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Lyrics From The Streets – Be Alone Together


Top of the top to you and yours! It’s Friday, so be safe and enjoy it. Progression and moving with the vibe of our original series “Lyrics From The Streets” looks at Hip Hop/R&B Classics and breaks down the inner meanings and deeper drive! This addition is unlike any other we’ve done (please view past ones under the original name “Speaking to the Streets”). First off, it’s my first R&B track and on the lines of it being a classic, I say it’s “on the low” type vibe. The track is “Be Alone Together” by Daley ft. Marsha Ambrosius, off Daley’s album “Days/Nights” 2012. Some said to me, “Don’t do a R/B song and if you do, use a proven hood classic everyone knows like “All You Need” by Method Man/Mary J. or a Jodeci song.” But, these times move forward and so do the discoveries in love, music and what it keeps on meaning to the next generation! This track embodies the essence of love, the wave of emotion that comes from that first person you put your all into. Where it’s just you and them, feast or famine. The Soul-Mate of your lifetime. Could this be it? The one you’ll always remember? The deep connection Daley makes and Marsha ringing in the soul, truth, bridge, desire and need with heart moving crescendos that thrust you back into that overwhelming feeling you had. Us against the world!

Daley (yes a white boy) was born as Gareth Daley in Manchester, England on September 29, 1989. He carries that natural linkage that a white artist from England has for American Jazz, Blues, and R&B. Amazingly, it comes from an early England artist that used black American music culture as their base. Groups like The Beatles and others used the roots of what was happening in America and fed off of it. It was music like Robert Johnson, LeadBelly, Chuck Berry, Ray Charles and the Big Band movement of the 1920’s. They fed from the true root of our music culture. They established a tradition of wide range that engulfed their music culture and molded their own unique ability and soulfulness. Young Daley is apart of that!

Marsha Ambrosius is known as “The Songtress”. She was born in Liverpool, England. She’s cut from the same cultural cloth but, she’s African-English. She’s very well known in the States as well as the hoods of America. Ambrosius was half of the hit group “Flo’etry” with Natalie Stewart (The Floacist). This ultra cool-soul harmonist group showed Ambrosius’s true songtress flow, a title she earns every time she sings from the depths of her soul, where most are afraid to tap into.

Here’s the track which I call a true expression of the essence of love!

“ALONE TOGETHER” By Daley ft. Marsha Ambrosius

Ahh yeah
I don’t wanna be alone

Verse 1 (Daley):
A definite silence
You’re almost exactly what I need
A definite maybe
Is sure to entice my curiosity
I can’t help but think that this doesn’t add up
I’m trying to separate the facts from all the fiction
We’re living in a world of contradictions
And if baby you’re the truth then I’m lying next to you

Breakdown; Young Daley goes right in. When that stunning moment happens,” a definite silence” hits on the fact that when the heart and emotions take over the body and mind and silence soaks your core, all you can see and hear is desire. That’s your soul’s curiosity! What doesn’t add up? Is it your life or the thought that this feeling is taking over you? His last line in the first verse is the pure essence of love, which is the most powerful thing known to mankind. The fiction is all you have known thus far and you feel the words “And if baby your the truth then I’m lying next to you.”

And you’re the desert sand, I’ll be your water
And you’re the perfect plan I never thought of
I don’t wanna do this on my own
And you shouldn’t have to be alone
I would rather be alone together
Be alone together.

The chorus strikes at the worst thing that could happen to a human life, loneliness! These are my mothers words, said to me with the most passion I’ve ever seen in her eyes. “Son, the worst thing that can happen to you is living or dying alone”.

Verse 2 (Ambrosius):
Well my heart’s been racing, chasing after you
You’re the sweetest dream my incredible you
You’re the star so bright, you’re eyes the lightest blue
I can’t help but stare at you
So soft your lips, the wind blow in my hair, yeah
Come closer let me whisper in your ear
‘cause what will be will be every chance you give to me
You will see yeah yeah

Then Marsha comes in with melodic flow that takes over the track or better yet, gives the track that awe factor. She rides the beat like a musical surfer when the beat and her voice become infused. You can hear her like the bass line. Her high notes crash with a powerful crescendo that brings life to the track. She says, “Race and chase that feeling of love”. She is like the Jill Scott of England!

And you’re the desert sand, I’ll be your water
And you’re the perfect plan I never thought of
I don’t wanna do this on my own
And you shouldn’t have to be alone
I would rather be alone together
Be alone together.

Verse 3 (Daley):
I always keep you safe in my arms
I will guarantee that I will never break your heart
I’ll always put you first cause you deserve the world
I wanna know you
I wanna hold you baby
I wanna show you

Daley, beyond being another white boy, embodies the style of Prince and Maxwell. He takes the vibe of Ambrosius and brings the definition of when two lives share life as one and in the world, you feel like a team against it! A bond has risen to conquer or fall to the obstacles of life. The ending of his second verse up lifts the track to that classic level his cresendo’s blows the track open. “I WANNA KNOW YOU, I WANNA HOLD YOU BABY, I WANNA SHOW YOU”.

You’re the desert sand, I’ll be your water
And you’re the perfect plan I never thought of
I don’t wanna do this on my own
And you shouldn’t have to be alone
I would rather be alone together
Be alone together.

Ending (BOTH):
You shouldn’t have to be alone
I would rather be alone together
Be alone together baby.

