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Raising Biracial Children in Today’s Society

Miss Cheerio
Gone are the days where it’s totally taboo to date outside your race. Well, mostly. Surely, there are people that still look down on it and that will never fully die out. You will always have people that “stick to their own” and disagree with falling in love with someone of a different race or background.

Even still, interracial couples are steadily on the rise. In 2010, the United States Census Bureau showed that there were 50,410,000 white couples and 4,072,000 black couples in the U.S. The black man/white woman couples totaled 390,000 and the white man/black woman couples were 168,000. I’m sure those numbers have increased quite a bit in the last six years.

When you have interracial couples, you have biracial/multiracial children. Those statistics are also on the rise. (See the charts below). If you read the article titled “Why is My Skin a Different Color”, you will read that the National Geographic estimated that by 2050, the average American will look mixed. This world is evolving like never before.

Biracial people have existed since the slavery days, and I’m sure, way before. At that time, it was mostly the female slaves having their masters’ babies. So, the children were not seen as anything more than another field hand or house maid. It’s appalling to me that someone could treat their own flesh and blood like that. Thankfully, we have drastically changed since then and people are, for the most part, equal.

Raising a biracial/multiracial child has its own challenges and quirks. The area you live in can greatly affect your situation. A small town in Wisconsin will have a very different vibe than raising your child in Brooklyn, New York. Here are a few of the challenges I’ve come across in my six years as the mother of a biracial little girl…

• Hair Care – this is a big one! When she was a baby, her hair was very soft and a little bit curly. As she got older, it changed drastically. I researched and watched Youtube tutorials until I felt confident in taking care of her hair to the best of my abilities. Now, she has long, kinky and healthy hair!

• The Nanny – people just assume she isn’t my child. Especially, if we are with a friend that has darker skin. They ask my friends things like “Your baby is cute. How old is she?” I have even been asked where she is adopted from. They act surprised when I say she is actually mine.

• Race boxes on paperwork – When you’re asked that racial identity question and it says “check one”… well, I still check both. After all, she is BOTH! Usually though, it will say “check all that apply”. At last, they are catching up to society!

• Other children’s questions – Children are very observant and they don’t hold back. I can’t count how many times I’ve been asked why we don’t match. One little boy said “Are you Destiny’s mom?” I said “Yes, I am”. He replied “But you’re white though”. I thought it was especially funny because the little boy is also biracial, but his mother is black and father is white. I just tried to explain it the best way I could.

• Cultural differences – my daughter’s biological father has not been a part of her life. It been hard to effectively teach her about the other side of her existence. She knows his name and I’ve shown her pictures of him and his side of the family, but that’s about it. Now, she has a step father to fill in those missing gaps and properly teach her about her roots. We are grateful for him.

The whole goal of parenting is to raise a child to become a positive adult member of society. This is no different when raising biracial/multiracial children. Keeping them happy and healthy is essential. Teach them their roots, tell them they’re special and make sure they feel like an important member in their families. It will only get easier as the world evolves. Multiracial will become the new normal. Please check out our “Black Giving Back” section for tips on biracial hair care and much more. Thank you.

-Sherry Ulvick, Daily Diet Guest Writer
Bircial chart 1Biracial chart 2

Rhythm and Blues: The Next Generation

In the 1940’s, a genre of music called Rhythm and Blues began. Shortened to R&B or RnB, the genre was described as music focusing on relationships, hardships, economics, sex and aspirations. It was “rocking, jazz based music with a heavy, insistent beat”. R&B was originally called “race music”, but was changed due to the offensive nature of the name. Now days, it’s not only African Americans making R&B. Music continues to evolve as time goes on.

Here are 12 new up and coming R&B artists to watch for in 2016 and a short biography for each one. Make sure you check out the “What’s Poppin” tab for longer biographies on new artists like Dej Loaf, Bryson Tiller, Tori Lanez, BJ the Chicago Kid and Ro James. There is also a biography of a hot producer, London on da Track. Here we go…

Kyle Dion is 21 years old from Ft. Lauderdale, FL. His cover of Frank Ocean’s “Thinking About You” quickly gained popularity on Youtube and established a lot of fans. You can hear his mixtape “Sixes and Sevens” and “Painting Sounds” on Soundcloud. His style is similar to Frank Ocean and August Alsina.

Melissa B. is from Newport News, VA. She has been singing since she was 5 years old and played shows in her home town, while still in high school. Her aunt is Dawnn Lewis, a Grammy award winning singer. Melissa B. also has a non-profit organization that helps young women learn about computers and technology. Her latest work is an EP titled “Exclusively”.
Melissa B.

Nao is a singer/songwriter from East London, England. At the end of 2014, she released her first EP “So Good”. Her second one titled “February 15 (II MMXV)” came out in May of 2015. Nao was nominated for “best newcomer” at the 2015 MOBO Awards.

PJ is from North Carolina. Her debut album in 2015 was titled “Walking Around Pools”. She has reached #13 on the iTunes R&B charts. PJ was signed to Atlantic records in 2014 and has done very well since. Her song “Own” tells the story of her dreams and aspirations and how far she has come from her hard work.

