hip Hop public figure. He has sprang from the “tree of Hip Hop” to the world of entertainment including movies, voter registration, social media, the business side of Hip Hop and pop culture. Known world wide as a radio personality, Charlamagne has been apart of the trio “The Breakfast Club”. It’s a 105.1 New York based radio show and the leading Hip Hop outlet in an extremely competitive market.

King of Urban Radio… Prince of Pissing People Off… Hip Hop’s Howard Stern. These are some of the titles he has earned. He has rubbed some of the greatest Hip Hop stars the wrong way, making for great T.V. He’s respected and even feared in the Hip Hop game as well as disliked by many. The book authored solely by Charlamagne is available April 29, 2017, world wide, for $15.99. It’s his fist book. In it, he talks of his early troubled life in small town Moncks Corner, South Carolina as Lenard Mckelvey (birth name). As he puts it, he was “making many mistakes”, but he refused to give up on his dreams, even after being fired from several on air jobs. While growing up in the country setting of the South Carolina woods, he sold crack and did several small stints in jail. Then he moveed to the “Big City” and earned his name Charlamagne tha God. The Charlamage part was from the streets and “tha God” was from his exposure to the Five Percenter Nation, an urban religion based loosely on Islam.

char 2

The Book:
He hopes it builds confidence in others. He speaks on many topics as he takes you on a roller coaster ride. He speaks on “The Law of Ten” which he learned from his mentor. He explains “If there are 10 people, three of them love you. Three of them will hate you and four of them are on the fence.” He says “Don’t worry about the people who hate you. There’s no changing their mind but, you still have a chance to convince the four on the fence.” He has extreme cases of wrong and right and takes pride in getting under people’s skin. Who can ever forget “Tomi Lahren” (the wrong)! Then there’s “Put some Respeck on my name.” This was Birdman’s rant due to Charlamage’s constant poking. The Breakfast Club is the platform for one of my special vices, “The Donkey of the Day”. Charlamage snaps on those who deserve it. I loved how he went in on Stacey Dash.

char 3

In the first chapters of the book, he calls “Principles”, his country woods background. He was born to a school teacher mother and a father, whom was like a pimp. His education was the New York lifestyle. His dues were paid in the life of radio with his year long work for free as an understudy with the true Hip Hop “Shock Jock”, Wendy Williams. The explanation of their fall out, alone, is worth the price of the book. He rose to the self proclaimed “King of Urban Radio”. It’s a love-hate relationship with Hip Hop artists. He focuses on a hard line of pure Hip Hop and the lives that drive or subtract from an art form he loves! His knock is not being “bout that life”, meaning he’s not claiming to be street certified. He explains that “I’m just the radio guy, not a tough guy, but I ask the tough questions.” Hip Hop needed a “Charlamage” and he plays his part with his co hosts. The crust of the title “Black Privilege” is explained in the end of the book. It’s not some black elite life, but a play on words to the opportunities of today’s black man/woman. Read the book for the “hook”! We, at, strongly recommend the book as we watch Charlamage evolve as a true black public figure. Little known is his strong stance on voting and American policies on the world stage. He supported Hilllary Clinton, stood up for Colin Kaepernick and has made stances outside just the Hip Hop world. He gets personal as well, revealing that he was molested by a female relative.

char 1

Is it a better book than other Hip Hop memoirs by the likes of Russell Simmons or Kevin Lies? I believe so. It comes from a place of a common bond to those of us whom watched Hip Hop shape into what it is today. It’s directly related to the urban condition.

char last

The building of our culture is an on-going theme, not a past praise. Charlamage is a symbol of real time Hip Hop on the world stage. The music of the streets have reached epic levels in the world and he is a true Ambassador.

Love our culture and the direction of our plight.
Warrior of Awareness
#YoungBlackHistorian “Of Our Time”
Copyright 2017


sec lead

Happy Monday to you and yours. Today we focus on a battle that is fought everyday. We’ll discuss the duality of living now with a past steeped in “darkness”, but maturing and trying to live life in the “light” as a productive member of society. The question is karma! Do you believe that past sins, crimes, contributing to the demise of one’s community and failing as a father/mother can still let you come to a life of “righteousness?” Will karma prevent you from that path? Do you soulfully believe in a second chance? The darkness can stem from being an absentee parent, a felon, a former drug addict, a manipulator etc. Things that garnish you a separation from mainstream life that everyone, and I mean everyone, must mature to. There are some whom never have to face obstacles of this battle. There is an expression that says “It’s your bed, now lay in it.” Yes, the hard road is by your hand, but what’s next? A perfect example is a single mother whom, at a young age, got pregnant and now she must live and prosper or give up her hopes and dreams. Is there no life for her? Is there no life of “rightness” for a man/woman whom has made mistakes in life/law?