The ending is the two of them. It’s like the moments after passion release! They bring you back down to earth like a feather. This track is “the pure essence of love” in a track that puts the love of two against the pain of loneliness!

Your young writing Lion
Copyright 2016

Daley 2

The Prodigy of the Pitbull

Old Family

What’s really good?? Black culture has developed in America with traditions, rituals and customs. African slaves have adopted language, religion and education through their captives. But, most assuredly, we’ve created our own American customs. Things that are readily identified with African Americans, as with all races in America.

The Streets, the underbelly of the image of America – these customs exist as well. A tradition among the urban youth is the “Pit bull Dog”. First, we must establish that there are different mentalities about dogs in the East Coast from that of the West Coast. Not all, but the prevailing thought is different. On the West Coast (except Cali maybe) people treat their dogs as family members with rights and a general belief that dogs are friends or part of the family. I’ve lived in Montana where they revere dogs, treat them different more than I’ve ever seen. A general love and respect. On the East Coast, especially South East, dogs are seen differently. A pit bull, rottweiler, chow and others are status symbols to the inner city youth. Pit bulls are the choice of most for their history, bloodline and their true original nature.

Urban tradition; the pit bull represents strength, aggressiveness and pure animal power. RAW potency on a leash controlled by “one”. To have the biggest, strongest dog on the block is enough to raise you in status in a concrete world. A dog’s temperament is different than on the East Coast. They are walking weapons, unlike the West Coast and other places, LOL. No ones walks up and asks to pet your dog. Pit bulls walk around on the heaviest chain their owner can afford. Some with 5-10lb weights around their neck to strengthen neck muscles.

Yes, the training is harsh. Dogs hanging from bloody ropes suspended in the air to strengthen their grip, learning to shake and hold. Treadmills for hours to increase stamina. You can hear commands all over the slumps “SSSS Get em”. Some even feed their pit bulls gun powder in their food. The myth is that gunpowder makes pits even more aggressive because it puts pin size holes in their brains and makes the dog revert to its most primal nature. Well, the facts are this; gunpowder does make a pit bull more aggressive, but not because of some fake fairy tale. Fact; the gun powder causes intense pain, constant never ending pain causing the dog to be ultra aggressive!

All of this is to prepare your dog to be a fighting dog. Dog fighting is not a new sport. Dating back even before America was born! So, you’re dealing with a sport older than the Nation that judges it. It’s legal in some countries, understand they were bred to be Pit fighters!

A brief history of the American Pit bull Terrier:

American Pitbull terrior

You should always do your homework on ANYTHING you invest your time, energy and money into. FACTS not MYTHS not BULLSHIT!

Like all of us, the American pit bull is a product of the past and at one time, the pit bull was America’s sweetheart breed. The original “bull dog” was used primarily for boar hunting, a highly aggressive animal. So, the dog had to be bred to be strong and rough enough to deal with its prey. Short and low to the ground to get underneath the wild boar. The bull dog dates back to the 1500’s and looks remarkably similar to today’s “pit bull”. The name bull dog comes from the old sport of bull baiting. The goal of the sport was to set five or six bull dogs in a ring against a bull. Bull baiting was pinning the bull, where specifically trained dogs would set upon a bull one at a time. The dog would try to fasten his teeth strongly around the bulls snout and bring him down or the bull killed the attacking dogs.

Once bull baiting was outlawed in England in 1835, the promoters of the sport were looking for new means to make a profit. So a strain of terrier was bred with these bull dogs. This produced today’s pit bull breed, a higher level of prey drive and aggression as well as smaller size to be more agile. Then came the sport of pit bull dog fighting. Pit because in the beginning a pit was dug and these dogs fought bears and boars. Despite being hardwired to be fierce fighters, the dogs were exposed to humans, crowds and pit referees to separate the dogs in rings. If dogs showed aggression toward humans, they were usually killed so it was bred out of them and fear and respect for humans was bred in.

The American Pit Bull Terrier comes from a combination of English and Irish stock. The first generation of pit bulls comes from OLD-Family Red nose pit bulls. They were cattle dogs and catch dogs for pigs. However, dog fighting was a huge industry in America as well.

How did the pit bull become the evil dog of American society, well after a number of attacks? There was a story in an ultra sensationalistic sports illustrated cover article entitled “Beware of this Dog” in 1980.

Sports illustrated

Now, let’s knock the myths. Pit bulls DO NOT have jaws that lock. LOL crazy myth, no dog’s jaws lock. How would they eat? The myth comes from its strong jaw muscles yet, it’s not even the dog with the strongest “bite force”. That is the scientific term to measure force pressure by a dog. The pit bull has 235 lbs of pressure. German sheperds have 238 lbs, rottweilers have 328 lbs and a bull mastiff has 552 lbs. The number one dog, amazingly to me, is the doberman, which has shockingly 600 lbs per pressure. Yet, you have to take in account the temperament o the dog. A study shows with the size and aggressiveness and the nature of he dog, these are the most dangerous dogs in America: 1. Pit bull 2. Rottweiler 3. Bull mastiff.

Pit bulls are part of our culture in a territory where violence and aggression are the norm. What other dog represents that as well as the pit bull?

-Simply KJS
Copyright 2016

The First And Historical Presidential Debate of 2016


This is the moment we’ve been waiting for in this crazy presidential race, the first of the three debates. Good day and I hope health and wealth find you today. Drum roll plz. and the overwhelming winner was…. Clinton!

