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Surge in Power of the BlackLivesMatter Movement #BlackLivesMatter

BLMFounders of BLM
Unity is a stranger in this world of social media, organizations and movements. For social news outlets, grass roots and social activism groups, the connections are loose for safety reasons and beyond. Join us, like us! It’s only one path to this racial improvement. Naw, that’s not me. The awareness is the aim of all my effort. The ignorant age is forever the mission and to keep it closer to its death than its past life is a giant shadow over African Americans. I have no hate for anyone or any social group. I love what Roland Martin and Dr. Boyce Watkins are doing on NewsOne, Black Report and to bring us to a healthier race.

So, I have deep respect and love for the emergence of BlackLivesMatter. Their surge in power in their three year lifespan is amazing to witness. In 2013, BlackLivesMatter was born out of the Trayvon Martin tragedy. After the soul ache of the George Zimmerman acquittal for his child murdering act, the hashtag activism reached thousands in minutes. It developed as many great ideas and formed a quick avalanche of emotion and purpose.

The BlackLivesMatter movement (BLM) is the primary black movement in America. At their core, they have the best and brightest young African American thinkers and activists. They represent the frustrations of children born in the 90’s, whom treat education like the 80’s generation treated sports. They are socially aware and create worldwide information in seconds like those 70’s college Vietnam protestor types. Signs and college riots broad cast over t.v. to get their message across. The internet has gathered like minds to develop what is now, currently, at least 23 BLM chapters in the United States, Canada and Ghana. Its makeup is rich with youth and steeped in well established movement leaders like Jeffrey Shaun King, an American writer, entrepreneur, civil rights activist and member of BLM. Their base also highlights youth as well, like DeRay McKesson. Right now, he is running in the Baltimore Mayoral Primary. They have the super star talent of Serena Williams backing them also. Many other Hollywood and Urbanwood entertainers support the fast growing, freshest idea/action in our culture in the last 60 years. A true movement stirs the soul of a Nation, despite your stance on either side. The fact remains that they have impacted the Nation. Shutting down cities with demonstrations, their public appearances draw so many outside supporters that they devote many resources and managers to crowd control and instructions.

The founders! They were born of a sister’s love for her brother. They are three women who acted on the intolerable acts committed on their brothers by Police or whomever wanted to enter our communities and harm young black men, the targets of America.

Founding sisters
1) Alicia Garza
2) Patrisse Cullors
3) Opal Tometi

They are an active membership, whom have taken over CNN and Fox News. The air waves show a high I.Q sterling articulation, emotion, heart and stand on a sound platform. The likes of charismatic Shaun King, DeRay McKesson, Marissa Johnson, Nekima Levy-Pounds and Johnetta Elzie are the second tier of leaders amongst a group that didn’t exist when President Obama won his second term.

You can tell by the haters if you’re on the path of directing change. The movement has so many detractors. Their official site is under reconstruction from a comment overload and hacking. They have come to endure the eye of the infrastructure of America. The same powers that crushed the Black Panther Party, plotted the demise of the Marcus Garvey movement, infiltrated the N.O.I, and orchestrated the assassination of Malcom X. The history of black movements have a new champion. Even the founder of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg made a rare public and internal staff statement. The Facebook CEO responded forcefully in late February 2016 after incidents in which employees crossed out BlackLivesMatter and rewrote ALL Lives Matter on the walls of the company’s Menlo Park, California campus. Mr. Zuckerberg said “Those types of actions have been deeply hurtful and a tiresome experience for the black community”.

BLM began as a hashtag on Facebook and have continued to have ties with the CEO, which has been strained by recent revelations by BLM, the two percent African American employee population within the Facebook company.

The BLM movement has shed light on the racial profiling, police brutality and racial inequality experienced by African American communities across America. There are new leaders, new ideas and new ways of expressing public outrage. Military style demonstrations and new tools on social outlets have quickly grown a message into true movement.

Please support lives that are under attack. Riots are just voice of the unheard. To the All Lives Matter supporters, I say this “The lives that are at risk of the racial fire burns on the target. Why put water on something that’s not on fire?”

Unity is the key -KJS


“Brown-Rice” ($6 Million Rewarded To Tamir Rice’s Family)

Tamir Justice
“The Nation that eats its young”

On November 22, 2014, a call came into 911 dispatch in Cleveland, OH. The complaint was a black man with a gun… The tragedy of that story burns in the hearts and minds of many – the Police killing of Tamir Rice, a 12 year old boy. He was killed for playing with a toy gun at the PLAYGROUND of the Cudell Recreation Center. That’s exactly what a 12 year old boy does, plays cops and robbers. A life shattered because of how fearful and guilt driven the nation of whites feel. Fearful of black life, they kill cowardly.

On that night in Cleveland, there was an image of a 12 year old boy lying on the playground, dying, wondering, bleeding alone, taking his last painful breaths, clutching for his mother as he fought off death… one came, one did not!

I revisit this topic because, earlier this week, the case came before the Ohio court system. The case of Tamir Rice vs. the city of Cleveland lasted for several weeks after two long years of waiting and he city’s attempts to settle out of court. They even had the stipulation added to any out of court settlement, the “gag order”.

This simply means that Rice’s family could not talk about the money awarded. They couldn’t do the talk show circuit and were restricted from speaking about any parts of the settlement or 2014 crime. The family and law firm representing them refused. A reported three police officers had their day in court earlier this week. A lot of people are screaming victory, but what is a life worth? Forget color! Can you place a monetary value on the potential of life? Could he have given something much more important to the city of Cleveland, the state of Ohio or even the world?

