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cedric 1

I wish you safety/security. We, at, have original posts that are unique to our site and if you’re with us, you already know about such originals as #Lyrics From The Streets, #New Age SellOuts, #Booker T. Washington Syndrome and #Fight4Freedom. Also, today’s post, #NewAge Of Latter Day Entertainers has become a series. Please see the first post dedicated to the talent of Jamie Foxx! We feature true versatility in the art of entertaining folks, which is a reflection of these featured entertainers. They posses the “rare” quality to be whatever needed to put on the show. This is a craft that demands skill and real talent. It cannot be manufactured or fabricated. There has to be perfect timing and connection with the audience and the ability to embrace the “role”, even if that role is solo on stage, has to shine thru despite being surrounded by stars and giants in the industry.

In days past, Vaudeville was the chief form of entertainment until motion pictures took the title away. Vaudeville was a type of of entertainment that was popular in the USA in the early 20th century. It featured a mixture of specialty acts such as magic, burlesque, comedy, song and dance, to name a few. It was mainly performed by one person that even helped to set the stage in between acts. There were Vaudeville teams and groups called troops, but mostly it was one gifted person performing.


African Americans tasted their second fruits of freedom in the Vaudeville life with the first being war. They had the ability to become their own boss move across america while earning money, most times. Black Vaudeville performances were commonly know as the “Chitlin Circuit”. It was one of the most popular past times for those who could afford to watch it (whites). One of the most famous in these times was Pat Chappelle and the Rabbit Foot Company. They ruled the Vaudeville circuit, both black and white acts. The CEO mind set of Chappelle (1869-1911) combined with Edward Elder Cooper, a journalist who only reported on black entertainment, created excellence.

I had to give you the legacy from which Cedric’s ability comes from. Think about the Nicholes Brothers. True talent!

Cedric Antonio Kyles was born on April 24, 1964. He hails from Jefferson, Missouri. When I say he is a versatile man, he is that and more. There is devotion and attention to the many hats he wears such as comedian, actor, director, game show host and a pillar in the black community. He has grown in front of the era of the Kings Of Comedy and has developed as an elder and a person blacks look up to. He is a true elder spokesman now. His credits go beyond this post. That’s how much hustle he displays. He has hosted Showtimes at the Apollo, BET’s Comicview (1993-1994), Def Comedy Jam (1995), the daytime game show of “Who Wants To Be A Millionaire” and co-starred on the small screen in WB’s sitcom “The Steve Harvey Show.” But, his anointment to the halls of black culture history and icon status was his 2000 participation in the Spike Lee directed “The Original Kings Of Comedy”. It was a classic in comedy and an Urban art that captured all of America. It featured his bonded brothers Steve Harvey, D.L. Hughley and the late great Bernie Mac (you gotta check out our tribute to the Mac). This smash hit was produced with a $3 million dollar budget and grossed over $38 million dollars!


Cedric “The Entertainer” is a versatile performer who took his 5’6″ inch frame and became a giant in Hollywood, in every hood and world wide! His natural ability is so rare and so gifted. To access the drive, embody the role and the moment is infrequent in life. Enjoy his gifts to make you laugh and forget your pains. To go out and see the Cedric and to get true entertainment is probably his greatest asset. His role as “Eddie” introduced a new generation to Cedric and wow, he makes Eddie live like he’s apart of black life. Kind of like everyone’s Uncle. He’s the old man everyone knows. Cedric took everything Eddie would be and injected that into America. He took some heat for the things he said in the first movie “Barber Shop” when he spoke on Rosa Parks and Jesse Jackson. Yet, he became the character to see in both Barber Shops. He has a real connection to the performers. Blacks had to be great just to scrape by on their own terms. This lives on in the effortless projection Mr. Kyles displays. We salute you Cedric “The” Entertainer”. You are the cream of the unique talent spilled over from the 20th century!

black pride

Thank you for making this a great month for views and hits on our site. Keep checking for us and I will keep busting this pen and posting power!

Hustler of Culture
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detriot s

I wish you safety/security. Yesterday, we went back in time/mind exploring our “Footprints of the Past” to keep you balanced in Awareness! Today, we do a 180 and get current. In some sad news, we are stunned to report that a plane carrying 81 people plus crew members crashed near Rionegro, Coloumbia. A portion of the victims were from the Brazillian soccer team. Our prayers go out to the heavy hearts of their family and friends. The black community suffered a huge loss as well with Johnny P., the Chicago R&B singer. He died November 27, 2016. He was a hood underground singing legend collaborated with Do or Die on “Po Pimp” and vibed you out on the track which was a classic. He also framed the classic vocals on Scarface’s track “Smile”, a tribute to Tupac. We, at B.A.F. scream R.I.P. to our smooth brother and peace to his family and fans.


For today’s post, our education system is designed to offer the same curriculum for state/federally funded city schools set forth in school budgets. Yet, we all know that for city schools, some benefit more! I’m not even speaking about private, suburban or specialty schools. Those are funded privately and do not fall under state budgets, for the most part. Yet, the city schools in districts that are middle and upper middle class and are highly racially mixed seem to have “better.” The deeply rooted Urban city schools that are mainly minority populated seem to get short changed in salary for teachers, school supplies and programs like computer courses. The lawsuit was filed by eight students whom are represented by a California Law Firm that focuses on public interest. They take issue with students in inner city Detroit school systems with a high population on grade/high school illiteracy rate! Also, it brings attention of the underbelly acts of pocketing funds. The funds have to be misused from some school district and the short change has to happen to some school. Yet, the lawsuit deals with issues above the board, the issues that are proven.

