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r.i.p. 2

We, at, thank you all for being with us throughout the year! Salute to those that want to be informed and do not shun from the phrase “Dare To Be Aware.” Now I say I wish you safety and security, which is my go to opening since Trump’s victory (but really how long was the face of a black man or the family of the Clinton’s that love us stay in power?). It’s over and now we have to move like we’ve moved before! My opening statement is also a reflection of 2016, a year of death and death walks down everyone and everything on planet earth. But, in 2016, it ran down on us all hard! Death reminded us how insignificant our strides in technology really are. Death, unlike most years, have recorded highs in the toll on human life. Of every color, nation, age, and gender, none were spared in 2016! Even our icons found mortality. Whole cities found death’s grip. In Chicago, IL, 2016 found it’s home and base of operation. Shot/killed were 713, shot/wounded were 3,653 and killed by the gun were 713. What was the total homicides in Chicago in 2016? It was 793 in one year! East St. Louis was the most dangerous city in America followed by Chester, PA. St.Louis, MO, Gary,IN and of course, Detroit, MI. The most ruthless crime ridden neighborhood in America was West Mulberry St./North Fremont Ave. in Baltimore, MD. It recorded the most cases of homicides, assaults, and robberies in 2016!

2016 2

Death walked hard on us all in America. It took icon after icon without letting us even catch our breath… On the first day of 2016, we lost Natalie Cole (R.I.P.). On 3/22/16, we lost Phife Dawg (R.I.P.). We lost Prince Rogers Nelson as well. Damn, the genius of music (R.I.P.). On 5/2/16, we lost Afeni Shakur, a Mother to us all (R.I.P.). Less than a month later, on 6/3/16, “The Greatest”, Muhammad Ali died. He took a little of us all with him (R.I.P.). On 9/21/16, we lost Shawty Lo (R.I.P.). On 10/21/16, we lost Tommy Ford (u know Tommy ain’t got no job man) (R.I.P.). On 12/5/16, I was saddened to to hear that Rashaan Salaam, the N.F.L. star player and 1994 Heisman Trophy winner ended his own life. It was filled with trouble and turmoil (R.I.P.).

2016 1

Death walked us down in 2016. It just had a negative tone, an evil to it. I know plenty of positives came in 2016 as well and for every death in America, there are three births. Moving away from death, but still in reflection of the harsh 2016! Did blacks win or lose in 2016? I will always hold up a mirror to the year that was and our place in it! Yes, I think we won in 2016 despite the cop killings, Trump and the reemergence of the KKK. We still “rose” as a rose in a Nation of hate. Black women secured their spot atop the small business market in America. We, as a race bought the most property (homes) as well since the boom of the Harlem Renaissance. In 2016, The National Museum Of African American Culture opened it’s doors. It’s an architectural marvel and inside is a splendor to the eye. So automated is the most high tech museum in America! We also recorded the most millionaires/billionaires in our history in 2016. BlackLivesMatterMovement engraved themselves in our history as the leading Black Nationalism Movement while planted it’s roots soundly in the “FootPrints Of The Past” and Cultural Awareness!

“Write-Up” 2016: First off let me say that the most slept on song of 2016 was Nas’s Album “Done” (Major Key) track. It was produced by the extraordinary D.J.Khalid and featured Ox (The original Don Dada). For Kanye West it was a year of highs and lows. The album “Life of Pablo” did major numbers and they manipulated the release on Tidal so smoothly, but he suffered a break down after Kim K. got robbed. He’s mad at Jay-Z cause he didn’t bother to call! lol. Someone tell Yay people get robbed everyday, even in Paris, while he was on stage singing Niggas In Paris! Allen Iverson reached the Hall Of Fame in the NBA. Now thugs are represented in the H.O.F! Boxer Adrien Broner hinted about suicide on Instagram and people were like “Hurry up and do it”. That was the tone of 2016! Stay strong A-B. Of course we gotta talk bout the most devastating break up in 2016!

2016 3

T.I. and Tiny, the bond couple is headed toward divorce after Tiny did the ultimate disloyalty move of “Dancing with the Enemy”. T.I and Floyd Mayweather had real beef a min. back. It was street, real beef. Tiny said T.I. has always cheated on her. But somethings are mens’ passes and somethings woman get a pass with. T.I. responded “Never with your friends or Enemy.” WHOA!

Punk Move Of The Year: Kevin Durant running to Golden State For a championship!!

Playa Move Of The Year: Blac Chyna move all over Rob K. and got that Kardashian baby for life! She also moved everything out of the house. She exited as the victim!

Best Philanthropist Move 2016: The Weeknd’s giving heart and nature to many in the world!

Most Embarrassing Move 2016: Kat Williams getting choked out by a teenager!

Pride Move Of The Year: Colin Kaepernick’s national stance against the National Anthem

Song Of The Year: “Oooouuu” by Young MA

I have to say this line spit by Uncle Murda, “Police shooting in cars wit kids in the back. Not even Tony Montana would done that.”

Album OF The Year: J- Cole’s “4 Your Eyez Only”. That’s Banger!