The estate of Tamir Rice was awarded $5.5 million, Samaria Rice (mother) received $250,000 and an undisclosed person, T.R., was awarded the same $250,000. This brought the victory to $6 million. The jury, which consisted of mothers and fathers, wasted little time in reaching this judgement. The gut wrenching reality of a preteen getting gunned down – a world of possibilities gone. The pain of that really crosses the barrier of color and reaches down to the basic instinct of mother hood. It reaches the very basic duty of a father’s “protection”. I commend the jury for such a quick certain response.

The case was won on the premise that the 911 dispatcher failed to give the responding officers proper information that the “gun may be fake” and that “said suspect looks underage”. These facts fail to the judgement of two offices, grown men, whom are trained in high stress situations. They saw the stereotype, the “threat”, the guilt of their own insecurity. Black men are a threat to white America. They feel that every black man is a suspect and a threat to the law and those who defend it – the main opponent to the laws of the land. We are viewed as an enemy. They think the worst in almost all situations. Police officers patrol the American Urban streets. “We” are the adversaries. They look at us as the enemy, like we’re in times of war. There is no trust nor respect t between young black lives and the police. This is true, coast to coast, state to state. This subject would make an interesting topic. Let me know if this is something ya’ll would like reviewed.

Tamir Rice – Rest in peace while the race of your people remember you and keep the fight for the blood of black lives in extreme focus!

No one is immune to the pain or prejudice, not our children, not our journey. Love life, love our struggle. This is not a victory, it’s a band-aid on a bullet wound. $6 million? Ask any mother, there’s no compensation for the life of your child!

Product of pain – KJS

Rice funeralRice fam

Super Tuesday Voting Results

What it do, social world? The greatest passion in life is to do what you truly love. I know you’ve heard that before. With maturity, you begin to live. Those words are spoken to you out of love. A gift it is, truly, to connect with what you’re meant to be or do.

We’re about to take a look at the latest Super Tuesday voting results. This presidential election is so critical, so “put some respek on it” lol.

Let’s go…

As it has become the norm in this race for the Democratic and Republican nomination, Clinton and Trump dominated the polls in this five state delegate race. The East Coast Super Tuesday states were Pennsylvania, Maryland, Connecticut, Delaware and Rhode Island.

It’s still early, only April, but the showdown is between the evils of Trump and the historical challenge of Clinton becoming the first woman president of the United States. The general election is coming down to these two components.

He has seen Texas Senator and presidential hopeful Cruz and Ohio Governor and presidential hopeful Kasich form a loose alliance to slow and divide votes and states try to stop his march to the Republican nomination. In our terms, they “jumped him”, but they’ve waited too long. When everyone was making jokes, they underestimated a billionaire (how you gonna do that?). They underestimated the fear and the dissatisfaction of the masses of white voters. Trump has thrown his image of wealth at a business look at American politics like a hostile takeover. He saw the “unhappy customers” that are the businesses of America!

To some of his ex-apprentice contestants, Trump was a terrible boss and as they came together and roasted him, especially Kwame Jackson, they left his soul on the stage. Check it out, Jackson’s final statement was “D. Trump, you’re no one’s friend”. But, let’s deal with the reality. Trump swept five out of five states. He is clearly the front runner. I just think the G.O.P. has a trick up their sleeve. The Republican establishment wants anyone but Trump to win the nomination.

She is the first runner and getting closer and closer to the first Democratic woman presidential nominee. She is headed towards a pivotal general election. She won four of the five Super Tuesday states. She is ready to unify the Democratic Party. Clinton even extended an olive branch to Bernie Sanders supporters. Sanders has the ear of the youth and the support/vote of the millennial, despite either party. The youth movement is with the oldest presidential candidate, but his live look and active participation in the civil struggles endears him to the millennials. As Clinton loves to point out, she is much further ahead of her opponent. Barack Obama was at this stage in 2008. She is the realistic vote for the common sense in the two person general election. She has the vote of the B.A.F. if Sanders can’t pull off a miracle.

The results… (Oh yeah, and part two of the Ghetto Guiding Light tomorrow is “that” important)
Super Tuesday results for April 26, 2016
Democratic Results
State Candidate Percentage Delegates
Delaware Clinton 59.8% 12
Delaware Sanders 39.2% 9
Connecticut Clinton 51.7% 27
Connecticut Sanders 46.5% 25
Rhode Island Clinton 43.3% 11
Rhode Island Sanders 55.0% 13
Maryland Clinton 63.0% 59
Maryland Sanders 33.3% 32
Pennsylvania Clinton 55.3% 95
Pennsylvania Sanders 43.6% 67

Clinton has 2,151 delegates with 1,632 pledged delegates and 519 super delegates.
Sanders has 1,338 delegates with 1,299 pledged delegates and 39 super delegates.
The Democratic nomination still has 1,276 delegates available. To win, the democratic nomination needs 2,383 delegates for the nomination.

