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Is Hip Hop the New Mafia of Pop Culture? “An Emphasis on the Drill Music Era – The Real and the Flaws” Updating Troy Ave and GS9

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Good day. We hope your holiday weekend was safe and enjoyable. Missed ya’ll. “We” do not post on Sundays or holidays, so missed ya’ll.

We boutz to go in on the going on’s in our Hip Hop world. I’ve touched on these topics as they have arisen, but I see the need to bring it more into focus, the only way B.A.F. can.

Hip hop has become the street’s new version of the Mafia or criminal empire, controlling or receiving the most attention. I’m not saying the music is less, but there is a new level inside Hip Hop – Drill music. Drill is just a new tag of gangsta, street or underground raw music. These are just names in new times. This version, however, treats the music as secondary, missing the point of the Cold Crush Bros and Grand Master Flash. The opportunity opens doors for another avenue for the black race with the added bonus to have expression on the streets. Its Drill music and the youngsters are pushing it. They are just as committed to the streets and crime life as drugs, robbery, extortion and playas and pimps.

Mafia and Pop Culture- Real/Flaws
To give a little love and sympathy to these teenagers and young men (the real)… these are the fruits of Hip Hop and its connection to the street life. Just as much as it’s instant connection to sports, there is a connection to the poverty stricken as well. Over time, it’s come from Onyx, Spice 1, Scarface, Spoonie Gee, NWA and their era. Like everything, it evolves with the evils of money, the constant shadow. These young kids play with opportunities and money we never had. Well, not money on a wide scale like them. There was always just one dude or crew in the days of old. Every block had that dude. These days, whole blocks have money. Crews have money. These kids play with hundreds of thousands of dollars as young adults.

I don’t care who or where you’re from, that kind of money is stained with blood. Yet, they still grow up without a father or father figure setting a working example. Day in and day out, these young children learn to get rich without working, without the journey of earning. But, we must take some of the weight off of our youth. Please see my previous post “A Tradition of Incarceration – Father to Son”. They are at war with other blocks. Real or die are everyday situations. They are at war with the police who are a gang without rules. They are at war with public media. The hate that builds hate from the outside meaning, the trials and tribulations existing outside black problems. They are at war with Latins, coast to coast. They have life pressures that children should not have to deal with.

Law enforcement has found new fertile ground in the riches of the Hip Hop community. Lawyer’s fees, bail money and money on the books, from coast to coast, is feeding the wealth. If you think there aren’t special FBI and state units targeting these black artists then why would they change such an effective race control movement? The same movement that brought down Malcolm X, the Black Panther Party, Stockely Carmichael and Marcus Garvey. The surveillance of these investigations is geared toward the infiltration of Hip Hop.

The flaws of the Drill movement
Are they the new style Mafia? They are without the common knowledge of past organizations. Their actions are that of children, rash and spontaneous. They glorify broad day light crimes. That may sell records, but it’s absolutely stupid in the age of cell phones and cameras everywhere. Music and its agenda changes, but the court room does not. True, it’s an element that controls the streets. The money put back into the street life has given these children superior fire power and an abundance of drugs with no real street rules. The lyrics they spit influence immature minds. Going to work and listening to GS9 is different than using the music to amp yourself up to “rob” someone because you’re too lazy or unskilled to go on a job interview. The boldness, the “let me outdo you and brag about it in a video” is dry snitching on yourself and your crew. Aint it?

At least that’s what it used to be. The brashness in Hip Hop is making it easier to target and destroy all that they have helped build. The coldness in which they speak about killing is alarming. Children have guns that spray 35 rounds without care or cause and will kill you, just because. The lust for money and the greed of fame has driven us to a new low. At the same time, Hip Hop has given us new life!

Troy Ave update
Roland Collins, born in 1985 in Brooklyn, New York was arraigned and pled guilty to attempted murder, reckless endangerment and possession of an illegal weapon. He faces possible life in prison. Three people were wounded including Ronald “Benga” McPhatter, 30. His close associate and body guard, Chris Vinson, 34, was killed as well from a shot in the abdomen. Model/dancer Maggie Heckstall was hit in the knee, shattering her femur.

What happened? Word on the street, and I mean from people I know on ground zero in New York, say the first theory that Troy Ave. was beefing with Maino and his crew is not true. Maino also strongly denies this. What is real is that Troy Ave. spotted an outspoken podcaster, Tax Stone. Troy Ave. was heard saying “Yo, stop dissin me on your podcast”. Tax Stone, with a crew of his own, said “Hell naw”. Troy Ave. responded “On sight then”. To that, Stone said “See me now”. Then a brutal fight broke out, but was quickly broken up. Troy Ave. should have left at that time, but instead went to see T.I. in his green room. Stone and his crew were there. Troy Ave. rushed Stone and punched him, but Stone was on deck with shooters. One aimed at Troy Ave., but shot “Benga” on accident. Troy Ave. took one to the leg (the Police state that it was self-inflicted). Troy Ave. then bust back, wounding Vinson and Heckstall, before rushing to the hospital in a van. The police recovered this van with three guns inside. One of them, a 9mm, was used in the shooting. Why not get rid of the guns on the way? See, children are playing grown up games. Imma keep ya’ll up on this, but have you heard of this podcaster Tax Stone?
GS9 update
Bobby Shmurda (Ackquille Jean Pollard), born in 1994 in Brooklyn, New York, is the symbol of this new age Drill or Raw music. “Every line we spit, we live. Ain’t talkin music, this that shit we live nigga”. From the mouth of his co-partner in rhyme and crime, Rowdy Rebel (Chad Marshall), GS9 has galvanized the movement of Drill with a street respect like no other! But, the cost is EVERYTHING!

