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Peace and love. Life is precious and full of joy and hardships. Some lives are inflicted early in life, others are later in life. One hardship to overcome is that of health. As I say, “Health is a commodity you can ill afford to be without”. Those whom surpass health, mental and financial issues can inspire other lives and motivate lives that need that nudge. We, at, love to bring stories of “goodness.” They are few and far between as life in these times is geared towards the “selfishness” of people and nations. The trails & tribulations come with all life that you may be going through right now! A young black boy is the inspiration for my personal fight and as I bring you his story, I hope you gain momentum from his accomplishments. Thirteen year old Jamarion Styles has overcome and used what he has to accomplish all he must. Do you believe that every life has the tools to succeed in life? It is also said for those whom believe in a higher power that “He gives no life more than it can handle”. If you’re a person who believes in what it can see and touch, I say, “The body and mind can overcome more than you know”.

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In just trying to be a normal kid, his mind finds ways for him to overcome his desire. Countless hours of “trying” brought him to a life understanding of “believe and achieve”. As a child, his true desire is to be accepted as children do and to not be excluded because he can’t or they underestimate him. Without the demands of being an adult, life gives him great motivation and drive. A “reboot” of hope and inspiration in all lives, our young little African American boy has refreshed resilience in the drag of everyday life. His young mind and life soundly endeavors to solve his hardship, not dwell on his differences and uniqueness. Inspiration comes when you need it. A life’s journey is never without pitfalls, especially if money is your shortcoming, and test. If “you” overcome, you elevate your life. If you fail to even try, it will haunt you. If you’re unsuccessful in your attempt, you learn to try again. The only penalty for failure is lost time. There’s a time clock on every life.

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A 13 year old armless 8th grader in middle school, Jamarion Styles, plays Football (he says his best sport), plays drums (with prosthetic drum sticks) and Basketball. Last night, he hit two 3-pointers in a Middle School game. Styles was born in Florida with a rare bacterial infection. He lost both his arms. I salute the heart and attitude of his young life.

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Without any prosthetic assistance, he plays for his school’s team in basketball and football, just trying to do what kids his age do. He was featured on the ESPN show “The 6”, which features our own great hosts, Micheal Smith and Jemele Hill. On the show, young Styles said he’s more like Kyrie Irving than the sharp shooter, Steph Curry. He was full of life and happy to be on T.V.

We bring the sadness of lost young black life too often and I’m proud to bring this story of inspiration.

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So “try” that dream you have… “Take Chances”, step out and step up…. “Fight” against any one or anything that’s holding you from a being better you…. “Pursue” your goals at all costs, even if you throw away all safety nets and invest your all. You know as you grow older, the body has limitations and short comings, but the mind and the drive one has can not be measured. Science, which some believe in more than anything, can’t even map and understand the whole of the human brain. Know that the mind and desire holds the key to achievement.

Our aim is to bring “awareness” and “betterment” to the ears and lives of our audience and communities. I say “not to try is the ultimate fail”.

Thank You, KJS
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Peace and love. Today’s topic holds close to our community. Many feel strongly, one way or another. It’s a great debate from the slums to the higher class society of “us.” Is there a difference? Some think African American is a term that just gained steam in the 80’s and 90’s. It’s an upscale term for us that is politically correct. Black is the term geared towards the most hardened of us or the urban shadows. Those who are strongly supportive of being black, deny the “African” part of the term African American. Black is the saving heritage of slaves. African American is the whole history of Africans whom populated the world and have a common bond with their African heritage. In America today there is an unspoken choice of “I’m Black, not African American” or “Don’t call me black. That’s a color, not a race.”

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BLACK and its Meaning:

Black is not African American is what some strongly agree with. They only see our American roots and hold no bonds to Africa. They believe in only what they know and a history they can grasp. Today in modern America there are millions of incoming and already established African immigrants. Their culture is not the same as American slave descendants. Some of their last names are Onwughalu or Senfu (common in Africa like Smith is in America). English is their second or third language. Their accents, skin tones, facial features and mannerisms are much different from ours. Living descendants of slaves like “us” in America know not of their African ancestors, elders or our homeland in Mother Africa. We are blacks born into Christian churches and American culture. Even our music is different. Black, as a color, means most, if not all, have been ingrained with white blood and that gives us a unique heritage in the world. Black is born American and many want to grow with that and not, once again, be renamed and be whole with Africans throughout the world. Know then that “black” will forever be linked to the subordination in this country. Black stands alone in the world.