Republican Results
State Candidate Percentage Delegates
Connecticut Trump 57.7% 28
Connecticut Kasich 28.5% 0
Connecticut Cruz 11.7% 0
Delaware Trump 60.8% 16
Delaware Kasich 20.4% 0
Delaware Cruz 15.9% 0
Maryland Trump 54.4% 35
Maryland Kasich 23.0% 0
Maryland Cruz 18.9% 0
Pennsylvania Trump 56.7% 17
Pennsylvania Kasich 19.4% 0
Pennsylvania Cruz 21.6% 0
Rhode Island Trump 63.8% 10
Rhode Island Kasich 24.4% 5
Rhode Island Cruz 10.4 4

Trump has 954 total delegates, Kasich has 562 total delegates and Cruz has 153 total delegates.
There are still 616 delegates available in the Republican race and 1,237 needed for the nomination.

-Simply KJS

Diagnois of the Documentary “United Shades of America” (Hosted by Kamau Bell, featured on the CNN Channel)

To my audience starting the work week or school week with FINALS around the corner, thank you for the visit. I am breaking down a diagnosis of last night’s documentary United Shades of America, a feature on CNN hosted by comedian Kamau Bell.

Bell travels the United States to find unique people and places off of America’s beaten path. In the opener, he travels down south to meet with members of the Ku Klux Klan, who are looking to rebrand their message.

United Shades of America is an original series that will air every Sunday on CNN. This week, it focused on the K.K.K. Next week, Bell goes inside a prison system. The feeling I had when I watched this documentary was “we could get our point across on a national television stance and strengthen our stand”. I even gave this program as a homework assignment to the staff at B.A.F. What I came away with was a feeling of “this could’ve been so much more”.

The host Kamau Bell is an American comedian and his demeanor is part of his name sake. Kamau means quiet warrior. Its origins stem from East African descent.

Walter Kamau Bell hails from Palo Alto, California. His profession is a standup comedian with a focus on racial and social relations and American politics. He is what “we” consider safe! He is in tune with this heritage. I’m not calling him part of the Booker T. Washington syndrome, but I understand CNN’s safe choice to touch upon such an excitable subject.

So, he visited three southern towns. First up was Wynne, Arkansas where he met an Imperial Wizard from the new Klan International Keystone Knights on the side of a dark road. The temperature of the situation was forced. They tried to play it up. The meeting, the opportunity to address real issues, really find out and express the majority of American life was missed. He could have gotten answers directly from hate. Instead, Bell tossed softly and had indirect questions, even bowing in the face of a camera crew of CNN. No fear, hate on camera, or hate on the spot. A chance to hold a mirror to America.

In between Bell’s visits were standup comedy bits. These was the realest parts where he said what should have come out in the face to face meetings. I believe there’s very little comedy that can come out of the Klan and their true history. This was geared more towards comedy and light hearted jabs and jokes with new age toothless imposters of an organization based in oppression! The fear, blood and horrific damage that the beast caused was not addressed.

The premises of the K.K.K. was their rebranded “progressiveness”. In his comedy bits, Kamau said “The Klan claim to be evolved, but Christians don’t believe in the science of evolution”. He joked that the Klan isn’t the same and that they’re like Myspace, still out there but not as good as they were before.

His second visit was to Dawson Springs, Kentucky, where the Klan held a cross burning. Oh, I mean a cross lighting, so says the new Klan. This was the cliff hanger of the hour long show! It’s the only time I saw true reflection and sadness. The true impact of the legacy of the Klan in a black man’s eyes and soul. When that cross went up, it lit up hundreds of years of black lives that saw that symbol for the last time!

His third meeting was in the famed racist town of Harrison, Arkansas (his second trip to Arkansas). It is steeped in the base of operation for the Klan, a hate strong hold. He faced the very active Knights Party. Their leader is Pastor Thomas Rob, a meek aging man whose structure and presence is the face of the Klan, small and weak in this century. They’re an internet business with online stores, videos and items for purchase. Rob is a man capitalizing on a direct audience, not the feared boogie man. He hosts an internet program, cohosted by his daughter, in a public broadcasting set up.

Harrison, Arkansas was recently in the national media for a huge billboard saying “Anti-racist is a code word for Anti-white”. A vein attempt at fear and a weak attempt to show strength. It’s a billboard in the age of snap chat and technology. It symbolizes the state of their message – old!

Threat of the Klan today; the Klan is not the same. They’re an old lion, toothless, whose roar is a fading alarm, drawn out by the progress of a nation. It’s not the roots of its founding father and the embodiment of hate, General Nathan B. Forrest. Back when the Klan was used to herd blacks with fear like cattle. True, in some pockets of American life, you can run into the branches of real Klansmen or Neo-nazis. Like my friend from Cali told me, “Ya’ll may think this color red/blue is dumb, but sometimes you have to respect ignorance cuz it can kill you”. If you’re basing the Klan on oppression of the movement of races (blacks and Jews) and holding back their advancement, then the Klan has failed. What they stand for, their agenda, their hold on America and its integrity of whites running and owning things and whites drawn to the platform of Christian Klanism, has failed. They have failed miserably with the greatest seat in America holding a black ass, Jews running Hollywood and being the lawyers and jewelers of the United States. Yeah, the Klan are a shadow of past superiority. America’s shade has changed.

The show missed its mark in a rare opportunity. They displayed comedy with a host that was “safe” and politically correct so they could say they addressed hard topics in America. It was a vein attempt at best. At worst, it exposed a dying breed with a reflection, with a satisfied negro to appease the masses with surface story coverage. While it may be entertaining to open minded whites, it did not do justice to the shades of America.