Rashid “Rasha” Derissant, 24, a GS9 member, just got convicted and received a 98 year sentence for murder, attempted murder, assault and a whole lot of lesser charges. Alex “A – Rod” Crandon, 22, received 53.5 years for murder and attempted murder.
The special narcotics prosecutor painted a picture to jurors of cold blooded murder and wild gun play by a lawless, bigger than the mob, monstrous crew members with limitless money. Bobby Shmurda’s high priced lawyer, Alex Spiro, says the convictions of others won’t bear on his client’s case. What? Please believe it will. They’re naming young Pollard the criminal mastermind of an ongoing criminal entrepreneurship. If his associates get hit like that, jurors see the news and hear things and it will directly affect Pollard. His case is set for October, 2016. It was pushed back from May 11, 2016 so they can convict as many as they can before his trial date.
The wrap up on rap
They’re coming after Hip Hop, but like Jada said “They don’t arrest you no more for doing something creative and smart. They arrest us now for doing something stupid”. B.G. is locked up, Max – B is locked up and Lil Boosie, Gucci Mane and Remy Ma were released. But, this lifestyle isn’t new. Mac Dre and the Romper Room Gang was a unit extreme in bank robbery and the element of criminal life. I cannot begin to fill the pages, but Chief Keef, Meek Mill, Beanie Sigel and the Ghetto Boys set in motion the climate of Drill. I love the music, but shutter at the reality of it. Shout out to the shrinking population of positive people, the men/women that wake up every day and work to live. We need that positive push of people making an honest living thru Hip Hop, XXL magazine and their staff, the promoters etc. Shout out to the BlackLivesMatter movement, Girls Rock Organization, Roland Martin and people that show less but move more!

How can we combat the evils of many who outnumber us? With the added pressure of accounting and policing out our own youth, who are we supposed to be fighting for?

Drill music; too real for the day at the light of a tech age, chronicling everything you say and do. The writing is clear. That lifestyle is dying. These opportunities that Rakim and others have afforded us was not to make crime easier, but to make life without crime easier. Lost is the passion of our principles as a people. Nothing, not even Hip Hop, should be above culture. Run Hip Hop, don’t let it run you. Love it for its ill lyrics, not its illegal lanes.

I love Hip Hop in all its forms! Ride or Die!

Hustler of Culture
Warrior of awareness
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Inner Determination

ID 1ID 2
I greet you with “good day” as the world around us waits for “your” contribution to it.

Inner determination is a whisper, a yearning found deep inside yourself, even in your most chaotic point in life! Inner determination propels you forward in times of joy as well as sorrow. It awakens you when the trials of life have beaten you down. Inner determination is your best self.

The vibe inside your mood and soul ring out for what you know is something better. Maybe the odds are stacked against you. Faith in you has seen better days by your family and friends. Your career is at a crossroads. This is the energy that flows through you. This is the “never give up” mind frame. Where does it come from?

It’s your destiny, whatever that may be… The unseen vibe that pushes you through to victory.

Once of our greatest black leaders was Frederick Douglass. The man was amazing in his resolve and titanic in his accomplishments. He explained that burning desire in words never before eclipsed in writing.

“A deep conviction that slavery would not always hold me within its foul embrace and in the darkest hours of my career in slavery, the living word of faith and spirit of hope departed from me not! But, remained like a ministering angel to cheer me through the gloom. This good spirit was from God and to him, I offer thanksgiving and praise”.
Words by Frederick Douglass, on the short list of the greatest black leaders of America (1817-1895)

If whispers to you, at the lowest point of your life, to remind you to “get on with what you’re good at”. You may utter words like “I’m still trying to find what it is I’m good at.” You already know what you’re naturally good at. Now, harness that inner determination to translate that into money. Make your own lane. A job will never bring you joy if it barely pays the bills. Every one of us is put here because we can contribute something in “our” lifetime. No one else can do “better”.

Inner determination is the whisper of “despite your now”. A feeling of “this is not how my life will end or be defined”.

In my darkest hour, to date, trust when I say that everyone thought it would end! They thought of me as a statistic of life, but an inner determination whispered inside of me. I knew it would strengthen me, not define me. An obituary for the living they felt. A cause to believe in my feeling I dealt.

Inner determination is a self-burning desire to be whom you want to. No, who you NEED to be. Unclear on how and when, but it burns within and never dims. The greatness of YOU is waiting. It drives you. Feed it nothing and it still grows. When it’s old and you’ve nurture it not, it’s still there. But, now it has a new name – regret!

Your home is the life you enrich. I say invest in the future of YOURSELF! A burning higher than your spouse, children, family and friends. Because the best of you brings out a better them. I say “know that this life dances at your tune”. You see all that happens thru the only eyes that matter, yours! This world is perceived by many. Naw, if you see it as only you can, life is just you!

……And all you owe is belief….. You can be somewhere in the clouds… Hope to see you when I get there….. I swear that everything will be alright…..

Love iz love!
-Simply KJS
Copyright 2016
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Shooting At Last Night’s T.I. Concert

Car Stage
Good day. I’m bringing my audience the current of today’s current topics, as well as reminding you of the footprints of the past. This is the Daily Diet forum, food for the soul. It’s enrichment of our culture, both past and current and the scope of our future. We offer drop down tabs that center more on direct issues. “Black Giving Back” centers on the health and many shades of our black culture, offering hair, skin and mental health of our biracial children. “Black Hero Series” establishes new and old role models that have helped shape the traditions of black life. “Reconstruction of the Black Family” deals with concrete solutions and life advice for the strengthening of unity. “What’s Poppin” deals with the life of pop culture as we are the blood of what pop culture is throughout the world thru music, fashion trends and sports. We continue to shape and push what’s hot and what’s not.

