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The Cultural Impact of Allen Iverson

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To my social world, “we”, at, would like to express a heartfelt thanks for your strong support of this little thing we call “OURS”. Thank you!

Allen Iverson (A.I.)… what comes to mind? To the younger generation, those who never saw A.I. play ball, only know the negative media portrayal of the great athlete. They know about the divorce from his soulmate Twanna Turner or maybe they heard of his financial troubles.

But, have you heard that A.I. changed the environment of professional sports? He had a profound impact that resulted in the NBA implementing new rules to curb his style and presence. They had to implement a dress code. A.I. brought the real street image and attitude to the NBA. He brought Hip Hop to the sports world. Not that Hip Hop was played over the P.A. system at games or half time shows, but the culture of Hip Hop, the dress and attitude. A.I. showed up to games and interviews with corn rows, du rags, baggie clothes and oversized tees. I’ve seen him with his hair half braided as well. The time was 1996 when he was drafted and 2011 when he retired. It was his first five years that impacted the world of the NBA.

Some of the Hip Hop that was out during his first and second years of A.I.’s NBA life were…

• Jay Z – In My Lifetime (1993)
• Wu Tang – Wu Tang Forever
• Puffy/Family – No Way Out
• Biggie – Life After Death
• Missy Elliot – Supa Dupa Fly
• Suga Free – Street Gospel
• Mos Def, Kweli – Black Star (1998)
• Big Pun – Capital Punishment
• Outkast – Aquemini (1998)

You get the vibe of the late 90’s. Some say it’s when true Hip Hop died. I never believed that though, at all. I love how it has adapted to the times and how it’s so in tune with social media. Many music genres have slowed down or died because they couldn’t generate new generation fans.

Cultural impact of A.I.; the definition is hard because it’s really two words. So, my understanding is that it’s how different customs from different walks of society collide (mainly out of money) when their ideas and day to day life are opposite from what has been set for the norm. The effect is a new found understanding or direct change.

A.I. came from the urban streets of Hampton, Virginia. His full name is Allen Ezail Iverson. He was born on June 7, 1975 with awe inspiring skills in basketball, both offensively and defensively. I’m not neglecting the fact that he could be the fastest player to ever dribble! He had blinding cross over moves with an amazing first step. Just ask MJ. I believe the entrepreneurship of the streets in the 80’s and early 90’s held A.I., but with his talents, that played second to his homies and the vibe of the streets. Not necessarily crime, but the embracement of the culture motivated him more.

The night of February 14, 1993 at a Hampton, Virginia bowling alley, was an all-out racial/cultural brawl. There were chairs and bottles thrown and over twenty people fighting. No crime has haunted a person more! During the video taped brawl, A.I. and three other black men were the only ones arrested, even though many more were fighting as well. A.I. was 17 at the time, but was convicted as an adult and charged with “maiming by mob”, a felony. He received a 15 year sentence with 10 suspended. He was a vibrant high school basketball player and was being picked apart by the media. Mercifully, after just four months, A.I. was granted clemency by the Honorable Gov. Douglas Wilder and the Virginia Court of Appeals after expert video researchers determined it was not A.I. whom threw the chair. Or maybe it was because he was an asset to college and pro sports.

A.I. spent two years at Georgetown with the black stand out coach, John Thompson. A.I. was the 1994-1995 East Rookie of the year. He portrayed a style and a game of hunger that led him to the number one all pick of the Philadelphia 76er’s in 1996. He made history again being the shortest player picked, listed at 6’0”. (But, really he was maybe 5’9”).

His game was fast and fearless with pure aggression. He was in attack mode, offensively and defensively. To see his game mimicked, watch Russel Westbrook (if he was 5’9”). A.I. was amazing at decision making, passing and defensively. He was MVP from 2000-2001.

This is his impact… the thing I keep coming back too. It’s why A.I. is not viewed as the NBA icon he truly is. It’s because they couldn’t wait to break him down in the media. I believe some people in Virginia were not pleased with his verdict being overturned.

Then, the nerve for him to show up dressed like that! That may have been the thought of some at the time. A.I. brought street style, swag and attitude to the public sports center and all sports shows had to cover him. He was revolutionary in his basketball skills. I’ve never seen such aggression from a slim and short player. A.I. had an “I don’t give a fuck” attitude back then but, boy is he humbled now. It’s probably from maturity and the viciousness of the media. It hurts me cuz he’s my favorite all time player. The only athlete better, to me, is Barry Sanders.

A.I. showed up in expensive jewelry, jeans, du rags, t-shirts and Timberland boots. He inspired others in the NBA to dress as they would if they were back home. So, you had about 100 NBA players on t.v., every night, looking “G”. People started calling the NBA “The Thug League”. It was the tats, the entourage (30 niggas) and the Gangsta album he made (Misunderstood) that set him even apart from the others that were loose with their Hip Hop image. He was the main force behind David Stern’s 2005 Dress Code implementation. He said “Players must dress in business or conservative attire, departing or arriving to a game or on the bench, while injured also. Anytime conducting official NBA business. I.e. press interviews and charity events”. The dress code banned jerseys, jeans, du rags, t-shirts (wife beaters), large jewelry, sneakers and Timberland boots.

Yeah, anything to do with Hip Hop culture was banned. The media hated his persona and A.I. gave no apologies for it. He was acting as if basketball was a hobby and stunting was the focus. He was accused of missing practice, arguing with coaches and of course, not going hard in practice. “Practice. Not the game, practice!” Lol.

But, during a game, a light switched on for A.I. He was at peace with himself in a game that came too easy for the young man. Like very few, Bernie Mack, Lauren Hill, Muhammed Ali, Malcolm X and Robin Harris, A.I. is held as a pillar in the hoods, barber shop lore. He is a street rags to riches legend. But, that means the mainstream looks at you as an enemy. Just ask Michael Vick. Simply put, on the court, he is probably the best point guard ever. Even though many see him as a two guard. Naw, he’s too small to defend the usually bigger position of shooting guard. His NBA career is impeccable. His other variations of life have been probed and by his own demise in some cases, difficult.

He is, to “us”, a cross over king (sorry Tim Hardaway). He is the one who brought our Hip Hop swag to national prominence like NWA and Run DMC did. To sports, he was our bridge. He brought the real, even if it was sometimes negative. Many of his Virginia boys got into trouble on the road with him.

He’s a Hall of Famer, finally! He is retired and matured and I believe calm and happy. There will always be the hanger ons, ass kissers, blood suckers and fakes. Like a basketball, he’s rebound. Love you A.I.! Check for his August 5, 2016 celebrity game.

