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The Branches of Nykea Aldridge’s Death


To my social-world, 2016 can be labeled as the year of death and the year still ain’t over with. Never have I witnessed so much racial tension resulting in a lack of human life. Cops are dying as well as minorities. Let us not forget the Latin and Native Americans caught in this death trap as well. 2016 is the Season of Blood, the blatant disregard for the right of life….. The season of blood. The rage and hate that propelled cop killings of Urban youth…Season of Blood…Outrage of the community that sought revenge on the police.

August comes to a close with the soul-wrenching death of the life of Nykea Aldridge. Unlike most media outlets, I will not label her as just Dwayne Wade’s cousin. That diminishes her Life as a woman, wife and mother of four children. Wade commented on his twitter page.

”My cousin was killed today in Chicago. Another act of senseless gun violence.
Four kids lost their mom for NO REASON. Unreal. #EnoughIsEnough.”

On friday 26, 2016, Aldridge was shot and killed in broad day light. She wasn’t the target but, she was caught in the crossfire of a shooting while pushing her infant child in a stroller near Dulles school of Excellence on the city’s infamous South Side. Her child, who was about three weeks old, was not harmed. One of the bullets tore thru Aldrige’s head and another struck her in the arm. She died about 45 minutes later at the hospital. She was near the school because she planned to register her older children.

The senselessness of it all!

If she’d not been the cousin of D. Wade, would it have even been a footnote in the Chicago crime wave of 2016?

So many branches have sprung up from this one incident. It has raised the awareness of the firestorm of violence in the city of Chicago. I covered the chaos of Chicago in an earlier post. Please check it out!

Firestorm of Chicago violence

A) A stunning, startling fact – the city of Chicago alone has twice the violent murder rate of California and New York combined! Did you read that? The state of New York and California had less violent murders than the CITY of Chicago!

B) Two more young black men, savage or not, lost their lives to the prison system. Brothers Darwin Sorrells Jr. and Derren Sorrells were arrested for the murder of Aldridge.


Sunday, Aldridge’s family gathered for a vigil. The sky was filled with purple balloons, set free in honor of her favorite color. “This is my baby girl. Her life is gone too soon. Too soon. She was taken away from us.”, said Aldridge’s mother, Diann Aldridge.

To hard line, the underlining fact is that too many lives are being lost in Chi Town. In 20 years, 400 people were shot. In August, there have been 80 homicides. This marks August as the most violent month in 20 years with still one day to go!

The branches of Aldridge’s death reach out to the very ills and reality of the tone of America and the violence of 2016. The pressure of such a racially motivated presidential election weighs heavy on the temperament of America but, I believe D. Wade’s tweet – #enoughisenough.

Bonded as your brother

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Colin Kaepernick’s National Anthem Protest


To my social world, what it do? continues to bring the black perspective from all angles, despite life’s obstacles and the ups and downs of the social networks and media. We, as African Americans, come from survivors. We are relentless in our resolve and I will reflect that!

Colin Kaepenick took a stance last Sunday and now he is defending his choice to not stand for the national anthem. It has caused an uproar from sports fans and average Americans.

Let’s understand the traditions in America. 99 percent of sports figures stand for the national anthem. They are playing a sport for entertainment, not life or death like the men/women whom fight for these freedoms in the military. Sports figures pay homage to that. Sports have always shown love and respect for the U.S.A. armed forces. A lot of sports athletes come from military service or have family members in the military. Tradition!

It is also American tradition for police brutality to run down on minorities with a special hate for African Americans. Kaepernick is African American and belongs to our culture of biracial bonds. So, America fights for freedoms that some don’t fully enjoy. Tradition!

Last Sunday, Kaepernick had to defend himself for NOT standing during the playing of the national anthem during a pre season game versus the Green Bay Packers. His reasons for this; the continuation of oppression by a country that says they stand for freedom, liberty and justice for all. That’s not happening, now or ever. The reaction was swift for Kaepernick. Striking or standing against America’s purest form of virtue. It’s military and blood spilled, so Americans can enjoy playing a game on Sundays. Fans and Americans posted mean and nasty comments on social media. Sports stars made a note that they would stand for the national anthem. Some questioned his stance as attention getting due to the fact that he is now most likely a back up quarter back and no longer the number one guy. Fans burned his jersey and plan to “boo” him every time he’s introduced or plays preseason. He has sported strong criticism from fans, sports casters and athletes. Few support his stance, but some, like does! It’s his “right” to not stand. Yeah, I support that for many reasons!