sec 1

A life of crime is the main opponent of the black man. They have the highest incarceration rate in America. Can we evolve? If one can change his life, will mainstream accept it or is the system set to keep you trapped? For the black woman, the main opponent is single motherhood and the path of scraping to get by or to thrive! The opposition, to this point, is “Everyone makes mistakes. Every race and every gender.” This is true. Everyone goes through “trials and tribulation”. No life makes without conflict. They must mature. It seems that African American life decisions are life destroying with a lot less forgiveness. But now that maturity has gripped you, are we worthy of a second chance in the light to become a positive force, a productive member of society and a credit to your race?

sec 3

Solutions: is cemented in solutions! Maturity is a process of patience”, a thing that is most hard for lives bent on instant rewards and gratification. That is the life of crime. True life in the mainstream comes in steps. Now you must slow your mind and moves. Things move painfully slow in the real world. You have to stand in lines, wait for paychecks, rebuild your credit, get your ID and driver’s license. These are things that your past life might have maneuvered around. Cash money was your tool. Today, life is going digital with money. This will eliminate the tax free money of crime. Now we buy online. We have a credit card. These are now things you must focus on. Is it conforming to society? Hell yes it is and the lie was life outside the masses without consequences. The lie was that you could kill by gun or drug sales and earn blood money. Despite if you feel that “we deserve it”, they earned it on our backs. The point is you can’t use evil for good and stop living your life compared to another race! This is our path.
It’s your life and you are chained to the black community. Were you a giver or taker? I have taken and now I wish to give back in every way possible. But one thing remains constant in both worlds, the need for money!

sec 3

What is the main tool for your new fight? Beyond patience, it is “faith”. With a strong unbending belief, you can and will make it!

New Plan:
Black owned business is the fastest growing wave of American economy. Find what you are good at, legally. Every life has something they can do better and give what no one else can. The lie is not to experience life and stay in the bubble of the ghetto. Black fathers/mothers, please expose your children to life in the bigger world. Who knows, your child could be the next world class skier, horse Trainer or CEO of a Fortune 500 company. So without a college, and sometimes a high school education, you must blaze your own path. You have a lot of company. Many people, especially in our race, have made it without the degrees of society. School is a perfect way to bring yourself back to the “light”. There are thousands of grants and loans for us (single mothers, felons etc.) that can get you in class!

sec 4

sec last

I wish you all the best. Me, I will push through and use the skills I’ve learned because they translate with a little adjustment. The whispers of the past life still call for me, but they fade with every step to a life my mother would be proud of. I wish to be a productive member of this life and a credit to my race. Thank you!

#YoungBlackHistorian from the #TheSiteWithInsight
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African American Profile: Lorraine Hansberry

LH 1LH 2
Peace and love. To my social world, in all these avenues of social outlets, the best part is it levels the playing field for all regardless of race or economic status. It allows you to reach the world! At its worst, it breaks the bond of human connection. There can be a room full of people and everyone is on their phones without any interaction. They are missing an opportunity to network in the sense of touch, feel and talk.

Black history is every month, not just February. Today, The B.A.F. will focus on one of the most complex and creative persons of any time! She happens to be an African American, Lorraine Hansberry, whose flame died out too soon. Her concerns for human life were so deep. She carried the tragedies of social ills in her soul. Her social conciseness was felt thru her works. Hansberry was a pillar of social strength. She is known throughout the world as an amazing playwright and known to the black community as the care giver of our social being and responsibilities to one another.

Lorraine Vivian Hansberry; (1930-1965) was an African American playwright and writer.

Early in life, Ms. Hansberry was drawn to the Theatre (Broadway plays). Not in the acting, but the production because no one had ever produced a Broadway play that was covered in black skin. Born in Chicago, Illinois, Hansberry’s family struggled against segregation. Her family, as a unit, faced personal attacks and attention because of their stance against discrimination and the popular policy at the time, “Restrictive Covenant”. These were property laws enacted in the state of Illinois to prevent blacks from buying land in certain parts of the state, eventually, provoking all the way up to the Supreme Court. The case was fighting the Restrictive Covenant in “Hansberry v. Lee”. Her life was set and molded by her family’s mission to upset the norm of racial discrimination.