Bully Beat Down Of The Year: Amanda Nunes The Women’s Bantamweight Champion Beat down Ronda Rousey’s come back fight UFC last night 12/30/16 with a 1st round TKO. Ain’t Ronda Rousey the self proclaimed “Best Female Fighter Of All Time?” Said she wanted to fight Floyd Mayweather and said she was better then Laila Ali? Stay in your lane paper champion “Laila Ali is the Greatest Female Fighter Of All Time.” Like her Father Was!


Finally UnderGround MixTape Of 2016: “In Due Time” – Young Lito. Next up young Lion!


Best write up you ever heard? 2016 and beyond! Oh, ya’ll join us Monday, the 1st of 2017 with a new look and better navigation on our site!
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I wish you safety and security. Make sure you’re here tomorrow for our year end wrap up! Also, Monday, Jan. 1 2017 as we role out the new look for! Tomorrow’s post wrap up of 2016 will be “everything”. Love from the site with insight. Now let’s get to Brothers Helping Brothers!

What do we do to improve our condition? Well, with any improvement, you must first look at yourself. As a young black man, I look within. What can we benefit from the most?

A better bond with my brother! Brothers helping brothers!

Historically, black on black crime accounts for many of the deaths of black men. It’s a deep subject to touch on, but the time is now! To the urban black man, we feel the pressure of being America’s victim, killed by more guns than any other race. We are also imprisoned more than any other race on the planet. We have the poorest levels of financial stability than any other male in any other race, besides Native Americans. We are the least populated in college enrollment and graduates.

That leaves us to find opportunity in other avenues like crime, drugs, armed robbery, pimpin, and all around hustling. This puts us in a position of extreme life or death competition with one another. The life expectancy of black men in the U.S. is 71, compared the National average of 78. It’s a fact that your education level plays a huge roll in life expectancy. Environment also plays a major roll. Average home incomes have placed us years behind other races, especially white men , in America.

This is what we can fix, what we can control!

Brothers helping brothers;

Like I stated earlier, we’re in direct competition with one another. We’ve been boxed into small urban areas throughout America. We’re pinned in to where the roads to equality, financial equality, are few. Crime, sports and entertainment are the keys to our financial freedoms, dismissing the foundation of any true or lasting freedom or financial success, education!

So, the street corners become our offices. Basketball courts and football fields become our classrooms. Jealousy and envy become our mentalities. Fighting for a street corner where countless young black lives are scrambling for drug customers becomes common. That very nature breeds mistrust and a lack of respect. Its war for 10-20 customers, war for the popular street corners, war within the same fold of your block. It lures us into violent crimes, guns and barbaric minds.

To help, you need to not be blinded by the fact that this man is doing better or different, see your fellow black men as a part of you. We hate the across town brothers because they’re not from our hood! Rebuild the trust. Help your brother make a resume and find a job. Open his mind to a gift you may possess. Are you good with computers? Help an older person or young child with the skill of using technology.


How? If you went you your local boys/girls club or library and informed them that you have a skill set (computers) and you want to train those in the community who do not, they might set aside an hour or a day for you to. YES, volunteer your services!

Black women have, for far too long, been the ones whom bridged the gap of love and caring. They have been the ones bearing the burden, to the point that they felt used and abused as the mothers of the black race!


Hate; the word has become the new self-destructive word. Nigger used to be the hot word. Hate is void of love. It’s a sense of “I’d rather see him locked up or dead before I see him make it”. Another way to affect the immediate change is getting out of the ghetto. If you get out, reach back and bring a family member or friend out as well. Give them an opportunity to see life outside of the inner city. Do you know how to clean up your credit? Do you know how to apply for school grants or loans?

The true point is for brothers to be helping brothers so we don’t add to the already overwhelming discrimination against us. No other race says shit like “I just hope I make it to 25”. That’s an insane mind set and reality. My father always told me “Son, never be afraid of your own people”.

Let’s pick up the slack of missing biological fathers and become brothers helping brothers. Every other race has used “each one teach one” to make up for their lack of born rich, born majority as white young men are. They are born the nation’s majority. Jews, Mexicans, Asians and Middle Easterners have closed their ranks to help each other move their races forward. Our obstacle is each other! Trust, love and a true sense to what is better for our brothers, just as much as ourselves, is the goal. The sky is the limit, but the stars in the sky have to share space. Even though some may shine brighter, some bigger and some so far from our planet that they cannot be seen, we are still stars!

Just as America has changed, so must we. Let’s take the opportunities afforded to us and move forward as a whole race. Accomplishments, not just accolades! Some say “I’ll help out once I make it”. I used to think that way too, but now I understand every positive step you take makes good fortune that you’ve worked for! Naw, it’s every step along the way that you have to give back. We have the means – music, sports and entertainment. Even in crime, send that brother who aint really build for that life to college.

We have to become more at “one” with ourselves. I write this because I know the level of “us (street fam or regular fam) against the world” mentality. It’s thick in the culture of “fuck dem over there” and it’s keeping us weak. The time for love and compassion for your fellow brothers is now in this “age of tolerance”. I promise, bruh you won’t look soft showing real love in these days, lol.