Many sports figures have taken public displays of dissatisfaction to the media thru their spotlight. Muhammed Ali was not well received for his stance either. Kareem Abdul Jabbar, Carmelo Anthony, LeBron James and countless others have done something similar. Kaepernick chooses to stand against the back bone of America. It’s the military where race and pride don’t matter if you’re in a fox hole fighting for your life with your brothers/sisters. Damn your color!

My stance for his right is not without a new found respect for the U.S. armed forces. In my study of history, the military has opened doors and helped usher the African American race forward as much as churches and schools have garnished us our first taste of financial independence. I use to, like most young brothers, shun the military. But, like sports, drugs, or school, military service is a way out for many.

What does the U.S. military really stand for? It backs the vibe of America and it will stand for the government and police before it defends average Americans.

Kaepernick said “I am using my public platform because many have no public voice. I am their voice”.

All this and the scrutiny of police brutality in 2016 is deeply forced against African Americans and other minorities. These are facts!

The N.F.L.’s stance is that “Players are encouraged, but not required to stand during the national anthem”.

Kaepernick also said “I think people are really talking about this. That’s good. Didn’t realize how much, but now there can be change and we can move forward”.

He has a platform and if his intentions are sincere, I support the choice to choose bigger life issues or personal gain and popularity. That’s admirable!

He must now stay in the activist lane and be true to his convictions. We will watch and see, but I believe the fight for peace and equality is on the shoulders of every African American and oppressed minority. Especially if you’re in a position of great notoriety.

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Smith Mili

Ain’t Nobody As Real As Emmett Till

Till 1

Peace, social world. We’re going into heart of the weekend. The B.A.F. loves to leave you with “fire” to carry you till Monday. One historical African American figure that galvanizes the “heart of hate, symbolizes Jim Crow and represents the evil of so called “white right” is Emmett Till.

Things are turning closer to the racial equality, through action. The events of 2016 fill you with hope or if you’re in league with what has always been, that fills you with dread. The results of racial tensions spilled to the streets where cops tasted the pains of our lives and faced the everyday fears of urban blacks. The protests and intelligent actions of BlackLivesMatter, Hollywood and sports figures speaking out (D.L. Hughley and Carmelo Anthony), the words of pride and principles of the and the strong stance of the black first family have made change. We are paving new roads to racial equality.

What gave us that pride, that burning desire for justice in our criminal system that, for centuries, robbed us of our black men? The corporate world has shut us out of the true money game. It has been slowly building since the victories of the civil rights era. We fight! Not against white people, but against the mindset that made us less than human. We fight against their right to treat us lesser than. We fight against a system of POWER that is preventing us from learning, growing and the pursuit of dreams and goals. It’s not one white enemy. The body of it may be cloaked in white hoods, but it’s the mentality we struggle against.

A starting point, a lightening rod for the activation of the civil rights movement was the brutal murder of young Till. Just as the recent deaths of young black men have sparked our actions in 2016, this moment forced a reaction that drove Martin Luther King Jr., flamed the rage of the Black Panther Movement and fucked up the resolve of Malcolm X and Muhammed Ali. It gripped blacks in America.

Have you passed on the story of Till? It is the center point of our fight! In 1955, Till was 14 years old from the south side of Chicago. He went to visit family in Money, Mississippi. History amongst blacks, as well as whole heart Americans, regardless of race, remember this as brutality personified! It was one of the most heinous racial hatred acts ever!

Till grew up on the south side of Chi Town and was ill prepared for this level of segregation in Mississippi, but we’re talking about teenage boys here. Even his mother warned him, “Take care son because of your race”. But, he was a young prankster. Not a good combination for the backwards south.

The story unfolds: young Till was with his cousins and friends. No doubt, he was telling them about his big city reputation and said that his girlfriend back home was a white girl. Stunned and disbelieving, teenage boys did what they do and his cousins dared him to ask a white woman out. They said “There, her sitting down. Ask her on a date”.

Till thought nothing of the segregation laws of the south and made his advances. It shocked the young white woman as he cat called to her and finally said “okay bye bye baby”. The woman behind the counter of Carolyn-Bryant claimed that young Till made lewd advances toward the young white bride. Her husband returned from a three day business trip and learned of the events. He was embarrassed and enraged! He and the white bride’s brother rushed to Till’s great uncle, Mose Wright’s house and forced Till into their car. They pulled over, 200 yards away from the Tallahatchie River, and forced him to carry a 75 pound cotton gin fan while verbally abusing him. “City boy”, “Disrespectful little nigger” and countless other verbal knives were thrown. Imagine how this 14 year old must have been terrified. They ordered Till to remove all his clothes, assaulted his genitals, nearly beat him to death, gouged out his eye and then shot him in the head. Then they threw him into the river tied to the cotton gin fan with barbed wire.