She moved to New York, inspired by the earlier movement of the Harlem Renaissance and the people who helped shape it. Hansberry worked at the Pan-Africanist Newspaper as her first job in New York and her first experience with high profiled freedom fighters. She dealt with intellectuals like Paul Robeson and W.E.B. DuBois at the Freedom, a newspaper dedicated to the well-being and betterment of blacks. Much of her work focused on the struggle for liberation of blacks in America, but she saw the need for liberation of ALL blacks in the world and operated it as a universal call for unity in the fight for liberation. Her classmate, Bob Teague once said “The only girl I knew who would whip tougher a fresh picket sign with her own hands at a moment’s notice and join a cause on any occasion”.

Hansberry’s belief system was at a high level with her love for blacks and their freedom. She once wrote “We and Africa are one. Their struggles are our struggles”. She also wrote “Blacks must concern themselves with every single means of struggle, legal, illegal, passive, active, violent and non violent …They must harass, debate, petition, give money to court struggles, do sit ins, lay downs, strike, boycott, sing hymns, pray on steps, and yes, shoot from their windows when ‘racists’ come crashing thru our communities”. She is known happily to the world as the first African American to produce (write) a Broadway play. It opened on March 11, 1959 – “A Raisin in the Sun”.

The 29 year old author became the youngest playwright and the fifth woman to receive the New York Drama Critics Circle Award for best play! Over the next two years, her play was translated into 35 languages and performed all over the world! A Raisin in the Sun was revived on Broadway in 2004 and received a Tony Award for best revival. The case included Sean Combs, Phylicia Rashad and Audra McDonald as its main stars. If you’ve not seen it or know nothing about it (a shame if you don’t), A Raisin in the Sun highlights the lives of black Americans living under racial segregation in Chicago (many say it was her own life experiences). The play’s namesake came from one of her heroes and might I add, the most prolific writer of American history,Langston Hughes. In one of his poems titled “Harlem”, he says “What happens to a dream deferred? Does it dry up like a raisin in the sun?”

“A Raisin in the Sun” is in the top five Broadway plays of the world. Yet, the B.A.F. explores more than the surface of famous African Americans. Why did James Baldwin call her the saddest person he’s ever met? Hansberry is much like Phillis Wheatley before her, whose accomplishments and credit didn’t reach her till after her death. Her life was extremely painful, penniless and homeless (most often). Her two children died before her and her last one died minutes after her.

Hansberry was complex, as I stated earlier. I’ll go a step further and say that she was a tortured soul. She felt others’ pain and loved so deep that it poisoned her. She became physically ill in high school after pictures/news of the nuclear bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Asked later, “Why do you care so much about Asians?” She said “Life is life, color is shade, blind should be the view of race”. She was tortured by more than her life’s passion.

Hansberry’s biggest challenge was not her inner turmoil of black social woes, it was more personal. Understand the time in which she lived. She has been identified as a lesbian and sexual freedom was important to her. How frustrated was she not to be her true self? Even the small percentage of people who knew gave her advice on how to “cure herself”. She self-medicated with liquor and a three pack a day cigarette habit. In secret writings under her cover name “LHN”, she wrote “I’m a Closet Lesbian”. Her husband (yes, husband) released her personal notebook as well as unreleased works, exposing her lesbian lifestyle after her death. Secretly, she was an activist for gay rights. Under “LHN”, she wrote about feminism and homophobia more than her poems and plays. She was involved in two of the first American Gay Societies/Organizations. Secretly, she joined “Daughters of Bilitis” (DOB) and “Ladder”. To the DOB, she wrote two letters (they still refuse to release them) and in 1957, she wrote for the Ladder.

If that’s not enough of a burden for Ms. Hansberry, she was attracted to white women. Besides what she dealt with in the 40’, 50’s and 60’s, she was sexually attracted to whites. Her husband was Robert Nemiroff, a white Jewish publisher, songwriter and political activist. The marriage was of convenience, personal business and respect. Mr. Nemiroff championed her works after her death. He is remembered by his quote “love without sex”. They were a team. He represented the accepted life style of marriage. She represented acceptance for him in his mission of politics/racial activism. They divorced in 1962 (married in 1953).