Product of determination – KJS
KlanNew klan

Book Review on “The Single Mother’s Guide to Financial Freedom”


Wow, what a hectic, insane week it has been, but keep your head up and stay on your ones and twos. As brother born would say “The madness of events leads me back to something that grounds me to refocus the ‘why’ for me”. The topic I chose today is for the reconstruction of the black family. I had a young lady once say to me “What if my man’s never coming home?” after he got into a car accident. He was a good man and the young lady wished to honor his memory by not allowing a stepfather into the picture. To her and millions of other single women, regardless of color, I offer this…

A book newly written and released called “The Single Mom’s Guide to Financial Freedom”. It’s available at where there’s a wealth of motivational, black man, black woman, educational, career, business and health/fitness types of literature.

The new book “The Single Mom’s Guide to Financial Freedom” offers real organizations and programs that can help you pay bills, collect child support, attend college and much more. Did you know there’s a single mother’s grant to help pay off heating, gas and electric bills? This guide is a must have for women of all ages and ethnic background. It is truly everything you need to gain “real” financial freedom.

So, I’ve broken down some topics covered in this rich, uplifting woman feel type of book. It throws any selfish ambitions and, through pain staking research, has combed through the less talked about help centers, grants and loans geared toward single mothers.

All these programs have helped thousands of women already. So many women/girls and grandparents raising their children’s children across the country. All of these listed programs have the same philosophy of “women first”. Combing through the tens of thousands, these programs are the most complete with proven results that are not geared towards Federal/State funding that’s dictating their output. Their stance that women are disadvantaged are discriminated against and need programs and organizations geared toward them is the strong, overwhelming belief and agenda.

I won’t spoil the chapters of the book, but here are the programs because, we at the B.A.F., believe they’re the best in America.

• The Black Women’s Health Imperative
• The Sojourner Center
• The Global Fund for Women
• The Parents Without Partners Program
A) Complete with a dating site
• Single Parent Alliance of America (SPAOA)
A) Complete with a single dad’s group
• Janette Rankin Foundation
• Black Career Woman Network
• Child Care and Development Fund (CCDF)
A) Of American single mothers polled, child care was the number one concern!
• The Take Wings Foundation
• The Rape, Abuse and Incest National Network (RAINN)
• My Sister’s Keeper Foundation for Women
A) Voted best women’s foundation the last two years!
• The Helping Hands for Single Mom’s Program
• The Working Cars for Working Families Program
A) Help even if the man is in the home and both parents work!
B) Donated thousands of working cars to families.
• The White House Council on Women and Girls
A) A program founded by Michelle Obama
• The G.U.R.L.S. Rock Program
A) A program that has taken off with celebrity backers like Alicia Keys and many others
B) The programs has been highlighted with National T.V. coverage

Please, if you don’t buy the book then utilize some of these listed programs. They all have websites. Some may be just what you need. I tried to list them in a variety form, as to cover as many concerns that single mothers and struggling families have.

Care to be aware!

Hustler of Culture

Single mom

The Death of the “Prince” of Music

Prince 1Prince 2
Prince Rogers Nelson, Rest in peace!

There will never be such a charismatic character able to cross so many taboos and shine amongst the hardest street cats. I mourn with the streets. He was felt by every walk of life in the 80’s and 90’s. We miss and love, the life of a true musical genius.

I will let you know that this will not be the typical look at the post mortem reflection of Prince. Most media outlets will document, but look at how he was viewed by the tongueless.

Facts; On April 15, 2016, he had a medical emergency which forced down his private jet, landing in Illinois, just 45 minutes from his home. That’s how serious his condition was then. He performed at a concert the next day. Fans, media and old friends said he looked fine, normal. The statement by his people then was that he was battling the flu. At the concert, he told the crowd “Wait a few days before you waste any prayers”. This was on April 16, but prior to that show, Prince cancelled two shows for health reasons. I think he knew he was sick. I’ll go as far as to say that his private doctor knew and they had a “how long do I got?” talk. My reasons are based on two things. In his memoirs, he seemed to know death was coming. He wrote his last entries in the “past tense”.

Prince finally released the whole of his massive music library to Tidel Jay’s company. You know it was impossible to get any Prince songs online. He went to court early in the whole “free music online” explosion. He secured his rights and it was still (unless you got Tidel) hard to download most Prince tracks. Those are my reasons.

There was a battle that the “King of Pop” Michael Jackson and the birth name born, Prince had. Everyone picked a side. There were many girls and dudes walking around with beat it jackets, buttons galore – Jackson’s off the wall Thriller. My peoples, brothers and most of New York’s street creatures ran with Prince lol. My brother had a black trench coat with spikes on the collar and hair done up like Prince, but he’d kick your face off into that 80’s, 90’s kung fu craze. Prince’s 1999 Purple Rain, I am telling you, the streets ran with Prince. The movie “Purple Rain” smashed it in hoods across America and the world. How in-genius, how powerful the voice, how smooth his style. He had, in his day, some of the baddest chicks in the game. Some he brought to the game. He probably has the best history of beautiful women ever. There was Misty Copeland, Bria Valente, Amanda Lewis, Mayte Garcia (ex wife), Nona Gaye (no doubt), Heidi Mark, Carmen Electra (he gave her that name in the 90’s), Tatiana Thumbtzen (so fine that she dated Prince and Michael Jackson), Kim Basinger, and Apollonia (nuff said). But the most drop dead gorgeous woman in history had to be one of his first protégés – Vanity. I say all that to say this… Prince had mad respect and was given a “pass” for things NO ONE else could.

