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Good Monday. I hold very little regard for calendar holidays. As Chuck D said, Hell’er days. opens the week with respect and homage to something in this tech-age where everyone can write there views in this era of social media. We take for granted the roots of “Black Print”. The bloggers, web writers and those who use social media as an positive outlet, all the brothers/sisters in the media world nationally, locally and in all its many lanes for African Americans. Black journalism has been slowly built as all our advances in America. Sadly, the name of the “First Lady of the Black Press”, as she is know by, is not readily recognized. Her name is Ms. Ethel Payne. Every reporter who has a job to connect with the African American population has to know it was “her” voice and her presentation of the black concern. This is the blueprint of black journalism in the upper levels of national media. She cared so strongly for our condition and the responsibility to tell our side that it inspired black leaders to come. It was “she’ who broke through the color line of national t.v. exposure. Understand how important the media is in shaping the world’s perception of races and issues. Ms. Payne expressed our true feelings and stance on civil subjects. Today we honor:

“The First Lady of the Black Press”

Ethel Lois Payne was born on Aug.14,1911 and died on May 28,1991 in Chicago, Illnois. She was an African American journalist, print columnist, lecturer and freelance writer. Known as the “First Lady of the Black Press”, she combined advocacy with journalism and reported on the Civil Rights Movement during the 1950’s and 1960’s. She was the black voice and the black reporter her people believed in.

Her path to journalism happened like many destiny paths, “unexpectedly”. She was a host at an Army Special Services Club in Japan in the late 1940’s. A reporter from her home town was visiting from the Chicago Defender and wanted the true story. He asked to read her journal that so many black soldiers told him about. By 1950, the strength of her clear, real painted picture earned her a job as a full time journalist for the Defender. Payne became the voice as she covered civil rights moments like the Montgomery Bus Boycott and the 1963 March on Washington. As a journalist, she earned respect as a ferocious reporter asking the tough questions. She brought that black woman perspective to the media world. In 1966, she traveled to Vietnam to cover the African American soldier’s story in the face of Muhammad Ali’s decision to protest the draft and the overwhelming American stance against the Vietnam War. In 1972, she uplifted the whole African American Race when she was hired as the first African American woman to be a t.v. commentator on a national network, working for CBS programming. The show was called Spectrum and ran from 1972 to 1978. Then she was on the highly successful show Matters of Opinion, ending in 1982.

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Payne said she was influenced by Langston Hughes and the writers of the Harlem Renaissance. I must use this opportunity to say the light of black journalism started with the first black owned and run newspaper, the “Freedom Journal” of 1827 in the United States by two born free African Americans with great courage! Mr. John Russwurm and Mr. Samuel Cornish started it in New York City. The newspaper only ran from 1827 to 1829 because of racial pressure.

Payne was an American hero in life and work. She gave herself to the cause of our condition, sacrificing much of her personal life. So, next time you see a black commentator on CNN, FOX NEWS, or any where else, know it was the “First Lady of the Black Press” that plowed that path! Ms. Payne died in her home of a heart attack in Washington D.C. She left a legacy so deep in the national media world that she is only one of four journalists honored with a U.S. postage stamp, appearing in 2002. She also has the love and respect of her people.

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Inspired by the life of Ms.Ethel L. Payne, I close in a different way today with a quote to move your soul:

“There Are Two Cardinal Sins From Which All Others Spring”
(1) Impatience

Avoid both to move away from failure, one being thirsty the other being lackadaisical. Balance is the major key to life!

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Your brother, Writing With A Purpose, Writing 4U. Writing for the History of Our Now Culture!
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Our weekend post was suppose to be light in nature to carry you, but you know “hate” never rests. So nor shall “we.” Yet, before I dig deep in such a serious social matter, this was today’s topic. I plan to post the brand new (old) constellation and new astrological dates in our old world zodiac signs realignment. NASA scientists found a constellation that was previously ignored. It’s called Ophiuchus. NASA broke this in a blog blast, saying “When the ancient Babyloians created the Zodiac over 3000 years ago, they wanted dates on the already created 12 month calendar to correspond with star constellations. But, there were 13 constellations and 12 month calendar so they chose to ditch Ophiuchus”. Everything has changed, zodiac signs have changed it’s crazy.

Back to this very important post. Recently a person that I know well experienced workplace racism. His response to a combustible situation propelled his job to show their true cloth. He was suspended without pay while his white counter part was not so much as even written up or verbally warned. Without spilling all his business, he is a convicted felon and needs to work. He works hard and as many African Americans are, he’s in the process of conversion of urban branches. He was truly street engaged in his youth and prison have shaped his ethics. But, as we all must do to preserve our “freedom”, we must conform. We then begin to shape our lives, but to make it you must first join it! In the world of 2016, tolerance and authority rule the landscape. The Wild West, Thug Life and Gender bias are things of the past.

New ways to fight are still fighting. Reshape your tactics to fit your war, words of Sun Tzu. offers solutions and tools for these new ways and days. To my street urchins and those of you unfamiliar with these systems of white America, “I got you.” The wrong decision is to use violence in the workplace and society. That is prison mentality. Where violence is the first, second and third options! In this America, they have slowly done away with “only the strong survive”, because the meek could not live. Be sure to understand that African Americans and minorities have benefited from such changes. I’ll always give you the “real”. That existence will always cause you to lose. The man that recently experienced racism in the work place hsd a different skin color and that combined with his past transgressions with the law, made him a suspect at his job. A scape goat and expendable in the eyes of the company. These are hard facts.