Three days later, his body washed up. It was so disfigured that his great uncle could only identify him by his ring. Authorities wanted to bury the body, but Till’s mother, a strong black woman who saw the essence of her son and the time for change, ordered his body be returned to Chicago. She was so shocked by his mutilated body that she decided to have an open casket to show everyone the acts of these racist murders.

Jet Magazine covered the funeral and printed pictures of the corpse. Mainstream media picked up and reported the story as well. It was one of the first national coverages of racial brutality. The news and newspapers were on it so much that on September 23, the two men responsible, Milam and Bryant, went on trial. The all white jury ruled “not guilty”. They claimed that the state prosecution failed to prove the identity of the body. They said “No one can say for certain who that disfigured body is”.

The Till murder media coverage in was intense in the 50’s. So much so that it brought to light the dark notion of Jim Crow and segregation in the south. These were the truths of the brutality. The light of the Emmett Till murder inspired the civil rights idea. This was the early impetus of the Civil Rights Movement.

….Ain’t nobody as real as Emmett Till.

This new age pride of “us” in the new age black nation refuses to sit by. We ain’t with that! They bleed just like us. Never forget the price we paid for the respect that is given to others!

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Till and momMom

Usain Bolt the G.O.A.T. (Greatest of All Time)


To the social world, what it do? The weather is changing and school has begun already or will soon. Seasonal change is everywhere. One thing to remember is that change is growth. It happens no matter how hard you resist it.

One thing that has lasted longer than anyone (except maybe himself) is Usain Bolt’s dominance in sprinting.

Usain St. Leo Bolt was born on August 21, 1986 in Sherwood Content, Trelawny, Jamaica to Wellesley and Jennifer Bolt. His brother’s name is Sudiki and sister is Sherine. Their parents owned a local grocery store in the very rural area. By the age of 12, Bolt could only think of the sports circuit like football (soccer) and sprinting. At 12 years old, he became the fastest in school history!

As many black youths in poverty around the world, sports is an opportunity to uplift one’s self. It’s a distant goal they can experience and see.

This is a celebration on the swift heels of the amazing Bolt’s retirement from Olympic competitions. He would be testing human limits to pursue the 2020 games, for there is only one undefeated foe that makes all bow down, father time.

These 2016 Olympic Rio games have cemented his doubters to his greatness. Bolt is regarded as the fastest human to ever live! I think he will maintain most of his records for a very long time. Earlier, I spoke of change. Yet, some records will never be matched or broken…

• Wilt Chamberlin’s 100 point game in Basketball
• Joe DiMaggio’s hitting streak for the Yanks
• Jerry Rice’s TD receptions in the NFL

Still, some athletes defy their sport with or without records. Barry Sanders, Wilt Chamberlin, Bo Jackson, Derek Jeter, Jerry Rice, Floyd Mayweather, Sugar Ray Robinson, Lailah Ali and many many others. Bolt is the greatest track and field athlete of all time!

He never lost a race in the Olympic competitions. That alone is a fact. He is the shining light of Jamaica. All that is right in a place of history and poverty. Extreme in his arrogance, as he should be. His critics have only this to pick at. Yes, he’s supremely confident and poised to open new paths to riches with a talent not known for outward riches. He has lifted a sport thick with controversy in drugs and trust. He has ripped what was thought to be impossible track times and become the fastest human, dead or alive. Think of that title for a minute. He is the perfect specimen for racing at 6’5” for height 209 lbs. He’s the top of his sport like Muhammed Ali, Michael Jordan and his hero Pele. Bolt is also the richest track and field star with a net worth of over $30 million. His Olympic glory is unsurpassed as well.

• 2008 in Beijing, China’s Olympic Games – 3 gold medals
• 2012 in London, England’s Olympic Games – 3 gold medals
• 2016 in Rio, Brazil’s Olympic Games – 3 gold medals

He also owns world record times in three events. His 100 meter dash times are 9.72, 9.69 and the fastest at 9.58 seconds. The 200 meter dash times are 19.30 and the fastest at 19.19. His 4×100 relay time is 37.10.