His sexuality, in the hay day of homophobia and zero tolerance in the hood, got a pass. Some of his songs and ways were so smooth. His playa persona shined brighter! His music spoke to the black in you, the jazz, rock and roll and levels of thought were not often associated with thugs/thugettes. It spoke to the suburban girl and just simply spoke to the ears of those who, not only heard music, but felt it. He was my choice and the choice of the streets. My love is lessened by his death. Music itself is lesser without his genius.

Have you heard that Prince could play every musical instrument? He was credited with 30. He said “I think if you showed me any musical instrument I could play it immediately and master it in a week”. He was a musical prodigy from birth. He’s a product of the essences of his jazz, pianist and song writer father, John Lewis Nelson and his soul wrenching jazz singer mother, Mattie Della (Shaw). His father’s stage name was Prince Rogers. He said “I named my son Prince because I wanted him to do everything I wanted to do in music”. His father was a failed genius. His home was beyond dysfunctional. They moved in with neighbors and grew up with Andre Anderson, later known as Andre Cymone, a lifelong friend and musical companion.

Prince was born epileptic and had seizures when he was young. He told his mother one day, “Mom, I am not going to be sick anymore. An angel told me”. He was on another level and expressed his gift thru music and made the world see it. His first song was “Funk Machine”. He was influenced by musical artists like Sly and the Family Stone, James Brown, but also Rock and Roll legend Little Richard, who embodied this greatest musical influence. But, he was a better musician than Little Richard ever was. His music lived in him. Tortured him to produce, arrange, compose and give hella performances. In fact, all his early work used that as a credit – produced, composed and performed by Prince. All the while playing with gender and defying racial stereotypes. That made him original in the world of R&B. He was uncategorized. It was just Prince – music. His MTV Awards and Super Bowl performances are epic. The best performances of his time! He brought to music so many acts and personalities. He controlled is environment and was not involved in scandals or rumors/hate from his ex’s. His persona was on a level that few African Americans have enjoyed. His only true opponent was the business side of the music industry. That was war from his early days up until his death.

I am a true Prince fan. His music sometimes lost me. He was left as hell, but most of it was epic. I will miss the most high profiled, complex music master of my generation. Purple clouds are now his bed. “It hurts no more, for a man ain’t truly happy until man truly dies”. A sign of the times – Prince.

Hustler of Culture
Prince 3Prince 4

Tubman’s Triumph


On this day, victory! This event will become a historical moment in time. We are living in extraordinary times. Just in this generation, we’ve made massive racial strides. A generation consists of a 25 year period. Think of the advancements and, just as important, the recognition due to us that we’ve seen, enjoyed and lived to witness. Spoken by a champion of rights, writer Walter Lippmann said, “Ours is a problem in which deception has become organized and strong; where truth is poisoned at its source; one in which the skill of the shrewdest brains is devoted to misleading a bewildered people.” View a picture of Mr. Lippmann. You may be surprised. This challenge, this struggle, this racial burden is a fight. Not just for us, but for the morality of humanity.

Now, it’s Harriet Tubman’s time. Who can deny that she deserves such an honor? The dynamics that have brought Mrs. Tubman back to the forefront is she has replaced slave owner and strict oppressor, former President Andrew Jackson on the $20 bill! Tubman is a pioneer woman in the earliest times of black liberation and the down to earth freedom of slaves, one by one! She also helped devise the Underground Railroad.

Now, before the shock or the masses shout, know the true facts. The Unites States Treasury has decided to put Tubman on the front of the $20 bill, but Jackson will be on the back of the captured former slave, STILL! Aint far from this SLAVE OWNER, not even in death, not even in the historical recognition of her accomplishments. It will forever be tainted with Jackson on the back of the bill.

So, it’s a moment of pride and triumph, but with the clinging, slipping finger tips of the evils of the past. Oh, I can hear the voice of both sides of this dual image of right and wrong, good and evil. It might cause more friction than solution. The more direct approach would have been to give her that light alone. To send the message of true change, or not choose her at all on the $20. It sends the message that America must recognize change, but it’s not fully ready yet to have images of African Americans as their symbols, capable of standing alone on their own merits.

Coming from the U.S. Treasury Department (always go to the direct source when seeking knowledge) to the state of black concerns and awareness. There’s no one better for the true heart and soul of the Black Awareness Foundation.

Treasure secretary, Jacob J. Lew announced on Wednesday, the historical symbolic change in American currency. The change has more to do with adding a woman to American currency, a process that has been on-going for years. Also, the induction of Civil Rights Leaders, the U.S. Treasury reneged on a commitment made last year to put a woman (who was unknown) on the face of the $10 bill, replacing Alexander Hamilton.

The U.S. Treasury is not making it a point to stress how they also chose to leave Jackson on the back of the $20 bill. It’s a disservice and a missed opportunity to properly honor a significant woman and liberator of racial evils. Harriet Tubman Davis, an ex-slave was known as “The Moses of her people”. She is well deserving of this high honor that will carry through time, long after the rhetoric of the Treasury’s limited acknowledgment of Tubman’s sole right to emboss the $20 bill, as a better representative.

At the same time, the changes occurring on the $20 bill are coming to the $5 and $10 as well. The changes to American currency is not only in its images, but to the structure of the bill itself. Using more than just one image, the $5 will now show, on the flip side, the backdrop for the 1939 performance of Marian Anderson, the African American classical singer after she was barred from singing at the segregated Constitution Hall. She was a stone throw away from the Lincoln Memorial, which will remain on the bill. Sharing space on the back of the $5 will also be images of Eleanor Roosevelt, a champion for African American equality who arranged Anderson’s performance.