However, stand up and fight where you can.This life is not without solutions! There are unethical practices that jobs and employers use on woman, felons, elderly and minorities. Everyone of us is entitled to fair treatment on the job. Employers – whether they are a big corporations or small shops, factories or hospitals, private or public, offices or fast food franchises (which holds mainly minorities) all owe their employees a living wage, respect and the right to be heard if there is a dispute. Our workplace demands should be the same ones that other races enjoy. The largest population of people that are discriminated against, in this order are ; African Americans, Latinos, women and the elderly. Our workplace should be free of health hazards, discrimination and retaliation! We deserve equal pay for the same work and opportunity regardless of age, gender, race religion, sexual orientation, gender identity, immigrant status or disability. PERIOD!

Brothers/Sisters, you can live in this world. It ain’t much different than street life. It has it’s own rules. There’s just a lot less tolerance for aggression. The same tools you used to survive in the underbelly of this society, you can use in this corporate world and societal landscape. Example; My associate, if he was in a police situation, would have remained calm and said little because these are the codes he follows. Ok, in his work confrontation apply the same methods. Remain calm, assess the real threat, not only of his prideful self, but to his shmoney, his pay check that more than just himself rely on. Remain calm and voice your dissatisfaction.

Now, if your needs go beyond help or a kind ear from your immediate supervisor or company, “I got you”. It’s what we do. We’re cemented in solutions and awareness at the core of Here are the tools of fighting within the system. These are new ways to express yourself and be heard.

To the international audience in third world countries and areas without a strong visible black presence like America has, I offer the ILO (International labor office). The ILO is committed to fighting all forms of discrimination in the world, including racism. The ILO’s decent work agenda offers the basis for inclusive process of change. Juan Somauia, the Director’s General contact info is +44 0 22799 6111 (help desk).

In America, we have what is know as the TITLE V11. The Title V11 of the Civil Rights act of 1964 is another right that Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. fought for and won. It promises equal employment opportunities by prohibiting job discrimination on the basis of race, color, religion and national origin. No longer can employers discriminate in hiring, firing, promotions and pay. Under TITLE V11, American victims of discrimination must file their charges with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC). Where 80 percent of its members are appointed by President Obama. That’s the Leadership Conference at 1620 L. street NW, suite 1100 Washington, D.C. 20036 (202) 466- 3311. The Leadership Conference is another Obama success. It’s the Nation’s premier civil and human rights coalition.

Working America is also a strong fighter in American workplace discrimination with 10 million supports. They get Corporations anf Companies’ attention! They have a 70 percent win rate in discrimination cases. “Working America” is your first contact. 815 16 th Street NW. Washington, D.C. 20006. info; Tel. 202 637 5137.

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Based soundly in solutions, will fight for what’s needed! Fight in new ways and as you mature, so should your actions of resolution. “For it is not the strongest, nor the bravest, quickest or biggest. It is the one that can adapt to change that survives.” Before I close, here are the new zodiac dates from the opening of this post.

Are you sitting down? Good, because the whole zodiac system has changed. Who you thought you were in the Astrological World may no longer be;

Capricorn: Jan. 20 to Feb. 16
Aquarius: Feb. 16 to March 11
Pisces: March 11 to April: 18
Aries: April: 18 to May: 13
Taurus: May 13 to June 21
Gemini: June 21 to Aug. 10
Cancer:July 20 to Aug: 10
Leo: Aug. 10 to Sept. 16
Virgo: Sept 16 to Oct. 30
Libra: Oct. 30 to Nov. 23 ( Libra now has the highest membership)
Scorpio: Nov. 23 to Nov. 29 ( Now is less than 1 percent of the world population)
Ophiuchus: (the new sign) Nov. 29 to Dec. 17
Sagittarius: Dec. 17 to Jan. 20

Standing Up and Showing Out
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Peace to my social guests. The Black Awareness Foundation thrives on the premise of soul education, the light of awareness and the strength of prideful information. In the waves and waves of social media, social networking and interaction, the B.A.F. stands as a lighthouse, a way home to the comforts of unconditional love for our American built traditions and customs. Yet, also not forgetting our African roots.

Africa is calling!

America is your surrogate, no matter your opposition. America yells and screams, bullies her way. Africa is the calm waters, the cradle of civilization, the whispers that want you back. Direct descendants are you and I. A tear comes from the original Motherland, as she knows that sons and daughters were stolen from her grasp. America is like a hard nosed foster parent whom made you earn your every comfort, but hold tight and showcases her hidden jewel. With each generation, less and less is known of our home. We slip deeper and deeper into the clutches of America and cry to the heavens for equality and justice in another’s home. A closer connection with our birth place will produce pride in the bosom of the original mother. The fact is that mitochondrial DNA originates and sprung forth all life from Africa. Many other races are our distant cousins and their melanin became lessened and lost. But, not you and I. Our bone structures, noses and hair strongly represent our direct ties to the second largest continent in the world!

The answers lay within. If you believe “one cannot know where one is going without knowing where ones have been”, then your unquenched answers lay in the whispers of Africa while the boldness and loudness of America tempts to hold you fast.