teacher sick

The Lawsuit: The official claim reads as follows… On behalf of Detroit students we file charges of: A violating students Constitutional rights by depriving them to the right of literacy. By systematically depriving inner city students of proper education and the proper tools to achieve. The lawsuit names Gov. Rick Snyder and several education officials whom are responsible for the city’s school curriculum and budget. So, the suit goes right to the shortcomings of the top of state government and obviously the basics that are being sacrificed are updated (same as other city schools). Like books, allotted school outings and computer generated classes/basic lessons. Mothers/Fathers braved the bitter cold of Detroit to protest the discrimination of their city school. One mother said in a interview, covered by the local news, “The State doesn’t offer our students with a meaningful education and true literacy. They just offer buildings.” Another issue that faces inner city Detroit schools is “Teacher sick out” which means underpaid and under supplied teachers in city schools are taking a stand and using city supplied sick days to shut down schools and bring attention. Yet, it cripples the very ones they “protest” for and want to help. Maybe these teachers are so frustrated that they are out just for themselves! Senior Jamarria Hall of Osborn Evergreen Academy of Design told VICE news that there may not be a math teacher available for next term’s math class. Another issue is having enough teachers willing to teach in urban schools.

Unlike other African American sensitive sites that just give you info and shock, you should know that is based solidly and soundly in solutions and sometimes not the popular belief. On the understanding of violent responces, the Nation’s police are getting back! They are not support or condoning, but having a true “understanding”. Please see our post about 16 shots/ Warzone.

A.) As always, to direct concerns to the city school board, you have to file the proper paperwork, go to school meetings and state board meetings. Get yourself on the school Parent panel. Yeah, the time consuming things.

B.)The importance of teachers showing up and schools being open is critical to the low/middle income family. You may have to call off work or pay extra for sitting cause the whole public school is closed due to being under staffed! That’s unacceptable 1.) Make demands thru City Hall like protest and calls. Shit, bring your kids. Call two other parents you know. Then they call another two and so on. Get together! To have mothers/kids protesting while not working and the kids not being in school mid-day on T.V. is productive to the cause. Demand that the city substitute system be fully used. Demand the city hiring for teachers. I promise, you will get a response.

C.) Some teacher or Principal has to stand up and tell the story from the inside.

D.) Before you vote for the next Gov./Sen. of your State or district, find out their plan for the city schools. Write letters.



“They Don’t Want Us To See, But We Already Know!”
Your brother, a Product of Determination
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Trotter 1

I wish you safety/security. Today we open the week with “Footprints” of the past, our true main goal of this site. This is a prelude to Black History Month in which we profile past people and events for the whole 29 days. Over the weekend, a historical death happened that resounded all over the world. It was Fidel Castro (1926 – 2016). The shock wave is felt immensely by our Latin brethren. Today begins a week long memorial. Cuba remembers the revolutionary leader and a half century of power. He was a true polarizing figure simply called “The Commandant.” Yet, living in America, as many around the world mourn the death, we hold the exiled community of Miami, FL. Community members are not in mourning, but are in full celebration of the death of one of the worst human rights violators in history. What ever you feel, there is no right or wrong. If you’re African American, step back and feel the love/pain of minority leadership. This is our struggle for equality and it’s not a lonely plight!

Today, we will focus on someone unafraid to face the oppressor, the government and the father of the African American sell out! Our polarizing figure has been almost forgotten by time. He was Malcolm X before Malcolm was. His name is Mr. William Trotter. He was unforgiving, well respected and even feared by any opponent of black life.

Awareness is the corner stone of the B.A.F. Our website is dedicated to the reawakening and the conscienceness of your African American connection with the foot prints and blood prints of our ancestry. Those most special to me are the thousands of brothers and sisters that the common mind let the sands of time slip it into obscurity. The contribution of some I have profiled have made titanic sacrifices for OUR freedom and betterment. I WILL NEVER FORGET THAT, NOR SHOULD YOU. As you enjoy your BBQ with your family and friends, know that some have plotted, planted, bled and hung just so we can enjoy the little pleasures of freedom.

One such giant was Mr. Monroe Trotter. He was known best for his side by side stand with W.E.B. DuBois against the sell out attitude of Booker T. Washington. The climax of Trotter’s career was the organization of The Niagara Movement in 1905. Of the two, Mr. Trotter was invested in the immediate freedom of blacks. He was definitely more militant than DuBois.

William Monroe Trotter (1875-1934). He was born in Chillicothe, Ohio. His father, James Monroe Trotter, served in the 55th Regiment of the Civil War. His mother, Virginia Isaacs Trotter, was the great granddaughter of Mary Hemmings and Thomas Jefferson.

Shortly after the Civil War, Sr. Trotter moved his family to Boston, Massachusetts. Monroe was very special to his parents. He was the third child born, but the only one to survive past infancy. Young Trotter watched his father try and overcome many racial obstacles. It grew to frustrate him. He grew up in the famed early black community of Boston’s Hyde Park. It was filled with ex Civil War soldiers and new age black activists.

He was introduced to another young man, growing up in Hyde Park, named Archibald Grimke. He was also growing into Political activism. The upscaleness in which Trotter carried himself led him to participate in the upper echelons of negro society in Boston. He belonged to an exclusive literacy society that met at the home of Cambridge College educator, Maria Baldwin.

His early activism began with the sell out accommodationist policies of Booker T. Washington, a leading African American figure in the 1890’s and founder of Tuskegee Institute. Combined with like minds, Trotter led the voices against the Atlanta Compromise (Washington’s agenda). Trotter, Grimke and DuBois disagreed with these ideas.