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The term African American was first used in the 1980’s to give “Americans” of African descent the same equivalent to other immigrants like German American, Italian Americans and so on. In today’s America, calling someone black is no longer politically correct and now that term is considered offensive. Some wish the word to fall away like Afro American, colored, negro abd any other older terms used to describe us. Today, African American is a softer, loftier term with a tone of respect. African American pulls all of us together. We are shown as immigrants from Africa and all over the world, bonded together by African Heritage.

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What’s your take? Do you like African American or Black? It seems that “black” is American and an embracement of our struggle in the USA and leaning towards that life. It’s not a apart of the African culture per’se, while African American is the bond and wholeness of Africa. It’s making Africa more than a skin color, but a birth in the original light of the Motherland. African American is the house of all of us. I say we’ve been called many things and what we need to be is unified in our businesses and our advancement as a whole, whereever that is.

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Bringing you more than they do!
Hustler of Culture, KJS #YoungBlackHistroian
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Peace and love to you and yours. The recent unstable American government had people saying things like “If Trump gets elected, I’m leaving the country.” Few expected a Trump victory and now we’re in the days of the real reality. Russia helped Trump get elected through Wikileaks and team was getting favors and money from the richest man in the world. Ya’ll better know it was Putin. Things will get worse. Just think, there are over three years left in his term and soon Trump/Bannon will turn their attention to “How can we further exploit and weaken African Americans?” The quickest most assured way is to use the Prison system. They’re geting back to the Reagan years of mass incarceration with mandatory/min. laws, targeting minorities and using the DOJ to change laws and move their plan.’s concerns are the concerns of the black communities. If you know us then you know that our creed is “solutions.” So, today we turn our attention to places outside of America where black life thrives. Where racism is so much less that it gives the place a new vibe. Think of an ATL vibe, but it exists throughout the whole country! Where African Americans are respected and recognized for our creativity. You underestimate our value in the world (Hip Hop, Sports stars, OBAMA, fashion and general swag). There needs to be a natural welcoming of “us.” A place void of the outright open racism toward blacks where you can meet blacks from other nations. Living in America, one seems to always think there is nothing that can compare to the USA. Other nations and countries have made strides and advancements as well. They have long moved the past hating on blacks for the sake of hate. There are countries that do not rely on the backs of blacks for ego and profit (think of the American prison system). There are places that have have created universal health care, different College loan systems, a better economy, ideal environments for raising kids and higher wages. Anywhere on this list or any you can think of will have a lower Minority (black) Incarceration rate as America. It’s, by far, the number one in prison population for minorities, making up 85 percent of the world’s greatest incarceration rate!

We need a place where life and family can thrive. A place where African Americans can get black culture from other essence’s of black life. I must say I advocate for dual citizenship (a citizenship in two countries concurrently). Why? Because you and your slave ancestors have earned in blood. You have paid a heavy debt, unlike any other race and for a longer period than any other race ever endured for the title of “American”. Except the Native American (Indians) of course. So to give that up and deny the many benefits of being an American would be doing yourself a disservice. I also understand the yearning for a place of peace and to show your children a different light in a time when the policy of oppression, racism and sheer under dealings are coming from the very top. It wont be long before we are, once again, the main target and its bad when the US president supports the “black demise.”

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There may be preconceived notions you have about Canada. Maybe you think they’re dumb, slow, weird or just don’t like Justin Beiber or Drake LoL. Canada is the new Northern boom. It’s, in some ways, the dream America envisioned to be and still promises. Their economy is strong and has evened out with the US dollar. In Toronto, Canada it’s almost like living in zero tolerance for racism. One of Canada’s many appeals was that they fought for an atmosphere of racial harmony and it has worked. They also have a “free” Universal Health Care System that Obama tried to model after, but it deeply cuts the prescription drug empires. Canada has the lowest prison rate for minorities of any on this list. They have great communities for raising children and have great schools. There are Universities that rival Harvard and other big colleges in the USA. Canada is also close to home for family and holidays.