Highlighted history that may compel you to learn more…

• There are 54 countries in Africa
• The majority of African Americans’ blood lines trace back to West Africa
• Algeria is Africa’s largest country
• The Seychelles is Africa’s smallest country
• The highest peak is Mt. Kilimanjaro in Tanzania
• The lowest point is Lake Assal in Djibouti
• The Nile River in Egypt is the longest in the world
• The Sahara Desert is the hottest desert in the world and the third largest. It’s only behind the Antarctica and Arctic. The whole country of America could fit inside the Sahara.
• Currency is the U.S. dollar and the Euro

No more debating! Africa is the origin of all human life!

A) Approximately 1.75 million years ago, small pockets of human groups spread throughout parts of Africa. They became aggressive hunters and gatherers.
• Egyptian culture took hold of the world around 3200 B.C.
B) With the Nile River as its base for waterway trade, Egypt became the jewel of the world.
• Before the middle ages, Muslims became the conquerors of the world and Islam became the religion of Africa.
C) The collapse of the Roman Empire gave Arabs a rise in power and African culture spread throughout the world.

I give you just cause in your plight for who you are. I too grew up in urban environments and I know full well the disconnect and image we had of Africa. There was so much conditioning and negative media coverage of Africa that it pushed many of us away from that which we are. In past days Marcus Garvey, Paul Cuffe, Lott Cary, David Walker and Martin R. Delany preached. They spoke as emigrationalists and practiced the belief of strengthening our bonds and ties with Mother Africa.

This is the first part of “Africa Is Calling”. Later this week, we shall look at the state that Africa is in and how we can connect now. How do they see us now? How can we blend music, food and culture? We are not called American Africans. We are called African Americans. Now more than ever, we must be the mature sons and daughters and care for our history!

Your sincere brother
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Peace and Love: The pressure of just being black in america is a burden, most races (save; Latinos and Native Americans) know not, the life draining, dream stealing, bitter taste it fills African Americans with the need to defend just being black! We walk through life “considered” lesser, under constant suspicion with every move. Living in a nation not built with the intent on us ever being an equal. We bare the Burden Of The World!

To my social world, never be afraid of change. It’s in our prayers and in our songs of “freedom”. Change brings hope. Testing your faith opens doors.

Today, explores the reality of being not just a minority, but the most threatening race to the true powers that be in America.

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Why? Guilt? Shame? Or is it more? Is it our physical presence, despite the lack of proper generational nourishment? Is it because, despite proper education, we’ve thrived and disproved the notion that we could not produce mental gifts? It’s the resiliency, so much so that African Americans fit this word!

Resiliency; noun – able to recover quickly from misfortune. Able to return to form after being bent. A human ability to recover from disruptive change or misfortune without being overwhelmed or acting in a dysfunctional, harmful or self-destructive way.

Individuals are greatly different, but on a race level, the core or whole of something, there is a common bond. For example, Justin Timberlake and many white people can dance, but being born with “rhythm” mostly missed them, as a whole. Asians are physically smaller, as a whole, but they are also mental giants. There is harmony in race, common trait bonds.

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One of our born bonds is the necessity to have to defend ourselves from birth to death all over the world, but especially in America. We were stripped of our dignity and culture. Not to mention, our language, religion and the God given right to exist as part of the human condition. We were legally labeled as less than a man or women. Cast as less than even farm animals. Yet, the cultivation of a nation was built on our backs.

Growing up in the 60’s era, the 70’s strife, the crazed 80’s, the reinvented 90’s and the culmination of the 2000’s, we still defend the color of our skin. The innocence of a child lives short for us before the realization of our burden. Treated as a criminal or suspect quickly sets in. The fruits of slavery remain in the great great grandchildren of the past.

From the cradle, mothers and fathers worry, with sound reason, if their child can escape the statistical nature of our existence of discrimination, prison, rage, anger and death. Yes, all parents worry, but ours is a deeper worry without resources. We feel alone while others sit on a throne.

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To your very grave, throughout our lives, we’ve been forced to defend our talents and become vessels of entertainment to open lanes of opportunity. We fight the long way just for equality. Yes, the words ring true. We fight and work twice as hard for the same respect and dignity afforded to other races automatically. The love of life and rightness was born in our souls without us knowing how or why a soft whisper carries us through life. “Live, live and fight, live”! Seen by the numbers in suicide, African Americans are the least likely race to kill themselves, as reported by the Medical Journal of Statistics. The race with the highest reasons survives, season after season.

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We constantly change what America views as negative – music, a woman’s body type, fashion, what is or isn’t cool. We are “ground zero” of pop culture (popular culture). When those outside envy American music like Hip Hop, R & B or Jazz, emulate the fashion craze or watch sports, they see the gifts and talents we possess!

But, inside the circle, we still defend our skin. We still suffer from the masses. We make up the consumers of America’s back, which they step up and over. As we move towards justice, by any means necessary in 2016, we still defend our skin, but never again will we defend our proper place in the human race!

Giving you more than them #YoungBlackHistorian
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Good day to you and yours. The moments pass to soon into memories. Life grows short as we try to gather wisdom and understanding! Before I dive into today’s powerful topic, in which I explore two great men, I will touch on current events in sports. The N.F.L. has reached its half way point. There are no undefeated teams left. Dallas, with a rookie QB and RB, looks like the class of the NFC. While New England, with a pissed off Tom Brady, rules the AFC. But, my Raiders look so for real. Yesterday was Game 1 of the fall classic (World Series). Baseball has the Clev. Indians and the Chi. Cubs battling out for supremacy. Yesterday was also the opening of the NBA, as Lebron and co. received their rings. It’s a great time of year to be a sports fan!