Hansberry’s demons consumed her. The pain of having that much sympathy for human life in the chaos of the mid/late 50’s and early 60’s overwhelmed her soul. Have you ever met a person that worried over everything? This was her persona. Yet, her concerns were for “life”, all life tortured by living in a time not ready for her lifestyle. She crossed racial lines, which brought her stress from her own people. She crossed gender lines and hid, unsuccessfully, her sexual orientation in the late 50’s. She crossed lines of social world norms. Hansberry called herself an atheist because of the bible’s stance on gay lifestyles. She died in 1965 from pancreatic cancer. Her good friend James Baldwin said “What she saw in the world contributed to the death of a legend. For the effort and care was too much for one to bear. Peace has finally found my friend”.

Nina Simone sang “To Be Young and Gifted and Black”. Her husband wrote a book entitled the same. Simone poured out her soul in tribute to a black hero, as she put it. So, the woman, in a true men’s world in her time, gay in a time when homophobia killed people, had love for the color of the very oppressor she fought against. She was an activist in a time when discrimination was bold and vicious.

Let’s remember a great complex soul.

• In 2013, posthumously, Lorraine Hansberry was inducted to the American Theatre Hall of Fame

• In 1999, posthumously, she was inducted to the Chicago’s Gay/Lesbian Hall of Fame

People only focus on her major accomplishments, but she opened eyes to social ills that have just become acceptable. She is truly a credit to humanity, not just her race. “Peace at last” Lorraine Hansberry.

Thank you.
Copyright 2017

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tt lead

I wish you health and happiness. The decline of African American values have been a point of concern in our recent reports (think of Steve Stephens). With the increase of new money, popularity and attention in America, we have left behind morals that have bonded the black community. A complaint of the eldership of our race is the way in which black women portray themselves and dress nowadays. For many (never all), this is the way a majority of minorities carry themselves. Another imperative issue we face is the growing inside threat of cold heartless. It’s a new viciousness for our young black men (think of Chicago). There’s a wave and glorification of the “thug” lifestyle.

Whom is to Blame? Is it the fruits of racism, slavery or generations of conditioning an assault on the confidence and self worth of the entire African American race? Or the intentional discrimination of financial and personal advancement that led to an entire nervous breakdown of the African American race. It’s the white influence and pressure of majority control. Are Hip Hop or movies to blame? There is an erosion of the bonds that carried us through when all we had was us to watch over us. Is it the lack of guidance by past generations of blacks that have failed us across the America that has helped usher in the era of young thugs and thots?

It’s all that and more!

THOTS: (To those of my audience that don’t know, THOT means “That Hoe Over There.”) The new mentality of young minority women is no longer concerned with an image such as class, regalness or lady like projection. Women do not pretend anymore and men and pop culture like it that way! There is an unquestionable draw of the female “body.” This is the power of the p…. Shame has been traded in for cash in the short window of that superficial lifestyle. Surgery has enhanced woman and they try and make as much as they can. Sex sells and always has. Make no mistake, black women didn’t invent this era. Marilyn Monroe used sex appeal to elevate lust in American history. Today, Amber Rose is the new Monroe with a lot less talent. Strippers and Video Vixens are now career choices for many young women, without hesitation, if they have the face/body. The sheer numbers of women have drove the level of “raunchy” to a new level. Standards have been lowered to get noticed. Strippers and Vixens have flooded pop culture and little girls aspire to twerk and dress like the women they see that attract men with money and power. The most dangerous of these new seeds is the new age “golddiggers”. Beyond husband hunters are the con women, disguised as “Thots” whom bleed life savings not in years but, weeks and months with no problem using violence to “obtain.”

tt 1

tt 2

tt 3

THUGS: A trend of danger beyond lower values is the life and death threat of young black aggressive men. There mind is not shaped for anything. They get their guidance and teachings from the heartless streets. This is the easy road to money (spent on lawyers when caught). Their career choice is to hustle and gangbang for daily earnings. This has thrust a new age viciousness where teenage boys/girls have multiple murders before their 18th birthday. The thug roots come from African American revolutionists such as Nat Turner, Gabriel Prosser and Denmark Vesey. American influence has turned them into aggressive gangsters who only have loyalty to money. It has become respectable in the young generations in the black community. Sadder still, is the new class of black female gangsters which further erode the African American plight. We’re talking real thugs that are unafraid of American laws and don’t have any love for the blacks whom have come before them. It’s a new level of enemy inside our communities of the common black family. “Terrorist” is nothing new to the black community. Not even prison scares this new age of hoodlum. The youth welcomes and brag about doing time as it has become a African American rite of passage. There is also a class of “fake thugs” whom when caught or confronted, will shake off the code of conduct and further erode the black bonds by “telling all.”

tt 4

tt 5

The Thots say: “Men been doing exploiting us for years. I’ll exploit myself and keep all the money.” I say what Mary Mcleod said, “To know the worth of a race, you only have to look at the condition of its women.”