Love my race!
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hood 1hood 2

I wish you safety/security. When people think of survival, they envision the wilderness or some war torn region in a far off place. But no, everyday in these American streets people live a very different existence. They move by a different code to just make it through the day! This is a caution, a tension most Americans don’t even have to think about. This is how we cope…

To the social world, I hope you’re closer to your dreams and further away from your demons, vices and weaknesses. Constant elevation causes expansion, so says the greatest M.C. to every touch a mic… Today’s topic is one brought to my attention during the Trayvon Martin murder. I heard a mother say she teachers her children to dress “white” for protection on these streets (in black communities). That blew me away. Conform, cope and yield were things we had to do. The new age culture is making millions from the creativity of our style and dress. Now, the street urban gear is getting us killed or making us targets. Yes, you must use common sense in the face of unstoppable oppression when children become the target victims. Yet, just as many women would say my style of dress has no bearing on your metal perception. Meaning, there’s no justification to attack over dress. The lawyers for Zimmerman drafted that battle cry. The hoodie became a contributing factor in the case. That’s insane!

So, it has become a negative issue and if it’s a black nation issue, the B.A.F. will attack it. But, during further reflection, survival of American ghettos is so much more complex than the clothes you wear. Our youth grow up in hostile environments without a father figure on the corner. The brothers and sisters who have found family in the arms of gangs and in the arms of crime. Don’t let a young brother on the road to self-destruction guide your child, but to let one whom lives in a sound home, single parent or not. How do the positive survive in an American ghetto?

The American ghetto – the hood, my block, deez streets, West side, East side, South side or North side, alley ways. These are all names of what “we” call the projects or simply “da hood”. Extreme aggression and danger, desperation and jealousy feeds on the blood of the youth. As it is said, they are the ones who put in work (work to do criminal acts for the respect of our neighborhood). The ghetto feeds on your children. Teach them how to move, things to do and not to do for fear of bodily harm.

So, I will be your tour guide thru this maze of avenues, streets, boulevards and alleyways. Where the worries are those in your own area, rivals or just others coming to put in work. Worry about desperate drug addicts. There’s not even safety from the Police, who are also an enemy in a ghetto. Whom can you rely on, but still not trust? Probably family, friends, your crew, homies in other words – those who you grew up with. So, here are some basics to survive in the American ghetto, whether you’re born into it or just visiting. Lol.


Victims are exposed; this is not the place to be unaware. You must keep your head on a swivel. The vibe can change in an instant in the hood.

A) Stay away from large crowds.

B) Always have a run plan and exit path. Violence drive bys, fights and shoot outs where you stand can erupt in gunshots of just violence. Have an escape route.

C) Never ask for directions in an unfamiliar hood. You never know who you’re asking or who hears you. Know where you’re going.

D) Never sell drugs in an unfamiliar hood or hood that’s not yours.

Common sense

A) Never pull out all your money in a store, restaurant or wherever. Find out or know the price and adjust your money in the car, at home, before hand, or even go to the bathroom to pull out a little more than the purchase.

B) Never leave a car running to make a quick run.

C) Never brag or flaunt your assets and money.

D) Never shoot dice outside your own hood. Dice games kill more than cancer in the hood.

E) To avoid being disrespectful to older generations, wipe your feet before entering any one’s home in such an area. Older people take great offense to this. I don’t understand it, but you don’t have to understand it. Sometimes you just have to respect things.

Higher level activities
Ok, rules to live by – The Ten Crack Commandments (REAL TALK)

A) Never ride dirty!

B) Try hard to keep car insurance, tags, registration stickers and your L’s all up to date and paid up. The reasons are clear.

C) Be extra careful when conducting business in small cities and towns.

D) Keep a duffel bag in your trunk with a change of clothes and shoes, new and unused cell and gloves – another back up bag outside your area.

E) Never let anyone where your kingdom is. Home, in this environment is important, a spot to just relax.

Survival for civilians; safe spots within the ghetto are libraries, churches and community centers. During extreme violence, underneath a car is a temporary safe spot or lying flat inside a car. Inside a store, sideways behind beer coolers and such structures.

Dangerous spots; school parking lots right after school, another hood during or after a high school game, parking lots of night clubs after two a.m., any outside gambling area or high drug traffic corners and streets and liquor stores. It’s best to travel to the less frequent liquor stores.

If you live in these areas, but your environment does not control you, make direct comings and goings. Dress definitely defines you in an area. Colors and military clothing. Beware of unseasonable coats on people. One thing exists and always will in any hood – “mind your own business”. Let any outside forces do their job. Yours is to stay alive in an existence meant for you to succumb to the trials and tribulations of oppression. There are reasons they call it a “project”.

The true wilderness of America is an American ghetto. A war zone complete with terrorists, drug lords, addicts, churches and liquor stores. To make it out in sound body and mind is a major accomplishment for young, fragile minds.

We must secure our environments, but that’s another topic for another day. The collection of criminals and the small circle of money, in which they all fight for, breeds a hostile culture of people that are numb to the devastation that swirls around them daily.

Devise a plan to get out. School, sports, military, business, anything to rise above an environment meant to suppress and bring the results of failure.

A product of determination
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Letter to Walmart CEO Regarding BlackLivesMatter T-Shirt Ban

I wish you safety/security. As promised, I’ve written the CEO of Walmart concerning the clothing “Bulletproof” BlackLivesMatter. I have voiced our concerns on systematic discrimination. Below is the letter on behalf of the African American consumer community and our request for equal justice. I will post any responses.