So, current is still hot! Brining you the RAW…

Last night (Wednesday May 25,2016) in New York City, T.I. was scheduled to perform a concert. Brooklyn rapper sensation Troy Ave. (“She Belongs to the Game”) was shot in a third floor green room at the concert’s venue, Irving Plaza. Before T.I. was expected to perform, three others were shot and one tragically died. The shots rang out behind the main venue, sending the crowd running and hurling for the exits.

Troy Ave. and T.I. have bonded as Troy Ave. has taken over Drill Music in New York after the departure of GS9 and Bobby Shmurda. T.I. was the headliner and Troy Ave., the vindication and validation of the New York concert.

Many, many people on Twitter are calling it karma for Troy Ave.’s diss on the death of Capital Steez, a Pro Era member of the Brooklyn group headed by Joey Bada$$. Capital Steez committed suicide in late 2012 (at Pro Era’s height). The Troy Ave. diss line went “Steez burnin in Hell. My burner’s in my belt. I’m really killing shit. You nigga’s killing yourself. Fuckin wierdos off the roof. Steer clear yo!”

The no love Drill music is displaying the life over the act. Like GS9, the true street life over the music is the “NEW” of Hip Hop. It means “REAL” street life with Hip Hop music, but the core remains. It’s so street that it doesn’t translate well in the business and society aspects of the music industry. Troy Ave. and a few others rep Drill music, but Troy Ave. is the voice of New York Drill!

In a March 2016 interview with the Hip Hop legend, Sway, Troy Ave. said “Sway, he didn’t just die, he killed himself. It’s a difference. God gave you life. Aint your right to take that. I got niggas in jail, got life sentences. They might as well be dead. They could’ve traded their lives for his”. He went on to say that Capital Steez was a bozo and a dick head.

So, his “karma” was that he got shot in the leg. Was it Pro Era or a fan who didn’t like what he had to say? Police were there within minutes of the shooting. The others injured and the death one person has not yet been revealed, but we do know that one of the victims was female. Were they BSB (Backstreet Boys) members or associates? This new movement in Hip Hop, Drill music, has a lot of older headz, both men and women, mystified. They can’t understand or respect it. On its face, it’s profoundly self-destructive. A GS9 member, very recently, got a 53 year prison sentence. Yes, it feeds the stereotype. But, this is the grown child of NWA, Onyx and even 50 Cent’s music. It’s the teenager of Gangsta Rap. The knock back then was “Man these ‘MF’s’ aint real. They’re studio gangstas”. There’s very little reality in their street songs. These youngsters have developed and became multi-talented that they bring a sound business (most are independent or demand millions up front from labels). The streets are their main career and rap albums come along with life. They don’t have the love and wisdom of Hip Ho. To them, it’s their turn and the wave they ride is bloody and real.

USG, Uncle Murda, Troy Ave. , BSB, GS9 and others run Drill music. New York is back in the forefront of Hip Hop, but at what cost? How will it affect the 80 percent of the business pie, concerts, personal appearances, international invitations, endorsement deals and merging with fashion and liquor companies? These are the things the 80’s Run DMC, the 90’s Tupac and Biggie, the 2000’s 50 cent, Eminem and Dr. Dre built and Drill doesn’t seem to care. They want their selfish slice and damn what Grand Master Flash, Cold Crush Bros, Rakim and the likes of Chuck D and KRS One did to make Hip Hop a door to opportunity. There are few Jay Z’s in Hip Hop. The little side deals feed the community in Hip Hop. Will Drill music scare them off?

My staff, as a whole, can’t stand this new genre. Talib and Common still have their place in Hip Hop. The likes of J Cole, Kendrick, Drake and Joey Bada$$ spit social issues, as well as many others. Drill is not taking over, but it’s what CNN highlights. Not J Cole’s platinum album sales without violence. So, the B.A.F. knocks it down and gives you the real!

Excuse me for stating a sentence with the word but… But, my I.T. guy/Web Master can’t stand Drill music. The father in him sees it as counter productive, but at the same time, his favorite new song is “She Belongs to the Game”, Troy Ave.’s jingle. Others on my staff hate Drill.

To really understand how music can take over your life by trying to live in a business and criminal lifestyle, listen to this spit by Rowdy Rebel of GS9… “People say we make Drill music. Stupid M.F.s, we don’t deal wit dat. I just spit that shit. I live nigga. These cats really tryin ta kill me. So, I hop out and shoot back”.

The concert last night is a reflection of the crazy summer to come. Stay up! Be safe! T.I. had no comment and was not in any danger, as this was purely a New York beef. I love Hip Hop in every form. I grew up on the streets of New York. We called it block music. Gucci Mane and Chief Keef move the corner boys. J Cole and Talib speak to the home owners of Hip Hop, but remember the core of it is street. So, the street aspect will always be represented and now that’s Drill!

My staff and I thank you for all the love. Stay tuned for guest bloggers on our site. If you’re a true writer/blogger, please contact the agent for our site or site admin. Love to hear from ya. B.A.F. all the way up!

Hustler of Culture
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GS9Cole and Kendrick
In other “CURRENT” events in black culture, read about the Weeknd and Belly boycotting the Jimmy Kimmel Live Show here!

Still Miss The Mac

To my social world, good day. So, the weather around America is warming up. Cities are ready to “turn all the way up”.

Some transcend their craft to build a new level in their chosen field. In our lifetime, we’re witnessing greatness. Michael Jordan is recognized as the greatest basketball player. Floyd Mayweather, even if you don’t agree that he’s the best, the fact is, he’s the best boxing defenseman in history. Christopher Wallace is the greatest rapper of all time!