The Thugs say: “Imma get paid. God bless anyone that gets in my way.” I say that freedom and life both outweigh any amount of fake love and blood money that you must eventually pay for anyway.

tt last

Who is to blame? US!!!!

A tough look inside the slide of black love and the eroding conditions of “Our Next Up”!

KJS reporting live from the real.
Copyright 2017


cc last

Peace and love. The shift always moves in the world of social culture which encompasses the world of public figures and social media. We, at B.A.F., keep in step with events that affect us and American life. We got babies being born, minority victories, tragic ends and pending war. So let’s reconnect with the life around us. First up, don’t fly United! They are targeting minorities. Everyone has seen the video of the “police”, backed by airline security, dragging the Asian doctor off the plane. He was bloody and stunned. Today is 4-20, National Weed Day. Is it not long over due for America to get in step with the world view on the legalization/taxcation of weed? Stimulate and create millions of new jobs. In other big news and what I’m calling social culture world, Serena Williams is pregnant. She is the best women’s tennis player of all time (please see our past post Serena Williams G.O.A.T.). I must say, even some what unprofessional, but oh so true, Serena has the best body in women’s history. The 35 year old announced her pregnancy on social media after swirls of speculation and social media. It was a snapchat pic of Serena in a yellow one piece with caption 20 weeks. She shocks the black community again. First it was her engagement to (white) super businessman, Alexis Ohanian, the co-founder of Reddit, in late December. We might have to talk about the shift… Now our powerful/rich sister’s finding love in white men’s arms. Serena is chasing history and supremacy in tennis, but she’s still got a mile to go after passing Steffi Graf for the most Grand Slam singles titles in the open era. Now she ranks only behind Margaret Court’s 24 career title wins. Blessings to Serena and her new life with family, but Ms. Williams, get back and make unquestionable history before you retire as Ms. Mom.

cc 1.1

cc 2

From pending birth to the most immoral way to die, Aaron Hernandez, the former NFL great committed suicide. I believe he hung himself. No foul play, just a man whom finally understood his missed blessings of rare physical prowess at 6’2″ 245 lbs. He was blessed to sign a multi million dollar contract and blessed with a healthy family. His ungrateful, arrogant lifestyle of “street” earned him the same fate, a life sentence for murder and his recent acquittal of a double murder. All I can say is suicide is a permanent answer to a temporary problem. Yes, even if that problem is life in prison. His life’s worth could have been helping the youth who came through those walls. Face your actions.

cc 5.5

Back to good news for all minorities, Bill O’ Reilly was fired! The cable news’ top rated “racist”, oh I mean top rated “host” of Fox News was given his just due by Rupert Murdoch and his sons James/Lachlan (A family of billionaires). This is a victory for women and minorities. The board of interest of Fox News holdings fired O’Reilly and earlier, Roger Ailes, amid sexual harassment allegations. Over the years, five cases settled out of court by O’Reilly for $13 million dollars. A strike to the 1 percent and white privilege! This is a voice in the National spotlight, dedicated to race hate, division of race, a distaste/respect for woman of all colors and a Right-Wing conservative entitlement complex. That has ran its course with a changing America. Great News! F… Bill O’ Reilly. Somewhere, Maxine Waters is smiling!

cc 3

cc 4


Trump has switched his original plan for America. He has moved away from Bannon’s agenda which was Breitbart’s agenda of securing America (The Wall) and removing as many Mexicans as four years would allow, making life oppressive for Muslims in America, controlling African Americans with tools of the past and issuing new laws to amp up incarceration. The “Make America Great Again” motto is Bannon’s and his plan. But since Trump’s Son-In-Law has joined the inner circle, Trump’s allegiance to what helped get him elected (with Russia’s influence) has switched to the true agenda of the GOP, World Police and assertion of military might, with military advisors geared toward using their expensive deadly toys to murder Muslims in the real battle. Unspoken Christians attempt to rid the world of Muslims with the blessings of Jews. It’s a re dominance that they felt was lost under Obama’s eight years. They are world bullies and they demand a respect through fear world wide. Stay safe! We will be hated again in world view with the real reality of America back into War.