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2.) Edinburgh, Scotland

“Really”? Yes, if you’re only interaction was with Irish Americans, know it’s not like that. First off, as a race, they are under the same strain. Despite law and politics, the Scottish do not see themselves as British at all. They are a people of great humor and, in five minutes, will tell you their life story. Irish are open minded people. With the population of blacks, they are a must culture to check out and one of the best places for African American life. Edinburgh has a love for us and a sense of oneness as every race sees black slavery as the greatest tragedy in human history.

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3.) Berlin, Germany (Europe)

Yes sir, Germany. Long gone is the era of the Hitler inspired Neo-Nazi’s and the pools of racist groups. Actually, in Berlin, there is zero tolerance among the residents of Berlin. It’s now a liberal country and a surprising country with a strong sense of what you could say is a Hippie vibe with endless parties and wide international communities. It’s got a big city vibe with a seriousness for the school system. Berlin is a hard working community, but they party just as hard. It’s your spot, complete with the world’s most nudist parks!

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4.) Ghana, West Africa

You’re just returning home! We should all desire to see, visit or even relocate back to Africa. West Africa is revered in Africa as the Motherland of the “Motherland.” It’s there from which all life sprang. When it comes to black culture and a sense of who you really are, Ghana is the place. It’s stable in government and far removed from the water crisis and warlords. It’s strong in democracies and very peaceful and safe. The cost of living 16 percent lower than the USA. The Capitol city above Accra is like L.A or Manhattan. Already in Ghana is small pockets of African American communities mixing our culture with Africa! Also the Cape Coast Beach is one of the best in the world. It’s a wonderful sight, a must see!

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5.) Dubai, United Arab Emirates (Middle East)

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) is located in the southeast coast of the Persian Gulf. Dubai is one of the seven emirates that make up the country. It’s a pact that even extreme Muslims respect. No worries there, Dubai if you didn’t know, is the hub of luxury shopping on the level of Paris. It’s an ultra modern city. So rich is Dubai, that they made artificial islands to be used as resorts. In the Middle east, you’re just looked upon as a citizen, no matter your skin color. If the hot weather is your love, the Middle east is for you.

Product Of Determination!

Your writer of writers, KJS
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Peace and love with an emphasis on “peace”. Things are shaping up differently for the summer of 2017 and if you’re an Urban dweller, you know what the summer can do! Now the sting is being felt by all. Those of us whom have grown with the fear of dying in a confrontation with the police have earned that same fear even if many cops don’t deserve it. For so long, young black youth has been the target of racism with a badge. Fear has a new home, a new worry, and in a negative way, karma. Officers have been recently learning the value of just making it home. does not condone the acts of violence against cops. Yet, I can tell you that long gone are the days of hollow protests and going right back to the B/S. Black men and the black community are willing to protect our young and our future. No longer will we sit back and let them systematically kill off the best of us and the future of our youth. Stand your ground goes for the minority community as well. What is sad is that not all the cops dying are the ones who have earned this response. The Blue uniform has become a symbol of “mistrust” and “injustice”. A growth in our self defense is now the norm. Fear fears those who will stand up for their lives with great might.

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In Oklahoma, a police officer was shot and killed on Monday 3/27/17. The Tecumseh Assistant police chief, J.R. Kidney, in an public statement, said “The family of officer Justin Terney (only 22 years old) is devastated”. The shooting happened at a traffic stop. During the stop, one of the suspects took off from the stopped vehicle. Officer Terney gave chase using a Taser on the running suspect, but still, the suspect made it to the near by wooded area. There, he and the officer got into a gunfight in which both were shot. Officer Terney was fatally wounded while wearing a bullet proof vest and a body cam. The community kicked off an emergency blood drive to save Terney, but sadly he succumbed to his wounds. The suspect is in ICU and the other person who remained in the car was taken into custody.

IT’s very sad when an officer is killed while just doing his job. The officer was only 22 years old. This is the same pain of mothers that have teenage black children killed. There is a new vibe, an “unfear” that everyone seems to have for police. IS IT…..

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“Your President” is at it again and signing a new 2017 Executive Order for the “Climate Change”, an anti earth bill. Damn, how can you be against the earth? Or is it Trump’s wishes to go a full 180 from the Obama era’s environmental regulations? The order undercuts the world’s view on climate change. This man also wishes to free up strict rules that prevent big businesses from doing whatever they want. This man is evil personified!