But, our generation and the one before ours witnessed greatness personified in the comedy world. Bernie J. McCullough, legendarily known as Bernie Mac, was Chi Town’s finest from the Southside and he let you know it. He embodied the soul of that time. He framed swag. He had a sense of entitlement in that era that led to putting Obama in the White House. Mac missed that! We surely miss him. He gained popularity with this peers as well as becoming your favorite comedian’s comedian. The same expression he got from his fans was the impact he had on celebrities.

Few in our culture receive da UNQUESTIONED SEAL OF LOVE! I mean very few surpass all the diversity of “black” to absorb love from the halls of our culture like Malcolm X, Nelson Mandela, Alex Haley, Aretha Franklin, Richard Pryor, Jim Brown and others. But, Bernie Mac walks amongst those giants of black culture with a special shout out to another comedian who galvanized our culture in America. It was comic icon or should I say hood icon, Robin Harris. Yet, amazingly, Mac came from the hood hero to being loved by all in America. He went from bad boy of comedy, “I aint scared of you motha f*****” to the King in the Kings of Comedy. It was directed and produced by Spike Lee. He attacked his segment in the 2000 stand up comedy film. It earned a smashing $38 million. The mast of ceremonies included Steve Harvey, D.L. Hughley, Cedric the Entertainer and the man who brought the house down in Def Comedy Jam, Mac. He closed the show on the Kings of Comedy with such a performance. He transcended comedy of color and culture and got into the soul of your struggles. He painted a picture thru jokes and body gestures that became comedy classic.

“We” still miss the Mac. Being ghetto sophisticated and earning money legally is the obstacle of most. Can you mature and build something positive out of your hood hinges? Make people want to hear you pain! Mr. Mac did it while he made you laugh. On the closing of the Kings of Comedy is where I think he became accepted by the other side. “Please America, give me a t.v. series” was said in the comedy outtake. I believe that opened the door to The Bernie Mac Show.

The erieness I felt after his death made me keep replaying his stand up. The part that didn’t get much barber shop talk or attention was when he said “I’m tired. My body’s weary”. He felt himself changing and the new t.v. show temporarily energized him.

Bernard Jeffrey McCullough (Bernie Mac) (October 5, 1957 – August 9, 2008). He was born in Chicago, Illinois. His influences were, you guessed it, comedians like Nippsey Russell, Red Foxx and Richard Pryor. His wife is Rhonda McCullough. They had one child, Je’niece McCullough, now 38 years old. Mac became a respected Hollywood actor as well. He was in The Player’s Club, Charlie’s Angels, Full Throttle, Bad Santa, The Ocean’s series and many others.

In the final three years of this life, Mac publically disclosed that he had suffered from sarcoidosis, a disease of unknown origins that causes “anytime” inflammation of tissues. Sarcoidosis frequently attacked Mac’s lungs, of all areas, which is the most critical. After unsuccessful treatments to such an attack, Mac went into cardiac arrest brought on by complications of pneumonia.

I write this as a true tribute. It’s not Mac’s birthday, nor the anniversary of his death, I just miss the Mac. I’m bringing awareness of the footprints of our history and the culture carving excellence that he brought in the way of comedy. In classic skits like “scared of his woman”, that line, “coming home at 5 o’clock” and his take on “black funerals” still get to me.

Deep was his desire to become a great man, father and husband. He undeniably was and as a comic, Mac raised the bar. He kept the small group of comics from the streets alive. They matured and brought middle America on a tour of life. Their upbringing in the ghettos of this U.S.A. made them understand and see.

Yeah man, I miss that Mac, as millions do!
Keeping dem aware
Copyright 2016

Mac fam

Urge Into Energy – “True Self Help”

Urge 1Urge 2
I start this out with a saying I’ve come to love. “Blacks are the benefactors of the biggest atrocities in human history. Now it’s our time so shall ‘WE’ become the stewards of destiny, transprung before your very eyes”. Ever hear the expression “People don’t plan to fail, people fail to plan”.

Urge into energy – the passion and drive is instilled inside of you, if you’re African American, because our roots are embedded in betterness! From the beginning of our existence in America, we’ve had to fight against genocide of the American blacks. They envisioned slavery or death. We envisioned freedom or death. Just to remind you of the mind state of your roots, there was a time when we all had a common bond and goal. First there was survival, then the urge, then the energy, over generations, to carry it out.

The pain and hope of a slave woman is instilled in her seed. That burning hope has produced leaders, men and women dedicated to the cause. What is the urge today? It’s very different . Our common bond is selfish, although we have many social issues and common links. The urge is more individualized, meaning we’ve accomplished a life when a causal freedom and opportunities are now at our feet.

How can one harness this power? As I’ve said, it’s already inside you. They say some of our worst traits, as African Americans, are shock waves of atrocities. These are the fruits of slavery. Then, it’s also the truth, the urge and energy to overcome. It’s in us as well.

But, how can one focus that urge and harness that energy? Goals are the key! What is your aim in life? Do something every day to bring you closer to that which you want.

You’ve maybe heard “to be it, you have to see it”. That’s true. So, no matter how it sounds, lame, played or b/s, it’s true. Here is an example…

Short Term Goals:
Better Condition
Stop Smoking
Get a job
Go to school

Long Term Goals:
Own a house
Move out of state
Have a family
Become a millionaire

Ok, your list or any list starts with desire. What is it that you wish to obtain? Your mind automatically moves toward what you want. Now you have the urge. What part one fails at, most often, is the energy that it takes for achievement, the passion and practice of desire. But, allow yourself to be what you want. Once you move in the direction of your goals, things start to happen in that area. You may meet people on the same path and possibilities open in that lane. Information and opportunities become reality. I promise you, it’s true. The networking of self!