He cofounded the Boston Newspaper, “The Guardian”, and to show his disdain for any outside help of whites, regardless of their sincere intent. He deliberately moved the Guardian’s office in 1907 to the same building that once housed William Lloyd Garrison’s newspaper, “The Liberator”. Mr. Garrison is, no question, the best known white man to champion black’s rights.

Niagara Movement and the NAACP Time
In this period, Trotter became known as the Uncompromising Agitator in 1905. With DuBois, he organized the first assault against the Tuskegee machine of Washington. The Niagara Movement countered the Tuskegee Machine agenda. It appealed to the common and upscale prideful African Americans. The Niagara Movement disclaimed the notion of negro inferiority. The Trotter voice upheld the stance of “Negros will never again bow to oppression. We would rather fight”.

There were protests and rallies in towns and communities from not being used to a black man speaking out so boldly. Washington was feeling the pressures and was mindful of his famed life. He was being defined by his people as a blood sucker to his own race!

Washington marshalled every available influence and authority to stifle and undermine the new movement. He controlled most media outlets (which meant newspapers in those days). Black press and his influence of white journalists gave him power to discredit facts that Trotter and DuBois issued. Washington used police to intimidate and harass them. Trotter was arrested and jailed after a violent confrontation at a Boston Zion Church that supported Washington.

The imprisonment of Trotter seemed to cripple the Niagara Movement. An assault of blacks in Springfield, Illinois occurred when whites unleashed a reign of terror. They beat, killed, hung and burned black men, women and children alive. It shocked and angered certain whites. The white liberals of the mold of William Lloyd Walling felt outrage. In 1909, Walling, combined with DuBois, planted the roots of the National Negro Committee. Eventually, it became the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP). This was the break between DuBois and Trotter. DuBois saw it as a chance to widen the objective. In 1910, the name changed to the NAACP. Combined with the assets of Walling, DuBois had a much stronger and more public organizational base. However, Trotter saw it as selling out. He broke away from the early movements of the NAACP. The same NAACP that has become our longest and strongest African American base representation!

As many, Trotter was ferocious in our independence. We should continue to honor his great legacy.

Hustler of Culture
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Guardian Trotter 2


i child 1

I wish you safety/security. On this weekend post, I’ve chosen the most important commodity of humanity, “the child.” What are we leaving them? What are we showing them? More to the core, what as the black race, are we displaying to them? Is there pride and purpose in our movement? Children are not children for long. They begin to see you and the world for what it really is and sooner than you may want them too. Do they resent the black man (father) for not protecting the race? Do they have pity for the black woman whom is seen as the pawn of womanhood in America? Or do they see us as victims and grow to hate who they see as the cause in the black race’s pain? Does it inspire them to become activists or just aggressive? I say the responsibility falls on you, as a mother and father, to shape how children perceive the world and that burden is the hardship of being a parent. The life of a child should be filled with wonderment, exploration, fun and being carefree. The life to come involves taxes, bills and the extra burden of being a minority in America. It’s a harsh, unfair reality and they will learn this soon enough.

Building: Children need a core, a foundation that centers them and focuses and develops their ambitions. Mine was black history and culture. My Mother centered my attentions beyond video games and T.V. and ohh how I hated it! It started with bedtime stories of black history with facts and books showing me African kings and queens and the culture we come from. She thought it was important to show me life before America! It progressed to my mother assigning me books to read and book reports in addition to my school homework. If I came home with a report to do on George Washington, she’d ask “Do you know who George Washington Carver is?” and no matter what my answer was, a book report was forth coming. I’d complain, but her response was “Boy, learning about who you are is not a task or burden. It’s your responsibility to know who you are.” My point is that my mother had a center for me and it benefits me to this day. Yours could be sports, music, computers (ask them “Do you know how a computer works or the language of computers?) military, college or whatever it may be, give your child(ren) a point of focus. No matter how they resist, it’s just as detrimental as not doing anything. Just don’t be too overbearing in your lessons or foundation for your child(ren). Yet, a point of focus for your child(ren) will give them a sense of pride and purpose in life.

i child 2

You may not believe me when I say that children respect disciple and structure. They learn that there are consequences for their actions. They learn respect from what used to be called home training. Yet, most important to children is “consistency”. The day in and day out building block of structure. Mine was dinner time everyday at 6:00 p.m. It was like clock work. Also, if you were in my Mama’s house on Sunday, you were cleaning, washing walls, washing clothes or stripping beds. Yeah, we learned quick not to be home, but you missed out on that Sunday breakfast lol.

Building a family legacy is also your duty as a Father and Mother. It does not matter if you’re a traditional family, Co parent or do it with no help. The duty of the parent is duty bound and takes not one day off in its demands and needs. You chose to give life, now give them “A” life. Something tangible for your child(ren) like property, a business or trust-fund. Something besides good advice! A step up, an advantage in the harsh world, while most minorities pray and prepare to just send maybe one of their children to college to begin to build the family. We have to move past that point. Most of white America leaves their children something like a home, stock or a position in the family business. Just having a home that you own could be an asset. It’s instant collateral in a world driven by have or have not! A family home (property) could be the cornerstone of your family legacy and every family member could benefit from such an asset. If you leave nothing and they know they have nothing to look forward to, then who will you force them to look up to? Will it be the drug dealers, pimps or the street gang in your area? They will only exist for today and today’s dollar. That life is short sighted and that is the greatest lie of fast money. There’s no future foresight. You live for the day with thousands of obstacles in that lifestyle. It’s a “living in the moment” foundation when the true answer is in a 100 year plan, a family goal. Design a lasting plan for your family, a hand up.

i child 3

Somehow, the whole of the black race has forgotten that life is not the selfish act of the individual… No, the aim in life is to live beyond one’s own life… We live to plant footprints for the best part of ourselves. To live on beyond one’s selfish desires.