NBA Icon – Allen Iverson

In the words of Suga-Free, “If you stay ready, you aint gotta get ready”.

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A Black Woman’s History – Majora Carter


Peace, true peace, to the audience of Peace of spirit and mind. Peace of personal space and property. As I write of peace, two cops in San Diego, California were shot and killed. Is it karma or are minorities just tired of dying by the hands of dem boys in blue? An update of the “goings on” of the Democratic Convention… (Miss you B Mac)… As it wraps up, there is a real possibility that America, still the leader the free world, could be a female!

Women have been the backbone and have always been on the scene of change as a supporter. Ms. Betty Shabazz is an example of that. She held the reality of Malcolm X (true name el-Hajj Malik el-Shabazz). She held down his daughters while the Black Prince of African Americans could develop that title. A strong business woman and true activist is Amy Ashwood Garvey. She is the founding member of the Universal Negro Improvement Association (UNIA), founded in 1914. She is the first wife of Marcus Garvey.

Women have been in the forefront of activism, with or without men. Color, size, appearance or economic position in life means nothing to the contribution of women. Besides that fact that they are birth givers, there is another reason that they are a dominant populous on the planet. What women lack in physical ability, they balance in sheer numbers. Intellect, drive and unique genius has NOTHING to do with gender! From the mold of Mary McLeod Behune, Elaine Brown, Angela Davis and Shirley Chrisholm comes a woman named Marjora Carter. She is an activist right now. More of a grass roots mission than the women who birthed the BlackLivesMatter Movement.

I also have to say that she is a true homegirl. She and I hail from the same place, N.Y.C. She is from the boogie down, me from the planet… and if you don’t know, then you just don’t know…

Ms. Majora Carter was born in 1966. She is an American Urban “Revitalization” strategist. She is most famous for being the host of a radio show. She hails from the South Bronx, New York, the boogie down. So, now you know!

Young Carter was proud to be from the true urban experience of Head Start programs and public city school education. Her education is the corner stone of her achievements. She graduated from the Bronx High School of Science, Wesleyan University with a Bachelor of Arts and N.Y.U., where she earned a Masters in Fine Arts.

Around the way in NYC, she is known as the “Ghetto Green Thumb”, but she is a boss as the founder and President of the Majora Cater Group, LLC, a certified corporation. She has earned the high honor of the MacArthur Fellowship Award.

What is she famous for? Her main goal is Urban Revitalization. This means improvement of her community on an organizational level. In 2001, she founded Sustainable South Bronx (SSBX). It was a consistently poor and rundown area in some of the roughest urban environments in New York City. Her first mission was the development of Hunt’s Point Riverside Park. At the same time, she co-founded the Bronx River Alliance, the waterfront restoration project. From that came many other “grass root movements”. She also co-founded “Green For All” with Van Jones. Others were centered around fitness in urban conditions and food choices on low budgets. She even helped create a community market.

In 2008, she was spotlighted by New York Times, which called her “The Green Power Broker”. She has become the city’s best known advocate for environmental improvement and justice. The media took to her. She was even a torch bearer in San Francisco for the Summer Olympics.

She has made an art form out of the community and engages from a personal touch level by planting gardens in an urban atmosphere. The Bronx River Clean Up Program earned her the 2010 Fast Company Magazine title of one of the 100 most creative people in business. Her company, Majora Carter Group LLC, a community consulting firm, accepted Fresh Direct as a client to help the company and the community to oppose New York City’s proposed relocation of the Harlem River Yards in the South Bronx. She stands for the Partnership between public and private interests.

I must report how she is now under fire behind the same Fresh Direct issue. The vibe is now only financially motivated. No criminal charges or tax issues, just hate. Some say she has stopped working to support the South Bronx, as she now earns tens of thousands of dollars in speaking and consulting fees.

But, that’s just natural progression in the business world. She started out as a fierce defender of community issues like truck traffic and stopped the city’s illegal dumping in the poor community of Hunt’s Point, South Bronx. Without attention or a real title, she built her rise and it has turned some off like many of her former allies and those who were community activists. They were not as driven or in the spotlight as much as Carter. She traded on her credibility and built and earned in the Bronx.

The balance of a community activist and working closer to the business world is a fine line because big business is usually what takes advantage of poor communities. An example is using poor hoods as dump sites.

Yet, if I or my staff at B.A.F. felt she was crooked or has betrayed the community, she would not be highlighted here. Hate, jealousy and envy of those who feel they missed their gravy train is nothing new to those who made it out. Some feel that she’s not connected enough. I say, personal and professional growth leads you down other avenues and focuses. Ms. Carter, expand and be the best woman you can be! The true seeds have been planted. Take the Bronx mission and make it an American mission, a world mission! What if her aim is environmental revitalization of Africa or Baltimore? Never negate someone’s shine by your small mindedness.

But, I also encourage Ms. Carter to not lose her foundation. As she well knows, even the biggest redwood tree is only as strong as its roots! Ms. Carter is an urban activist, greening the ghetto. She is a visionary voice with urban renewal. She has turned what we already had into something better, something positive and profitable. As a radio host, she’s interviewed both the prominent and the common. She is the embodiment of the women’s drive and has pushed herself into the forefront of these early 2000’s.

Let these lines live 4 ever, like a lion should.

Copyright 2016



Democratic Convention – Day Three, Obama’s Address


Peace to “ALL” in the social world, my audience. I had intentions on writing a different piece, but after watching the DNC last night, I had to write about it. President Obama’s speech was epic and profound. It may be the greatest Convention address in American history! It even outdid his wife’s opening day speech. Others spoke as well last night. “The Obama Coalition” VP, Joe Biden; VP hopeful, Tim Kaine and others cut into the Republican rhetoric.

What is the Obama Coalition? It’s you and me, a devout group of supporters, politicians and common families who believe in their leader so he can create lasting change (like ObamaCare!). About 20 million more Americans now have health care. The Coalition is Democratic politicians whom will carry on the Obama policies and outlook for the United States!

The Obama Coalition is the United Democratic Party from voters to the head of the Democratic Party.

Back to last night… VP Joe Biden spoke. His mark was on! Half of his speech was bashing Trump and the other half was prep rally politics.

“Trump says he cares about the middle class. Give me a break. That’s a bunch of malarkey. This guy doesn’t have a clue about the middle class. Not a clue”.

Tim Kaine, VP hopeful; before Obama stepped on the stage, he held the audience with powerful messages. Kaine mocked Trump all night. He is one who will play the game on Trump’s level. He said “By the way, does anyone in this massive auditorium believe Trump’s been paying his fair share of taxes”.