If a home is your goal and you start seeking loans and information about home ownership, doors open. A loan you had no knowledge of may spring up.

What is your urge? How much energy does it take? I am tired often and so is everybody who works with me, here at the B.A.F. It’s because everyone here has other goals and dreams and they work hard for them. Outside of energy, there is laziness. I remember saying, “There are two cardinal sins from which all others spring and where failure lives – impatience and laziness”. Balance is key. Rush anything and it will fail or be less than what it could have been. The other extreme is laziness. I have no love for this… I know people who would give a limb just for the chance to grind again. Our lives have been a constant drive of manual labor. Working harder has been the corner stones of our culture.
Urge 6
Urge into energy, energy into results. The application of this are the principles of achievement, but rest assured, negativity brings negativity. Trying to be the next Tony Montana or Bobby Shmurda will bring you to a result of infamy, but also your end. It will be exactly what you’ve put into it, negativity.

Be realistic in your dreams. Think not how I and many used. Dwell in the fruits of negativity to produce something positive. The harm you cause along the way may give way to your demise before you can change the game. There is no control over negative ambition. It leads you to a dark place and many are trapped there. Your lust has to be based in something with an impact of good! It’s good to be a home owner. It strengthens us all. The impact of a drug dealer is negative on the community. It kills others goals while you selfishly cling to yours.

I bleed reality – KJS
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Urge 3Urge 4

Fight 4 Freedom – Mutulu Shakur


Good day. The changes to the site were not as significant as we would have liked. But, the small changes, I hope, will improve the face of the B.A.F. Today, my social world, “WE” give our 2nd installment of the Fight 4 Freedom series on Mutulu Shakur. He is our focus and his long plight deserves some shine.

This series is a cry for the freedom of the negative criminal symbol that Americans have labeled some soldiers of our war for recognition, equality and respect, regardless of their crime or state. Their mind state is to change America from the inside.

In the mold of voices from the other side of the fence, Dr. Shakur still had a major effect on the 90’s and beyond. He inspired one of the most powerful message bringers in recent African American history. He was the step father and motivation behind Tupac Amaru Shakur. Even 2 Pac’s name came from this man. He trained him in black nationalism.

I say this with great understanding and passion, “black life” is better because of Mr. Shakur. He has earned the Dr. in his name. So for now, we will address him, properly, as Dr. Mutulu Shakur, still striving for human improvement. Just like Afeni Skakur, Dr. Shakur’s life is remarkable, without the connection to Tupac. As with every Fight 4 Freedom article, I focus on three aspects – 1 (Shine), 2 (Street) and 3 (Legal Aspect).

Shine; Dr. Shakur is like the step father for black men/women of America. His influence, his guidance of young men coming through the California Penal System relegates him to step fatherhood to a nation of misguided youth. He had an impact on the voice of the 90’s with Hip Hop soldier/poet, Tupac Shakur, his step son. Freedom fighter Mopreme Shakur is his son. He has galvanized pop culture. He is a senior black leader and that’s why he will not be released.

Could you imagine Dr. Shakur giving advice with the BlackLivesMatter movement? His shine is his education to the black nation. Dr. Shakur was recently denied parole on April 7, 2016, after serving the mandatory 30 years of the 60 year sentence. Under the old laws of prison, it’s called being grand fathered in, despite the Federal change in mandatory sentencing. Dr. Shakur falls under the old law, due to his date of sentencing. He should receive mandatory parole. Yet, he was denied. Dr. Shakur wrote a letter and posted it on his website. Please view it here. I will say what he did not in his letter. America is in the business of killing off, exiling or suppressing senior black leadership, thru prison. His voice has boomed, even in prison. His message has been carried on the lips of the youth. His instructions and persona have cut thru pop culture and you can hear his cries thru Tupac’s music.

Street; what does Dr. Shakur mean to the streets now? His crest was with Tupac, the Out Lawz and the movement in the 90’s with artists like Dead Prez, Mos Def, Talib Kweli and comedians like Dave Chappelle. That period was a resurgence of the 60’s and 70’s movements. There is a group of family and friends of Dr. Shakur that continues his message. The address is C/O S. Wilson 1000 Park Place #3 Brooklyn, New York 11213. Please contact them. The invaluable service of a strong message to the black youth moving thru the Federal prison system will always keep him connected to the streets and the youth generations. To the 30 ,40 and even 50 year olds, he remains a soldier of black nationalism in the age of the Black Panther Movement that spun into many militant, political groups in which Dr. Shakur was a part of.

He has a connection to the Queen of the Black Panther age, Assata Shakur and he participated in her 1979 escape. Assata Shakur had been indicted on murder charges after a gun battle with police. She fled to Cuba, where she remains to this day. Dr. Shakur is more than just a criminal, political or otherwise. He is a father and a business producer. In 1980, the Black Acupuncture Advisory Association of North America began. His pains of a failed system, when he was younger, comes from his life with a mother whom was legally blind. He saw social problems fail his mother’s needs. As the oldest of two children, the responsibilities fell upon him. But, instead of petty crimes, at 16, he became involved heavily with the Republic of New Afrikan (Black) Independence Movement. Their goal was to create an African American nation within the United States. This is where he changed his name after his hero, Saladin Shakur. He devoted himself to the teachings of Malcolm X. This also began his involvement with other movements, including the Black Panther Party. In 1970, young Shakur was employed at the Lincoln Detox Program, providing treatment to Heroine addicts. In 1976, he became Dr. Shakur, earning his certification in acupuncture.