The eye of our culture



On behalf of the African American customer base.


Mr. C. Douglass McMillon
President and Chief Executive Officer
Walmart Head Quarters
702 S.W. 8th St.
Bentonville, AR 72716

Dear Mr. McMillon,

I am writing on behalf of the masses of your African American customer base and the voice of the movement of BlackAwarenessFoundation. Recently, you were addressed by the Fraternal Order of Police (FOP) on certain clothing, namely the “BulletProof” BlackLivesMatter T-shirts through third party sellers. This led you and your company to no longer sell said items from the Walmart online market. I and my watchful audience are well informed and also know that you ceased in going all the way and banning BlackLivesMatter totally as the FOP wished and asked for. However, African Americans make up a huge portion of your customer market. As of today, we sit as customers more so than owners and yet, we are awaking the business of America and are swiftly rising in the corporate and small business world. As well as you represent law enforcement, would you just as well represent the communities of customers? I could very well be writing on your numerous charities for poor communities and all minorities. We are the fuel for great success, an asset to the ever growing brand of Walmart.

Our goal is balance. On our behalf, I ask for a statement from you directly, giving balance to the strained relationship between law enforcement and the need for BlackAwarenessFoundation or BlackLivesMatter. If you’re truly on the side of moving away from racial division, we also ask that you offer an African American product line on your official website for your customer base who may live in a sparsely minority populated city or state where your store exists.

I find it offensive and selling the African American lightly, we are aware and focused on our aim. We’re ready to protest, negotiate, listen, fight, use the political process and yes sir, boycott to be heard and respected. I disdain the discrimination of a division sworn to protect, yet clear from its inception, has abused that position. The healing will only begin with a level playing field. I can provide further information and the stance of “many”. Please contact my organization through the email address provided.

-Founder/Writer of, KJS


ma lead

I wish you safety/security. Before today’s post I want to inform my audience of old business. As promised, I’ve drafted and sent a letter to Walmart’s CEO Mr. Douglass McMillon. It will posted on B.A.F. as well concerning the banning of certain BlackLivesMatter clothing, mainly the “BulletProof” BlackLivesMatter T-Shirts. The cause is becasue the FOP (Franternal Order Of Police) called for a ban on All BlackLivesMatter clothing! If you missed it on B.A.F, check it out here.

Now for today’s post. Who is fighting on our behalf in the upper echelons of America, with the degrees and familiar grounds of that world which the common blacks never touch? Many of you probably have not heard of Michelle Alexander. She is someone who carries weight in those circles, but is still a big part of the black condition. She is never loosing her love and compassion for our race and “us”.

Born on October 7, 1967, Alexander is a lawyer and an Associate Professor of Law at Ohio State University Moritz College of Law. She is also a powerful civil rights advocate and a world renowned internationally known author. Get to know this woman as she lives and breaths and has been fighting for us all for a long time! Alexander served for several years as a director of the Racial Justice Project at the ACLU of Northern California. She has worked with world leaders for equal treatment of our race. Her stance, however, is more close to home. She strongly believes in Restorative Justice by healing the condition and scars done by the War on Drugs, Mass Incarceration and Racial Profiling long before BlackAwarenessFoundation or BlackLivesMatter movements! Her quote from 2012 still stings with want. She said “Restorative justice is definitely not a pipe dream. I’m so encouraged by the movement that is growing in the young today and around restorative and transformative justice. I think that one of the reasons why its such a crucial part of the work to end mass incarceration and break the cycle of caste like systems in America is because it helps provide an answer to “Well if we don’t have prisons and if prisons aren’t the answer then what is?” What are we going to do about the harms and people affected? I think there is a kind of real harm that has to be acknowledged and addressed. People do violate each other’s rights and commit real crimes against each other that causes pain and suffering in our communities.

ma 3

Born into a home of achievers and believers set Alexander on her path. Sandra Alexander, her mother, was the senior vice president of the ComNet Marketing Group. Her father was the strong leader of the family, the noble John Alexander. Her younger sister is a professor of African American studies at Ohio State University and is also an author of black cultural books. Michelle Alexander herself graduated from Vanderbilt University on a Truman scholarship and has a Law degree from Stanford Law school.

Alexander is most noted for her works as the author of the world acclaimed book “The New Jim Crow” Mass Incarceration In The Age Of Colorblindness.

ma 1

The book hit a bench mark in activism against one of the biggest obstacles facing African Americans. In it, Alexander argues for the betterment of African Americans and she burns with the help to curb the main reasons for the “Absent Black Man”. In the book she sees that black men are the main target in systemic racial injustice in America. She points out that the gains of the civil rights movement were countered by the so called War On Drugs in the form of mass incarceration which has crippled our gains! The book is internationally know as a blueprint to this systemic problem of the black race. Alexander wrote “Mass incarceration is mainly geared towards African American males and functions as a system of racial “Control” in many ways like the old Jim Crow laws once operated and designed to do.” She adds “America has a history of a lack of caring about race and the conditions of some race groups and its all for control.” In 2015, all freshmen at Brown University are required to read “The New Jim Crow”.