He is amazing, brash and skilled beyond any human before him. Props to the G.O.A.T. of track and field. He’s the fastest man alive and 20 years from now that might still be true.

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bolt 2Bolt 3

Hip Hop Hype “PnB Rock”


Ahh, on your Hip Hop mode, but this young artist is real and raw. He’s coming live with his jail house melodies and street essence, but hot and ready. PnB Rock is a 24 year old Philadelphia singer with a heavy vibe of Hip Hop influence.

Born as Rakim Allen, he was what was called a serious problem child. He grew up in the rough neighborhoods of Philly and allowed the streets his undivided attention. It was so drama filled that he had to constantly carry a gun at the young age of 13. By his 15th birthday, his mother was forced to kick him out of the home. Forced by the streets that amazed him, his life was different so he sold drugs to eat. Sometimes he slept in abandoned buildings. If you know like I know, drug money aint always “secure and steady” like dem checks! Young PnB described his life, at the time, as day to day survival. At age 19 he got sent to prison for a two year bid for a P.O. violation. He did his bid in P.A.’s SCI Graterford.

Let’s talk bout his skills!

He sang so often in prison that his cellmate said “Man you got skills. Do something wit it”. PnB rocked a prison holiday performance in 2012 and got love from the “ground” (prison yards and heart of credibility). He was released to a halfway house in 2013, but they refused to let him pursue a music career. Instead, they forced young Allen to obtain more normal employment. Old habits die hard and PnB walked away from the halfway house which made him on the run. He recorded a number of songs including his single “Fleek” which built him a reputation as a unique voice in this watered down industry.

I promise, you’ve never heard nothing like him. In the fabric of Lyfe Jennings’ path, smooth like Miguel and ingenious with his song flow like The Weeknd. His fresh style will have you OPEN!

He considers himself new age Hip Hop, not R&B. while performing in Atlantic City, PnB was arrested backstage for “Escape”, but his buzz had already been planted. A/Rs were calling, Rap artists were calling and while in prison, he inked a deal with Atlantic Records. He was released again in 2015, fresh with a deal and this rising star begins!

His go to guy and friend in the industry is Fetty Wap. They’ve done tracks together that you may have heard. Two of them are “Jealous” and “Spend the Night”. Currently, they are working on a mixtape.

Young PnB is one to look out for, as the new wave of singers have a connection to Hip Hop. I hope he’s learned his lesson cuz like the music world, that life will chew you up and leave you behind. Ya gotta give him an ear though cuz he’s definitely on another level. He gets mad spins on your favorite Rappers’ playlists. The young man can’t produce fast enough!

Since we’re talking up and comings, I gotta mention Young Ma, Brooklyn’s own female powerhouse. Her no shame, lesbian laid lyrics and lifestyle fits well with her. She has serious word play and she’s real in Rap with no extra sex appeal to sell. She lets her lyrics be her prop.

young ma

Check em both and most def. see bout your boy PnB!

Hip Hop’s alive and well with a swell of new talent in this creative music based on life experience. It will NEVER die!

Bully to boss
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Listen to PnB Rock’s music on his website here!

P2Fetty and PnB

New Trial Date for the “Animal”, Dylan Roof

Roof 1

Peace is a good open as I write and report on a heart sinking tragedy that still pains our souls even after the events took place in June, 2015.

Peace, again it fits in our prayers that the B.A.F. staff and friends send out to the victims of the 6.2 magnitude Earthquake that has rocked Central Italy and left 63 dead.

Back to the madness… if by some chance you don’t remember who the “Animal” Dylann Roof is, he planned and carried out a black church shooting that left nine dead in South Carolina.

Before we highlight new information on his pending trial, I think it’s only right to give you a list of the black victims shot and killed by this animal. Then, we’ll talk about this piece of shit!

R.I.P. to the true victims
• Cynthia Hurd – 54
• Susie Jackson – 87
• Ethel Lance – 70
• Rev. Depayne Middleton-Doctor – 49
• Hon. Rev. Clementa Pinckney – 41
• Tywanza Sanders – 26
• Rev. Daniel Simmons Sr. – 74
• Rev. Sharonda Singleton – 45
• Myra Thompson – 59


Eight of these victims died of gun shot wounds in the church and the ninth died in the hospital. I use the word “animal”, not because he’s white, but because any man that would do this to the peace lovers of religion is an animal. If he wanted to fight, there are plenty of neighborhoods he could go to in South Carolina. This animal spent an hour at bible study with the parish. You know they were surprised and glad to have a young white man at this historical place, the Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church. It’s the oldest one in South Carolina and one of the first black church congregations where black slaves could worship however they wanted. Lord, how Sundays were special to the slaves at that time. Crumbs of freedom!