Now, to touch on two of the most enduring and polarizing Men to the African American Race…

El-Hajj Malik el-Shabazz (Malcolm-X) was born Malcolm Little on May 19, 1925. He died February 21, 1965 in Omaha,Nebraska. Malcolm X is known as the greatest as well, but in other rings of life. In the hearts, minds and souls of the African American people, the most influential polarizing connection to his race! He raised the self-esteem of a whole race. He is my hero, my role model in life. He is a pillar of strength, self pride education and more importantly, Malcolm gave “us” the permission to put self defense into action! Ossie Davis said it best in his eulogy at Malcolm X’s funeral. “Our brother Malcolm, he is our Black Prince.”

Muhammad Ali was born Cassius Marcellus Clay Jr. (The Greatest) on January 17, 1942 and died on June 3, 2016 in Louisville, Kentucky. Ali is “The Greatest”, not only in the ring, but in black life. Did you know that before the era of Micheal Jordan, Ali had achieved the world ranking as the most recognized face in the world? He finished the thought that Malcolm X had. Ali single handedly took a stand against the world power America had gained. This resonated through out the world. It was proof that one man could make a difference. Ali spoke words that reshaped how other blacks through out the world viewed us. For whom ever they threw at him in the ring, his fist became the motto of a black rebellion in action.


This post is not to lay any fault with either great historic man, but rather to touch on such a unique and powerful bond and what it took to break this bond of brothers. Know this: “Hold no man higher than God or yourself.”

It was a union of real power, the body and the mind coming together for one common cause. “You and I.” On June 10, 1962, a then Cassius Clay Jr. met the already Minister of the Nation of Islam, Malcolm X. This bond, I believe, was preordained. It was a friendship that was strong in its brotherhood. A big brother and almost fatherly figure, Malcolm X was to Ali. Ali was seventeen years younger and their bond was in a strenuous time during the 60’s Civil Rights Movement. It was a time when so many black leaders were letting their voice be heard. The problems and issues of the black American race were being addressed. The similarities and major differences brought a bond between Shabazz and Ali like most blacks in that time. Violence, anger and rage linked them in the cause. A vision of what African Americans could be forged their alliance.

There is a book written about the bond of Malcolm and Muhammad called “Blood Brothers”. It’s written by Randy Roberts and Johnny Smith. Yet, it focuses on the rift and the split, the collision of sports, race and the politics from not only America, but of the Nation of Islam. It’s a hard look at the black bond by two white authors. They characterize the relationship between Shabazz and Ali as pawns to Elijah Muhammad’s built empire of lies and mental manipulation. FBI informers were central to their book. These authors expose uncomfortable realities about their private lives. The book is less than popular in the black community, but it’s always wise to know how so-called white liberals view such great black historical role models.

THE BOND: It was built in the light of our greatest time and need. They traveled, ate and talked together. They were brothers who were men in a society that viewed them as either “Great” or “Rattle Rousers.” Ali was humbled in Malcolm X’s presence and Malcolm was awed by the nature and skills of Ali. It was a bond of mutual respect. What the book “Blood Brothers” failed to grasp is the threat that the bond of Malcolm X and Muhammad Ali represented to the establishment of America.

THE BREAK: Ali said in an interview with great humbleness years after Malcolm’s death “One of the greatest regrets of my life is not mending the bond between He and I.” The bond was built on love and respect and was torn down by falsehoods, lies and a blind following by both at the hands of the Nation of Islam. The rift happened when Malcolm X reached a level of understanding about the Nation. Before Ali, Malcolm X was hated on and envied from the inside of the Nation that he helped build. Ali was used and reused by Elijah Muhammad and the Nation in the same way Malcolm was for their popularity in America and the world. Once Malcolm lost that light in the American public, he was no longer a vessel for the Nation. Ali became the new face for the Nation. Ali chose the Nation, when Malcolm was exiled from the fold of it. Ali chose a house of snakes. The Nation was built on frustration and lies. The same lies Malcolm came to see. No man should be revered as God. Which in Elijah Muhammad’s case, his followers believed and still believe. The power of jealousy makes people go to great lengths. That’s what broke the bond of Malcolm and Muhammad!

m&m 3

I write this with great admiration for both. Please see older posts highlighting both Ali and Malcolm X, whom I deem credits to our race and a light to humanity itself!

Product of Determination
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The Psychological Reasons Blacks Are Weary of Doctors, Hospitals and Modern Medicine


Peace to my audience, old and new. I am hopeful that health and happiness finds you on this day. Today’s post goes to the heart of a black community trained to fear. There are very real and valid reasons that African Americans have psychological scars and fears of hospitals and doctors. We would even self-sacrifice rather than give into the horror stories of the past. The 1932 Tuskegee Experiments are well documented. Hundreds of black men were unknowingly subjected to syphilis injections and studied. Many suffered and died just to see the deadly disease run its course. But, that has not been the only case of such unethical medical experiments on African Americans! Did you ever hear an older family member say things like “I don’t trust no doctors. Don’t take me to no hospital”? There are reasons and scars behind that thinking. Just as many blacks in America have an ingrained fear of dogs. It’s conditioning, learned behavior. We shall explore three deadly evil and unethical medical experiments inflicted upon the African American race.