Alexander’s personal life is just as strong and stable. She’s been married since 2002 to Mr. Carter Mitchell Stewart whom is the U.S. Attorney for the Southern District of Ohio. They have three children.



She is the spearhead for our plight and fight against racial profiling. She has led the national charge for the last 25 years! As a lawyer, she specializes in class action law suits in areas of race and gender discrimination….. Like I said, know this woman! She’s our black super woman in the cause of you and I. Equality in justice within the justice system itself. She is the push that Obama made a top priority in his terms in office. I’m deeply humbled and scream thank you to Ms. Michelle Alexander!

Bringing you more of who “WE” are!


troy ave

I wish you safety/security with the crush of X-Mas over yet still looming New Years Eve. I truly mean my opening statement! The B.A.F. wishes to thank you, once and all for making yesterday’s post the most viewed one of the month. We’re blowing up and I thank you for that! Stay tuned for our face lift and our site make over. We’re bringing you more for “Twenty-Seventeen”, We’re gearing up for an integral part of black life and the entire black community….Stop by and leave a Happy B-Day shout to our site Admin, Ms. Ultra Ulvick. She is apart of the goal I’ve always had for the BAF to be more than just a blog site.

Now to today’s post and “What’s Poppin” out there on dem streets. Remember we must include the whole of who the African American plight includes while we praise the CEO’s and the positive of our black life as well as the street urchins of our communities. Today we’re discussing Brooklyn rapper Troy Ave whose government name is Roland Collins. Oh, by the way, “Brooklyn Stand Up”. I was born and raised in Brooklyn. Troy Ave was shot on Christmas in the late afternoon while sitting in his Red Maserati at an intersection in Brooklyn. The unknown gunman walked up to the car and shot several rounds inside from the drivers side. Troy Ave was hit twice. Once in the shoulder and was grazed in the head as well. A little luck and blessing has come Mr. Collins’ way. To be shot at and hit in two separate shootings and live is a blessing. On May 25,2016 at Irving Plaza during a T.I. Concert, Troy Ave was struck in the leg and his childhood friend Ronald “Banga” McPatter was killed. Troy Ave charged with attempted murder after he ran into a dressing room, shot at and struck a man. Banga was also CEO/Founder of Bizz Fitness in Brooklyn who use to run security for Troy Ave R.I.P. Banga!


It seems that Troy Ave. and 50 cent are close. As you can see in the first image of this post, he even visited Troy in the hospital. GS9, Troy Ave., French Montana, Chief Keef and others are creating a new era of thug music called “Drill”. Please see our past post on it. Drill is music with the lifestyle to match. The code is “Can’t talk it if you’re not livin it”. The murders, deaths, money and of course prison sentences have made this form of music the most detrimental in Hip Hop.

troy 5

Troy Ave. underwent surgery late Sunday night while doctors removed the bullet that went through his shoulder and lodged in his back! To all you youngsters who think this lifestyle is a game, bullets never are! Troy Ave’s girlfriend was also in the car. She was not hurt, but she could be heard screaming uncontrollably. The lawyer in Troy Ave’s pending attempted murder case issued a statement which read “My client Troy Ave was a target again on Christmas while he was on his way to be with family and friends for the holiday.” Mr. Leemon also threw out a little pre-trial bait when he also said “Thankful my client survived the second attempt on his life. As I’ve always said from the beginning he is the true victim, a target. We pray for his speedy recovery.”

troy 1

All the while, Troy Ave. is under strict bail restrictions. He wears an ankle monitor, he’s not allowed to leave New York and not allowed near concerts, bars or any music venues. There is a strict 11:00 p.m. curfew as well. This is greatly limiting his way of making money. You see how they force you back to the life? Still wanna be a thug? He talks about the frustrations in the track “LOCO”. You gotta check it out. I have to mention Young Lito, the true fire spitter of BSB (Back Street Boy) Records. He’s the real back street boy! Young Lito is younger than Troy and is truly in the street life more than the rap game, but Troy’s big brother love has tamed the young rap lion and he is a young flame thrower. No one’s talking about Lito! He just dropped a mixtape called “In Due Time” with tracks like “No Hook” and “One Man Army”. It’s soul moving how deez young brothers feel bout these cops in “ENUFF”. Spitting “enuff let these cops know bust back.” His flow is deadly and so connected to the reflection of the streets.

troy 5

Thank you for your time!
The #YoungBlackHistorian
Copyright 2016


Black wall Street BWS 2

I wish you safety/security. The B.A.F. would like to thank our audience in other countries that have viewed us and follow us. The black plight is not regulated just to the shores of North America.

Have you ever heard of “Black Wall Street”? Wonder if it was real? What was it really?

“Black Wall Street”
It was real, but it was not like the stock exchange of New York. It was a neighborhood called Greenwood in Tulsa, Oklahoma. It was one of the wealthiest black communities in the United States. While the Harlem Renaissance was booming in New York, other black communities were escalating in new, powerful, positive directions in the early 20th century as well. One of the most successful was Greenwood. As many moved North, many made their foundation elsewhere West, anywhere away from the South. The Great Black Exodus freed slaves and first/second generation born free blacks set up communities. Oklahoma offered a hope, a chance for a fresh start. It was a new state, gaining its statehood in 1907.