Legal aspect; the crimes in which Dr. Shakur was convicted for, stem from a 1981 hold up of a Brinks Bank truck in conjunction with the Weather Underground, Black Panthers and the RNA. They held superior fire power. Including M16’s, the hold up caused the death of a Brinks guard. The shoot out with police lead to the death of two police officers and wounded another. I’m sure Dr. Shakur has regrets for these actions. The motive was to secure funds, directly from the Government, to forward all the cause for revolution. Most escaped that day, including Dr. Shakur. He, with the help of the many movements of that Power Age, hid for five years form the Law. Dr. Shakur became #1 on the F.B.I’s most wanted list for four years. He was captured on February 12, 1986. He was indicted on 12 robberies, murder, attempted murder and the 1979 prison escape of Assata Shakur. He went on trial in 1987 and was ultimately sentenced to 60 years. His infamous group of militant political members were known as “The Family”. His assistance in the infamous Assata Shakur’s escape, the killing of white officers and his connection to Tupac Shakur have delivered him to never getting out. He represents a period of fight that America shuns to remember and damn sure want to suppress. The loss of his step son, ex wife, Afeni Shakur, friends and family, without being there for them, is the unbearable part. He is cemented in the Federal Prison, looked upon as an elder and, no doubt, he can do the time. But, the cost of being exiled from true life is the punishment.

Dr. Shakur is eligible for parole in two years. We’ll see then. That type of spirit is misguided. Although, through Tupac, he helped redefine the term Thug Life, he tried to usher in a new light in the fight that still hounds us. But, our focus is not as strong or unified in the power age of Dr. Shakur. Yet, we are fighting more with our minds and social outlets than with guns and political violence. Like Lorraine Hansberry said, “We need thinkers, activists and soldiers in this fight”. At the time of open aggression against us, Dr. Shakur and others were there to lead the fight. I say free Dr. Shakur. Parole him and find out what you can do to help. Please visit his website.

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Shakur 2

A Tradition of Incarceration – Father to Son

Dad in prison
Peace and Love to my people, The blow unheard the new slavery for blacks is the Prison system of America. We look at the new tradition passed on “Father To Son.”

African American men are facing jail and prison time at a rate unlike any throughout the world. To many, their lives have become absorbed by the prison system. Dreams deferred, family lives destroyed – true modern day slavery. We’ve focused on this topic a lot because Its one of the most race crippling problems facing the individual. This affects the family which destroys the fabric of the African American race!

We’ve developed a tradition of prison being passed down from father to son, generations of American men enmeshed in the criminal justice system. A new tradition and legacy of incarceration passed from father to son. In these days, imprisonment is not an act of resistance or a stance against anything. It’s just a fact of life. Yes, it is an urban problem, but since the ghettos of the U.S.A. is the ground from which most of our fruit bears, it is more than just problem or an issue. It is the main reason for our social collapse in the black community. The prison system does not take away the elements of crime to make our communities safer. It does not change racial crimes, it sustains them.

father son

The numbers and facts are that one in three will be imprisoned. In 2007, the streets revealed that one in every 15 children have a parent incarcerated. The shocking statistic that floored me is that, in 2009, there were more African American men/women in prison or on probation/parole than were slaves in 1850!

This is the second slavery and has been the second slavery that W.E.B. DuBois warned us about. It has slowly, methodically and quietly become a new system of modern day slavery.

Father/son tradition; long have the heroes in the slums been criminal minorities. In general, they use crime as a career. The father uses the image of providing for his baby child through means of illegal activity. It may be selling drugs, jacking (robbery), or he may even be involved in complex crime teams. This sets the father on a path of felonies which further excludes him from main stream society. In some states, felons lose their right to vote, the right to sit on juries and the right to bear arms. They are thrust into discrimination from most jobs and a career that could change their young family. In many states, they’re excluded from any financial loans to attend college. Now, the father is on the streets to provide. The next arrest will lead him to prison or at least probation.

The son; he grows up without a father. His mother has had numerous boyfriends throughout his life. He is trying to find his way in the darkness without the sun (father). He, the son, grows with the streets as his father figure. If his father made a name on those same streets, as the son grows, it will lead to “envy of evil”. His role model is crime in the community. It’s the easiest path, the path most traveled. To go to school and be disciplined enough to avoid the pitfalls without a true father are too much to bear. The son soon joins the father. There are generations of men with a tradition of prison. I grew up not knowing anyone without a prison record. Its a symbol of pride, a true right of passage for the African American male. Not until I was mature, did I meet a black man who avoided that path. They think differently if they had fathers or a foundation with other influences, not images of prisoners or that criminal element. The sad fact is the criminal element is the majority and when one finds they went the wrong way, the change in society is usually not well received. The comfort of crime often calls them back!

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Mom and baby

Quiet Crimes of White Privileged Athletes

Good day to the social media world. Hope you celebrated Malcolm X’s birthday with fond remembrance. He was the prince of the black American race.

Hey, stay tuned for a B.A.F. facelift, a total makeover of our site… let us know what you think about the changes.

Quiet crime has again come into focus as Phil Mickelson has, what I know to be a federal crime, insider trading, a white collar crime. The one before this that we, at the B.A.F. did not address, was the partner/family member assault charge of soccer player Hope Solo. This happened at a time when N.F.L players were facing suspicions and criminal charges (Adrian Peterson) for the same charges. Solo had no suspension or official discipline and played the Women’s cup tournament, which the U.S.A. woman won that year.

But, today, Phil Mickelson is enjoying what would have destroyed a black athlete. To refocus the real life fact, “we have to work twice as hard” and we get twice the media scrutiny. So here’s the 1,2 on Mickelson’s quite crime….

Phil Mickelson; Golf pro and the biggest rival to Tiger Woods in his hey day. They had epic battles and he was expected to take the spotlight in golf after Tiger’s very public fall from grace.