The infinite life of a race lives on thru the infinite child. What is your contribution to the life of the infinite child? The understanding, the pure part of the love between man and woman is the infinite child born of the love or has the infinite child of our race mainly born of lust?

To the child…
Our guidance can’t be mild. Our rearing must be loud and proud to walk the road of growth. Proud to share your experience with the cream of our race. Yes, we have forgotten. We build our life to pass on the advantages of our accomplishments and to pass down the wisdom and history of our proud race. Yet, we have learned to pass down PAIN, pass down debt, pass down hardship without the lessons.

As our race falls closer to inner destruction due to the lack of unity between the man and woman, the child is born into the failure of the family while missing the protector of the black family. Boys raised to become not men, but confused and aimless boys. Girls born without morals or the love of the black father. We are producing victims.

The blessing of a child must be taken as that. A true blessing to be nourished, not neglected. Build your legacy, not for selfish desires, but for the infinite child of our race.

Your name, your reputation lives on long after you are gone. Fight ferociously to protect it.

Protector of our Purity, “Your” Writer
Copyright 2016



we are black

I wish you safety/security. We are upon the rush of the holiday season in America which really means shopping! Money spent a spike in sales of fall/winter fashion. As men, we definitely are into fashion and looking dapper. It’s just that woman have that figure. Those womanly curves that enhance the fashion industry and they rule, as it should be. I’m throwing up this post also to show my faithful fans and followers the versatility and diversity of BlackAwarenessFoundation. The pulse of black culture and concerns lives in me and runs thru my veins. When it comes to the black condition, I’m fearless with this pen. Constant, I don’t tire. I run these words to this social wire. I could do this forever!

But, let’s talk fashion: We gonna touch on the vibe of the fall/winter Urban trends, classics and two designers. I must say real quick like that the creativity and flavor we bring to the table of fashion is historic even if it is the one industry slower to show us recognition. Our unique perspectives have deeply injected African Americans in the fashion industry, mainly thru urban fashion via Hip Hop, R/B, jazz and gospel music (oh you know they stunt in church).

Fellas: What’s popin’ out in 2016 for the long Fall/Winter is as follows; Colors for the seasons are “dark” but not just black. There’s a lot of greys and dark greens. The rule is white once a week in Fall/Winter season 2016. Style: The style seems to be tight fitting pants (hate this trend) with a new season tapered bottoms at the ankle to avoid the slush and snow of the Winter. Also, the tops are loose fitting shirts, jackets, vests and the hottest Fall fashion is the long sleeve male hooded sweat shirts. Seen’em ? Had ta cop one myself.


For winter coats I’m gonna defer to the classics, not the latest trend. All Time Classic 1) goose down leather bomber jackets. You can never go wrong with this winter gear. It will get you thru the NorthEast and NorthWest Winters for years! 2) More Classy look the black Trench Coat. Authentic in its statement of style. 3) Always Pure in its lane of Class and Functionality The Navy Pea Coat. Even the buttons are Classic.

Back to the newer trends of the Fall/Winter: Ya’ll seen Cam’ron’s second collaboration with Reebox? They’re hot and yeah they’re pink, but Cam’ron made it ok in Hip Hop to wear pink a long time ago and it looks good against black skin.


And before we jump off into what I think is the best product in footwear ever (yeah I mean that), let’s talk about winter boots or footwear. I’m a New Yorker to my heart and the only thing to wear for me in the harsh winter is classic outdoor wear. It’s Tim’s all day! They come in so many colors and urban designs. They may not say it publicly, but the Timberland company LLC and the $1.3 billion it’s worth owes alot of that to African Americans’ obsession and loyalty to the Timberland brand and in turn, they produce a lot of urban design products.

Our Main Attraction: Nike unveiled the “hottest” kicks ever made! and that’s saying a lot! They’re inspired by “Back to the Future”. They donate and acknowledge the Micheal J. Fox Foundation to combat Parkinson’s Disease. The Nike Mag is a $6,000.00 sneaker. Yeah I know, but think of this way, the greatest sneaker ever made has a price tag of $6,000.00.

nike mag 1
nike mag 2

These works of art self lace like in the movie. They light up and many other unique things and look like space
The’re hot to death. Never seen anything like these! Worth ever penny and they come with a paper of authenticity. Man listen, you gotta plug these Ma’ fuc…. up to charge!

OK, let’s put some pants on it: Going with a ghetto classic in jeans and pant material. Gotta hit ya’ll wit the Robin Jeans. Oh, dem new “Tin Tin’s in yankee wash studded Robin Red Jeans 51900”. They have the whole Robin design (the Wings). Pure classic design and they’re hood official! Rock Robins 5 days a week and they now feature dockers and casual looks.

Let’s talk bout some designers, past and present: First up is the under appreciated Dapper Dan who made the biggest impact in the 80’s to show the fashion world the value of design geared towards Urban Audience. He has variations on established designs and name brands and he did work with the Gucci print! Dapper Dan was visible and important to the culture of Hip Hop in the 80’s and 90’s. He’s still getting love as he was just on a episode of Luke Cage (and if you ain’t watching Cage, you ain’t poppin’). The Fashion Icon From the Holy Ground of Harlem is Dapper Dan.

Dapper Dan

The present designer I’mms talk about is the young fashion lion, Shayne Oliver. This designer took an unconventional route towards becoming the industry “Boss.” The 28 year old Minnesota born Trindad/Brooklyn, N.Y raised, fashion design virtuoso! He created the “Hood by Air” clothing Line. But, before that he was a favorite of Kanye West, A$AP Rocky and Rihanna. He is the present and the lane of the future. Do your homework on a fashion icon right now!