cc 6

I am committed to the vibe of our times. It’s important that we, as a race, never get left behind by design again in any area. We have knowledge of what’s happening around us and in the world. The world is bigger than “The Hood.”

cc damn 8

HAPPY 4-20

KJS, founder/writer and CEO of the #TheSiteWithInsight
Copyright 2017



“Today is the day you begin on a journey called Entrepreneurship!”, quote by: Jaylen D. Bledsoe.

Peace and love. Our African American community took a negative hit over Easter weekend with the events and suicide of Steve Stephens (he wasn’t a man if he would commit suicide). It showed a neglect for brotherly love and the disconnect of our youth and elders. But the day is anew and I will post about uplifting forces that embed our communities, far greater than the image of African American life that “they” wish to display. I breathe this, an “awareness” of us. A timeline of our plight called the “Footprints of the Past” is a view of our direction in the things that matter most in an free market society. I will become a force and voice for the race of African Americans!

The light of a child prodigy is a true blessing, exposing that the mind has no limits like the body. There have always been child greats throughout history in every race and nation. It’s up to us to report on us! This is our history, our contribution to life. One whom has made us better whom has made his mark in the new boom of technology is young Jaylen D. Bledsoe. Since he was 12 years old, he has been in rare air. Born to parents that were both 16 years old, Bledsoe didn’t have a privileged upbringing that enhanced him or gave him a leg up. As you would expect, he lived in sheer poverty. He felt he could/should uplift his family. “There is no motivation greater than being broke! (Please see our past post Motivated By Being Broke). His conditions and, of course, his bright mind was blessed with an exceptional gift for computers and this new tech. language. His will and drive for wanting better for himself and his family is a discipline that’s rare in a young man. It’s even rare in an old man lol. It took me forever to center my maturity and begin my aim and path. How about you? He had a motto at a very young age of “Look forward to the big picture.” At 12 years old, he started a Technology Consulting Business called Bledsoe Technologies LLC with a dream and only $100. The beautiful thing about this Tech. age, is it levels the playing field for all, even children. Behind the web, he used his knowledge to help companies with “Revenue Streams” and other improvements. Businesses had no idea he was just a child. Bledsoe Technologies specializes in web design and IT services. At 13 years old, he was worth $3.5 million and at 14 years old, he had 150 contractors working for him. With focus in the tech world, he began “Brand Development Consulting.”


Now at 19 years old, he owns The Jaylen D. Bledsoe Global Group which helps and focuses on start up businesses, brand and business development, venture capital funding, direct marketing development and revenue streams for companies. With such a bright mind, Bledsoe is a business keynote speaker. Entrepreneur motivational speaking and big business bring him and his team in at top dollar. He is a “technical prodigy.” He is well respected world-wide for being so tech. savvy in a world not yet lit with our accomplishments. Bledsoe best defines that movement! I see our young black youth just as involved in this tech world as others and that is a great thing as the forces of oppression like to change the game and rules when the oppressed rise. This field knows no race, gender, sexual preference, religion or age. It is based around math which is universal. We must acknowledge our young. Not the business world that revers him, but the “ground grassroots of the black community.” He shall be a name spoke in a black household like Steph Curry! “Mom I wanna be like Jaylen Bledsoe.”

jdb 2

In 2009, Bledsoe was awarded for his African American exemplary accomplishments. It was the Presidential Academic Excellence Awarded from then president, Barack Obama. In 2014, Ebony magazine selected him in their Ebony Power 100 African Americans. As I said, young Bledsoe serves most often as a keynote speaker. Some of the biggest were Disney Dreamers Academy, NSBE junior Achievement, Steve Harvey Mentoring Program, Google and Facebook. He also serves as Board president of the National Youth Rights Association and is aspecial advisor for the Jordan Sparks charity, The M.A.D girls.

We opened with a quote from the young black mind of Jaylen D. Bledsoe and so shall we close with one as well.

“Don’t let your setback cause you to sit back, prepare your come back!”, Jaylen D. Bledsoe.

jdb last

I thank you, one and all, and I say in this spirit of profound quotes, “They may try to drown us, not knowing we’re seeds of life!”

Copyright 2017