In June of 2015, one of the worst shootings happened in this historic church. The animal, Dylann Roof, is a young white supremacist who cowardly acted like a Christian and enjoyed the hospitality of this black parish. He joined in a bible study for an hour then exploded before the meal time gathering. He shouted “You rape our women and you’re taking over our country. You have to go”.

He then began to shoot his victims as they were running and screaming. One Reverend was shot as he prayed for deliverance! The animal allowed one woman to leave so she could tell the story. He shot them at point blank range and walked up on the wounded victims who were still alive. They screamed and prayed. My soul aches as I feel for this open hated.

The new information that has bought this case back into light came from the result of a shake down in Roof’s jail. They found two handwritten manifestos in his cell that espoused white supremacy. One was a list of his nine victims and the other was on his views as a white supremacist. Violence has been and still is the foundation of how white supremacists will take over. He wrote “violence is our tool”. Also in the manifesto was his definition of what white means. “White is people of pure European descent (barring Jewish people) and non whites are everyone else”, he wrote.

Much of the evidence is sealed by prosecutors for the November 7 trial date, but they had to list (names withheld) experts and primary witnesses (probably the woman he let go) for the up coming trial. This coward offered to plead guilty if the prosecutors agreed to drop the death penalty. So far, they have refused. SO FAR…

The deeper meaning is that animal Roof knows he’d be a white supremacist hero if he could make it to a high level population in the prison yard. A death row inmate lives in a single cell only surrounded by other death row inmates.

This shooting shook the country and intensified the debate and feeling over U.S. race relations. South Carolina has long been a white aggressive state. They hold onto white privilege and power and blacks still feel the pressure and fruits of slavery. Unlike most states, whites are open faced with their views and dislikes of the direction of America. Blacks are the commanding foundations for the image of America. We are truly the most creative and resilient race on planet earth and as you know, we’re deeply involved in the movement of pop culture.

Roof, the coward criminal, faces the death penalty at the state level as well. Let’s hope he gets the federal death penalty. He faces 33 federal charges for hate crimes, obstruction of religious practices, gun charges and nine counts of first degree murder!

The void of these nine families is agonizing. You know it’s usually the steady church goer who is the strength of the whole family. The community’s loss is still felt in this South Carolina neighborhood.

He tried to destroy the very essence of most black communities. The church or mosque counters the liquor and gun stores and the negative image of a lot ghettos. I grew up in hoods and I know that churches and mosques are respected, both the property and the congregation. Thugs and people in the street life walk around them or cross the street. They even say “good morning” to Sunday worshipers.

I’m heavy hearted and soul drenched with pain writing this post to the point where I ALMOST wish him dead. But my life duty is to write and report, not sentence or punish. I hope my words have refocused your day. Know what’s really important in life or what life really is!

Your writer and brother
Copyright 2016

Roof 2BLM

Trump’s Pathetic Plea for the Black Vote


To my social world, what it do? On Friday night, Trump made a pathetic plea to African American voters. A plea not from his heart, but a plea for the polls! In Dimondale, Michigan (probably not a lot of black voters there), he turned up the same plea that he made 24 hours before in North Carolina. This is a vote that he cared little about in the primaries. He even shunned us, skipping the talk to the NAACP. Now he cares because the new voting laws have not stopped or slowed our power at the ballot.

Trump knows he killed the Latino vote for sure with his talk of building a wall and his disgraceful view of Mexican immigrants. Minorities, as it should be, take our votes seriously and now America takes our power and numbers seriously. The Latin and black populations usually vote the same way, Democratic. Our numbers represent our power!

Oh, I heard people talking, during the primaries, about how Trump could win. Some worried, but some were okay with him winning. As a young black historian, I’ve followed politics my whole life and I love it. I know what takes place in the run to the nominee. The primary is not a reflection of what happens in the general election. My worry was that America was not ready for a woman to lead us. The polls show what I knew of the clown actions and the open racism of Trump. I knew they wouldn’t fly in the general election. He’s losing bad and he’s already blaming bias from the media. Imagine that, a billionaire white man claiming bias!