To Trumps point, the USA should back out of NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization) because they are behind in payment to the U.S. for its services. Some of Kaine’s lines came in Spanish. He is the Democratic Ace for the Latino vote. He said “I trust Hillary Clinton. I’ll tell you who I don’t trust, Trump. The guy promises a lot with no plan, just two words… ‘believe me’. It’s gonna be great, believe me. We’re gonna destroy ISIS so fast, believe me. There’s nothing suspicious in my tax returns, believe me”. He went in on Trump. The Democrats need this man to stand up to the bully tactics of Trump. Please check Kaine’s gun control policies and his plan for control/change.

But, President Obama shut it down! Many are saying in the media that they will miss our charismatic leader. He touched on many topics in his historical speech like faith (in America) and hope (hope doesn’t give in to fear). He strongly endorsed Clinton and brought many to cheers and tears. His heartfelt speech and addressment of his true coalition, the American people was legendary. Obama first addressed and reminded us what America was eight years ago when he took office.

“After the worst recession in 80 years, we’ve fought our way back. We’ve seen deficits come down, 401(K)’s recover and the auto industry set new records. Unemployment reached eight year lows. We have created 15 million new jobs, after a century of Democrats trying. We declared that health care in America is not a privilege for a few. It is a right for everybody”.

He focused on Trump fanning the flames of anger and hate and how his stance isn’t on hope, but hate. Not solutions, but war. He made a bold statement to the power of women in our future as leaders when he said “I say with confidence, there has never been a man or woman, not me, not Bill (Clinton), nobody more qualified than Hillary Clinton to serve as president of the United States of America”.

He talked about Hillary’s ability to fight ISIL without resorting to torturing or banning a religion from entering our country. Trump calls for military disaster. He doesn’t know the men and women who make up the strongest fighting force in the world, ever!

“He cozies up to Russia’s Putin, praises Saddam Hussein, tells NATO allies that after they stood by our side after 9/11 that now they have to pay up if they want our protection”. Protection in the time that Europe is being pounded by terrorist attacks.

Obama goes on to say “Well, America’s promises do not come with a price tag. America is already great. America is already strong and I promise you, our strength, our greatness, does not depend on Trump”.

Obama’s speech went on to endorse Clinton and praise and point America’s condition as hopeful, not disastrous. Even former CIA Director, Leon Panetta spoke on Trump’s speech when he asked the Russians to locate (hack) the missing emails. They are the ones responsible for hacking the emails in the first place. Panetta said its treason for a President hopeful to ask our greatest enemy to spy on us. He’s unfit to run the free world!

Clinton accepts her nomination today on the last night of the DNC. She addresses the convention and now with the epic line up, she must bring down the house. We hope you watch and pay attention to the foundations that will directly affect your day to day life. It’s safer with Clinton!

“YES WE CAN” was the chant and theme of the night. Obama repeated the phrase several times as well as signs around the convention. I love the American Government System of Democracy. We need to implement it better and the Democratic Party represents the best path to do it.

Solutions over slogans

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Obama Dem

Christopher Columbus – The First American Serial Killer

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Peace and Love to the social world. This is the bond of writer and audience. The summer is hot and tensions are high, but know that we will survive. The first brick in the construction of is the “Footprints of the past”, awareness of our rich cultural history. To be any type of historian is to expose and preserve history or to reveal unknowns or lies in history, regardless of their longevity.

To keep alive the past and report on the current, write as if your words will live on in the future. As an African American writer, as with most jobs for blacks, you have to do more! Preserve the past, dispel misinformation, lies, myths and misconceptions. To a be a non-fiction African American writer, I feel my obligation is great.

Some symbols of America are a slap in the face to minorities. Most notable is the Confederate Flag (used as the official flag for the Confederacy). More subtle is business birthed directly from slavery like the USA Today Newspaper company, but most visible and damaging are the “people” that America holds as heroes and role models. Some are blatantly or secretly representatives of racism and oppression. Closer to our current time are Elvis Presley (King of Rock and Roll) and John Wayne (tough guy actor). Both of these men were openly prejudice. But, how cruel is it to the Native Americans that major sports teams use their name likeness as team logos. The Washington Red Skins are the most notable but there are many more like high school teams. It’s a direct point of disrespect.

One such symbol whom has affected both African Americans and Native Americans (see how I tied that together) is Christopher Columbus! He is held, not only as a symbol to America, but as the FOUNDER. It’s taught in every school system that he is an Italian explorer. The great first Naval Commander, a leader and a great settler of North America. There is even a federal holiday dedicated to him on the American calendar. He is a polarizing historical figure known for his astonishing level of courage and fortitude. I am proud to write with a level of positive certainty that Christopher Columbus was a murderous tyrant! Even to this date, he is one of the worst and most heartless psychotic killers in American history! He committed acts of human butchering and cruel torture and he was the father of the slave trade. That is who Columbus really is!

cc 1

That fact is that he was on a murderous quest for material riches and to become a lore in history. This resulted in the start of the demise of a race of people. October 12th, what are you really celebrating?

Myth – Columbus discovered America. How can people, historians, keep and believe such a lie! Two facts – Native Americans already lived on the land long before Columbus landed there. The Great Mariners and the Moors had landed and traded with them before Columbus had.

Fact – Columbus was an immensely talented mariner who navigated the Santa Maria and was in command of two smaller ships crossing the Atlantic Ocean in search of Asia. He landed in North America on October 12, 1492. The journey was so long and hard, after losing their way, that when they hit land, their goal was to establish themselves long term. They used this uncharted land as a source of wealth for Columbus’s true mission, bringing riches back for the King and Queen of Spain. In return, he kept 10 percent and was promised to have any new lands named after him.

Native American victims were docile and trusting in nature (same as Africans were upon the European’s arrival). They openly wore gold jewelry. In Columbus’s personal journal (priceless in museums), he wrote “We shall conquer the arawaks”. In detail, he wrote “They do not bear arms and do not know them, (meaning weapons) for I showed them a sword. They took it by the edge and cute themselves out of ignorance. They have no iron. Their spears are made of cane. They would made fine servants. With fifty men, we could subjugate them all and make them do whatever we want”.

cc 2

Damn, this is the true mindset of “our” American hero. Slavery takeover and riches were his (their) way of life. The idea of private property, natural resources and riches reached its height in 15th Century Europe as a hired conqueror. Columbus recognized the seemingly limitless economic potential of the land. He couldn’t have known it would be the last continent to be totally conquered and mapped. Notice how I chose not to use the word “discovered”?