The debate was moderated by CNN’s Lester Holt, who had a set of pre-arranged questions. Clinton attacked the questions and Trump while he stumbled and was on the defense all night. All the talk by news outlets showed how unprepared Trump seemed. He looked bad interrupting Ms. Clinton all night while she was poised and patient. Entering into last nights debate, Trump had momentum even though the polls were dead even. He’s coming from behind and he was riding that momentum, but Clinton snatched it back last night!

The first question was “Why are you a better choice to create jobs that will put more money in workers pockets?” The tax talk was shown brightly here. Clinton outlined her plan to cut taxes from the middle class down to the poverty stricken and pose a tax hike for the one percent (the wealthy). Trump’s plan is to cut all taxes from 35 percent to 15 percent, giving huge tax incentives to the wealthy. He said that only they can stimulate the economy by putting money back into America. “Do we trust they will or do you trust they would pocket that?” Trump is for tax cuts for the wealthy. Clinton is for tax increase for the wealthy. Which one fits your life?

Clinton used Trump’s own temperament against him like a boxer. She threw jabs, slid out the way and let her opponent fumble and flail all over the stage. Trump was drinking water, looked uncomfortable and was ill prepared for this fight. Another question was “How do you bridge the great divide?” Clinton made a pitch for justice reform and outlined new training at the cost of the Federal government, not thru taxes.Trump’s first comment was “We need order. Stop and Frisk works”. Never did he show sympathy for the struggles that the minorities are going thru. He wants the love and respect of Law Enforcement and he’s got it. He sees them as the answer, not the problem and for “US” that’s a problem! Clinton said the words I wanted to hear, “We must stop systemic racism”. She focused on the unfair mandatory minimum laws that ravish minorities.

One of the biggest moments for Mrs. Clinton was when the moderator, Lester Holt asked Trump “Why sir, persist with the birtherism of Obama after he produced his birth certificate?” Trump built his whole wave off that lie years after. He went into frustration mode, couldn’t answer the question and looked bad. When he was asked about his support of the Iraq War, he lied. Clinton, like most, supported the War and so did Trump. Fact checks after the debate, on the Howard Stern show, show that Trump supported the War, but now strongly denies it. He’s a liar! Like his position on “Stop and Frisk”, fact checks show it was not effective. Only 0.2 percent of stops got guns off the streets and it was highly discriminatory towards minorities. It was also outlawed in a Supreme Court ruling!

CNN poll results showed the winner of last nights debate, by a wide margin, was Clinton at 62 percent to Trump’s 27 percent. That’s an overwhelming margin in election measures. A panel of “undecided voters” were gathered to watch the debate and get questioned afterwards. Of the 20 people arranged, 17 of them said that Clinton not only won the debate, but now they would vote for her.

Listening, qualifications, experience and preparation matter! Clinton has it and Trump showed, woefully, that he does not! Clinton is the first woman to be on this stage. She dictated the debate and was well prepared for the questions she knew were coming. Trump’s play it by ear and one liners won’t work at this late stage. People want concrete plans and action. Trump’s lack of substance showed last night. I love talking politics. I can’t see how some don’t get up and excited about the process. You can’t complain if you’re not in the lane!!

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Good Monday my folks! Keep striving, keep dreaming. Trust me, everyone in America is feeling the shift in the complexion and the face of pop culture and more importantly, “power” in America. WHY? HOW? Those questions are loaded. Some say that every great Nation has fallen and so shall United States of America. They say Babylonia fell, Assyria fell, Egypt fell, The Roman Empire fell and so shall America. I say that “how” a Nation develops it’s power is the true factor. On December 4, 1963, Malcolm X made the famous speech “God’s Judgement of White America – The chickens come home to roost”. I don’t completely agree with everything my hero said on that day. I think John F. Kennedy was one of the best presidents in history and not a enemy of blacks. Make no mistake when I say Malcolm-X is my hero. To me, he’s best we’ve ever had to represent the African American! The embodiment of the black plight is our BLACK PRINCE. What he touched on on that day was as, as he put it, “that the violence that Kennedy had failed to stop had come back on him” and more to this post’s point, “God shall judge them.”

I said it’s how a Nation gains it’s power is how it will rise or fall. Some refer to this as Karma. Reaping what you have sown or sleeping in the bed you made! God shall judge them. White America, in these modern times, clings to Donald Trump so hard, despite his lack of political experience. It’s the fact that he promises to “Make America Great Again”. The real meaning is take back control again and slow the advancement of us, the minorities. He focuses on the illegal Latin population. Not because they’re the fastest growing population in America, but more to the fact of “what can he do to African-Americans”? They use intimidation, cops and violence to control us and keep us in our place. It has worked so well for nearly a thousand years! They, white America, fear the change of America. The face of America is not so white any more! Our world view is of a black president, the music of black culture, the excel rate of the Latin population. It has them, for the first time, afraid for the lack of respect of the terrorists that attack America. The fashion, music, their hold on the movement of the world. This age of technology has evened the playing field and betrayed the shadows of America. The great mask of America was not to be shown or exposed by things like Facebook Live, Twitter and camera phones. They have shattered the underbelly of America. Now, they cry out for their country back and Trump promises to give it them them. Understand that the silent majority is the average white American that feels, unconsciously, that they’re the sole owners of these shores!