(1) Enslaved blacks were medical guinea pigs. Early surgical experiments were performed on slaves without thought or compassion. Slavery gave permission for white practicing doctors from all over the world to test their theories and use the slaves as test subjects for their medical barbarism. Doctors traded or bought slaves as test subjects and countless cruel and inhuman tests were done on them. One such famed evil doctor in this era was Dr.J. Marion Sims. To this day, he is regarded as the “father of Gynecology.” Damn! just picture the torture, pain and indignity of black female slaves subjected to this! He had 60 test slaves at his height, mapping out the females’ most private parts. His break through was “vesico-vaginal fistula”, a condition that causes woman great stomach and vaginal pain. Dr. Sims performed hundreds of surgeries on women’s vaginas without anesthesia. In his famed medical journal of 1857, he wrote “These operations were not pain enough to justify the trouble and time for any anesthesia”.


(2) A story of personal proof is shown in 1945, the medical case of Ebb Cade (R.I.P.). This is a story that is close enough to effect your older family members. It goes straight to the heart of our psychological apprehension. In Oak Ridge, Tennessee on March 23, 1945, Cade was on his way to work. He was involved in a car accident in which he nearly broke all of his bones. He was taken to the hospital. Unbeknownst to him, the hospital staff was paid by the U.S Military and government to preform what is now know as the Plutonium Injection Experiments. For one month, Cade was subjected to these tests while he healed. But, before the plutonium (radiation) could devastate his body totally, Cade was told by others that many had died in this part of the hospital wing. “Something’s going on”!, he was quoted as saying. Cade escaped the hospital, but died eight days later. His family and community exposed the injustice and brought media attention to this atrocity.

(3) Agent Orange Experiments; The U.S. military has been a main factor in many medical experiments on African Americans. Here, again, is another such atrocity. From 1965 to 1966, Dr. Albert Kligman was funded by Dow Chemical (the beginnings of Johnson & Johnson) and the U.S. Army to subject black military prisoners to an experiment. It is now called “Dermatological Research”. About 80 prisoners were subjected, many were innocent but they were needed for this evil experiment. The U.S. Army wanted to know the effects of Agent Orange on humans, mainly the skin and lungs. They studied the first and final stages of Agent Orange on prisoners. They were injected with dioxin (a toxic byproduct of agent orange). The results were death and lasting effects. 30 prisoners died and the rest were left with volcanic eruptions of chlorance. Dr. Kligman wrote in the medical journal, “I didn’t see victims. I saw before me acres of skin for testing.” The military got their information and in the private sector of Retin-A, a major skin medicine was developed.

Many may justify these acts as being for the greater good. Yet, the medicines that were created could not be afforded by the subjects that tested them. The first rule of doctors now is “do no harm”.

Coming To Ya’ll In A Real Way


THE AFRICAN “CHI” – THE INTERNAL ENERGY “Highlighting Dr. Uzoma Nwosu Chiology”

chi 2chi 1

Monday is the beginning of the work week, the grind. is all about solutions and positive ammunition for your daily struggle and not just survival, but to thrive in life. May I present to you an old, new tool to enhance your life, “your personal life.” I know you’ve probably heard of the “Chi” and you might associate it with Chinese culture (inner peace). The “Chi” is the core of who one is. Europeans were not the only race to steal culture from Africans. The legacy of the “Chi” has it’s history based in African tradition (#AfricanChi). The internal energy lets us explore our African roots before we highlight Dr. Uzoma Nwosu, who I call a friend. I call him Dr. Oz.

Dr oz 1

The spiritual system of Ndi lgbo is from the Nigerian lgbo people (lgbo; pronounced EE-bow). It’s one of the oldest on earth, predating Islam and Christianity. The ancient spirituality of the Ndilgbo is the basis of lgbo spirituality. This is the concept of “Chi”. Similar to the “Ori” of the Yoruba and the “Ka” of ancient Egyptians, “Chi” was the core of our past African roots. It’s the fundamental force of creation. Everything and everyone has a “Chi.” Unlike the mimiced art of the Chinese “Chi” culture, “Chi” of lgbo culture is not only a part of the creator, but of the personal self, one’s higher self as well as your eternal balancing polarity. Like most of our ancient traditional African spiritual systems, it has been demonized by modern Europeans whom seized, divided, and conquered the culture. Europeans came to Africa with the ego of prejudices which they placed on every new culture they encountered. They had better weapons! The word “black”, in European circles, was associated with negative and inferior qualities. They called the spiritual systems and customs of Ndi lgbo and the Nigerian lgbo people “black backwardness.” Now, Evangelical churches and Hollywood have portrayed a negative savagery of ancient traditions like lgbo spirituality. Yet, lgbo dates back long before the arrival of Europeans in a land called Alaigbo (lgboland). Please don’t confuse Ndi lgbo with idol-worship like many other African systems of spirituality. It’s based on the worship of one Creator. It’s true (monotheism). The Creator is known by several names like Obasi Dielu (The Supreme God) and Chidiebere (God merciful). What is the meaning of “Chi” in lgbo culture? The dominant name is Chukwu, which is a combination of lgbo words. “Chi” and “Ukwu” literally mean “The Big Chi” and shows that lgbo believed that the Supreme Being was omnipresent and All prevailing. Chineke, which most Africans translate as God or the Creator, actually has a deeper meaning. But, I’m moving too far from the day to day usages that ones like Dr.Uzoma Nwosu have brought to the shores of America.