He then began to shift his goals from working with the Natives to brutality and began his total capture of the land. It took the Natives years to understand that they were actually at WAR!

In another entry letter to the King and Queen of Spain, he said “I promise as much Gold as you need and as many slaves as you ask”. He sent a ship back after they mapped their way. They began by kidnapping Native men and forcing them to show them where they found the gold. They also kidnapped Native women and used them as sex slaves.

cc 3

This is no secret. In fact, the first to be shocked and bothered by Columbus was the Catholic Priest Bartolome de las Casas, who transcribed Columbus’s journals. He wrote “The fact that such crimes could potentially go unnoticed by future generations deeply troubles me”. He exposed Columbus’s reign of terror in a book titled “History of the Indies”.

Europeans were versed in war, conquering and slave producing. Columbus was so disturbed and sick that he cut off Native Americans’ body parts and kept them as trophies. He raped hundreds of women and degraded them by tying them up, nude, on a post like animals. He was famous for the torture tactic of burying these people up to their necks, facing the sun, and sewing their eyelids open. The sun would burn out their eyes and birds of prey would pick them to death.

The fact that Columbus Day is celebrated is a testament to the lies of America. It became a practice to use half truths to establish the history with the likes of Andrew Jackson and others. Columbus Day was created in 1937 as a federal holiday. However, Hawaii, Nevada, Oregon and South Dakota do not observe this and their businesses remain open. It’s just another day for these states.

Columbus was the founding father of rerouting slave ships to the Atlantic Ocean to produce the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade. He encouraged Spain to send ships full of black slaves to help clear and build the future of Columbus Land.

Christopher Columbus was the first serial killer in America! He created the culture of viewing the Native Americans as non-humans and individuals in the way of progress and civilization. They were savages and it was in their best interests. Sound familiar African Americans? Later, Cowboys, the West Settlers, carried on the tradition and ingrained in them that they were the enemy.

The Black Awareness Foundation “lives” in solutions. Not only bringing you information or history, but true betterment. This staff of the “B.A.F” resents the image of Columbus and like a few states have already, we wish to abolish Columbus Day!

There are many ways to change. The quickest and most visible are the ways the BlackLivesMatter have brought about. This is a slow process of lasting change, to change it at the foundation. To change something that has existed for over 500 years is no overnight effort. A march brings attention, but few immediate changes. No, from the core is the most effective.

The B.A.F calls for the death of Columbus… Day.


We call for a representative of all or any states to contact us. Yes, you could be the vehicle. This will take time and fortitude.

• Establish a petition as the representative of your state. You will need at least 5,000 names and the zip code of each petition signer.
• We gather all state petitions and forward them to the state representative Governor and Mayor.
• Call and find out your Senator, Governor and Mayor’s stances on Columbus Day. Do they have a position?
• Teach your children the truth about Columbus.
• Be present at school policy sessions. They are usually once a year and go over the school year’s agenda.
• We call for October 12th to become National Native American Recognition Day!

cc last

Please comment and contact us share how you feel, and see us at @KJS tweeter/IG

I am a historian, a black writer, with obligations beyond my personal goals in writing. I speak for the tongueless, the ones who beg for money and yet, I beg for mercy.

Copyright 2017

Stay tuned for topics of “Realness”

2016 Democratic National Convention


To my social world, the general election is upon us. Day one of the Democratic Convention started last night in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and it was a huge success! There were no fireworks like plagiarism or a non-endorsement like Ted Cruz on Donald Trump.

The opening started with young Bobby Hills singing the National Anthem. He is from the Keystone Boys/Girls Club of Philly. Opening day speakers wowed the crowd. They included Bernie Sanders, Michelle Obama, Senator Cory Booker and Elizabeth Warren.

The speeches were to unify the Democratic Party, which they did. The Michelle Obama speech polarized the crowd. She was, by far, the best and most well received. Even though Sanders’ die-hard fans and supporters were crying and being loud all night, they were quiet when she was on stage.

During Sanders’ “Movement” speech, he quickly gave his endorsement, saying “Any objective observer will conclude that – based on her ideas and her leadership – Hillary Clinton must become the next President of the United States”. He went on to say “I am proud to stand with her”.

Sanders has a cult like following, the common cause fighter. His followers were crying and chanting loudly. He endorsed Clinton to start the process of unity.


Elizabeth Warren took center stage at the Democratic Convention. The Massachusetts Senator declared the “I’m with Hillary” theme of the night. She shot back at Trump, who has called Ms. Warren “Pocahontas”, referring to her Native American bloodlines. She made many jabs like “Trump’s entire campaign is just one more late night infomercial and for one low, low price, he’ll even throw in a goofy hat.” She pulled out her fangs and has become the leader of jabs at Trump.

Senator Cory Booker of New Jersey led an emotionally charged speech that was centered around the saying “WE WILL RISE”. He hit on economic equality. Booker is a rising star of the Democratic Party. He is the next generation of the Democratic movement with statements like “Let us declare, so that generations yet unborn can hear us. We are the United States of America. Our best days are ahead of us! And together, with Hillary Clinton as our president, we will rise to a booming crescendo.”

Michelle Obama is classy and strong. Her delivery was pitch perfect and her words were very uplifting. Her speech was profound last night. “Don’t ever let anyone tell you that this country isn’t great, that somehow we need to make America great again. Because right now, this is the greatest country on Earth. I’m with Hillary!”

With a marquee speech on opening night, she stole the show. She used statements like “When they go low (rants of the Republican Party), we go high!” But, her most important emotional point was “Because of Hillary Clinton, my daughters and “ALL” sons and daughters now take for granted that a woman can be President of the United States”.


The Democratic Party of Clinton/Kaine have solutions to America’s social issues, unlike the rhetoric of the Republican Party. Mrs. Obama said “I wake up every day in a house (White House) built by slaves. My daughters play with our dog on the White House lawn.” It brought many to tears. I and the B.A.F. staff support the Democratic vision.

Hustler of “ALL” our culture
Copyright 2016


Step Fathers “Never” Over Stepping

Step 1

Fight with all your might, every day. Despite the obstacles of events that are overwhelming like tragedies that pull you back to your old self and your old negative mindset. Struggle against the evil inside the good.

L. Boogie once said, “Every day’s another chance to make things – get things right”. To my social world, never give up. THIS IS STILL OUR COME UP!