Got my fashion on for ya’ll.So ladies, you know what to get for your man for this season of spending money and the height of commercialism. And gurl if you get him dem Nike Mag. I promise you Grade A sex for 2017!

Yo, I gotta say ya’ll pray for Kanye West. His crazy ass! Ya’ll know he crazy and being with them blood/life sucking Kardashian women, whoa!

“When it comes to dripping knowledge from the pen ain’t nobody better. Brooklyn Stand Up.”



I wish you safety/security: Although I don’t celebrate “any” American holidays, I know most do. I’m cut from a different cloth. So enjoy your family and friends on this start to the holiday season in America. My life, my passion is behind this pen and a middle finger to my old life. I want to help others who hail from the gutter that I was born in as well. Today’s post rounds out the topic of redefining one’s self and redirecting the monster you have built inside. Rather from need or greed, the fact remains the same. Either change or become a statistic in life. It’s a hard truth, but these prisons are filled with footnotes of life only carried on by faithful family, if at all! The civilization of today may look like chaos, but it’s true nature is zero tolerance for any one outside law enforcement, court system, government or military to act in a bully manner. It’s aggressive in nature and if you already have a felonious past, you already exist on the fringes of society. Redefine that energy. The same tools can be used to win in this lifestyle. Prosper! The sheep wouldn’t wish that for you. Is this life of a minority unfair or even oppressive? Hell yes, but in this life you have to build yourself to build for the future. All life’s woes wont be solved in your life time. We are all life for the future (children) and come from the past (ancestors). An old school saying is “Know the rules, learn the game.” Let’s explore part 2, from me to you. -KJS

Redefine yourself

In part 1 of this ultra-important topic, we discussed the ills and woes of the fallout from the wild 80’s and 90’s – the drug epidemic age. How has society changed and how can men/women redefine themselves and produce positively as a member of this milder society?

Regardless of any support or lack of a supportive structure, I got you! Do you want to change or do you think “just one more run in this game”? That’s your first hurdle. If you’re in your 30’s or 40’s, can you afford another five or ten year stretch in prison or are you facing your third strike? Are you a persistent felony offender, facing 25 to life if you catch another case? I know hundreds of young men, old men and women who are never coming home, ever! They would give a limb for the chance you have now. Trust me, I know this can be done! That creativity you showed in your criminal life, that beast mode to survive on dem streets, those accounting skills and those C.E.O. decisions you made in the hood are skills you can still use. You just have to redirect them.

This life ain’t much different. Just rules geared toward everyone, not just the strong and ruthless. You might work with the nerdiest, squarest man you’ve ever met, but now it’s about acceptance and respect for your fellow man.

Concrete solutions; first off, don’t try to solve everything in one day. I am approaching this like you just walked out them doors, in a city that’s not your own and you might not have no family or true friends! Bottom!

First, let me say, you must lose the mentality that someone owes you something or that you’re above and better than your situation. Maybe you are, but the reality is here. You may not be at your ending, but understand where you are in life now. Don’t be ashamed, be realistic. When everything is going wrong, it’s hard to do right, but I’m wit you, LET’S GO! Imma spit facts at you.

Homeless now? You need to remove yourself from that old environment.

• Friends couch –tell them you need 3 months to get right. In that time, you must grind!

• Family – a member that’s NOT in the life. Maybe you need to rebuild the damaged bond. It’s the same principle. You must approach it as business, not family. You need 3 months to get on your feet. They know you, so you must really be on it.

• Homeless shelter – A) hopefully your city has a halfway house or reentry program. B) Local city homeless shelter. I know, plenty of rules, weird folks, sleeping on a mat on the floor, b.s. food and a curfew! But, this is the beginning and you’re going to need sleep, shower access and to take advantage of the counselors that help you find jobs and an apartment. You need this foundation, a mailing address/phone number. Many have had to do it, it’s the other side of the game they don’t tell you about.

• Probation and Parole – are you on paper now? Ahh, I feel for you. Ok, the pressure is on cuz the new thing is just recirculating criminals in and out of the system. The justice system’s version of a re-up.

• Learn your P.O. – what he/she will not stand for. Shit, ask what their pet peeves are. Usually, they will tell you.

• Stay clean and sober – that first couple months that you’re checking in is the test period. Avoid cops and stay clean. You have to build trust with your P.O.

• Gotta stay away from clubs, bars and casinos (for N.W. people). The chance of police contact is high.

• Comply with any groups or classes as part of the judge offered evaluations.

• Get employment! It definitely won’t be easy, depending on your charge. If for some reason, you are a registered sex offender, times that by ten!

• Utilize your local job service (American job center network). They usually have a person whom deals with replacement I.D. and convicted felon employment.

• Never lie on your resume and job applications, but also avoid giving brutal details.

• Make a resume – spend at least an hour. No internet or computer? No problem. Every library has printers and it usually costs $.10 a copy.

• Call back every employer once you’ve applied (either dropped off resume/ job application or online application). You must develop yourself beyond what you look like on paper.

• “Slow Money” – yeah, if you were heavy in the game, but now you value freedom and health, you have to get used to it. If you’ve heard the phrase “all money ain’t good money”, then you know that blood money turns into bail, lawyers or holding your outside family down. It turns into no money or short money. For now, a steady and consistent cash flow is exactly what you need. Have a goal, a dream, a plan. It may be a true for you like many others, a 9 to 5 will never hold my attention long. If probation/parole money is a must, but you’re pursuing bigger goals, then a part time job may be perfect to satisfy all your needs.