On Sunday’s football game, we saw Cam Newton wearing a shirt for warm ups that said a Dr.Martin Luther King Jr. quote on the back. It said “In justice any where is an in justice Everywhere”. In the heat of the Charlotte Riots, the vibe is different now. The violence they have shown us has “come home to roost”. The injustice and racist acts have “come home to roost”. I believe God, in his own time, delivers the blow of life to whom He pleases and the roots of violence and discrimination have ran their course! Our job now is to not let America fall into nothingness. We live here also, remember that!

Today is the first Presidential Debate and I will cover it “FULLY”.So, plz. view us. This election is so important to our advancement or we could be thrust back 50 years. Times are real. No longer can minorities not be involved!

Product of Determination
Copyright 2016



Riot 1

It’s Friday..Friday! Yet, we approach this post with its due solemn respect! A death, beatings and destruction have covered the last few days of protest in North Carolina. Riots erupted again Wednesday evening (9/22/16) in Charlotte. The protest i.e. riots have a more intense and venomous vibe than the many other recent protests of police brutality and a neglect on the part of the justice system.

The spark was the police killing of Keith Lamont Scott, combined with the recent Tulsa Tradegy by a white female cop named Betty Shelby. She shot and killed Terence Crutcher, an unarmed black man. The officer in the Tulsa case has been charged with manslaughter. has not touched on either of these senseless deaths. We were caught up in our #Re-ConstructionOfTheBlackFamily section. To keep it 100 wit ya’ll, I’m so tired of posting yet another black life extinguished by the handgun of those that “WE” pay to protect and serve!

Unlike most other websites and media outlets, I will focus more on the “the new meaning” of the riots/protests of these new age African Americans and the sting of our response! New blacks ain’t having dat!

Riot 5

The Charlotte protests turned riots started Monday when Lyric Scott, the daughter of Keith Scott, streamed a live video on Faceook after her father was shot dead by police. The video is heart wrenchhing to hear the pain and rage in her voice! Her voice rings out “The police just shot my daddy four times for being black. They tased him first and then shot him”. The video has gotten more than 20,000 views. The officers were attempting to serve an arrest warrant, but Mr. Scott was not even the person attempting to take into custody. The 43 year old man was a father. Did he have a gun? The story is out there so I know ya’ll on it. This is not my aim. Focusing on the New Meaning of these protests is! The riots also have the fire of the Tulsa police killing of Terence Crutcher. He was fatally shot by officer Betty Shelby on September 16,2016 in Oklahoma City. There is video for that as well, which forced the County Prosecutor to quickly charge her with manslaughter. Even the Tulsa County District Attorney, Steve Kunzweiler said “An arrest warrant is necessary in this case.” Back in North Carolina…. the recorded video from the police dashboard cameras and from police helicopters were released Monday. This jumped off everything. The protest had a bad taste in its opening. Anger and bullhorns screamed all over downtown Charlotte, where the bulk of the protests/riots went down. On Tuesday, policed were assaulted, A CNN reporter was pushed and assaulted, and sadly, one man was shot and killed in a protester on protester crime. It had an edge for two days. Cops spit on bottles thrown at them, many were arrested, property was damaged. The Mayor even called in the National Guard and implemented a midnight curfew. The same chat could be heard every time the moving crowd walked towards the police lines. “Hands-Up Don’t Shoot”! The crowd was so diverse as well. Not just African Americans either. There were whites, Latinos, young and old. But, it mattered little on Wednesday. Violence ensued, where a Twitter video showed a white man being beaten and dragged by a mob of blacks. Today’s protest has been more calm with the presence of the National Guard! It’s worst than Ferguson. It was ammped up from the aggression in their message.

“The New Meaning”, the arc of our generations Civil Movement is Now! From Rodney King to Keith Scott and the HUNDREDS of black lives cut down and stolen by another race whom, at the bottom line, have a huge lack of respect for the minority life. The vibe is now different. Mr. Scott’s brother was hurt and angry on camera. He said what some feel. “Just know all white people are devils, all white cops are fucking devils.” It did not matter that the cop was black who shot Keith Scott. Naw, the war that minorities are in is with the blue. Our new wave of social media highlighting every second of the racial divide is now the rage and info fuels the new responses. They kill us, we go at them and our goal reflects the new attitude of this generation. We broadcast our frustration in live stream plus the true truths of BlackLivesMatter, and others drive a new thought. A stamp of the first African American President and a strong Black First Lady gives rise to a new courage that our tolerance level will not be moved “ANY MORE”! The left over racists have proved to be more alive than dead. The feeling of White America is there, but it’s slowly losing control! That the complexion of America is changing, but too fast for some! That is it! Once in the fields, but now we run the fields with our ever progressing community. We demand the simple respect for our children’s lives! I leave you with perhaps the Most Prolific Writer of any time, Mr. Langston Hughes’ 1945 poem. It rings so true in 2016!

I, too, sing American
I am the darker brother.
They send me to eat in the kitchen
When company comes,
But I laugh
And eat well
And grow strong.

Tomorrow, I’ll be at the table
When company comes,
Nobody’ll dare say to me,
Eat in the kitchen

They’ll see how beautiful I am
And be— ashamed
I, too, am American.

Hustler of True Black Culture
Copyright 2016

Riot 3

Riot 4

The Journey Of Personal Struggle


To my audience that has shown us much love lately, “wE” say thank you! has been blowing up. Today’s post centers around #ReconstructionOfTheBlackFamily. But, today’s title #TheJourneyOfPersonalStruggle is because you cannot help your family, nor move them in a positive direction, if you have not mastered “one’s self”. Then the real enemy, the real obstacle is the battle to improve and rise above your own short comings. So, join “US”, one mo again, as we focus on this pivotal personal problem. Peace to you all… brought to you by Knowledge!!!