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Two Miami Dade police officers were shot in an ambush style shooting that also went down on Monday 3/27/17 at an urban apartment complex. The officers were undercover and in plain clothing seeking info on a homicide in the area. They were part of the Miami gang unit. Two dozen shots rang out from a roof top as the officers walked with an informant through the complex. The police were taken to the Trauma Center without life threatening wounds. At the complex, SWAT and heavily armed police helicopters ran down on the Miami apartment buildings, making mass arrests for the rest of the night. It shut down the the whole city block.

maimi last

Oh, if your a football fan…. The Raider Nation is moving to Las Vegas. I’m a huge Raiders fan from way back and I ain’t mad about it! At the center of it all, as always, is money. The Raiders, last year, grossed the league’s lowest earnings of $300 million compared to the league’s best, in Dallas, at $750 million.

The mood is different on the streets, but that also works against us as well. There is nothing more dangerous than a scared cop with a gun.

Bringing the real to our situation.
Writer of writers, KJS
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Peace and love. I have, in recent posts, focused on black women and children and also our biracial blood ties. Today we bring it home and by that I mean the father of humanity, the black male! My aim is to strengthen and secure the bonds of family. Whom, by law and nature, we are sworn to uplift and protect.

In this life, all things are connected to show you a higher power and our mutual bonds, such as the solar system in which the Sun is the foundation. It gives life by giving light from the darkness. In turn, it’s absorbed and reflected by the moon and shines out by the Stars. The black man is a symbol of the sun, the foundation of the family. He gives the direction (light), protection and provisions. The lead of the family is taken by the woman and as she gives the child understanding (lessons) of the family to reflect on the world. The life you live “should” have been enriched by this structure.

king 1

The black man is the father of life. The black man, all over the planet earth, is oppressed. This has led to him being absent from the family structure, basic to the needs of the black family. Yet, at the same time, he is the most feared.

Show Up:

Our presence, our creativity, our lineage. You very well know this comes from Kings. But what does that mean today for the African American? It’s in your blood to “not be inferior”. We built the seeds of civilization itself. We led the world in education, trade and traditions. I’m not trying to get too deep, but to show you our worth. Not just in just the written word, but with scientific proof. In human genetics, there are two markers. One is in the human male. It’s the Y chromosome also known as the Y chromosomal Adam gene. In the woman, it’s the Mitochondrial gene or the “Real Eve Gene”. These are the earliest traces of humanity which, by science, estimate that humanity is 200,000 years old. I disagree with this because I think humanity is as old as the earth itself. Where do you think these traces led them to? It traces back to Africa for both male and female! Genes are the oldest markers that measure human life. We are the “fathers” of life and we are “still” are the cream of the planet earth.

king 3

Show Out:

Our creativity is on display right now and we have shifted to the spotlight in pop vulture, but unlike the past, we’re getting paid for it now! They have committed genocide on our backs with slavery. They have targeted us for assault and murder and our latest battle of “incarceration”. We are the number one race incarcerated in a nation that has the highest incarceration rate in the world. Think on that for a moment! Despite this, we remain more visible then ever. I say we’re unbreakable. Now its not just survival, but it’s our time to shine.

king 4

Time for the black man to show up and show out. Let’s not take for granted our unbreakable back!

Thank you from the mind of a black man!
Copyright 2017


A 1

Peace and love. Our own lackadaisical remembrance of “Mother-Africa” has disengaged us. The screams of America overshadow the whispers. Many have tried to unite “US”. All have been met with government resistance, murder, prison or were exiled. True, the powers that be wish us not to bond, produce nor do business with our 1.1 billion brothers and sisters and more shocking is over half that population is under 25 years of age. Yet, the disconnect is our own to “OWN” let us build on the born bonds and traits we share.

We share common bonds with Africa and they are sharing in Black American culture as well. Hip Hop has initiated us to the world and they feel us in Africa. They too have Hip Hop as the number one music. As in America, Africa has had a youth surge, a gang surge, a political movement surge, a female power surge and also a surge in African owned businesses. As we push on, they strive on. The bond and struggles could not be more evident.

Is there a strain between Africans and Black Americans? Most def., but our common bonds out weight our disconnect.
As I touched on earlier, music is a source of fundemental birth inheritance we share. Music is so important in both cultures. It could be the most paramount connection that we share. Slaves brought it with them. It was a saving grace in the fields which became a secret language to slaves. From gospel hymns to love songs, it was a soothing source.