Blacks made inroads to Oklahoma by wagons, horses, trains and even by foot. Greenwood became a shining example of a majestic black community. Blacks were capable and thrived independently, learning the white man’s business and adapting it. It wasn’t stocks and bonds traded like the Wall Street of today. The product that developed Greenwood was the oil boom of the 1900’s, a new industry in America that didn’t care about color. The new boom needed hard workers. The organization in which a handful of blacks used to order new comers and experienced workers used investments and a loose means of union ways. A fund was made for town growth which developed into Greenwood, a community made for safety and security, as much as anything else. Greenwood created entrepreneurial opportunities that few enjoyed as African Americans.

Greenwood, at its height, was constructed like any other thriving city in the United States at the time. It had a business center, banks, hotels, cafes, clothing stores, movie theaters and consisted of nice, contemporary homes. Greenwood enjoyed some luxuries most white communities did not in Oklahoma, like indoor plumbing and a remarkable school system, which was better equipped than any system existing at that time in the state.

Greenwood became known as “Little Africa” to blacks in America. It was an example of blacks finding peace and prosperity. Because a lot of blacks couldn’t shop in predominately white areas, most of the money in Greenwood went right back into the community. There were more than 10,000 African Americans living in the area. The community was fully functional. They even had two newspapers, the “Tulsastar” and “Oklahoma Sun”. This was disproving the thought that blacks couldn’t form communities.

But, as the community flourished, disgruntlement and hate from whites did as well. It was pure envy of these so called high class blacks. It was jealousy that “Little Africa” existed in their state. The events that took place next has been chronicled as the “Black Holocaust in America”.

A young white woman accused a young black man of sexually assaulting her. This gave local and outside law enforcement, plus the Klan, cause to invade the community. In history, it is recorded as a race riot, but that is not true. It was an all out attack on black lives, families and the image of success. Whites could not stand a murderous assault on property. During the one night and part of the next day (late May to early June, 1921), 35 square blocks of homes and businesses were burned to the ground. More than 300 African Americans were killed and many hung, as the Klan were stringing blacks off in the middle of town.

Whites came and looted the rich town and the wild scene was chaos as whites showed power and evil hearts. 150 businesses were destroyed, an act that surpassed the Fort Pillow Massacre, and 9,000 African Americans with the coming of the 1921 winter. A target of local law and heads of the Klan was the family and business of O.W. Gurley who, at the time of the Holocaust, owned 80 acres, five homes and a three story office building. Another black American entrepreneur was J.B. Strandford. The events of the massacre were omitted from local and state archives and history records. A report of the historical events were not officially released until 2001 with some compensatory actions for any found family members! The young man blamed for all this has to be mentioned. 19 year old Dick Rowland, a black shoe shiner, was in an elevator in the Drexel building in a white community nearest to Greenwood. 17 year old Sarah Page knew Rowland and asked to share the elevator. The story goes that Rowland tripped and while trying to catch himself, fell into Page. Upon her screams, she promptly ran and told security. Another story is that they were lovers and had a quarrel in the elevator, which was overheard.

The Black Wall Street Holocaust was an American tragedy and once again, we were the victims. They ask if we’re worthy of all they have amassed in America. In blood, we have!

Warrior of culture, ambassador of awareness
Copyright 2016



us lead


I wish you safety/security. Without digging too much into religion (the B.A.F. does not post on religion or the LGBT community) this time of year is so enthralled in lies, I have to say that we are a race that needs the medicine of truth because lies, half truths, myths and conjecture have crippled us as a race all over the world. Then you must know Jesus of Nazareth was not born in the month of December. A true study of his legacy reveals that he was most likely born in June or early July! So, Merry Christmas? This holiday has been commercialized and manipulated. It’s Christ-Mass (The Last Trumpet Of His Ministries). Under the Christ-Mass Tree He spoke His last ministries. Hence the tradition of the Christmas tree.

I’ve come today to give part 2 of yesterday’s post. this is the solution portion of our aim. If you know us, you know “awareness” and concrete solutions are our cornerstone!

us 1


The European Slavery System was not perfect. How could it be? It’s base was hate and a superiority complex that allowed blacks to learn and reshape the slavery goals. It spread African culture throughout the world and in the case of African Americans, it created a new African culture and new traditions to add to the diversity to the African Life! It’s the arguments of hardcore white conservatives and sell out blacks. However they try to justify the single most horrific act upon a race, it did spread the creativity and influence of Africans across the world. I think our creativity would have spread regardless, but events unfolded through the Slave Trade (it’s height 16th -19th centuries). That’s 300 years of using African Life as Chattel! Their attempts to break our spirit actually hardened the essence of Africans world wide. A solution and reflection of that is that Africans (Americans) have always been at the lowest end of suicides world wide! Our conditions were to survive or die and no matter what, the essence of the Fathers/Mothers of humanity can never be eradicated!