But, let us refocus… Trump pointed toward Detroit as he delivered his pathetic plea. He talked about how Detroit tops the list as one of the most dangerous cities in America in terms of violent crimes. He gave this speech in Dimondale, which is 90 minutes away from Detroit and 93 percent white. Get your hands dirty Mr. Trump. Did it occur to you that you might need to address us on our terms and our ground?

Im with her

In his speech, Trump said “No group of Americans have been harmed by Hillary Clinton’s policies more”. This is an untrue statement. Clinton votes with the Democratic platform and in these last eight years, that’s been Obama’s platform. He went on to say that he’s been getting a large reaction from blacks, from big stars to just common folk.

“Look how many African American communities are suffering. Just look! What do you have to lose by trying something new like Trump? You live in poverty, your schools are no good. You have no jobs. 58 percent of your youth are unemployed. What in the hell do you have to lose?”

It was such a poor pitch. Like he was talking down to us. Like ole massa trying to urge his slaves to work harder. When Trump talks, he only tells half truths. His boldness for true facts are damned. He has a cockiness of someone whom thinks he’s better. He is a man whose money and white privilege defies common sense.

Data from the Kaiser Family Foundation about race in America shows that…

• Most African Americans do not live in poverty.
• We are slightly above Latinos for income per family.
• Blacks are behind whites only for income (Jewish people are considered white)

The youth comments are hard to judge because of school, but data shows that we’re dead even with whites. There are 50 percent (not 58 like he stated) of white and black youth that are unemployed. The Latin population is worse with 62 percent and Native Americans are worse still, at 73 percent.

Black voters are united heavily with Democrats because of the MLK years and the Civil Rights Act of 1964. JFK and others helped MLK draft and push the signing of the bill/act. We have held that position of helping shape the Democratic Party as minority friendly.

Trump has one percent of the black vote and doesn’t register with the Latin vote at all (less than one percent). We are literally killing his campaign. Why else would he openly court our vote when he clearly devalues and dislikes us! His numbers, at one percent, are lower than Bush’s were against Obama in 2008. Obama got 93 percent and Bush got seven percent. His numbers are also lower than Mitt Romney’s in 2012 against Obama. Romney had five percent.

“I’m with her!”

Never underestimate the trials and tribulations that America’s in right now. Nothing has plagued our nation into civil unrest, as a race. Now, we need the calm touch of a woman and a mother. Times call for what is needed. She’s not the woman savior, not at all, but she is a woman and her vibe is nurturing. The soul of a woman is exactly what America needs.

Sorry Trump, your pathetic plea cannot change the long history of discriminatory factors that you have practiced. Even in renting and selling property, your staff and other small pieces show us what we need to see!

Keep ya current and aware!

Copyright 2016

Trump 2

African American Children’s Health

aach lead

Dare To Care! Today comes with a concern that should always be an “Concern.” The betterment of our children and children in general. In our days “they were filled with outside play” football all day long, Ding Dong Ditch, Project water fights and riding homemade built bikes. This day cell phones and X-box and PS4 rule the day all things that involve no physical exertion. Also I wish we could do more “full” family (Grandparents) outings. A health child starts with the structure of his/her family. Enjoy and “get out there explore and love life.”

The health of African Americans has been a continual series on the B.A.F (see past posts on 3/18/16 and 7/22/16). But on this health post, we focus on the health concerns of our children. The research I had to do just crushed my spirit. I found out how far behind African Americans are in general health care. Despite the Jay Z, LeBron James and all we’ve accomplished, the whole our of 13.2 percent population suffers greatly, living below the poverty line. No other area does this show more in than health and health care. So much so that old family remedies are used more than true professional health care, especially prenatal and pediatric care. You will see how, unlike any other race, we suffer from ailments that existed in the 1800’s like Vitamin D deficiency. All around general nutrition deficiency effects proper child development, both physically and mentally.

But, let us begin;

The number one health concern of African American children is child hood obesity.

• Poor diet, due to lack of funds, contributes greatly to this fact. Fruits and vegetables are supplemented by sugary snacks, ramen noodles, hot dogs and deep fried fatty foods. A bag of chips is cheaper than strawberries. Growing up in a huge family had, many times, forced us to eat what we could and not what we should, as it is for many black households.
• Child obesity has gotten a push by the tone of children today. Video games, cell phones, tablets, Facebook, Twitter and the likes have replaced football games on the rec center field, double dutch and even ding dong ditch that we played outside till the street lights came on.