Involved were Mickelson’s partner and friend, William Walters, and the former director of Dean Foods, Thomas Davis. The pair used insider information (insider trading) about a company to make millions of dollars in illicit stock trades between 2008 and 2012.

Simply put, Mickelson made money that wasn’t his to make. In 2012, the scam fell in. It was started by Walter’s, a professional gambler, calling Mickelson, who owed him money. Was it a gambling debt? Walters urged him to trade Dean Foods stock, which Mickelson did so the next day. He made a profit of $931,000. There were no criminal charges, but nearly $3 million was transferred from the golfer’s account to an intermediary. It was part of an illegal gambling operation, which was accepted and bets were placed on sporting events.

He should be under federal investigation. His partner is facing a 60 year sentence, but will get far less. If this was Cam Newton, even the connection with a professional sports gambler and the possibility of thrown points or playing to a point spread would be in the spotlight. Let alone the multi million dollar insider trading allegations. Newton would be all over ESPN and even CNN news, Facebook and Twitter. Millions of dollars and no criminal charges? Michael Vick was jailed and lost $100 million in contracts and endorsements for fighting dogs. Is this not unfair that black athletes are held to a higher media standard? The Hope Solo case was a fact. It’s where I truly see the media discrimination in sports. In certain areas, we’ve come a long way in sports, but ownership, coaching and equal treatment of media coverage is still geared toward white privilege. Sports have afforded us many ground breaking avenues as a race, NO QUESTION about that. But, it’s time to make roads to the doors of privileged seats like ownership, general management, partners and coaching in sports. This will lead to better treatment than employees of sports franchises and we have just scratched the surface of our just potential in the sports world.

Back to golf, know your history before Tiger Woods and now, his niece, Cheyenne Woods. Also, other outstanding black golfers are Lee Elder, Ted Rhodes, Calvin Peete, Bill Spiller, Ms. Renee Powell and Pete Brown.

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The Results of the Kentucky/Oregon Primary

Road to the white house
“The power of the ballot, we need in sheer self-defiance. Else what shall save us from second slavery”.
Uttered by W.E.B. DuBois, an excerpt from his book “Souls of Black Folks”.

This coming general election is historical because it will tell us the direction of America! The wildness of Trump’s supporters are based in the reality of white Americans feeling their grip slipping. But, the true reality is that the climate and complexion of the United States is changing. Their strangle hold on America has loosened a bit and now they feel that. Nothing but fear and scare tactics combined with a keen business mind has Trump primed to steal the biggest CEO gig in America, the presidency. Or will we see the first woman to hold the seat? Last night showed that we may not be so ready for her.

Facts of the matter; Clinton has, for all intent and purposes, secured the Democratic nominee. There is no mathematical way Sanders can catch up. But, he is making it harder on Clinton. She’s backing in to the nomination and losing momentum. Sanders’ late push and support undermines her Democratic hold. Many feel, as do I, that since Sanders can’t win, they should be unifying the party and not dividing it.

Meanwhile, Trump has a mess of his own to clean up. The latest is the report from the New York newspapers that have depicted him as a womanizer. His stance against women hasn’t done the damage it would have to a normal candidate or election. Why is the temperature different for the Republican nominee? Because of the nuances of America’s position to many, Trump represents the frustrations and extremes of white America. He’s playing off the new fears of American citizens. But, its fools gold. He is not qualified in politics or presidential etiquette to perform the duties of commander in chief. He is the polar opposite of President Obama. Where, for the first time, a sitting president put minorities and the down trodden first.

This is the first time the face of America is not white. Although, many whites feel Trump and his unique ways is the answer, he is not. He will represent what he is, the 1%, big corporate business and friends he’s done business with his whole life. In the years leading up to the election, what has his billions done for small or middle America? His taxes are an issue now as well. Every president hopeful has released their tax information since the 70’s, yet Trump stalls.

This election has twists and turns, surprises and short comings. The general election is upon us soon with only nine more states left in the primaries. Stay tuned for the B.A.F. primary wrap up and our constant coverage of the general elections.

Now, here’s the summary of the Kentucky/Oregon primary. The Democratic race was the only one that had any true results…

State Candidate Percentage Pledge Super delegates
Kentucky Clinton 46.8% 27 3
Kentucky Sanders 46.3% 27 0
Oregon Clinton 45.5% 24 6
Oregon Sanders 54.5% 31 1

Kentucky was the closest primary race of the year. Spectacular!

Sanders had 264,151 pure votes and Clinton had 220,943.

The Republican side matters little, as Trump’s opponents have dropped out of the race. His challenge is to unite the GOP before the general elections. He moves closer to the magic number of 1,237, as he stands at 1,160 delegates right now.

The real time update is that Clinton stands at 1,767 pledged delegates and 524 super delegates, bringing her total to 2,291. There are 946 delegates still available. The magic number for the Democratic nomination is 2,383.

Sanders’ real time stats are 1,488 pledged delegates and only 40 super delegates, bringing his total to 1,528 of the heeded 2,383.

Upcoming key states/dates left in the primary process…

• Washington – May 24 (44 delegates up for grabs)
• New Jersey – June 7 (51 delegates up for grabs)
• California – June 7 (172 delegates up for grabs)

Covering “ALL” angles – KJS
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Lyrics From The Streets Series – Love Yourz

Cole 1Cole 2

Good day from your ferocious writer. To my many new viewers, the B.A.F. offers a biracial drop down tab called Black Giving Back. There are many cities and states, especially in the North West, that may not have a high population of African Americans, but there is a high population of biracial children. Stay tuned for articles dedicated to their awareness, education and an introduction to black history for “ALL” our youth and how to make black history a part of their everyday life. Please see the recent posts about public school systems (5/10/16) and the single mother’s guide book (4/23/16).