Our bonds grow deep in traditions we adapted and we know not where they came.

Oral Traditions: Our history was passed down from elder to youth and we, black Americans use it as well.

Attire: Fashion and style of dress is important in African culture. It was brought to these shores and blacks in America have taken fashion to new levels in pop culture.

HAIR: Kinky is a trait that used to cool us in Africa. It carries with us here in the U.S.A. The texture is one in the same.

Body Image: We are gifted and naturally bigger and stronger. This trait still lives in us although we have been watered down by cultural rape.

Islam/Christianity: Religion is SO important to all blacks. Slaves brought Islam here and made salat in the fields and missionaries brought Christianity to Africa but worship and hope,belief are the corner-stones of Black Life Period.

Values, beliefs and life ways: We all have a sense of strong kinship bonds. Family is most important to both cultures. Our strong work ethic smashes the stereotype that we are lazy and shiftless. We are the most worked race in history.

We all have a sense of strong religious convictions. All blacks have a sense of adaptable family roles and we have the ingrained love from pain and separation to bond, care and raise children not our own. It’s the “IT TAKES A VILLAGE” theory.

Both cultures use informal support networks such as churches, mosques and the communities for help and guidance. Both of us distrust our own government systems and have been simulated into European ways by force. We share more in common than disconnect. They are the foundation from which we came…. We lead the charge for the future. We are kin in every sense of the word.

Copyright 2017

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Dad in prison

Peace and love to my people. The new slavery for blacks is the Prison system of America. Today, ee look at the new tradition passed on from “Father To Son”.

African American men are facing jail and prison time at a rate unlike any throughout the world. To many, their lives have become absorbed by the prison system. Dreams deferred, family lives destroyed – true modern day slavery. We’ve focused on this topic a lot because Its one of the most race crippling problems facing the individual. This affects the family which destroys the fabric of the African American race!

We’ve developed a tradition of prison being passed down from father to son, generations of American men enmeshed in the criminal justice system. A new tradition and legacy of incarceration passed from father to son. In these days, imprisonment is not an act of resistance or a stance against anything. It’s just a fact of life. Yes, it is an urban problem, but since the ghettos of the U.S.A. is the ground from which most of our fruit bears, it is more than just problem or an issue. It is the main reason for our social collapse in the black community. The prison system does not take away the elements of crime to make our communities safer. It does not change racial crimes, it sustains them.

father son

The numbers and facts are that one in three will be imprisoned. In 2007, the streets revealed that one in every 15 children have a parent incarcerated. The shocking statistic that floored me is that, in 2009, there were more African American men/women in prison or on probation/parole than were slaves in 1850!

This is the second slavery and has been the second slavery that W.E.B. DuBois warned us about. It has slowly, methodically and quietly become a new system of modern day slavery.

Father/son tradition; long have the heroes in the slums been criminal minorities. In general, they use crime as a career. The father uses the image of providing for his baby child through means of illegal activity. It may be selling drugs, jacking (robbery), or he may even be involved in complex crime teams. This sets the father on a path of felonies which further excludes him from main stream society. In some states, felons lose their right to vote, the right to sit on juries and the right to bear arms. They are thrust into discrimination from most jobs and a career that could change their young family. In many states, they’re excluded from any financial loans to attend college. Now, the father is on the streets to provide. The next arrest will lead him to prison or at least probation.

The son; he grows up without a father. His mother has had numerous boyfriends throughout his life. He is trying to find his way in the darkness without the sun (father). He, the son, grows with the streets as his father figure. If his father made a name on those same streets, as the son grows, it will lead to “envy of evil”. His role model is crime in the community. It’s the easiest path, the path most traveled. To go to school and be disciplined enough to avoid the pitfalls without a true father are too much to bear. The son soon joins the father. There are generations of men with a tradition of prison. I grew up not knowing anyone without a prison record. Its a symbol of pride, a true right of passage for the African American male. Not until I was mature, did I meet a black man who avoided that path. They think differently if they had fathers or a foundation with other influences, not images of prisoners or that criminal element. The sad fact is the criminal element is the majority and when one finds they went the wrong way, the change in society is usually not well received. The comfort of crime often calls them back!