Today’s post is a revisit on two past entries on step fatherhood, part one and two. So, you could call this a distant part three lol. First off, I’ve entered many personal conversations with fathers and step fathers after writing the previous articles. The quiet emotion of men lol. There was even a young man that was disappointed that I didn’t touch on the horrors of abusive step fathers. He lived in “a living hell” with a man who resented him as not his own. His siblings were fathered by this man that held him in the light of an intruder.

To this I say; to take advantage of children sexually or physically, as a man that is trusted with the high responsibility of being a father figure, care giver, role model, educator, provider and protector is one of the greatest oppression and moral injustice a man can inflict. To resent a child for being a child, for being created by another man or feel as if the child is an obstacle to the love of a woman is the most selfish and despicable act of abuse. To compete with the child for “her” attention is truly selfish. I hope my friend is at peace with my addressment of the quiet hell that many face!

I say this to mothers and it is not my attempt to blame or condemn the woman, but if the love is not pure, the bond is not sincere. The child’s true nature changes with the addition of “him”. Your first obligation is to your child. No matter how much you yearn for that man! Pray! Hope! Do you think you deserve love? Maybe your next love is not until your child(ren) mature more. How selfish could you be to choose your happiness over your young children? The true definition of motherhood is love and sacrifice.

My true grounds for writing this post is to address step fathers that are blinded by their position. Even if it’s a healthy family. Sometimes the lines of biological fatherhood are crossed. Should there be boundaries in being a step father? I say yes…

• Morally
• Physically
• Legally

Even in healthy untraditional families, even one in which the introduction of the man is early in the child’s life, some lines should never be crossed. This is based solely on not being the biological father.

Understand this is not a threat to your obligation or dedication to the child(ren). It’s just a universal reality. Fatherhood, in any form, is the most up standing and important tool for any healthy growth of a child. First, morally, how can I make this a truth? Or legally as well?

Morally, the last name is the link and bond to the basic foundation of the identity of humanity! The woman’s gene is the foundation of ALL life. You can track the human evolution by the mitochondrial gene. Man has his name to pass and live on through history. Adopting and changing a child’s last name is morally reprehensible. In some religions, it’s a sin and an absolute high crime.

I do wholeheartedly believe in children being united into a family, but the legal process of killing off the last name of a man regardless of if he is present, either very little or at all. It is still “his” bloodline. In times past, bloodlines determined your place in life. They have and still do determine royalty from peasants.

Love the child, care for and nurture the child. He/she may call you and respect you as “daddy”, but please do not strip the child of his/her heritage. The family of the father is linked to that child as well.

Did you know they have made an honorable business of national adoption? Is it based on a practice to divide and breakdown minority families? I feel it destroys the foundation of races and the father of the family. I know many will feel strongly against this stance. I feel even stronger in protection of a man’s name. To the mothers who refuse to give their children the biological last name, I feel just as strong in the history of mankind. MANKIND! America has created this practice of mothers giving their child “their” last name and I know women who change their children’s last name to escape the criminal connection of an infamous last name. I still disagree with it! Words have become “common” and the meaning and where they originated from in mankind has a profound meaning and your short lives cannot undo the intent to fit you and your situation. It is us who conform to the foundations of life.

Physically; the bond, no matter how strong it is, it has limitations. Pray it never comes to be, but if your step child is in medical distress, they may need a biological match. The DNA will always physically link them to the biological father and mother. The father is the sun of the family, the mother is the moon and the children are the stars. There is no physical separation from that universal fact. Physically understand this, no matter how extreme my point may be, if my son/daughter physically assaulted their mother, my upbringing leads me to the response to kill the child for such an ultimate disrespect. Its extreme, but it’s my true nature. You do not have that right as a step father. Nor do you have the final say in life changing decisions. An example would be if I had a daughter and she wanted to go into the military, chose to have sex in her teenage years or get married at a young age. That decision would weigh very heavy on me. In a healthy family dialogue that “well you’re not my real father” would creep up.

I do not wish to offend my audience, but strong concrete views have built the foundation of my unique writing skills. Please feel free to comment on your feelings as we respond “professionally” to all your comments”.

“Remember when rain falls, it doesn’t fall on one man’s house”. Never focus on the pain in life, focus on the triumph over it.

For all those with a bad yesterday or today, these are the building blocks for your triumph. No victory is glorious without struggle.

Copyright 2016

Step 2

The HATE that HATE Made!

Peace to the social world. The word and the action of PEACE is slowly slippin and I mean slippin to outright chaos. Every corner of the world seems embroiled in civil unrest, religious aggression and racial oppression. Does it feel like anger and aggression? Like a lower quality of life exists now?

“You shall pay for your sins. You must atone for your forefather’s sins”.

……If you believe in this phase, and more importantly, believe in who said it, then like Babylon, Rome, the British Empire, Umayyad Caliphate, Ming Dynasty and Hitler’s Nazis, it will fall like they all did. America has been the world empire for many many years and like an ungrateful child, it was snatched away from England (British) with the concept of justice and the right of religious freedoms and equality. We’re still not there!

America is a producer of HATE;

Not racial, just factual. White Europeans that made the first societies of America started with hate, violence and terrorist bully tactics to secure these lands! Some of the greatest human atrocities in history have been committed during the settling of the United States of America. The dysphoria of African Americans, Chinese and Native Americans in the building of America was made by pure hate!

Unsettling of the Native American;

One of the smallest ethnic groups in the world is now a reality to the Native American people. There were only 10 million (estimated) Native Americans living on land that is now the United States when Europeans first “explored” and arrived here in the 15th century. Fact; less than 300,000 estimated Native Americans are living in the U.S. since the year 2000.

What Christopher Columbus stumbled upon in 1492 led to what Europeans called colonization and the Native Americans’ genocide! “White Americans of that time seen a jewel in North America and set out, as a whole, to eliminate Native Americans”. This was written by an unknown author in a letter written back to his loyalties.

England; “White Americans have the most rancorous, antipathy to the whole race of Indians and nothing is more common amongst them than to hear talk of extirpating them totally from the face of the earth. Men, women and children.

In 1830, the Federal Indian Removal Act was the relocation of Native Americans from prime territories to reservations which still exist today. They called for the removal of the civilized tribes. The Cherokee, Chickasaw, Choctaw, Creek and Seminole. This meant they merged Native Americans from one state to sometimes as far as two or three states away. As they rode on horse back and wagons, men, women and children marched, surrounded by military soldiers.

One of the greatest human atrocities occurred at this time. The journey from the southern states (because of its rich soil) to the new Indian Territories (reservations) in current Oklahoma is referred to as the “Trail of Tears”. The Trail of Tears led to the death of 4,000 Cherokee people from cold, hunger and disease. They literally walked them to death! As the weather and territories changed, the Nations couldn’t hunt (they were still responsible for obtaining their own food) and couldn’t deal with the weather change. It was a very cruel human act!