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. will also be depicted on the back of the $5. See, the whole custom concept of American currency has changed. The final redesigns will be unveiled in 2020, the centennial of the 19th amendment establishing women’s suffrage. Who will be on the front of the $5 has not been announced. Yet, the group called “Women on 20’s” has been advocating this change for years in the making. Some take the stance that sometimes black movement is a shot gun response to appease the “blacks”. That is just not the case. They are displacing Jackson, whose true history and what he stood for was the belief that blacks were, and would always be, secondary and subject to the white right to own persons for life long servitude. He forcibly relocated Native Americans and, on the low, took pleasure in punishing and murdering a race of people whom dared to oppose becoming servants!

Another women’s group that has moved the agenda is the “Girl’s Lounge”, a networking organization for female corporate leaders “demanding” that a woman go on the $10 note. Their thought is in the right place, but their actions are too small. Emboss Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., Harriet Tubman, Eleanor Roosevelt and Susan B. Anthony on their own, while still keeping images of the past. Such as Abraham Lincoln and George Washington, but updating images to fit in with the changes of America.

Not since 1929 has American currency under gone such a far reaching change. That year, all paper money changed with more standard designs and smaller sizes to save cost. So, don’t take the stance that America should not mess with traditions. It saved money to change traditions. Women in today’s spotlight supported these changes (putting women on American currency). Signees included Ellen Degeneres, Gina Davis, Jane Lynch, Abby Wambach, Garielle Giffords (former representative), Katie Couric, Arianna Huffinton, Gloria Steinem (feminist leader) and the likes of Annie Leibouitz.

For sure, it’s a historical time. No matter how they try to lessen the affect. Harriet Tubman, Dr. King and Marian Anderson will be on American currency, period point blank.

Your truth giver

Harriet H. Tub

New York Primary Results

Primary Nominee
Bringing my social audience that information from the other side of the tracks, but know that the greener side sets policies that govern our side of the tracks. To my audience that exists in other countries and environments, see the political dance with the under-represented of America?

The results are in and on both sides. Republican Trump did even better than predicted in his home state. On the Democrat side, Clinton did better than the polls indicated in her adopted home state. Both seem headed towards that heavyweight show down. So, within both candidates, they have their hills to climb as this is shaping up to be an epic presidential election. Not for the legitimacy of Trump or Clinton because there is no other time in a presidential race that two lead candidates have been so questioned on their sheer abilities to run a country and be in charge of the Free World. No, like the times we live in, their shine comes from the obstacles they face. Trump faces discontent from his own political party. His task is to win the nomination straight out, without it going to a contested convention. Clinton’s biggest task after (if) she wins the Democratic nomination is the elephant in the room. Is America ready for a woman leader, coming off eight years of an African American president?!!!

Let’s stay focused on what’s happening now. In last night’s New York Primary, the so called opponents of Clinton and Trump failed. The devastating way in which Cruz lost and the less than expected results for Kasich has resulted in the only real motivation, to prevent Trump from accumulating the necessary delegates for the Republican nomination. Sanders’ momentum has run into a brick wall and it seems that Clinton has finally shook off Sanders, the pesky challenger.


So, let’s get to the numbers of the New York Primary. Delegates up for grabs – Democrats (247) and Republicans (95).

Candidate Delegates Votes
Clinton 139 57.9% (1,037,344)
Sanders 106 42.1% (752,739)

Trump 89 60.5% (518,601)
Kasich 3 25.1% (214,755)
Cruz 0 14.5% (123,894)

Cruz had the talk game and gained a little momentum, but he was crushed in the New York Primary. He didn’t pick up a single delegate! So, let’s see where every candidate who works for you is currently at (never forget that).

Democrat current
Candidate Delegates Super Delegates Pledged
Clinton 1,930 502 1,428
Sanders 1,189 38 1,151

The magic number for the Democrats is 2,383, with major cities yet to hold their primaries. There is 1,646 still available for the Democratic side.

Republican Current
Candiate Delegates
Trump 845
Cruz 559
Kasich 147

The magic number for the Republican is 1,237 needed for nomination, with major cities still to hold their primaries. There are still 734 delegates still available.

The primaries move on, ending soon with a west coast swing of California being the big delegate state, with heavy final impact in this race for nomination. Please feel free to ask any political questions you may have if you lack a clear understanding this political structure. It’s a part of America’s foundation. Therefore, it’s a part of YOU and the black world. No question is too difficult or simplistic for me to answer!

“At your service”
Simply KJS


First African American To Be Inducted to U.S. Chess Hall of Fame

Ashley 1 Ashley
On this special day of life, let’s call it terrific Tuesday cuz the pains and tribulations can only be met by your “live” will.

The greatest game ever invented by man is chess. Yes, better than Halo, Madden or any other of these new age games on PS4/X Box, any fantasy role playing games like Dungeons and Dragons or these card fantasy games. Better than any major sports game. The battle of the mind, chess is life drawn up in man’s mind, injected into a board game fit with Kings and Queens, war and intense strategy. It’s life, one on one, mental fortitude. It requires one to think of moves ahead of the actual.

Before you say no one plays chess, you’re wrong. Prisons are filled with excellent chess players. Chess is played from lock out to lock down. I grew up in the state of New York. At any time, during good weather, Central Park had chess being played at the section dedicated to it. It has built in tables and chess boards etched into them. All races and ages play throughout the day.