part 2 two and a half
part 2 two two

Solutions To Self-Hate: “Awareness” is a cornerstone in our plight. The namesake of this thing of ours is to reverse the lies. The truth must come to light! If you knew your history, your true history, then your head would be held high. You come from Kings and Queens! That’s the essence of Black Life. We ran the world as many Nations came to Egypt and West Africa for trade. It was the land of unlimited natural riches. That was Africa’s legacy, but it was also what made others want to take us over. We had rich land! We formatted civilized societies. Long before the Europeans came, African empires had already been built and fallen. The history of Africans is a human history! All life walked out of Africa and populated the world! Know you are the aboriginal peoples of the planet! Our contribution, even just to America, is so impactful in all areas of American life. Did You Know that Otis Boykin invented the “electrical resistor” used in every radio, T.V. and now computer? Our impact in the world is even greater as they try to dismiss the shades of black in the world. Our contributions cannot be denied! Imhotep (2667-2611 B.C.) was an Egyptian known as the Father of medicine. Euclid (323-383 B.C.) was a legendary Greek Mathematician who developed the base of math itself! It’s not just the past either. We glory in Allen McLeod Cormack, (1924-1998) a Lithuanian born British chemist and biophysicist who won the 1882 Nobel Prize in chemistry! That’s how you correct the self hate that they planted in us. Show your children their true heritage!

part 2 three

Working On Wealth: They made us respect their wealth. Hell, the world respects wealth now so we must change and use wealth for the good and change the game and their aim! Wealth is far greater than riches. It’s a long way from middle class or the well off. Wealth is a history of prosperity, a legacy for the family. Blacks are just entering this faze of our history where hundreds of millionaires exist to carry us to the future. No longer are there just a few rich niggas. We are establishing wealth as a people. Building Black Business: If you’re a follower of our site, you know we have been pushing the agenda of black business and the black consumer. That’s our aim for 2017. We’re putting in a store called “The Black Hive” to do just that! We want to build bonds with black businesses to give everyday products to the African American people! This is how we build our worth and wealth. Just as the Jews and others in America have. Let’s make em feel us !

part 2 four

Solutions: Bring us to our fullest in American society and pull us up to the level that, deep inside, we know we should be. I love my race and feel the injustice done to us can fuel us unlike any other race in America. We have the tools and inspiration to succeed! So, please stay with the site of insight as we plow thru the myths and “cannot’s of this life.”

Brought to you by the #YoungBlackHistorian
Building for our tomorrow now!
Warrior of Awareness
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part 2 five


hate lead

I wish you safety/security: I want to leave you with some soul food. One wonders what part of our conditioning effected us as the African American race the most profoundly? Was it the physical torment called “seasoning” that broke the spirit of our people? Was it the “cultural shock” of changing our environments? Was it the loss of language? Imagine you’re lost in a foreign land, unable to understand or communicate with the vicious white race? What was the fruits of slavery or the seeds of racism that was so profound that it still effects us today? I say, it was more so the mental torture that effected us in the most lasting way! The tactic of “conditioning the mind” has left the most damaging scar on the whole of African Americans. It has effected us in the most negative and profound way. Some slave masters focused more on the mental control over physical punishment. “Tell a man from birth he is meant for labor and he will grow old and pass on the tradition of his inferiority complex!” It’s more effective than a whip on the back. It was to break the spirit of our minds. Imagine something stronger than sending the message through fear. Oh yes, physical torture also had it’s effect of course. To punish, whip, burn and mutilate a black man’s genitals right in front of the black children and female slaves. How did it effect the psyche of that black child the slave woman to see their father or husband, the protector of their black family hanging on the property of the plantation all day?

hate 1

Yet, I still think the savagery done most permanently was the tactic of self hate that made the word and color of “black” inferior to the rest of the world. They turned a color negative and evil by nature. It’s our greatest and most deep rooted problem. Know that the Europeans didn’t develop the concept, they just fitted to their needs. Black is the opposite of white. Black is evil and white is the light. Pure comes from every religious text like the Torah, Bible and Qu’ran. But you must understand that God does not refer to us as “black men/women”. We are the color and shades of the earth because we are the aboriginal people! We are more brown with many shades, but we’ve been labeled as black by Europeans. They made the world and ourselves see “black” when they see Africans/Americans. We can’t fight that so we move on, but know your skin color is in tune with the hues of the earth! We are the original race. We are a blessing from God and the curse of man!

They Made Us Hate Ourselves; Black on black crime is by design from slave on slave plantation fights to see whose plantation was better. This is the same as young brothers/sisters in the ghetto fighting for the crumbs of the hood. It’s self hate. Black cats are bad luck, black is evil, you can’t trust black businesses because black is by nature less intelligent. This has all seeped into the mind set of our generations. We “ALL” devalue black life, even us! A black death is the norm. It is what we do. We “Die” and accept it! But these younger and more informed generations are awakening and with violence, they’re making a difference, but violence still brings more death and hate! Only we can save us. Respect black life in you and your brethren!

hate 3

They Made Us Love Their Wealth: What has kept us in this self destructive mind frame? The lust for money! We see it as the quickest equalizer to our condition. It’s the “All Mighty Dollar”. Supreme over family, country and even God! The pursuit and lust for what they value has distorted our true nature, our harmony with what makes us African. The cycles of life are in tune with nature. The man made value of what we saw as just natural resources. They placed life and limb on gold, diamonds, currency and wealth.

hate 4

Money dominates our moves no matter who we are. Our quest for justification through riches of material wealth has caused every African American generation to become more and more desensitized to violence for the lust and quest of money! We have sold our souls for the respect that money brings!

hate end

BlackAwarenessFoundation is in the business of solutions as well as awareness, but this subject is so deep rooted that it has to be broken down into Part 1 and Part 2. So join us tomorrow as well for Part 2 and “What we can Do.” Money is the pure animal of our pain, our lust and greed to catch up with what this life values!

hate last

I come to you with the heart of Kunta Kinte moving in a new way to destroy an old problem!