• Patience/humility/addictions – lastly, the three ego triggers that land confident, arrogant and quick tempered men/women back in jail. If you have drug or gambling addictions, you must address them first! True life knows the journey is not a race, slow your energy, live life and don’t let it live you! Enjoy the experience, the journey. Your goal is to build on the positive pleasures and learn and grow from the tribulations. You are a part of this society. Never feel alone. Millions have walked this path. It is well worn.

Have you been humbled? Don’t worry, humility is a test of life. The embarrassment of drug users, I think, is the toughest first step in getting help. Finally admitting that yes, that was me for all those years, to your family and friends. Psst, let me tell you something… they’ve been knowing. You were the last one to accept it.

Never let failure hold you from attempting. The failure to try is the only true failure. These are tools to throw in your arsenal of “get right”. If you have any questions or comments, I’m always here for my brothers and sisters. I will always revisit this ever changing topic.

A product of determination
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Probation Felony


I wish you safety/security. These times have brought on a change in attitude and some situations have once again created the warrior inside us for cultural survival! Yet, a lust for violence, an embrace of that negative tone for a prolonged period will lead to what when the fight relaxes for awhile? Black on black crime, self destruction? Balance is the major-key. To those of you on the brink of violence as your norm, you must control the monster inside because “he” does not translate well in society. The day to day grind of work and dream chasing has little to do with your aggression level. As there are two sides to you, there are two sides to the black community of our race! Self defense is human nature abd yet the power to not become addicted to that life should be your nature. Protect your family, home, property and your fellow man/woman. Protect your self from the greatest enemy and challenge “one’s self. Take a journey with “us” as we focus on solutions, our aim, and the greatest gift of solutions is the backbone of the B.A.F.


There has always been a time when African Americans had to become violent. Take on for extended periods in our struggle with an aggressive nature. From Cato to the Black Panther Party to the not so moral street gangs in the 80’s until now.

This is a new “culture” in America. No longer are we in the gansta rap age that NWA, Onyx, M.O.P., Scarface, big mob organizations across the U.S., the Tony Montana vibe or the savage lifestyles that took place in cities like Detroit, Baltimore, Washington D.C., Brooklyn and Watts. The wild days of cocaine cowboys and rampant openness of the drug world in Florida was like an oasis of crime and drugs. But, the fallout from that era are thousands of convicted felons and tens of thousands on probation and parole.

Fact – African American make up 13% of the U.S. population, but comprise 47% of the country’s prison population.

In 2002, an African American historian studied the prison population and its racial numbers. The findings…
Males incarcerated – 2,019,234
African American males – 818,900
White males – 637,700
Hispanic males – 68,000

That averages out to 4,810 black males incarcerated for every 100,000 in the population, compared to 649 whites per their 100,000. Our numbers now show that 23% of African American males are either in prison, county jail or on probation/parole.

That lifestyle and mentality is to be more aggressive than those who enslaved you. It’s coming off the Black Pride Movement of the 70’s. Those power moves of Public Enemy’s music, Tupac’s Thug Life cry, the rise in popularity in street gangs like the bloods, crips, and latin kings. Supreme team, a new age lawlessness in the urban communities demanded its pounds of flesh in the form of young black lives. Further deterioration of our communities continued the self-destruction pattern of breaking the family bond and even family connections.

Now, you have 30-45 year old men and women with little to no social skills (and naw, I ain’t talkin bout P.O.F. skills). I mean real social skills. Can you present yourself in public?

New American culture; times have changed while you were away. It’s a softer approach to life “in America”. I know the fight rages on in some hoods, but the vibe of life is geared towards a more civil life. You have to be more socially accepting of other lifestyles, i.e. the change in the majority’s treatment of gays in society, on t.v. and all over pop culture. There’s even stiffer gun and aggravated assault laws to curb the violence. The unacceptable attitude of the community for open, blatant violence is the new norm. Black communities are joining together to STOP or at least push it back in the shadows. Street life!

What does that mean for the young man/woman recently or soon to be released with one or two strikes against them? “Setting up licks” or “pushing a package” does not translate well on a job resume. What about those whom have neglected to educate themselves on this computer run world. You cannot even fill out a job application anymore without basic computer skills. The days of walking in and picking up an application are fading out!

Redefine yourself!

You must change. “It is not the strongest species that survives, nor the most intelligent, but the ones most responsive to change”. I use this quote from Charles Darwin again and again and it has always been true. If you just maintain your stance of life as it was at age 19 or 25, you will fail in the area of growth. You may exist, but with purpose for someone else’s means. To live on your terms and give to life what you’ve been gifted to give is life in balance. Today’s life is compassion, understanding, forgiveness and to live and let live.

I know the violence against young black lives is still FACT. I know discrimination is still ALIVE, but know it’s a last pitch effort to the old world mentality offended by the “change” in America. The fact that we have an eight year black President is a stance against their ever slipping hold on the direction this Country is headed.

But, my focus in this is for the redefinition of life of those falling away from our nation. We’ve talked a lot about the problems that plague those at a cross roads in life. Those whom feel “this is my last chance”, I say all you need is one shot! In this part one, I’ve sounded the alarm of the issues you might face if you are a part of new age of gangsta, thug life to now. What bridge is there to cross? In part two, we will discuss real, concrete self-help approaches and how to re-direct that monster to live in this mild society.