Ask anyone if they play chess and their answer will be a “yeah a lil” or “naw” or “used to” or “never learned”. My point is, chess is respected everywhere. Few would respond negatively to it. It invokes a game of intellect. To say “I’m good at chess”, immediately means you are associated with intelligence. It matches environmental strategy and wits. It shows one’s nature of aggression or defense. It shows how you start, play under pressure, or how one ends. It is a clear reflection of the human.

Now, we have one of our own finally recognized by the U.S. Chess Association – Mr. Maurice Ashley. He was born in St. Andrew, Jamaica on March 6, 1966. Ashley is a Jamaican American World Chess Grandmaster, author, commentator, application designer, puzzle inventor and motivational speaker. He and his family moved to the United States at the age of 12. They settled in Brooklyn, NY with thousands of other Jamaican Americans. He attended Brooklyn Technical High School. He picked up chess or was exposed to it by his brother while in Jamaica. He became more versed by playing in Brooklyn and parks throughout New York City. (I told ya we play in them parks).

He used his mind in a game with centuries of dissection and strategies. He used chess like our urban youth use basketball, football or other sports. In the harsh world of American ghettos, it’s hard to “play chess”. The calm, quiet game of the mind in an existence so totally opposite. When I say “play chess”, I mean having the self-control to stay with a game that has little acknowledgement from the chess organizing body or little fame and recognition.

On March 14, 1999, Ashley beat Adrian Negulescu and became the first recognized African American International Grandmaster. To put this in its proper perspective, there are currently only 1,500 designed players with the international tag of Grandmaster. He is not the introvert that most masters or chess greats are. In September of 1999, Ashley founded the Harlem Chess Center where celebrities sought out his guidance like Wynton Marsalis and Larry Johnson. He has also coached the famed chess clubs Raging Rooks and Dark Knights, both from Harlem and guided both the National Championships. His concern is for youth and teaching the essence of such a complex game. I have to point out, with many celebrities, they hoard their assets to the community, but he is an extension of greatness from the ghettos of Brooklyn to the halls of chess supremacy! He has written several books on the game of chess like “The End of the Draw” and “Chess for Success”, as well as others. In 2008, Ashley was a part of the very popular CNN documentary “BLACK IN AMERICA”.

Maurice Ashley has made it to the greatest, highest in the levels of a game respected by Kings and peasants worldwide. Yet, he was not our only respected African American chess pro. Ashley’s rival is perhaps the next Grandmaster, Emory Tate. Just to fill my people in, Antwone Fisher is not a real person. His character was forged by the mass of black chess players in New York parks and also, a play on the white famed chess player Bobby Fisher. There are others hot on the heels and some who paved the way for Ashley. Such as Morris Giles, Irvin Middleton, Ron Simpson, Willie Morrison, Greg Acholonu, Ron Buckmeyer, Norm Rodgers, Steve Booth and Greg Umezinqa to name a few. Do you know a good chess player? Some have to tag of CM (Candidate Master), IM (International Master, FM (FIDE Master) but, none have the GM like Ashley.

H.O.F.; His trailblazing accomplishments in the ancient game of chess has reached its pinnacle, the U.S. Chess Hall of Fame on Wednesday, April 13, 2016 in St. Louis where he stands as its first African American inductee. We continue to move in the direction of accomplishments. How history continues to be written, our glory is not stuck only in the past. It lives and breathes in Maurice Ashley and in me and you!

There are other African Grandmasters that I must mention, as America is still young compared to the rest of the world. Robert Gwaze is a Grandmaster as well as Saharan African, Amon Simutowe, to name two of our International brotherhood.

We are versatile in body and mind, the cultivators of human civilization. In you, lives every possibility. Explore, enjoy and know from the shores of ghettos that you can soar to International fame and respect.

Salute to Maurice Ashley for such a significant achievement. You’re a credit to our race and an excellent mind in humanity, Sir.


Chess Ashley 3

Lyrics From The Streets – Thug Holiday

Trick SCott

To the mind of my people, from your conscious writer! The B.A.F. brings you a new series. Always remember that writing is one of the foundations of communication. It will always reshape itself to fit the times. Today, I introduce a passion into my message. Thru Hip Hop and our modern day poets, I try to bring into focus a deeper understanding of the lyrics in a classic musical creation. More than can absorb if you only listen for the three to five minute track and not come away with the message. True understanding only comes from acknowledgment of something (listen). Become wise to the words being spoken (feel). Then comes the understanding to that which you have digested (hear). This is a portion of how the brain absorbs and processes information.

So, I’m gonna break thiz down in da words of da streets. To open this new writing series, I’ve choses and will continue to choose only classic gems in our world of Hip Hop. I’ve chosen a song that speaks to the soul of any thug. Yes, those thousands of young men and women in cities across the United States. The ones who’s parents, mentors and family are in the streets. The one’s who just have to let it play out, bad or good cuz nothing else will reach them. Those on the streets who know what’s up, but their only way out is trap or die. In the famous words of Harlem’s A-Z, “I got love for the streets, but I know the streets don’t love nobody”.

The streets will always be the Master. They will outlast any man’s attempt. One way out with a million traps and a thousand ways to die.

So, I’ve chosen a voice, a life steeped in the streets. His story isn’t over yet, but he is a General for the streets. Defying the insufferable American ghetto streets, Mr. Maurice Samuel Young A.K.A. Trick Daddy, the 305 Mayor. As he has earned, the streets have their own code and structure. The track I chose is “Thug Holiday”, the thug anthem fo sho. Picture a woman picking up her man from the gates of prison, seven years deep. He jumps in the ride, his accessories on deck and with a smile, they ride off banging in the back ground “Thug Holiday”.