Ever hear the term “A Chinamen’s chance in hell”? The historical context of this phrase comes from the old railroad gold rush of California (early America). The Chinese came as migrant workers of the Trans Continental Railroads (1863-1869). They were not stolen slaves, but were still treated as second or even third class citizens. During the building of the railroad systems across the U.S., the small stature of these men made it easier for white workers to lower them, with a rope and harness, over the sides of mountains with unstable bottles of nitro glycerine (now called dynomite). They blasted tunnels and mountains by passing once, settling and lighting it. Workers had to quickly pull the Chinese men up then “boom”. His life depended on whites. Thousands of lives were lost in that very short period of time.

“Not a Chinamen’s chance in hell”. Another tragic human atrocity in U.S. history!


Health Issues; Affects of Poverty/Homelessness on Black Children

Homeless 1

To my social media world, the times are tense. Yes, more black lives have been lost since the murders of Alton Sterling and Philando Castile. It has forced us to again look at black/white issues in America. As I report on these events, let us not forget that black lives have many obstacles and police brutality has always been one.

Health concern readdress; in our last post on health (3-18-16), we touched on life expectancy and how education plays a role in that and other major concerns. Today, we shed light on health topics of our black youth. There are many we shall explore that are most pressing. Even our children make it through. The psychological affects many hinder or scar our young adults and children forever, shape their tomorrows!

First, let’s look at the overall health concerns of ALL American children. The top three major ethnic groups are white, Hispanic and black.

Top ten

1) Childhood obesity
2) Drug abuse
3) Smoking
4) Bullying/suicide
5) Internet safety (wasn’t a concern 10 years ago)
6) Child abuse/neglect
7) Alcohol abuse (slipping from 3rd 15 years ago)
8) Stress
9) Lack of physical activity
10) Teen pregnancy

Unlike white children, the ethnic groups of blacks, Hispanics, Native Americans (including Alaska Natives) deal with health issues that others do not! These racial groups out pace whites and others in the affects of poverty, hunger and homelessness. It puts emotional scars on them and their families.

The nation’s economic crisis from the Bush era until now has deeply affected the lives of millions of Americans. The epic minority foreclosures and then the recession and job layoffs in the early 2000’s have pulled the rug out from under minority families. Also, the 80 percent prison population of America’s minority groups like African American and Hispanic males has crippled the minority family as well. For those whom were living in the realms of low income, it has have deepened the levels of homelessness and hunger!


• U.S. Census Bureau data shows that the U.S. poverty rate rose to 15.1 percent or 46 million
• In dollars, it means a family of four had an income of $22,314 per year!
• The percentage of people in deep poverty was 13.5 percent for blacks, 10.9 percent for Hispanics and 12.9 percent for Native Americans (all) compared to 4.3 percent for whites.

Summary; these disparities are associated with the historical marginalization of ethnic minority groups and entrenched barriers to good education and jobs.

Affects of poverty;

• Poorer children/teens are at a greater risk for negative outcomes like poor academic achievement, high school drop out and slower mental development.
• They have emotional problems such as anxiety, depression and a low sense of self-esteem.
• Living in poor communities exposes our children to violence and they are three times more likely to suffer from injury or death than white children.

A new word in America is “food insecure”. It means that at some point during the year, the household had limited access to an adequate supply of food due to lack of money. A family may go a week without the ability to produce more than one meal per day!

Affects of hunger

• One in four minority families have food stamps or use food banks more than six months out of the year.
• Prenatal shame! Maternal under nutrition during pregnancy increases the risk of premature birth, low birth weight and also physical or mental under development that affects the unborn child for life!
• Protein-energy malnutrition such as iron deficiency, anemia, iodine, zinc and other vitamin deficiencies in early childhood can seriously cause brain impairment.
School aged children who experience severe hunger are at risk for these negative outcomes…
• Chronic health problems
• Behavioral problems
• Focus problems due to hunger which puts them behind in education
• Under development, physically
• Psychiatric distress!


Last year’s numbers of estimated homelessness were 700,000 people. Here however, is where whites are even with minorities. They are even the highest population in homelessness in America.

• Access to shelter and food are human’s basic needs. When these needs are not met, it breaks down “any” hope of healthy, happy children. Sure, some make it, but the masses fail and are doomed to repeat it or become imprisoned out of desperation. They also get killed prematurely. The basic needs must be met!
• 11 percent of Americans (all races) are homeless in America. That’s a shocking statistic!
• Teen mothers are at the highest risk for homelessness.
• Homeless children are at a higher risk of mental health issues such as the very serious depression (number one cause of suicide), anxiety (cause young children to be placed on strong prescription medication) and PTSD (which causes mature development issues).
• Homeless families are 10 times more likely to have serious substance abuse as well!


The solution portion at truly aims for solutions! Most of these problems seem largely to be a government structural problem, but for “US” to help “US”, we can do things as individuals or show your children, through family involvement, that all our children are an invaluable lesson.

• Volunteer your time with charities and organizations that provide assistance to low income and homeless children/families.
A) Yeah, you will have to do an investigation of your town or city to find such programs like soup kitchens, homeless shelters and programs that help families. Then you can help those programs to help the families.
B) Donate money to programs that help families.
C) Visit orphan homes or get involved in big brother big sister programs.
• Hire homeless men/women if you own a business.
A) Call homeless shelters and speak to a supervisor. Ask if anyone has (?) skills. Not all homeless people are mental or drug addicted!
• Donate school supplies to under sourced schools. I checked and they all take donations directly to the school.
A) Pick one or two children in your area to take with your “blessed” children and make it a day for them and their friends.
• Vote to increase minimum wage.
• Get a list of programs, nationwide, to donate to…
A) Headstart
B) National School Lunch program
C) TANF (temporary assistance for needy families)

These programs accept money or your dedication of time. Another way is through the Salvation Army, second hand clothing stores and Goodwill. Low income families use places like that a lot. Donate household items and clothing. It will be reused well.

Thank you, even if you never hear from those in desperate times!