Back at it… to begin your week, we will inspire your soul – food of culture, with our classic song breakdown and their inner/deeper meanings. Love Yourz by J. Cole is an instant classic. The track’s core is the thought that you’re blessed, “period”, and everything about money is fleeting. In the eyes of “that”, which it matters to most of all human life is equal. The journey to the prize/peace. Few are prepared for the evils and demons that come along with riches and fame. But, that’s hard to digest if you’re scraping to get by. Everyone with less than less would all change from the problems of being broke to the problems of having riches. Having is “everything” not having “is”.

Let’s get it
No such thing as a life that’s better than yours
No such thing as a life that’s better than yours
No such thing as a life that’s better than yours
No such thing, no such thing

Heart beatin’ fast, let a nigga know that he alive
Fake niggas mad, snakes
Snakes in the grass let a nigga know that he arrive
Don’t be sleepin’ on your level cause its beauty in the struggle nigga
Goes for all y’all
It’s beauty in the struggle nigga
(Let me explain)
It’s beauty in the struggle , ugliness in the success
Hear my words or listen to my signal of distress
I grew up in the city and though some times we had less
Compared to some of my niggas down the block man we were blessed
And life can’t be no fairytale, no once upon a time
But I be God damned if a nigga don’t be tryin’
So tell me mama please why you be drinking all the time?
Does all the pain he brought you still linger in your mind?
Cause pain still lingers on mine
On the road to riches listen this is what you’ll find
The good news is nigga you came a long way
The bad news is nigga you went the wrong way
Think being broke was better

[Hook 3x)
This is a track that “reminds” everyone that life is a journey and yours is not complete or to be compared to another. You waste time in “envy” when your contribution may not be set in riches or wealth but yet, it’s so vital to the pulse of human life. The Hook – “No such thing as a life that’s better than yours” is the plain truth and the heart of this inspirational track. No one life is more valuable than another. There will only be a small percentage of wealthy in this world. In America, we take for granted the realistic possibility of becoming rich and most live in conditions where their whole life will be a “CONSTANT STRUGGLE”. Just making it to a country of wealth is a “life dream”. (Love Yourz) So, to the struggling family or single mother carrying bags of food from the food bank, walking home with her children, love yourz cuz many walk for scraps at garbage dumps in third world countries. (Love Yourz)
(Snakes in the grass let a nigga know he’s arrived). Every time, a generation thinks their unique in trends, but jealousy and hate are as old as time itself. “Envy” breeds hate and you know you’re doing well if life around you generates hate. That’s the ugliness in success. Not only in the outside forces and media, but most often, friends and family cut the deepest. Beauty in the struggle, cuz the journey is the pure part as you slowly grow towards your life long dreams and goals that will be the part you come to cherish. Cuz after the race, a new struggle begins, despite money/fame. (Please tell me mama). There are pains that some go thru with mothers/fathers, secret family tragedies that carry unhealable scars upon a child. If the parent never gets over it or expresses feelings with the child, even years down the road, you handicap your children! The pain lingers, if it’s not addressed.
(Think being broke was better)

The hook comes in screaming at your common sense to understand the small light of fame/fortune. It’s better to be loved and respected and raise physically and mentally healthy children.

Verse two: For what’s money without happiness?
Or hard times without the people you love
Though I’m not sure what’s ’bout to happen next
I asked for strength from the Lord up above
Cause I’ve been strong so far
But I can feel my grip loosening
Quick, do something before you lose it for good
Get it back and use it for good
And touch the people how you did like before
I’m tired of living with demons cause they always inviting more
Think being broke was better
Now I don’t mean that phrase with no disrespect
To all my niggas out there living in debt
Cashing minimal checks
Turn on the TV see a nigga Rolex
And fantasize about a life with no stress
I mean this shit sincerely
And that’s a nigga who was once in your shoes
Living with nothin’ to lose
I hope one day you hear me
Always gon’ be a bigger house somewhere, but nigga feel me
Long as the people in that motherfucker love you dearly
Always gon’ be a whip that’s better than the the one you got
Always gon’ be some clothes that’s fresher than the ones you rock
Always gon’ be a bitch that’s badder out there on the tours
But you ain’t never gon’ be happy till you love yours


Heart beatin’ fast, let a nigga know that he alive
Fake niggas mad, snakes
Snakes in the grass let a nigga know that he arrive

We all, especially when things are going well, give thanks to God above, whoever that is for you. Just getting up every day to grind takes strength. Hope you’re struggling for something for yourself, a goal or dream, cuz working just to pay bills will never satisfy your soul. (Get it back and use if for good) was a verse so important to inner peace. Know that all the bad you’ve inflicted “CANNOT” be undone, but the payback, the cleanser is to give back and help others avoid your pitfalls. Be pure in your heart and in forgiveness of yourself. Be pure in your heart and in your remorsefulness for your immature wrong doings. That is the key for life correction. (I hope one day you hear me)… Hear that, the struggle of living check to check is temporary. Maybe you’ve damaged your life or are still waiting for your shot. This is the journey of success for the many of us whom weren’t born rich. Hope one day you can see. As my uncle used to say back in the day, “Boy, never try to keep up with the Jones’”. Lol, the Jones’ are the trends of life, the fake image of the American family that has it all – all the time. Never measure your self-worth by materialistic items. The superficial will never last and only soothes you, but only for so long. The hook reenters and he refocused the opening line. I think J Cole is really feeling the snakes and haters. Love Yourz!

Artist: J Cole
Album: 2014 Forest Hills Drive
Released: 2014

Copyright 2016

poverty rich