Thug Holiday – Trick Daddy featuring the Soulful, Latocha Scott (2002)

The opening speaks for itself as Trick delivers ghetto gospel in the intro…

First verse:
If it wasn’t for bad luck, hell I guess that a nigga wouldn’t have none
But when I think about it, what would I be without my gun
How could I, get away from the po-po’s, if a, nigga couldn’t run
And why was I given a daughter when I always prayed for a son
Life is crazy ain’t it, sometimes I even think the same thing
I’ve been waiting on freedom to ring hell but ain’t a thang changed
And I lost my brother in the struggle, and then he lost his mother
And I was thinking if I lose mine, who’s gone raise my brother
Not to be a thug, stay in school, don’t use drugs
Who’ll teach him right from wrong and show them boys, true love
So I pray for the better days, face the bomb had a run-a-ways
And, I put my guns away and I pray for peace on Sundays, it’s crazy ain’t it

Breakdown; such a powerful opening verse.

…If it wasn’t for bad luck…

Many in the hood feel all their luck is bad luck… but if you believe your luck is produced by your consistent deeds, then you’ll get your karma… Some say “Just put the guns down”, but, what would these young men on these streets do without a gun? Become a target! … Every man prays for a son, first born or just a boy. God’s karma to the players, pimps and pushers, “bam”. Now, understand and respect “this” female and with the life, He will give a man maturity in looking at a woman… Seems like all blacks are waiting for some imaginary bell to ring, granting us freedom – that was never the dream or goal. Freedom is with every step, every act, deep and a move together… a boy loses his homie in the street struggle. It shocks the essence of a maturing man to see that kind of emotionless killing! Then, the ripple effect happens all day in the ghettos. His mother just can’t function. She is dead internally, but what about her other kids? Now, who’s gonna teach them? Absent father, mother’s heart ripped out, knowing her children’s lives are at the mercy of these streets. So, mothers pray. Boy, do they pray!

Chorus (Latocha Scott):
Just like the soldiers, that ain’t coming home this year
Just like the fellas, in prison, we miss you so much for real
What about the children, who ran away, that ain’t coming home today
Well here’s a message from coast to coast
Cause when them thugs really need it the most a thug holiday
Just like em, just like em, just like em, a thug holiday – [2x]

…Sometimes artists embody a song, a spark of a higher connection that projects to everyone, beyond language or coast. Men, women, everyone identifies. Lotocha Scott saaanngg that. She body the track! Such a soulful expression of experience and pain. Like she could wish the problems away if she just sang hard enough!

…Thugs, gangsters, pimps, hustlers and players are soldiers in a war no less horrible, no less minimized in its casualties. Many, many in every battlefield in 50 states ain’t coming home in 2016! Damn, shit so real in Chicago, New Orleans and similar cities void of brotherly love… The fellas in prison are P.O.Ws., another fraction of the lost. Look at the odds we face just to make it to 21 years old is a feat in the ghettos of the U.S.A. A message to all in the street struggle, few things penetrate all thugs, but this anthem to thugs does just that… Just like em, they got holidays like Veteran’s Day with sacred cemeteries for the soldiers that died in battle. Our war is no less real. We need a holiday, but it will take US to honor US and 2002 is the blueprint of a National Holiday for US. For all that died, THUG HOLIDAY – August 6, 2002.

Second Verse:
Here go one for, all these killings and all these conflicts in religion
See the Muslims, Jews and Christians but know they are all God’s children
There’s only, one him, plus ain’t none of y’all confronting him
So blind in our own minds we wouldn’t even know God if ‘we was in front him’
And, I read your books know all your remixes to the Bible
What about a verse for the thugs, a cure for drugs and survival
Let’s add some chapters named Martin, Malcolm and Farrakhan
In all my history books, only one died was the Americans
And, let’s point em out who’s responsible for Vietnam
And, hold on there’s more, we had two World Wars
And, how come the judges make more than the teachers is making
When they the ones raising all the taxes and got us fighting for education
Life is crazy ain’t it

…Here go one for, all these killings and all these conflicts in religion…

No other name has caused more death than in the name of religion (rely on god). The path to God is many. He said that, why? Can’t we come to the global understanding that He is so diverse? He leads us in different ways… If you’re a true religious person, you know there’s only ONE GOD and we’re all his children… God’s word still travels thru people without directly speaking to anyone. His message comes in signs or people, but we’re so blind in our minds that we don’t even recognize… If you’re Christian, you believe all other translations are what we call remixes. There’s no recognition of any annals. The street soldiers, they feel, it’s a war with no report… Can we add more chapters in black saviors like Martin or Malcolm, the prince of the black race and Farrakhan in our history books of the American school curriculum… Let’s point out that America is responsible for the Vietnam War and in our history books, the only ones they speak of dying is American soldiers, like we’re the victims. We slaughtered the innocent and many in war… We all wonder why America (the world) value so many other careers other than teachers, the basic elementary/high school teachers, and how they’re so grossly underpaid when their responsibility is so great, shaping our youth.

And L. Scott brings it home with a killer chorus, bringing all thugs home, bringing permission to feel.

From the black golden age of creative writing of the Harlem Renaissance to the age of Twitter, I’m restoring the feeling.


Thug 1Thug 2