Reporting live from the gutter!
Copyright 2016

kids 2

Father of the Pen – Jupiter Hammon

Jupiter Hammon Hammons address

If we don’t celebrate, we have nothing to fight for. Have you ever heard of Jupiter Hammon? Every black writer should. He is the father of the pen! Before Phillis Wheatly or Benjamin Banneker, Mr. Hammon was the first published African American writer. Religious poetry was his lane. The footsteps of our history have paved the way for us all. If the written word is your passion or profession, pay homage to the father of black literature. presents the amazing ancestry of Jupiter Hammon…

If we don’t celebrate, we have nothing to fight for……………………

We have cemented our history in America in blood and contribution. How difficult the task of opening the door for a race to follow and grow from your actions. This life….. this life! Our lives, our burden as a people is to overcome the racial prejudice from most other races. Yet, we’re equipped with creativity and great resolve. It was once said the me that it’s not the STRONGEST, the FASTEST or the most AGGRESSIVE, but the one able to adapt to change whom is the real survivor!

Every African American owes Jupiter Hammon a debt of thanksgiving!

……In the earliest periods of our history in America. Jupiter Hammon proved capable of creative contribution in literary arts……

Jupiter Hammon was born October 17, 1711 and died in 1806. He was the first African American writer to be published in the United States. Hammon was a poetry writer, a sermon writer for black Christian leaders as well as himself. He was a devout Christian, born into slavery in Lloyd Harbor, New York. His father and mother were slaves to the same estate. Yet, unlike most slaves, Jupiter’s father learned to read and write. His slave owners, unlike most slave masters encouraged their slaves to become educated. It was so different that Jupiter even attended school with the Lloyd children. Jupiter was not a field worker, but more of a domestic student. But, let me clear any misconception. Hammon was not what we in the black community call a “House Negro” because of his love for his race and their condition.

His first published work was a poem published in 1761 entitled “An Evening Thought, Salvation by Christ with Penitential Crienes”. It was published on Christmas day, December 25, 1761, due to its Christian nature. Eighteen years passed before Hammon was published again and it was more of a personal plea to a woman whom he respected, but thought she had lost her religious root way. This woman was Phillis Wheatley. It was entitled “An Address to Miss Phillis Wheatley” because as he put it, “Miss Wheatley had succumbed to the pagan influences in her writing”. But Hammon was heavy into religion of Christianity and any deviation or any exploration in any other direction Hammon would have felt that way. The “address” consisted of twenty one rhyming versus each related to a bible verse to what he hoped would make Miss Wheatley remember and return to her Christian path. His next literary works was his response and way to participate in the Revolutionary War, with such group as the Spartan Project of African Society of New York City. At the first meeting, of the African Society he unveiled his most recent work that has become one of his most well-known works. On September 24, 1786 he orally presented it – Address to the Negros of the State of New York also known more widely as “Hammon Address”. It was straight forward set of Christian advice and reflections to his fellow slaves. He stressed strongly to all negroes to make every effort even at the risk of harm to learn to read, if all be it to study the bible to inspire ALL negroes to read in a written text and publicly verbally was uplifting. Hammon was 76 years old at the time and he was still not emancipated yet, enjoyed many luxuries of free men. He said in his address “If we should ever get to Heaven, we shall find nobody to reproach us for being black or for being slaves”. He also said “While I personally had no wish to be free, he did wish others, especially the young negroes were free”.

You must understand the time in which Jupiter Hammon was born. In 1711, it wasn’t until his later years that the possibility of a black man’s freedom was even a collective thought. Combine his bond with his master Hammon, his never experienced hardships of most slaves, his freedom to travel at will, to write and speak without fear of reprisal led him to be comfortable without being emancipated.

More importantly was his light of accomplishments that were heavily displayed and used by the black race and organizations to show black pride and black accomplishment. It inspired Phillis Wheatly, Benjamin Bannker and others, to dream to be bigger and better. This was so important for a young, unprideful race. Many of his speeches and prints were used by New York Quakers, several abolitionist groups such as the Pennsylvania Society for promoting the abolition of slavery. Hammon’s speeches and poetries are often included in anthologies of notable African American and early American writing.

The determination to become great in the face unyielding racial pressure, we could never live with now is a testament to our races resolve. Some say we’ve not come far enough, but if you look where we were, it shows mental and physical improvement. But, when you can see the true of equality, it’s hard to settle for anything less.

A newly discovered poem by Hammon is now stored in the Manuscripts and Archives Library at Yale University. The poem dated 1768 is best described as a “shifting point”. It was Hammon’s world view of slavery.

Hammon is the literary foot print of a slave poet. The father of African American Poetry. His stance on slavery was to promote the gradual emancipation of slavery.

There is no record of Jupiter Hammon’s death. What we do know is he lived his entire life as a slave in servitude to John Nelson Lloyd, a great grandson of his original owner Henry. It is believed that Hammon died in 1806 and is buried on the Lloyd property in an unmarked grave.

African American writers before the Emancipation Proclamation stood alone. But, writing was one of African Americans’ outlets and one of the slave holders’ worst fears!

Earlier writers took their inspiration from the Father of the African American written word! He opened the door of communicating thru the written word expression. The next group to emerge was the written contribution of the “Abolitionist Movement” with such words as Frederick Douglass, Olaudah Equaino, W.E.B Dubois sued the written word to spread the message of HOPE!

Every African American writer owes Mr. Hammon his due respect. From my soul I write wit the past of the Father of African American writers. From Phillis Wheatly to Langston Hughes to me the pen and progress live.

Hustler of Culture
Copyright 2016


Lyrics From the Streets – Fight The Power



I wish you safety and security. The staff at the B.A.F. would like to “Thank All” our audience for making Jan. a record month for viewership! Special shouts to all the love from outside of America, Were poppin’ all over the world. Keeping in tune with posting from our original series, Like yesterday’s post #NewAgeSellOutsBookerTWashingtonSyndrome. Today we post another B.A.F. original series #LyricsFromTheStreets- A breakdown of the lyrical content of classic Hip Hop/R&B tracks. In light of the political pressure African Americans are under from Trump and his next 4 years! We highlight past footprints that still hold relevance today–“Fight The Power” and the hypnotic voice of Hip Hop Activist Chuck D. Plz. join us tomorrow for another original series #New-AgeOfLatterDayEntertainers as we focus on the unlimited energy and thoughts from O’Shea Jackson Sr. (Ice Cube). Were gearing up for the 28 days of “Pure Profiles” for Black History Month, A unique look at obscure but nevertheless great contributors to the African American Culture. Stay stuck to the #SiteWithInsight!
Peace to the social world and my audience, both old and new. In this presidential year and a year when African Americans finally stand against police brutality, verbally and physically, BlackLivesMatter has a verbal stance. Young black men are physically striking back at officers. Unique are the times, but despite our many advances, some things Chuck D and Public Enemy uttered in 1990 still ring true and have an underlining meaning.