Hard truths
Warrior of awareness
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Mom and baby



We, at the, greet you with pride in our unity and our accomplishments and saluting the team of USA. Who won the gold medal in the World Baseball Classic last night? For the first time since it officially began in 2006, this is an event that happens every four years like the Olympic games. Professional players from around the world go toe to toe. USA was not expected to win. We’re not the cream of the MLB and many werevchoosing to join spring training instead. Marcus Stroman (pitcher) was amazing by shutting out the high powered offense of Puerto Rico’s team for the title of best in the World. Mr. MVP Stroman could have played for Puerto Rico as his mother is from Puerto Rico and his father an African American.

We highlight the positive in our plight. Today we stand with all Americans above all the drama of today with our government moves. Today we say “I am Proud To Be An American”.

Kjs, writer of writers #YoungBlackHistorian
Copyright 2017

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tpps lead

Hey social world, freelance writing means more than your status in the business writing world. It means to the “Pusher of the Pen”, you are not chained to someone else’s agenda. You’re “free” to write and express your soul’s wishes. I value this lane of expression the most. I, unlike most oter writers, bloggers, webwriters and websites cover the wide range of our black plight, single handedly. Yet, my best way of expression is the “freelance sling.” We do have, like all websites, a structure which is based on awareness and solutions. But, I love when I can step out of the current events, politics,or the many original topics the staff at has developed for me to write about. This and my many freelance articles makes me the true me, the #YoungBlackHistorian. Like a Hip Hop artist, your whole album cannot be just free styles. But, you better be able to come off the top if you’re a true artist of your craft. They let me go, so here I go. Love your day.

……………Our condition can be best described as traumatized…………..


Lost in the pain of the new fresh wave of onslaught against young black males. The constant disrespect and disdain other races show our black women. I feel and live with the helplessness, the gut feeling of being a child in a world ran by a corrupt enemy. I feel the disconnect to my younger generations who are supposed to look up to me. Have i defended their lives or educated them to instill pride? The youth are supposed to grow respect for a father figure, whomever the black man before them is. The pain of “FEAR”……………..
I know I Know I know I know I know I Know I Know I Know I Know I Know I Know

tpps 1


The light of our black nation burns bright on the other side. True race of “outlasters”, survivors. Take pride and know that we will be here! All the hate, murder and tribulations could not break us (totally) and it couldn’t eliminate our race! Although we only make up 13% of the population in the United States, we are prominent in the fabric of America. In Government we have bled our way… The only other race that have fought in every American war, deeply entrenched in the American Military. Set a new level of Christianity and how it is shaped in North America. Not to mention in sports, television/movies and music! We set trends and make music the world loves. We construct America’s sub-culture with fashion, slang language. Take pride that we have put the first minority in the white house. We are the most creative race mentally and physically on the planet.
I Know I Know I Know I Know I Know I Know I Know I Know I Know I Know I Know

tpps 2


We yearn for a quick fix… But the opposer whom has tried to use us as a commodity and the long term self hatred and lack of self awareness has make any fix in the short term is realistically impossible. As an individual you have God given hardships, as a raced this is our burden. A race that is the cream of humanity that most OVERCOME!
So, it’s not to a point that blacks need to have a meeting in every city or state and sign some promise contract. it’s more like everyone must begin to do the right thin. As a race, we will meet on the same path… Lose the mentality about violence for the sake of looking invincible. That is the attitude to express. This is a defense due to having to always, as a race, develop self preservation skills. Reshape what being hard means. We must get a better understanding of laws and language of the Justice System, it’s a powerful tool they use to divide and conquer the integrity of the black family. Understand what the plea agreement means!
STOP undervaluing the importance of doing business with black business, STOP undervaluing enrollment in college courses. STOP under valuing the importance of home ownership. Move as one and we move as a sum. HARD truths from your brother!

tpps 3

tpps last

-Simply KJS
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bi boom lead

This morning we focus on our section “Biracial Bonds”. We bring the richness and fertile bloodlines of our biracial brothers and sisters, born out out of attraction and proven bonds of human nature over race!