Black Giving Back:

Personal struggle gives way to our cultural struggle. How, in our own way, can you affect change among your own race?

Self improvement, lean yourself, OVERCOME and adapt.

The journey of personal struggle is for everyone. Life is a challenge of learning and understanding and with this, thru experience, you can make wiser decisions on your path. Personal struggle directly effects “US”, as a whole. It perpetuates a stereotype or can change the perception of a cultural myth in an instant. Degrees of personal struggle may come to you with overwhelming force, which cause your fullest attention such as health issues. Where you struggle turns you to focus totally on your tribulation. Or it may be as small as overcoming little things for self improvement. There are so many struggles and you may be wondering WHY ME? I say it to everyone. Every race, every gender, every human, regardless of wealth or status, must endure inner conflict.

How does my struggle manifest itself to my whole race, you may ask.

There are examples in life that show you that you are the sum of a whole. Examples like a car. One system connects to another, propelling the car forward. If just one part malfunctions, the car cannot and will not move forward until you fix the problem. Life moves as a system. Your essence is a sum of the whole of your race. What you are or are not adds or subtracts from your whole race.

The maturation of the man/woman is more difficult on a racial level due to the condition of the whole. So, blacks start out with more to endure just to get to the point of making sound, positive changes. Everyone reaches this point. Those who used to run the streets start marrying, becoming involved with church, becoming business men, becoming speakers or sometimes just become sober and employed!

The journey to this point is filled with obstacles for a people who help make up 80% of the prison population. A people whom are murdered at the highest rate. A people whom are the least in the higher learning population. Our journey has pitfalls that break down our race on a whole to the point that PAIN has become our inspiration. We move or come together only thru tragedy. A black family comes together quicker over a death than they will to plan a business or have an uplifting family moment.

You know I don’t just talk problems, I try thru my experience and knowledge to find, suggest and implement solutions!

To me, it comes back to the foundation. Man, woman and child – the family. The greatest injustice done to the blacks in America is the breakdown of the family. Thru slavery, the black family was always split up. Our tradition is the broken home. We were conditioned to be apart.

As with any newfound wealth, as a nation, we are dealing with centuries of tragedy. We are in the depth of changing many of these conditions. One we have to focus on is being a present parent.

Dealing with personal struggle is the first step. Know and accept yourself for who YOU ARE. Young black men add to their struggles by trying to be someone they are not! Environment has a lot to do with it. These mistakes could hurt your journey for years and alter your life, for life. The opportunities that we are exposed to are very limited. Notice how other races have 3 or 4 generations of professionals like lawyers or doctors or 3 or 4 generations of the family business. We have to start planting seeds of family sustenance and assets. If we leave nothing for our children, they start with nothing. Home ownership could plant seeds of loans, grants and access to the same opportunities that others enjoy. Our traditions of opportunities are limited to the majority in sports, music, military and crime. Sad is our exposure to finding our worth or talent. The pressures of poverty force young black children to grow up too fast. Never letting them explore who they are. It’s the dope game or we pour everything into sports or run to the military for the discipline we crave.

“Understand this is real life”.


Fall in love with “family”. Change the attitude that being a family man is in some way soft. Change the thought that we are incapable of being good parents or a strong family with the father in the front.

We have given nourishment to the race of humanity and raised generations of other’s families. We are over qualified, know that! This is an obstacle we are prepared for.

Black men:

Have patience in the process of becoming a mature man. Having millions by the time you’re 25 is a value that’s unhealthy to your growth. A 10-15-25 year plan to obtain wealth is a much more realistic approach.

Love my folk – KJS
Copyright 2016


The Top Ten African American Associations

AS 1

Good day. I hope you slide thru your hump day! There are many roads to success and help along the path. No matter if you’re an African American accountant, an African American Professional, an attorney or doctor. No matter your career, there is a related organization to fit you! Joining an association can provide education in your field.
What is an association? The definition of association is two- fold; (1) A group of people organized for a joint purpose i.e. The National “Association” for the Advancement of Colored People. (2) A connection or cooperative link between people or organizations i.e. He developed an “association” with the movement. We shall be building on the first meaning. Why are associations formed? Not for just tax-breaks or business aspect. No, it’s to receive and give networking opportunities, advocacy and support rather, the frame work towards racial, gender based or more personal. To our black culture, “Associations” focus on issues and topics important to African Americans. Today’s post looks at some of the oldest and largest national associations.

• Black Data Processing Associations (Field – business). Organized in 1975, the BDPA; is more than 40 chapters. It is a non-profit organization of professionals working in or having interest in computer science and information technology field, all the wave computer tech.

• National Association of Black Accountants (Field –business). Founded in 1969, the NABA’s goal is to represent the more than 200,000 African Americans in the careers of accounting and finance. NABA is ensuring a seat at the table for accountants.

• National Association of African Americans in Human Resources (Field -business). The NAAAHR exists to provide a unique global forum for the career development of black and African American human resource professionals. It was founded in 1988 in Maryland.