chi 3 chi 4

Lost/Revived African Culture; How does African “Chi” translate to American life? Can we grasp some of our past African culture? I recently met and have been in communication with Dr. Uzoma Nwosu (Dr. Oz) of the igbo Nigerian people. I’m proud to be associated with Dr. Oz on his quest to bring the African peace of the “Chi” and its internal energy to African Americans. From his base in Harlem, New York, he is in the heart beat of our American culture. Dr. Oz has a website called Please go check it out. He shows the daily usages of the energy of the African “Chi” with posts like “Royal “Chi” affirmations 15 min. with fantastic results”. He also has simple/practical steps that will empower you to face your daily challenges. Dr. Oz believes that what we, as African Americans, lack a connection and awareness of the African “Chi”. Not as a religion, but a condition, a tradition of dealing with life with a peace and a calm. It’s an inner harmony with our African ancestry. Dr. Oz sees the need, has the the yearning and unknown want to help the displaced African Americans. On his site, Dr. Oz explains “The Chi of Chinua Achebe and Chimanada Adiche”. He has a video that deals with the tough topic of “How to Forgive”. He shuns the American concept that forgiveness is weakness. Dr. Oz has authored many books. One such book gives action to daily life. It’s titled “The Royal lgbo Meditation”. He also goes in on the meaning of “What is Chiology.”

chi 5 chi6

As an African American, the untold truth is sometimes that we’re embarrassed of the lack of knowledge we have about our African roots. In the past, it was not our fault. It was a principal practice to prevent us from knowing our heritage. However, now there is no excuse. I will learn about our past and the tools that move us closer to it, the footprints of our true fathers/mothers. This African “Chi” may be just what you need to push you to the next level of inner-energy and inner-peace.

Dr.oz 3Dr.oz 4

website 3

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I Am Wrath

Wrath 3

My peoples, writing is my true medicine, my voice. Others use alcohol, drugs, love or gambling. Anger has taken full hold of America and the world. We are measured now by division and hate! I used to be so close to wrath and extreme anger that it spoke to me and consumed me as if it were a living entity. It’s alive because so much energy is poured into it. So, what if wrath could speak?

I AM WRATH! I’ve been fed so much by the lives of the immature and the downtrodden peace and love. I am winning, not just here but all over the world. I rise from the dissatisfied. I AM WRATH. I exist from bad decisions, those decisions that end your freedom. I take you away from your family and your very own children. I am more powerful than anger. I cause more profound damage than rage. I AM WRATH! In a world of human life, I’ve fed off of racial tension. The color of your skin has driven me to the first choice of resolution, even when you are all one. Religion has steered me to becoming the norm! I am the answer to the frustration. You feel me? I AM WRATH! Your war is my comfort. Mistrust in your laws and their enforcement causes lack of safety. I am in the lives of the simple man/woman. I am the inability to express yourself. I cause over reaction. The mistake you can’t make right. I’ve replaced good judgment. I am beyond walking away. I am a rash thought and action.

I kill dreams. I am the opposite of patience. I am the eliminator of short and long term goals. I touch the fed up youth of ghettos. I even reach the middle and upper class whites. I bully them in their schools. I manifest into school mass shootings. People lust for my cousin, money. I make you think you need, no deserve, it all, NOW! I’ve killed the idea of “work and earn” to “right now or burn”!

I AM WRATH. For me, many would rather stop themselves with explosives and die with as many as they can take with them. I have many instruments of destruction. The AR-15 is my new child. You need experience with my child. He kills indiscriminately. I live in the youth who see no other way. I live in the ambush. I live in drug infested neighborhoods. I live in big cities and rural areas. The new media outlets let all connect to my carnage. I inspire those with impulse control problems. You’ve seen my work in France. My seed grows in the Middle East. See my destruction and break down of the continent of Africa. I have been firmly planted in North and South Korea. Oh, and I am causing America to push closer to Civil War. You don’t have the courage or trust to push me back into the darkness in my place of the shadows or love and patience. I count my victories with body counts.

I AM WRATH! I live in the common person when a simple car accident turns into murder. When there’s stress in your life, it causes you to lash out and make stupid life altering decisions. I live in the frustration of single mothers. So frustrated that pills and drugs take over. I live inside the NRA and its tools for my advancement. I will touch your life. Can you overcome me? Many only see today. There’s no big picture view. Now is where I live.

I AM WRATH! Living and breathing! Now you know I am rage and anger mixed together. Doubt me no more. Love is my opponent, but tell me… whose winning?