There has been a biracial boom in the population. There is a newfound popularity and finally becoming common in “common” American society. It has given both races a boost of compassion and even more to the race of African Americans, it has helped elevate us as a whole. The biracial population gravitates to the African American plight and is based in both fact and fiction. Their very existence in America was deeply drenched in the atrocities of our American history on these shores. Yet, surely the whole of blacks and whites benefit from the life of biracial heritage. Because no matter the color of the mother, to the child that, she is simply “mother”. Black or white, the love runs deeper than race. It has led to a surge of tolerance that challenges the old hate that Trump and his like mind brings.

The biracial generation and its boom comes from very humble beginnings in times long past and were even below the darker skinned slave. “How deplorable to be classed less than one already enslaved”! They found their worth in America in their growing population and uniqueness in existing in both worlds of America. They give contribution to the African American side of life by passing in society as white. The first generation of mixed race people were called “mulatto’s”. Usually, and I mean 90 percent of the time, they were still thrown into slavery. That bond to our plight was invaluable to the slave community. Imagine a mixed young woman slave going two or three towns over to work for the same pay as whites. Even if their race was known, they could get nanny jobs or office work before dark skin blacks. This was an early indication of what is now a boom in population, popularity and contribution to both sides. But in real time and reality, the biracial bonds are in tune and in touch more deeply with African American culture. Of course not “all” because some biracial children grow up in communities void of black culture or a strong presence of blacks at all. Even the child’s own black parent might not be present. Biracial life seems to embrace their African American heritage harder. Why? The simplest and quickest answer is that they were accepted and loved from the heart of African Americans in the beginning, mainly because the mothers were black woman slave rape victims. They gave birth to the first seeds of the biracial child! A white woman having a black child was shunned and sometimes they were killed. Those children were thrown into slavery as well or ridiculed throughout the white community. They turned to the roots of the black slave community for love, understanding and a place they felt they belonged. The evolution of humanity!

bi boom 1

bi boom 2.0

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Biracial people embody the quality of both races and have become a real time look at race evolution before our very eyes. When nurtured properly, our biracial brothers and sisters have elevated themselves in the foundations of American society faster than any immigrants (besides Jews) or standing race in America. They scream equality by their very presence!

In the generation right before mine, for a short time, blacks went through a phase of discriminating on “lightskinned blacks”. It was labeled by gender as well. They would say “Oh she think she cute” or be called a “pretty boy.” But in my days all the “high yellow” boys got all the girls until Keith Sweat brought “dark skin” back Lol.

Back to the seriousness of the issue:

The term Mulatto (born of black and white) is not politically correct anymore and is now absent from history books, job applications and even the Census Bureau. It has been replaced with the new accepted term of Multiracial Americans. In 2020, the Census Bureau will make this an option on applications or anywhere you mark your race. The boom in biracial population in America is now 9,000,000. That’s 2.9 percent of the U.S. population and the bulk of that percentage resides in the Western part of America. Have you ever heard of Sally Hemings? She was the concubine and love of former slave owner and president Thomas Jefferson. They had six children together. Hemings is an example of a black mother of the mulatto child while loving, teaching and protecting her children and having the privilege of Jefferson. She lived a lie until her death and kept a secret that she took to her grave for the betterment of her secret family.

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Famed In There Own Lane:

There is no secret that, whatever the term mulatto, biracial, mixed or multiracial, “they” have always been a part of American history. Now they are pushed to the forefront and leading the change for true equality and unity in America. They aren’t influenced by political, riches or birth privilege but out of sheer love for both sides without racism. Long since, the biracial world has come to terms with the issue of the 90’s Identity crisis. This was a period of uncertainty and confusion. Due to social media and seeing themselves in the mainstream, they now see themselves everywhere and move with a new found confidence only found in the bloodlines of black and white. They can be void of the arrogance of whites and the pity of blacks. Here, in living color, is an imagery of African American enhancement…

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Quincy Jones and his daughter

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Biracial Bonds:

“We thank and love our brothers and sisters”! The booming birthplace of our biracial babies is “America”. We have hope in the hearts and souls of the biracial American. Is the biracial man/woman the reward of 500 years of “horror”? They are the mind of the “fire of superiority complex” of whites and the soul of the “creativity and burden” of blacks. Below is the next generation of biracial children that I know personally. It’s a look at the new America! The true hope for unity and finally, peace.

A and D
“Our Future, Our Salvation! Where I Hold My Hope”

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