Here we go;

Artist: Public Enemy
Album: Fear of a Black Planet
Released: 1990
Awards: Grammy for Best Rap Performance

Lyrics and breakdown of “Fight the Power”:

1st Verse:
1989 the number another summer (get down)
Sound of the funky drummer
Music hittin’ your heart cause I know you got soul
(Brothers and sisters, hey)
Listen if you’re missin’ y’all
Swingin’ while I’m singin’
Givin’ whatcha gettin’
Knowin’ what I know
While the Black bands sweatin’
And the rhythm rhymes rollin’
Got to give us what we want
Gotta give us what we need
Our freedom of speech is freedom or death
We got to fight the powers that be

Lemme hear you say
Fight the power (3x)

Chuck D was at the point of the Black Nationalist Movement in Hip Hop in the late 80’s and early 90’s. He became a black leader to urban youth. Groups like X-Clan, Poor Righteous Teachers, KRS-One, Rakim, Native Tongues, De La Soul, Jungle Brothers, Tribe Called Quest and Zulu Nation made up the culture at the time.

“And the Rhythm, Rhymes Rollin” was a memorable line. Everyone screamed out. Even though I was young, I remember how my brothers and sisters banged that album. That song and the video became an anthem for blacks, both young and old.

“Got to give us what we want. Got to give us what we need”.

What we needed, then and now, is equal justice. Not this bias, unfair representation in criminal courts.

“Our freedom of speech is freedom or death. We gotta fight the powers that be”.

Public Enemy, the group, was being banned from certain arenas. Chuck D referred to his constitutional right of Freedom of Speech! Without that freedom, that liberty, “WE” would rather have death!

The Chorus was like a calling card. It rose with every utterance. Three times in between the lyrics, and it rose each time, building in volume and belief. So lemme here you say “Fight the Power”!

The opening, the head base, line drove this track. It bled soul and communicated the feeling that most people had in the inner cities.

2nd Verse:
As the rhythm designed to bounce
What counts is that the rhymes
Designed to fill your mind
Now that you’ve realized the prides arrived
We got to pump the stuff to make us tough
From the heart
It’s a start, a work of art
To revolutionize make a change nothin’s strange
People, people we are the same
No we’re not the same
‘Cause we don’t know the game
What we need is awareness, we can’t get careless
You say what is this?
My beloved lets get down to business
Mental self defensive fitness
(Yo) bum rush the show
You gotta go for what you know
Make everybody see, in order to fight the powers that be
Lemme hear you say
Fight the Power

Lemme hear you say
Fight the power (4x)

The second verse gets deeper with its message. Nobody came off, at the time, with mental food like Chuck D. In the first verse, he acknowledges that music is meant to make us bounce (dance). As African Americans, our music was always meant for more like giving hidden messages in the cotton fields. “What counts is that the rhymes are designed to fill your mind. Now that you realize, pride’s arrived.” In this line, Chuck D shows that our music is instilling pride in our past and race. “We got to pump the stuff to make you tough”.

From his heart, passion and pride of his (our) race, he delivers his epic verses to improve our condition. Chuck D goes in on his 2nd verse. “People, people, we are the same. No, were not the same cause we don’t know the game”.

He speaks on the fact that the white race and liberals say that we’re all the same, humans. We know that’s not true. Despite God’s plan, we’re not the same. In many areas like Wall Street, the Government and Corporate America, we know not of the game (structure). So, in that aspect, we’re not the same on equal levels. Finally, in his masterful 2nd verse, Chuck D says, in probably the sickest line of 1990, “My beloved, let’s get down to business. Mental self-defensive fitness”.

He addresses his race as “my beloved”. I truly believe that his love for African Americans is matched by few in history! He sacrificed money and industry love for the sake of delivering a message in the form of Hip Hop, the new media information center. The line “mental self-defensive fitness” was so profound for the minds of urban youth that it made “us” understand we have to prepare our minds as well as our bodies in this fight! It made it cool to read and study our history.

3rd verse:
Elvis was a hero to most
But he never meant, to me you see
Straight up racist that sucker was
Simple and plain
Mother, him and John Wayne
‘Cause I’m Black and I’m proud
I’m ready and hyped plus I’m amped
Most of my heroes don’t appear on no stamps
Sample a look back you look and find
Nothing but rednecks for four hundred years if you check
Don’t worry be happy
Was a number one jam
Damn if I say it you can slap me right here
(Get it) lets get this party started right
Right on, c’mon
What we got to say
Power to the people no delay
To make everybody see
In order to fight the powers that be

Chuck D brings it home to the soul of what it is to be black in America in his 3rd and final verse in the anthem, “Fight the Power”.

“Elvis was a hero to most”. That’s so profound and shocking that they repeat that line. “But he never meant shit to me you see. Straight up racist that sucker was. Simple and plain. Mother fuck him and John Wayne”.

He kills the quiet reverence that America had (and still has) for symbols of excellence in Elvis Presley, the King of Rock and Roll and John Wayne, a Western Actor. Presley constantly voiced racist values in many t.v. appearances. He said “The only thing a black can do for me is buy my music”. His style was stolen from the likes of Jackie Wilson (dance). Chuck D points out the fact that Presley and Wayne were symbols in America, real symbols, but were openly racist!

“Most of ‘our’ heroes don’t appear on no stamps. Sample a look back. You look and find nothing but rednecks for four hundred years if you check”.

This means that there is a lack of historical account of African Americans’ constant contribution to American history. It’s not taught or focused on in the curriculum in American school systems.

The song “Don’t worry, be happy” went to number one when the industry tried to combat the black pride movement in the 90’s. Alarms went off in middle America cuz young white kids loved Public Enemy, which really meant that they disagreed with and maybe even hated their ancestors’ past racial injustices! How can you send the message “don’t worry, be happy”? That’s the same thing as saying “nigga calm down”. The same talk Booker T. Washington used to spit!

“The power” then had little to do with us (pre Obama). The power that the government or even what many believe are secret societies that really move America like the Illuminati, Masons or small white groups of billionaires are the ones that run the world. I say it’s more the oil tycoons, software giants, investment groups and fortune 500 CEOs that have the real power. The head of Wal-Mart has more of a say than our president does. Now, since we’ve elected and had a black president, you see how little or spread out the power really is.

Chuck D was and is a new cultural leader. Stay tuned for a profile on him. He has quietly escaped the fate of most blacks who have such a wide platform to speak from. The brother is wise and intelligent, beyond rap lyrics.

Hustler of culture (a line from Chuck D)

Copyright 2017

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