In the winter, you shoveled snow for a few bucks.In the summer, you mowed lawns. Today, kids sit at home, eat badly, talk on the phone and post pics and selfies. Their activity levels are much lower than what our generation’s were. Child obesity leads to all kinds of problems for child development.

aach 1


Asthma is second among African American children. We are twice as likely to be hospitalized for asthma attacks than ANY other race and 33 percent of that statistic are children. Studies couldn’t figure out why until the early 90’s when black doctors studied the conditions in black communities. Reports shocked the medical world. The main factor contributing to African American children’s Asthma is smoking in homes and cars. African American households and adults seem to not value only smoking outside or the general concept of NOT smoking at all for the sake of the fragile growing children. Growing up in urban environments, it’s true that in our rich culture, smoking at home and in the car is just a fact. Newports and black n’ milds are killing our babies! The Doctor’s 1978 report stated that Asthma among children could decrease greatly to normal race levels if the culture in black communities would change. So, this is an area we can control. It’s not racism, in justice or discrimination, it’s true black on black crime. Many youth that I knew had inhalers and pills for asthma. The good thing is that most children out grow asthma, but the damage is already done. True black families don’t usually use the medical devices like those masks and other things that help children. Smoking kills and it’s killing our future. This fact floored me!

aach 2


Next is Vitamin D deficiency. This has to do greatly with our race. African Americans have larger amounts of melanin than any other race. That fact is just obvious. Melanin filters out sunlight and decreases the absorption of sun rays, which benefit us greatly in such areas of skin cancer, wrinkles and other skin diseases, but has a flip side also. Sun rays are necessary for Vitamin D production which strengthens bones and helps with children’s physical growth. Vitamin D has only a few sources of intake other than the sunlight. That’s milk, cheese and dairy products. But unlike milk and sun light, cheese and dairy products are way less effective in proper Vitamin D intake. Add poverty and lack of milk in their diets (remember cereal and water) and the simple things become problematic. The answer doctors give is that every black or biracial child needs Vitamin D supplements to ensure health growth.

aach 3


Other factors ranked as well…

• Hepatitis C
• Sickle Cell Anemia
• Depression
• Bullying
• Internet Safety

I was astonished by some of my research. I hope I brought light and solutions to your everyday lives. If you got dem kids, please smoke outside and roll down windows in the car or avoid it all together. It still might not be enough, but also take your children to the doctor often and please don’t miss their appointments!

aach last


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Motivated By Being Broke (Untapped Power, Yes, Power)

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Hello social world. It’s your boy, the consummate writer. In these days and times, the internet has leveled the playing field, especially in marketing your product. Many are taking full advantage of this entity and getting their names out. No matter the traffic, real rises to the top, motivated by not having a lot.

I wish to convey a message that my boy S. Jacobson shared with me recently over a prison phone call (he’s doing 45 to life). He said “Bruh I don’t wanna hear you can’t. It’s hard shit stacked against you. I don’t care if you gotta post from free wifi on a city bus at 6 a.m. Nigga I’m in here dying slow. Never is dey letting me go. I live through you while I’m here”.

It put things in perspective for me and my manageable struggles while I learn more about this blogging and posting process. That brings me to the “meat” of today’s post. Daymond John, the CEO/Founder of FUBU made a huge wave in terms of influence and finance on the street wear culture and market in the 90’s. His work led his clothing company to $6 billion in product sales in only roughly ten years and it’s still earning! We also know him as a major investor in the widely popular t.v. show on ABC called “Shark Tank”. It’s drawing seven million viewers per week.

The real tool that Mr. FUBU is using today is the authoring of several books. The latest is entitled “The Power of Broke: How Empty Pockets, A Tight Budget and a Hunger For Success Can Become Your Greatest Competitive Advantage”. It’s a long title, I know, but well worth the read. whole heartedly endorses this book!

Please click on the product image to purchase!

In the book, Draymond John says “When your back is up against the wall, your bank account low or empty and creativity and passion are your only resources you can afford, success is your only option”.

This means that even if you miss your mark the first, second or even third time, it still elevates you. When you have zero to start with, even building your name along with your brand moves you closer to success. It isn’t hard to move past nothing!

His book’s aim is for you and me, not already fortune 500 business people. It’s for those aspiring entrepreneurs, those single mothers with clothing or hair product ideas, those making products in their kitchens or bathrooms to sell. So, we may work at turning this major weakness in business with no assets, not private backing and no team, just the dream and potential strength.

Limited resources forces serious and passionate people to become more creative and use the free world of the internet to connect and network, either globally or locally, more than ever before. These new ways have helped reshape the small business men, women or even child in a new market business world.