Always be your brother – KJS
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DOC Prison Release

SAN ANTONIO COP KILLED: “This Racial Sword Will Cut Both Ways!”

cop killing 1

I truly wish you safety and security. On Sunday, a San Antonio police officer was shot and killed in front of police headquarters. Det. Benjamin Marconi, a 20 year veteran of the force, was targeted not for his skin, but the color young blacks feel is the true enemy, “blue.”

cop vic

The police statements are calling it “a cowardly act and in the beginning of the holiday season, no family should have to deal with this tragedy.” I see the new way the masses are receiving instant information and seeing the eyes of hundreds of people that look like them and could be them. It has manifested into a “hell naw” mentality and it’s a growing attitude. Rally calls of Black Lives Matter, the soul awareness we’re giving social media such as Facebook “Live” and professional phone cameras have unmasked the ugly relationship between young black men/woman and police. This is the “Hate that Hate Made”, but is not all life that’s precious. How sad is the condition we live in on many of our urban streets that the pressure of young minorities and the on edge attitude police must be feeling from doing a job in such tensions. This racial sword will swing both ways. The difference today is that the meek victims of the past are now striking back!

The shooting occurred right in front of Police Headquarters at noon which made it easy to record the suspect with countless outside cameras in the area. It was a young black male and make no mistake, his life is over if he makes it inside a court room. Did you hear me? This happened in Texas! Texas is known for it’s strong racist convictions. This young man you are about to see is a part of the frustrated and misguided youth of our community.

suspected cop killer

getaway car

As the officer, Benjamin Marconi, sat in his patrol car, he had another car pulled over in front of Police Headquarters. The assailant walked up to the patrol car’s drivers side and shot the officer in the head. He then leaned into the car and fired another shot to the head and walked off looking at the person inside the pulled over car. The shots rang out and caused action from many cops from the station. The suspect walked to his black sedan and sped off. He is still at large. Police are asking the residents of San Antonio, Texas for help in finding and putting a name to the suspect. His image is all over A.P.B. and has made this young man or young animal, if that is your position, the most wanted man in America and just as this technology has helped us, it surely helps police. The suspect is described as a slim black man in his 20’s or 30’s wearing a grey shirt and pants. He fled in a black sedan with chrome rims and dark tint. The recent shooting of cops in Dallas, Texas and Baton Rouge, Louisiana have become a deadly trend with one incident fueling the other regardless of a link or not. If there is no communication soon between a group that blacks respect and a division of police that are ready to listen and respond then we are headed for a bloody summer and the racial sword will cut both ways. But, brothers and sisters, we are outgunned and we will see more losses than they ever will! Facts! With the laws and public support, that is a war we just can’t win. Now, when a 40 hour a week worker gets pulled over and they ask “Where’s your license?” Be careful when reaching for it. Don’t you know you could die for that? The tension is so high on the streets! Ghetto USA is ground zero for most of these private wars. Now, not only is there tension for black families, but now for the families of cops. The police are on high alert cause the attitude of black males is an expression from the scars of fallen victims like Travvon and Laquan. Listen to the frustration in Hip Hop songs like “16 shots“. Mayor Ivy R. Taylor of San Antonio condemned the shooting and called for patience as police and the white residents of Texas scream for justice. Ironic ain’t it!

The racial tension is so real! Now the police feel like targets, but unlike the last eight years, it will translate very differently as a police endorsed president will react with more coldness. A shoot first and ask questions later will show in court, backed by people such as former mayor Giuliani who took Stop an Frisk to new levels of discrimination in New York. These are the new tools they will have for us over the next four years. So, when I say I wish you safety and security, I mean that with all my soul!

last 5

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fall out 1

I wish you safety and security. It sickens me to even post with the fumes of the presence of “your new president.” Yet, the expected fall out has begun with open face racism, racial profiling, racial harassment and embarrassment. Of course there have also been assaults and death! The so called “white superiority” is back. The attitude of some whites after the election is deplorable! Is this what you voted for? Major incidents have taken place all over America since the Republican victory. Phrases have been thrown around cities and towns through out America hurled towards Blacks, Mexicans, The L.G.B.T. community, Muslims and just immigrants in general. I will explore some of these early and instant incidents on the lips of some whites. Some are “Go back to Africa” or “I can’t wait to that wall gets built so your Mexican ass can’t come back.” Also, violent acts have been committed out of some sense of racial victory, unlike the racial relief that blacks felt with the 2008 election of Barrack Obama. Whites were not assaulted or killed then. It was a loud sense of rejoice for our whole race. It differs from this hateful racial feel of a new found power with “his” victory. I swear I can’t say his name. A feeling that he saved America shows. While the true facts are that the shade of America grows ever darker in it’s complexion, a smug victory to preserve white-power. It feeds their already superiority complex.

I tried to tell ya’ll this was more than just a presidential election. It was more like a racial crossroads. The hidden meaning of “Make America Great Again” was a hidden plea to white America to “Make America White Again.” In his political pitch, he stressed an ethnic cleansing of Mexicans, a zero tolerance for Muslims, stopping the rise of the L.G.B.T. and to put women back in their place. This was no secret and I wasn’t the only one to see it. What it really was that the eight years of a Black President and Clinton being allied with the minority cause overshadowed the obvious shortcomings of “your new president.” The depths of racial hate are never to underestimated! But, beyond the pure racism in America, the average common whites were drawn in by a subconscious feeling that they were losing their grip on America! All these signs were a reflection of “his” true self, a blood sucker of the fears of America! But, I promised myself and my many readers that I wouldn’t post “anything” political again as long as ‘he’ is in office”. So let me get back to what’s current in the news.

fall out 4

The Southern Poverty Law Center (trust me, they are highly credible) has reported several things since the election. The report plainly states a dramatic rise in incidents of racist and xenophobic harassment/assaults. This was to be expected, but did you expect this much suppressed venom? All minorities knew the hate was coming and what “his” victory meant for us. Now the damage control is not to sacrifice to much to make it through these next four years that will surely test our racial fortitude! To speak out and not let these horrors go unreported and for some of us “without retaliation”. I’ll never let them cover up these ugly acts to come! Targets in America are: Blacks, Latino’s, Muslims (all in Islam), immigrants, the L.G.B.T. community and even the advancements of women (do you think woman will be getting that fair wage hike?). We must march down in every way during this time, using technology the same way they do. Now, lets touch on some facts happening in American. The Fall- Out:

* A grade school student, twelve year old black girl was approached in a Washington State school by a young white student that said to her, in front of the class and teacher “Now that T…. is president, I’m going to shoot you and all the blacks I can find”.