• National Black MBA Association (Field – business). The organization was founded in 1971. It’s one of those organizations that stand out in the black community. The MBA, with in the name sake, stands for Master of Business Administration. It’s a graduate degree achieved at a University or College. The MBA degree can have a specific focus, such as accounting, finance or marketing. With 9,000 members and 45 professional chapters, their Leaders of Tomorrow (LOT program) focuses on 35 leaders for the future and over 300 corporate partners. It’s one of the most successful and directly fruitful programs to the lives in black communities. They, as an organization, have awarded over $5 million in scholarships.

• National Society of Black Engineers (Field – Engineering and Science). Starting in 1975, the NSBE has grown to more than 36,000 members and more than 400 colleges/pre-colleges and technical professional chapters, nationwide and throughout the world. Their aim and goal is to increase interest and numbers of African American engineers.

• National Association of Black Journalists (Field – Media/Print). Founded in 1975, was the NABJ. First off, founder, Maureen Bunyan received the Ed Walker Lifetime Achievement Award in Broadcasting. The organization of journalists, students and media related professionals provide quality programs and services to and advocate on behalf of black journalists worldwide. Furthermore, if you are a writer or blogger, you should become a member!

• National Association of Blacks Criminal Justice (Field – Law and Justice). This association was organized in 1974. is the answer and positive solution to the part of the system that hurts us, like most justice (sentencing) and law enforcement (police). The NABCJ seeks to focus attention to relevant legislation law enforcement, prosecution and defense related needs and practices. There’s also an emphasis on the courts, corrections and law enforcement. It’s a great cause! There’s a need to STOP complaining and get involved!

• National Black Nurses Association (Field – Health Care). Organized in 1971, the NBNA goes directly to the heart of one of the fastest growing career opportunities in our black communities. Their mission is to represent and provide a forum for black nurses (both genders) to advocate for and implement strategies to ensure access to the highest quality of health care for people of color.

• Blacks in Government (Field – Government). It was founded in 1975. Notice the surge in associations in the 70’s after the 60’s Civil Rights Movement! It seeds blossom! BIG goals and objectives are to provide and advocate of equal opportunity and professional development for black government employees at the local, state and federal government levels. Government is the last push for cultural power. We must evolve in our involvement and understanding of politics.

• Black Culinarian Alliance (Field – Food services). Founded in 1988, the BCA is another field that blacks excel and find opportunities in. It’s worth joining if kitchen work is your fall back. BCA platform links professionals and average kitchen workers, in food service, with students of color to enhance their education and provide career opportunities for advancement.

These associations help strengthen the business world for ALL African Americans in business and social life. Associations help bridge the gap for professionals and the world of business by becoming an active member. It joins us with the corporate structure that has eluded us for so very long. Keeping in tune with our post for yesterday, (Reconstructing the Black Family section) we offer solutions and help for positive advancement.

Reporting live from the other side of being black
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Regaining The Man Within the Black Family

Peace to the social world. Today’s topic is regaining the man within the black family. It’s likely the most important topic we, here at B.A.F., will touch upon. True to part of our name sake “awareness”,we’re bringing light to the weakest part of the foundation of the black nation. So, Imma call it “domestic energy”.

First, we must, as men and a community, see being a family man as a responsibility, not a weakness. A positive action, a duty to strength and the black condition and family. Spreading the seed was looked upon as a victory of the ego of young black men. Mainly by the example of the generations before us. But, deeper than that, it was a way of life early on in our existence to keep our race alive. Male slaves were encouraged to impregnate women and multiply because, to the slave owner, it was free slave labor. So, it has been ingrained in the black man’s biological makeup. It was normal for a slave father to be killed, jailed or sold to another plantation. Their presence was not a normal black occurrence. That is no excuse, just a deeper view. Truthfully, every one of us have common sense. Reality of fatherhood and the design of a family unit is father – mother – child(ren) – community (village). The symptoms are many, but these are the most damaging elements of the deconstruction of the black family.

Fatherlessness; studies show that one out of every three black children is the U.S. lives without their biological father. Children who grow up without fathers are more likely to suffer from emotional problems, abuse alcohol and drugs and drop out of school.

You know B.A.F. is all about solutions, concrete in their counter action. The black family is diverse, coming in many shades and environments. If we’re truly the universal race, we must accept this fact. Now, fathers come in many forms like step fathers and other family members becoming a father figure. So, the family structure couldn’t be destroyed by the absence of the biological family. Take any role as the black man representative in a family setting seriously. Step fatherhood is an extension of the diverse black family. Your role is a provider, protector, educator, giver, guider of the family’s dreams and goals, teacher of life, builder of confidence and warner of pitfalls. The role is no less vital. In some ways, it’s more and the limitations of not being the biological father are small. Health info and problems may call for biological heritage. Family first, children must be valued as the preservers of our existence. They are the cream of the man and woman. The clay to be molded by who? You or society?