Speaking with this pen
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Wrath 2

HIP HOP INCLINED “A Hip Hop Report/Update For Late 2016”

Hip 1

Hip 2

Top of the top to you and yours. Count your blessings. There’s a world of minorities on the other side of the fence, lost to the system. So, your day is already blessed. Hip Hop is my best legal friend lol. It’s ingrained in my soul to the core from the SugarHill album “Rappers Delight” to Kanye West’s highly anticipated album “The Life of Pablo 2016.” I’ve loved Hip Hop even before I was born, growing up as the youngest in a large family. I can’t even remember a time without it. Music, but more so Hip Hop, has always been my “constant companion”. I ride the wave of Hip Hop from my era, the golden age of the 90’s. But, I still ride unlike many of friends and family whom have seemed to lose respect, love or time for “our pure culture creation.” I love Hip Hop now. There are still amazing artists, super producers and head bopping tracks. If you seek substance music with meaning, there’s more of that than ever. Mick Jenkins is the new Mos Def. Talib Kweli is still banging as well. Is there wide spread commercialism in Hip Hop? Absolutely! There are millions of below average rappers in a watered down industry. Yet, is that not the natural business progression if your invention goes from obscure to the reigning force in Pop Culture? Their will be blood suckers and hanger ons. Hip Hop is the most influential and popular music in the world! Yet, the core and the foundation remain. You just have to look harder, but has there ever been a time when you could turn on the radio and get a sense of the real in Hip Hop? To those old heads who ask “Is Hip Hop still our’s?” Yes, it’s black art created by us in the slums, the ghetto of the South Bronx. It has grown so much. Music is a form of expression and no race owns “expression.” Be prideful with yet another contribution to the world. One thing is fosho, they won’t steal the origin from us. African Americans invented Hip Hop! I don’t touch on Hip Hop as much as I would like to. There are more pressing issues I must cover. So, let’s close out 2016.

HIP HOP report/update; From street anthems to club bangers, 2016 has been a great year in the world of Hip Hop. It’s still the world’s most popular and highest grossing music, 20 years and running. There is still time to go in 2016. Hip Hop is so diverse now, reflecting the world as it is now. Newcomers, those still holding it down and legends all jumped on in 2016. Kanye West, no matter what you think of him, had one of the most sought after albums of the year. “The Life Of Pablo” did world class numbers. Drake’s album, “Views”, had record breaking first week numbers, making Hip Hop Albums some of the highest grossing albums in the world 2016.

Producers made noise too. Shouts to Dame Grease, who is so under rated! But, D.J. Khaled ruled 2016 with banger after banger and blazed thru on social media. He reigns on SnapChat lol. But, let’s talk tracks. Nas’s single, “Major Key”, really brings back the feel of the purity in Hip Hop. To the hardcore Hip Hop heads, 2016 did not forget us either. Nicki Minaj proved she’s still in monster mode with her “The PinkPrint Freestyle” and the report of Meek Millz’s death by Drake and the Game is premature. Meek let go with a street banger “Prey For Em”. His Ouuu Remix (Game Diss) with Omelly Tak and Beanie Sigel brought out the best we’ve seen in Game in a long time. Game shot back quickly with “Pest Control” (Meeeky Mouse Diss). They were both rapping over the track that has made the most noise 2016. Young MA’s track “Oouuu” is the cream of the newcomers! Her unique appeal to hardcore Hip Hop headz, despite her sexual orientation (girl likes girls). Even Hip Hop has learned tolerance! She’s killing the game her less popular “Quiet Storm Freestyle”. It’s amazing. She spits razors. You gotta hear her! Her track “Oouu” is being used by everyone like Lil Wanye’s “A Milli” was. Other newcomers like Desiigner are making waves with tracks like “Panda” and his remix with Kanye West, “Timmy Turner”, is lit to the new generation. Chance The Rapper is hot now as well. His track “No Problem” has rocked clubs all over the world. One of the best songs of the year features 2 Chainz and Lil Wayne. Old headz got it in as well with Fat Joe and Remy Ma ft. French Montana and D.J. Khaled. “Cookin” and “All the Way Up” kept us bopping! Once again, D.J. Khaled led the track “I Got The Keys” ft. Jay-Z and Future proved the vets still get it done. Rae Sremnurd are young in the game and still proving the critics wrong with “Look Alive”. Even Kendrick Lamar put out an unexpected album called “Untitled Unmastered.” You can’t talk about 2016 without speaking on Drake. His hit album “Views” got a little shade for not much hard hitting lyrics. So what did Drizzy do? He made a street banger called “4 p.m. In Calabasas”. In the French Montana track, Drake was featured on called “No Shopping” moved the bar for everyone else. The best hype man on any track so far goes to OX on yet another D.J. Khaled production. Ox on Nas’s track “Major Key” was epic. Listen to Ox claim his throne in Dancehall. 2016 is a great year in Hip Hop!

young ma

Hip Hop Update News; Brooklyn’s undisputed Drill music king, Bobby Shmurda was sentenced Wednesday October 19, 2016 in a long awaited highly public case. With only days away from his Trail appearance, Ackquille Jean Pollard (legal name), age 22, took a plea deal, which he tried to take back in open court. The Drill music hit maker received a seven year prison sentence and was charged with Gang Conspiracy and Weapons Possession. He had a plea deal months ago for four years, but at the last minute, Bobby Shmurda’s high class lawyer Alex Spiro withdrew the plea. This time, Bobby played chicken and lost in open court. The judge refused to let him change his plea. Bobby was heard screaming in the court room saying, “I was forced to take this sentence. I don’t want this sentence”. He fired his lawyer in open court. Two of Bobby’s co-defendants are going to trial in the coming days, one being Rowdy Rebel. The judge claimed that the defense did not file the proper paper work to withdraw the plea deal and sentenced Bobby to Seven Years. Hurry out Bobby, the game misses you. Check out his album “Free Bobby”. It’s excellent, despite being recorded in jail.