* In a Maple Grove, MN, a black student (high school) had his locker painted with racial attacks with T….’s name embossed at the bottom #FuckNiggers #FuckAllPorchMonkeys and #T….

fall out 5

This is “Your new president”, the Ku Klux Klan endorsed candidate. There’s still more than a month until “he” takes power. America is already feeling the pains. The “Fall Out'” has begun!

* While filling his gas tank, an Indian American man was in fear for his life when a car load of whites pulled next to him and one shouted “It’s time to get out our country Apu”.

*At a York County School of Technology in York PA. a group of white students carrying T…. signs chanted “White Power Is Back” and marched on school grounds.

fall out 7

The often overlooked victims are not only the children of a mixed couple, but the women, the millions of white mothers of minority children. How painful and powerless they must feel. They are in the carpools, offices, and hear the real watercooler talk from the whites who have no idea these woman have black babies at home. Imagine the hate they get in public now with their children. What about the Black fathers of mixed kids? He has to hear “Fuck these whites” and he sees music and the youth’s attitude towards whites and feels lost!

fall out 8

I’m sure you have heard about even more racial incidents all over social media. Blacks and other minorities know how dangerous ignorance can be. Street gangs and the street codes, to most of America, are sheer ignorance. Just ask anyone that’s not from an Urban or gang culture and they will express to you how stupid it is to fight and die over color! They could never understand a prison mentality, a life lived by street codes like “death before dishonor” and how it is “ignorance.” So we know how deadly ignorance can become fast! This racial ignorance has been the most mean spirited to Muslims. They are catching it first and hard with Muslim woman spit on and Muslim men beaten. They force us to respond but please remember that now the police have the backing of the highest leader of the land so they’re feeling themselves too. It all spells casualties of war for “us.” I wish you safety and security!

fall out 2

KJS – Standing Strong And Holding Ground!
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Urge 1Urge 2

I start this out with a saying I’ve come to love. “Blacks are the benefactors of the biggest atrocities in human history. Now it’s our time, so shall ‘WE’ become the stewards of destiny. Transprung before your very eyes”. Ever hear the expression “People don’t plan to fail, people fail to plan”?

Urge into energy. The passion and drive is instilled inside of you if you’re African American because our roots are embedded in betterness! From the beginning of our existence in America, we’ve had to fight against genocide of the American blacks. They envisioned slavery or death for us. We envisioned freedom or death. Just to remind you of the mind state of your roots, there was a time when we all had a common bond and goal. First there was survival, then the urge, then the energy, over generations, to carry it out.

The pain and hope of a slave woman is instilled in her seed. That burning hope has produced leaders, men and women dedicated to the cause. What is the urge today? It’s very different. Our common bond is selfish, although we have many social issues and common links. The urge is more individualized. Meaning we’ve accomplished a life when a causal freedom and opportunities are now at our feet.

How can one harness this power? As I’ve said, it’s already inside you. They say some of our worst traits, as African Americans, are the shock waves of atrocities. These are the fruits of slavery. Then, it’s also the truth, the urge and energy to overcome. It’s in us as well.

But, how can one focus that urge and harness that energy? Goals are the key! What is your aim in life? Do something every day to bring you closer to that in which you want.

You’ve heard “to be it, you have to see it”. That’s true. So, no matter how it sounds, lame, played or b/s, it’s true. Here is an example…

Short Term Goals:
Better Condition
Stop Smoking
Get a job
Go to school

Long Term Goals:
Own a house
Move out of state
Have a family
Become wealthy

Ok, your list or any list starts with desire. What is it that you wish to obtain? Your mind automatically moves toward what you want. Now you have the urge. What part one fails at, most often, is the energy that it takes for achievement, the passion and practice of desire. But, allow yourself to be what you want. Once you move in the direction of your goals, things start to happen in that area. You may meet people on the same path and possibilities open in that lane. Information and opportunities become reality. I promise you, it’s true. It’s the networking of self!

If a home is your goal and you start seeking loans and information about home ownership, doors open. A loan you had no knowledge of may spring up.

What is your urge? How much energy does it take? I am tired often and so is everybody who works with me, here at the B.A.F. It’s because everyone here has other goals and dreams and they work hard for them. Outside of energy, there is laziness. I remember saying, “There are two cardinal sins from which all others spring and where failure lives – impatience and laziness”. Balance is key. Rush anything and it will fail or be less than what it could have been. The other extreme is laziness. I have no love for this… I know people who would give a limb just for the chance to grind again. Our lives have been a constant drive of manual labor. Working harder has been the corner stones of our culture.

Urge 6

Urge into energy, energy into results. The application of this are the principles of achievement, but rest assured, negativity brings negativity. Trying to be the next Tony Montana or Bobby Shmurda will bring you to a result of infamy, but also your end. It will be exactly what you’ve put into it, negativity.

Be realistic in your dreams. Think not how I and many used to. Dwell in the fruits of negativity to produce something positive. The harm you cause along the way may give way to your demise before you can change the game. There is no control over negative ambition. It leads you to a dark place and many are trapped there. Your lust has to be based in something with an impact of good! It’s good to be a home owner. It strengthens us all. The impact of a drug dealer is negative on the community. It kills others goals while you selfishly cling to yours.

I bleed reality – KJS
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