Victim; a victim mentality is to seek fault in any one or any traumatic occurrence i.e. slavery or discrimination one has felt. It grows when we refuse to be the men and women (parents) we are meant to be. We are raising generations of our children within the black communities as victims and complainers. Yes, there are hard truths and yes, there are reasons. But, as I keep expressing to people I politic with, this is our burden. African diaspora, our being used as slaves in all continents thru time. Asia, Africa, Europe, North America and Oceania. Remember the Egyptians were slaves for hundreds of years. But, the Europeans’ version of slavery was how they say it now “on a new level”. It was physical torture and torment, complete stripping of self-worth and identity. To Asia, Africans mainly stayed together. Slaves had communities and in some cases, had the ability to rise in rank. Their humanity was not taken from them. They were not forced to believe they were less than human. Our burden, as a whole race, is beyond the personal struggles of individuals. We have a greater hardship to overcome, as a whole. Our task is greater than the Jews’ plight or the Chinese discrimination against the Japanese. Ours is a world view of Africans, as sub servant or even savage. At one time, the rest of the world believed that! Could it be resentment because it’s a known fact that Africa is the birth place of humanity and the richest in natural resources? Back to the point…

Even if we have good reasons, taking the victim stance does the individual harm in personal growth and doesn’t help the black condition. Instead, embrace the resiliency of our race. Learn all you can about that which makes you feel some type of way. You will discover in our history, a symbol of a man or woman to combat our most pressing issue throughout time. UNITY is the goal to aspire. R U WIT ME?

Anger; not the venom of things done to us, nor the anger of a child whom asks “Where’s my daddy? Doesn’t he love me?” These questions at age three, six and beyond manifest into anger if their life is not met with the presence of the father or a father figure. Some children grow to hate the absent parent, fall into an emotional state or waste personal advancement time to reconnect to the missing father. The burning question is WHY? Young men and women are being devastated by this act of selfish fathers and in turn, set their offspring up for failure!

The only thing that kills hate is love. If I kill your family member, it breeds more hate. If I show caring and concern for your family member, love is reciprocated. The only solution is to show and express more love and if the child misses the bond and affection of a father or mother, they are deprived of learning love. What’s left to cultivate? HATE! It manifests itself in schools, daycares and other homes. “Anger”. You’re feeding your children, and not at the dinner table. Showing love does not make the man soft, it makes you a man. Maturing as a complete man. Only love can conquer hate!

Crime; some young black men feel as a young black man in the hood, it’s a right of passage to be imprisoned. “You ain’t real till you did some time”. What a self-destructive, self-conditioning thought. We owe no one a debt when it comes to our freedom. Would you agree? So, here’s how the black youth feel like in poor black communities about crime, which is another example of victimhood… They believe with the disadvantage of position in America, getting some “easy” money will atone for the crimes done to us. A misguided energy attempt to even the score, a victim’s mentality. A young, unguided quick decision. If there is no man to teach of the ills of the justice system and senseless crime. Also, sometimes just the lack of funds within the home makes any young, soon to be man watch his mother struggle. He will go out and try to do a man’s job and what options does he have? What experience does he have? What choice of earning money will he choose? Or more shocking, what will your daughter choose, given the same conflict?

Men can only grow by lessons from another man. Women are only truly protected from the paws of society by the strength, comfort and security of her father!

Seek help thru family rebuilding programs in your area – Urban league, church groups and NAACP programs. If no one’s available, devise your own!

Passion from a pen – KJS
Gang Single mom


Bomb 1

Good day. Terror has hit the American shores once again! Saturday night, a bomb went off in Manhattan, in the Chelsea neighborhood on 23rd Street. It injured 29 people. Then, a second bomb was found on 27th Street. It was a pressure cooker with a cell phone taped to it.

Is it a TERROR-CELL? They are now saying a cell existed in N.J., a timed attack on U.S. soil. A man now id’ed as Ahmad Khan Rahami was spotted at 7:50 p.m. on 23rd St. pulling a duffel bag. He left the first bomb on 23rd St. The same man was then spotted by street cameras on 27th St. were he left the bag. Then two men, not thought to be involved, looked into the bag, dumped out the contents and took the bag. What was left behind was a pressure cooker that did not detonate.

Mayor Bill de Blasio (the white mayor married to a black woman) said “Was it political or personally motivated? We don’t know yet.” If it is motivated to sway American voters, the fear and uncontrolled feeling will sway votes to Trump, whom has based his whole campaign on fear! Or was it the cell ISIS put together for a huge statement?

The blast in Manhattan happened on the same day as two other attacks, which makes the assumption of a “TERROR-CELL” a true reality. A pipe bomb went off near a Marine Corps Charity event run in New Jersey. The bomb did not injure anyone in New Jersey and was placed in a spot much like the Boston Bombings to wound runners and onlookers. Yet, it exploded before any one was in the area. The F.B.I. is calling the New Jersey attack “A potential act of terrorism”.

The bombings that are happening all over the Middle East cannot be overlooked. If you’re only looking at this as an American and we’re the victims, I tell you the same is felt in countries that the U.S. bomb! Many families feel like victims of America and it’s bombing allies. This perpetuates more violence and makes more terrorist loyal.

The third of these coordinated attacks happened in Minnesota. Witnesses say a man wearing a private security company uniform entered the Crossroads Mall on Saturday night at 8:00 p.m. He went wild with a knife, randomly stabbing people. This is a man whom ISIS said was a “soldier of the Islamic State”. This attack directly linked the attacks to being terror based. The suspect made a reference to Allah and even asked a victim if they were Muslim before he attacked. People were running while they recorded with cell phones. The attack centered around the J.C. Penny store, inside the mall. Mayor Dave Kleis said three remain hospitalized, one with life threatening injures. The suspect was shot and killed by an off-duty police officer. A concerned mother stood outside the mall fearing for the safety of her son. She is a Somali-American and was interviewed by CNN. She said “ISIS does not represent us. It does not represent Islam and it does not represent Somalis”. The three attacks show the hate that others have for America!