“Stand With Me”
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bullet lead

I wish you safety/security “everyday in every way”. It is my duty to keep ya’ll up on the happenings in our black world within their world! While life and it’s trials & tribulations pull at you know you have a one stop shop to enhance your awareness, true soul food in this fast paced social media driven new age.

The multi billion dollar giant blinked Tuesday, December 20, 2016 under pressure from the FOP which stands for The national Fraternal Order of Police. The name goes back to when the police built the “Blue Wall”. It was the creation of whites controlling the very essence of Law and Order in America. The name “Fraternal Order!” expresses the meaning in which it implies and they are no more less powerful than they were in the past. It’s 325,000 membership is the largest police organization in America. They speak for the “Boys in Blue” even if some officers disagree with them! Now the president of the FOP is Chuck Canterbury (just so you know). Amiss public perception, jealousy and hate, he forwarded a letter on behalf of the FOP. It was a letter by the country’s largest police union to the Wal Mart president/CEO, Douglass McMillion. In the letter (below), the FOP president Canterbury said “I have deep concerns that selling these t shirts and products would damage the Wal Mart good name.” He accused Wal Mart of profiting from racial division and further said “Commercializing our differences will not help our local police and communities to build greater trust and respect for one another.” He made a stand, not for the greater good and the public whom they were sworn to protect, but a stand for the “Blue Line” and their public view. He went deeper in his racial pit as he said, ” Turning a buck on strained relationships will not contribute to the healing process.” He then went on to say “The message is offensive to all police officers.” The letter called for “All” Black Lives Matter merchandise be removed!

bullet 1

Black Lives Matter and others items such as Blue Lives Matter and All Lives Matter are not found inside any Wal Mart store. They are only found on the online store and through a third party vendor which is Old Glory Merchandise Co. on Wal Mart’s website. Old Glory refused to comment on the situation. The company is carried by Amazon which FOP and Canterbury also wrote asking them to drop all Black Lives Matter merchandise from its website to which Amazon refused. Wal Mart punked out and issued a statement to the Washington Post with in hours. They announced that they were dropping the “BulletProof” products like T shirts and Hoodies from the online website because of customer complaints. They said “However, we at Wal Mart will continue to sell other products bearing the words “Black Lives Matter.” The underlining discrimination is that the FOP wanted Wal Mart to drop “all” Black Lives Matter products. It’s the old Jim Crow mind set and military tactic that “It’s much easier to control the few over the many”. Our greatest strength is in unity in our organizations such as us at B.A.F. and the movement of BLM. The Fraternal Order of Police clash frequently with the Black Lives Matter Movement just like the FBI and its founder and head at the time, J. Edger Hoover who was a crossdresser before there was a name for it! He was opposed to Malcolm X and Dr. Martin L. King Jr.

bullet 2
bullet 22

The police are at odds with Black Lives Matter, it’s unity power and how it binds the black collective cause. It’s much harder to control or instill fear in a whole movement with out open sheer violence. The more popular BLM gets, the harder it is to control! Black Lives Matter is a constant reminder to whites and the whole of law enforcement that we are taking a stand. The organization was born from the 2013 killing of Trayvon Martin (R.I.P. young brother) and the acquittal of the suspect. BLM is fueled by our loving sisters whom could no longer stand by while black men were slaughtered in the streets by police across the country! There are thousands of murders of young black lives! Canterbury said in past statements “Black Lives Matter Movement is anti police and places officers’ lives in danger.” Huh? For hundreds of years they spilled the blood of black lives! The new goal of the FOP is to get police officer killings classified as hate crimes which is a federal crime.

Now for more positive news on Black Lives Matter (not our competition, but our brothers/sisters in the fight and plight. Salute to them. Not hate, but Unity), our young warrior sister Ms. Agunda Okeyo, producer/ writer/activist and creator of “Sisters of Comedy” is putting on an “All female comedy tour”. The proceeds are to the Black Lives Matter Movement. Get to know this strong sister activist!

bullet last

The range and pain of envy, hate and a deep condition of “stay in your place niggers” runs like a river in the foundation of institutional racism in America. I am going to write to the CEO of Wal Mart. I’ll post my letter draft soon, but “we” have to fight and offer solutions, not just complaints! I hope you will also forward a letter via Tell them its an attachment from this site. “Our cause thanks you!”

I will confront, stand up and fight for our plight! “. And I put that on this air I breath in and all I believe in!”

Your warrior with a pen. Never forget that!

“The Ink From The Pen Is Worth More Than A Thousands Lives!”
Copyright 2016