You should be spending half as much time on your dreams and goals as you do at your nine to five or at least two or three hours a day chasing your passion. You’re dead in the “work till you drop” mentality or you can become physically unable to produce for a company that you’re making rich! This is never going to suffice or satisfy you and your family. Some say “Man, I make $20 to $30 an hour. I bring in good pay”. Yes, but the future in that could be downscaling, pay cuts or even lay offs. There is no protection when you work for someone else. A board decides if you earn or starve. Leave a foundation for your children. Shit, make a retirement plan for yourself. Maybe live in the words of B.I.G , “Trying to get these college grants so my daughter don’t need no man. Stay far from timid. Only make moves if your heart’s in it and live the words ‘the sky’s the limit’ maf****”.

The beginning is truly the hardest. Zero to one has stopped many people, but as me, my site admin, agent and webmaster know, once you begin doors and windows alike open. People step into your path, move you along and begin to notice you. It becomes your life. One click, one view, one major news figure and a GOOD product is all it takes. You just have to bring forth and network your butt off. Never stop believing in yourself and your team!

I’m motivated because when you’re broke, it gives you a unique advantage in the business world. Use it! That street education translates well in this corporate world. Hustle and grind! Use your assets every day and get respect everywhere. Change the product, but not the mind frame!

How many blessings and wake up calls do you need or think you have left? A loved one recently told me “I hear you and I’m all in. Are you?”

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Akai Gurley’s Family Settles in Wrongful Death for $4.1 Million

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To my social world, how ya’ll? I’m keeping you up on the current. Today, w’re remembering the death of young Akai Gurley, who was shot and killed by NYC officers. The case is finally reaching an end. In 2014, it was the hot button topic. Two rookie cops were paired together in the rough Louis Park Housing Projects in Brooklyn, New York.

In this case, the Supreme Court Justice awarded the family $4.1 million dollars in a settlement of wrongful death. The process of putting a dollar amount to a human life is very cold and heartless. A jury and a judge arguing over a man’s life value is so inhuman. Yet, his life still had to be compensated for. Years ago, a federal judge tried to mandate a certain dollar amount for death in lawsuits and tried to put a price tag on human worth. It failed! Each case is different. A rising sports star’s life is worth more because they have the potential to earn more. Gurley was a working man and was actually on his way to work when the incident occured. They estimated his worth from the earning possibilities in his field of work. It goes from $1.2 million and on. But at least N.Y. charged the officer responsible and found him guilty. Was it because he was Chinese American?

Peter Liang was found guilty of Criminal Negligent Homicide. He, himself, pays $25,000 to the family and has been fired from his duties as an officer. Brooklyn Supreme Court Justice, Dawn Jimenez- Salta ruled over the civil court case. “The family is pleased with the settlement. At this point, we’re hoping that the new in-coming police commissioner, Mr. James O’Neill, will review current police policy and never allow two rookie cops to police together”.

Kimberly Ballinger, the mother of Gurley’s three year old daughter, Akaila, will receive 30 percent of the settlement. It will go into a fund for Akaila to be given to her on her 18th birthday. Gurley’s mother will control the rest.

On November 30, 2014, Officer Liang and Officer Shawn Landau, two fresh rookie cops were paired together and sent out to patrol the rough Louis Park Housing Projects. I know these projects well. The officers were checking the high rise building stairwell, where it’s always dark. As Gurley was coming down, the officers were going up. Officer Liang was scared and with no warning or stating of “Police”, he shot a 9 m.m. blindly and struck Gurley in the chest (heart). Liang and fellow rookie, Landau should have never been paired together! A seasoned veteran cop should have been paired with each of them, someone who knows the people and area. Liang was indicted on Manslaughter charges. The D.A. fought hard to convict the officer, saying “He was afraid and shot wildly into the dark”. Again, I ask, was it because Liang was a Chinese American officer and not white? The plea was for Liang to lose his badge and pension fund. He received a lesser charge of Criminal Negligent Homicide. The Chinese American community fought hard for the acquittal of Officer Liang. His penalty was five years probation with 800 hours of community service in his Chinese American community. So, that actually means zero!

The shame is for Gurley’s daughter. She will never know the love, protection and wisdom of her father. How much is a life worth? For a mother to sit in court and listen to them argue her son’s potential has excelled her. It had to be heart breaking, but now she can live in heart break where ever she wants. Her grand baby has a true head start for college and life. Rest in peace Mr. Gurley. You are missed!

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