New York has ramped up security, not just because of the attacks or the bombing that left 29 hurt. It’s more so for the World leaders gathering at the United Nations for debate at the General Assembly. Now, the manhunt is on for the most wanted man in America, Ahmad Khan Rahami. He’s the one police think left the bombs and is the head of the New Jersey terror cell. These crazy events are meant to install fear and doubt. The leaders need to be calm, not rash, and use this as a political poly like Trump. We will keep you posted.

Hustler of Culture
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Bomb 2 Bomber



Hope this weekend finds you healthy and with peace of mind.

What no one is talking about, yet everyone knows… It’s a part of our new internet culture. Just like FaceBook, Twitter and I-Gram., what can I say? It’s a vehicle to exploit woman and children. In general, it’s the new pimp, the “Internet Pimp”. Backpage has recently been subpoenaed by the Senate Subcommittee. Yo, that’s beyond the Feds! is hiding behind the “First Amendment Rights” and freedom of speech. Yet, thousands of cases (yes over a thousand complaints and court cases) of photos, sex acts, and overall exploitation of CHILDREN have been factually proven on this site! Even the criminal code hates child molesters! Any sex acts or crimes against children such as rape are called in “CHO’s (child molesters) in prison. They’re absolutely looked down on by true convicts. Now, Carl Ferrer and all that work for have turned a blind eye to its true purpose. It’s safe to say that they value shmoney over the safety of ALL children.

Too many brothers have been lost to the feds for charges like promotion of prostitution, white slavery, pimpin’ and pandering. Backpage burst on to the landscape as a new way to pimp. For grown women, it’s a new tool to meet men, but just as fast as it burst onto the internet, it was under the microscope of law enforcement. They are now under Senate review. Congress has got them in their sights. The sight has been burnt up for the average person to make money or be on it for a long period of time. They run down on those of us that are expendable and they’re giving out time for sex crimes, big number time! Pimps/prostitues are getting 20-life sentences and even “johns” are seeing stiff punishments.

To the freelance independent grown woman who uses as a tool to reach men and promote their product (themselves) and whom have freely made this choice, I say you can not support the small goods when horrible evils fill the same lane. Power and freedom of choice come with great responsibility. As a woman, how can they condone the usages of Human Trafficking or Child Exploitation? Understand that you’re promoting more than just yourself!


Brothers; the attitude of Backpage being the new “Track” is dead in it’s practice cuz they will give you a number! You just can’t do and if one of those females happens to be a minor, you’re DONE! Pimpin’ is a fact, always has and always will be. Yet, the tool that was is no more, but what of the moral aspect of pimpin’ and the fact that the women you send are in danger of crimes against them like rape, assault and murder. These women are high on the victims list. You have to have a low view of woman in general to be a pimp. I’m not preaching because I have not always been a writer! I know the streets and the ghetto games. But, this is taking brothers out faster than drug charges and that’s a fact.

But, let us get to the legal aspect of the Subpoena. The Center For Missing and Exploited Children (C.M.E.C.) has identified (since October 2015) Backpage as the primary online market place for child sex trafficking ads on the internet, the entire internet! The website was subpoenaed nearly a year ago by the Senate Permanent Subcommittee on Investigations. When the subpoena went unanswered, the Senate took a rare move and held Backpage in contempt of Congress. This hasn’t been done since 1995.

What has brought this case back into the light was on Tuesday, the Supreme Court declined the request by lawyers from Backpage to block the subpoena issued by the Senate committee. The Senate, along with the Feds, are investigating’s alleged role in facilitating child sex trafficking. But, Backpage’s CEO Carl Ferrer, has refused to comply with the subpoena, arguing the “First Amendment” protects the company. Even more rare than the Senate’s charge of contempt was the Supreme Court’s block of the subpoena. Justice Samuel Alito rescued himself!

This sparks a huge freedom of speech fight, a first amendment dog fight. Lawyers for Backpage argue, and I quote “The case highlights the witch hunt the Federal Government is on issuing bold demands from high tech companies and online publishers and content created by third parties. This act chills the First Amendment Right”. The lawyer is referring to the recent government cases -vs- Facebook, Verizon, At&T and Google.

The whole fight is based on the first amendment which had no vision of the lengths human beings would stretch the concept or could fathom its usage. It’s all bout the shmoney! Backpage functions like Craiglist, but it’s geared towards permissive for adult content. Backpage was put on blast by a CNN 2011 profile where CNN tried to shutdown the site’s adult content section where the suspected child sex trafficking occurs. makes $100 million per year from their adult content, mainly thru credit cards. So, since the CNN spotlight, American Express, Master Card and Visa have stopped allowing anyone from making payments to the site. They just blocked it and this happened in 2015. Senators Rob Portman (Rep. Ohio) and Claire McCaskill (Dem. MO) are heading up the Senate investigation. Law makers call Backpage the most important tool in the commercial sex advertising market! Is Backpage the biggest Pimp ever? Law enforement says Backpage is premeditated in their actions, thus proving knowledge. Backpage screeners even remove key words that would alert law enforcement. The police set up dummy “john’ accounts to trap pimps/prostitues. One former Backpage screener just got a 30 year sentence. But, the Senate refuses to go after the NRA and its product is even killing white children! The NRA is old shmoney and they have contributed greatly to politicians. Backpage and these new outlets give no kick backs. Why aren’t the streets talking about this event that effects our community on such a high level? Well, sees the value of it and we will keep ya’ll up!


Your brother, KJS
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