Who do I think is running the game of Hip Hop now? It can’t be Drake even though he might be making the most noise and shmoney! He’s not street respected. That lane now belongs…and ya’ll gonna hate me for this one… is French Montana. He’s in the streets and has a lane in the pop of Hip Hop as well. French Montana has earned his spot! He was born November 9,1984 as Karim Kharbouch in Rabat, Marocco. Remember how I said Hip Hop is expression and that defines race? For proof of his street voice grip, listen to “Everything’s A Go”, “Tunnel Vision” ft. the late great Chinx Drugz, “Go Hard” and my banger, “I’m So Special”.


Everlasting Peace to Scott La Rock, Jam Master Jay, Freaky Tah, Big L, Biggie Smalls, Tupac, Chinx Drugz and Stack Bundles. Many more prove there is no life or fame beyond the bond that makes us all equal in death!

Hustler of Culture
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We Should Demand BETTER! “Final Debate For The 2016 Presidential Election”


Good day. I come to you this day with this post in the back drop of life and all it’s up’s and down’s, like most of you. So, we at indeed thank you for your precious time.

This was the final debate of the 2016 presidential election. Most say “How miserable and sad the state of the highest office in the land.” Maybe you believe Clinton is untrustworthy and not the best woman to be the first female leader of the free world or you’re under the notion Trump is supremely unfit to lead a Nation and a governmental system. He has racist tendencies with strong egotistical habits and also suffers from the unacceptable low value of women in general.

The fact is we/you still must vote! Our vote should account for a leader who speaks and represents the people. If neither candidate does that or so poorly does that then we, as the masses and voting voice, must be partly to blame. I must say this….there are elections all the time on the local and state levels and happen outside the 4 year president elections. We need to be involved and know what’s going on! Now the greater truth is there should be and was BETTER candidates to pool from. Did Trump bring down the quality of this election with his business, t.v. and entertainment background? His strategy was to use fear and scare tactics (much like a terrorist) to inflame a majority of conservative white voters and also a vast many of just everyday working white Americans. In the transition of coming out of the Bush fueled recession was for the First Time, the least taken care of in America. We’ve had eight years of a black Obama and found out he’s not a puppet, as they assumed. When Trump uttered the words “Make America Great Again”, what it really means is “Let’s Make America White Again.” He is the one percent and represents that and a lifelong persona of a racist and womanizer!

Clinton is a nearly 40 year veteran in government. She is more qualified, but she also has been groomed to be the first woman president in American history (with the financial investment of it). She is entrenched in the pockets and configuration of the old government systems. What in the political world is called “Pay to Play.” She was extremely Cavalier in her multi tasking judgement of personal cell messages and E-mails of Top Secret and highly classified U.S.A. documents and info. Then, just less than criminal Americans understand the funny business of government.

We should demand BETTER. The pool of candidates had others whom I think were better fitted like Sanders and Cruz. Yet, the media and the powers that be (governmental system) wanted the business Tycoon Trump and the first American woman president in history. It makes for better T.V., but this process is “our’s”. They have not yet taken that away from us. In the illusion of “All Men Are Created Equal”, we still have the true power, the power of the vote. If we recorded historical voter turn out, “demand BETTER.” It would send that strong message and prove our power of the ballot. It’s the only true voice we have that they listen to. Trust! It’s the masses of Americans’ only weapon in the fight.

Oh yeah, the review of the Debate… It began before it began and was an issue if Clinton and Trump would shake hands. If you have not been up, this stems from the first debate when Trump did something never done before. He invited in the front V.I.P. row accusers of Bill Clinton and yesterday invited Obama’s half brother (a Trump supporter) to the V.I.P row. So, no opening hand shake shows the the disrespect in this election. The final debate was held in Las Vegas and was moderated by Chris Wallace. He did an amazing job controlling the candidates and the audience while also questioning the nominees. The first question was about the Supreme Court because of the possibility of two or three replacements on the Supreme Court plus the approval or denial of Obama’s nominee for the open seat already. Clinton voiced her strong opposition of Citizen United vision of (Rep.) Trump stirred towards the preservation of the 1st. Amendment Rights. The second question was one of the argued topics among Dem./Rep. Abortion! Clinton stood strong on Roe v. Wade and beautifully said “I think the most intimate and personal decision of a woman and family should not be ruled by government.” The women’s allegations about Trump and the E-mails were largely avoided by all. That does not mean there were not bombs. Again, Trump imploded with three comments, one historic, but first was the racist comment. He used Spanish to offend the Latin population. “We have some bad Ombres.” Then, while Clinton was talking, he butted in. “You’re A Nasty Woman.” That shocked women on social media. The one everyone’s talking about is Trump’s refusal to accept the outcome of the election, should he lose! Historic in the political process, not to set aside a loss and confirm on t.v. the acceptance of the people’s vote and America’s voice. Republicans and the media world is slamming and condemning Trump for this unpatriotic act.

Facts; Clinton won again in the debate poll. She won 52 percent to 39 percent and overall went 3-0 on the three debates clean sweep. I, and the staff of are with her. Yet, it should be a better her and a better opponent. “We Should Demand BETTER!”

THE REAL WITH FEEL, your unique writer
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