Summertime Stories is from Atlanta, GA. He is very new to the scene, but his talent will bring him to light. You can hear his mixtape “Darker than Wax “on SoundCloud.
Summertime Stories

WSTRN is a group out of West London, England. The members are Akelle Charles, Haile and Louis Rei. Their first single “”In2″ was released on November 6, 2015 through Atlantic Records. It peaked at # 60 in the top 100 of the UK Singles Chart.

Abra lives outside of Atlanta, GA. Until the age of eight, she lived in England. After being bullied for her accent, she began to develop her creative side. She is a part of Awful records, adding an R&B element to it. Her EP is titled “Blq Velvet” and soon after that, she released her album “Rose”.

Justine Skye is a young girl from Brooklyn, NY. She is a singer, song writer and model. Her first EP was called “Everyday Living”. This lead to a deal with Atlantic Records in 2013. She released “Emotionally Unavailable” under them. This 20 year old young lady is a sure thing. Skye

Samm Henshaw is signed to Columbia Records. He hails from London, England and is of Nigerian descent. Henshaw’s musical influences include Michael Jackson, Stevie Wonder, Usher, Frank Ocean and others. He likes to perform with a live band made up of his friends, which are called the Sound Experiment. His debut EP is named just that, “The Sound Experiment”.

Peter Jericho remembers singing at the young age of 4 in a church choir. While he was in his 20’s in Vancouver, Canada, he was asked to sing at a barber shop. The clients were amazed at the voice of this young man. His album is titled “West Side Story”. He has big plans for 2016!

Don Christopher lives in Columbia, South Carolina. He is said to “not be limited by genre”. His album is titled “Guns and Roses”.

Aria Minor started out as a backup singer for artists Stevie Wonder, CeeLo Green and others. She lives in Okland, CA. Her new track is called “Centerfold”. You can hear it on SoundCloud.

Make sure you check out these artists. Hopefully, they will become household names in the future. Their talent and hard work in this industry will pay off in the end. Music will always live on!

Sherry Ulvick, Daily Diet Guest Writer

Was Marcus Garvey Sold For Rice?

Marcus 1
As a member of this American black culture, its stories pass on in phrases in music about events in our past. I remember when Chuck D screamed out “Mary McLoed Bethune” with such passion, pride and praise. I went to the public library on a Saturday to look up her history. There are stories you want to know the truth about, cultural facts. Did you ever hear Marcus Garvey was sold for rice? I’ve heard it dropped in several songs in R&B and Hip Hop and saw in print in a book titled “They Sold Brother Garvey for Rice”. L Boogie dropped it in a verse on one of her albums, “Never Forget They Sold Marcus Garvey for Rice”.

Is this fact or fiction? When I heard it, I wanted to believe it. It gives more fire to the hate and embarrassment I felt when I understood the power whites once had over us! So, for years, I thought “They sold Marcus Garvey for rice” meant he was sold into slavery for a bag of rice after they broke him of his black financial empire, which he controlled in the 1920’s. Not jail, but slavery was his punishment. He was sold into the Deep South, the last of the big plantation type. To further humiliate a self-made black millionaire, he was sold for only a bag of rice. But, as I’ve grown into my understanding of black history, that prevailing thought that exists in the minds of black communities (mostly hoods) is simply not true! The whole rice/slave notion is this… Marcus Garvey was sold out in order for the Federal charges to come into play and the payment to the Uncle Tom was rice/peas. No one knew how much the amount actually was. Also, remember it was the 1920’s. The Great Depression loomed in America, so keep that time frame in mind. Americans were doing jobs and acts with insane competition.

The truth is hard to really know, but most historians and folk lore within the black communities have stories that have been passed down. They tell the history this way… Garvey’s personal driver was nick named Baggawire (bag of wire). He betrayed his boss by giving information/paperwork to the F.B.I. and worked with agents James Wormley Jones and Herbert Boulin. The two were working for J. Edgar Hoover, early in his career. Wormley Jones was the first black agent hired to the F.B.I. with the goal of infiltrating Garvey’s U.N.I.A. In the F.B.I. history files, Wormley Jones is referred to as code number 800. Garvey’s close confidant Boulin was also in the plot by the F.B.I. agency. He was a spy and was listed as agent P-138. It was Buggawire that obtained the records and paperwork that lead to Garvey’s conviction. His driver’s name has been lost in the sands of time. The plot had been exposed by the public and Garvey’s true friends/family, mainly his second wife, Amy Jacues Garvey (whom played a key role in the running of the U.N.I.A. empire and after his deportation and death). She was instrumental in the legacy of Garvey and until her death (1895 – 1973), she taught people about her husband. The driver was nick named Buggawire because, after the fall of Garvey and the U.N.I.A., he went crazy and was seen walking around New York City dressed like an old bum, wearing a robe called tyrets clothing. It was made with copper wire. He was said to have gone crazy from the guilt of being responsible for bringing down the Great Marcus Garvey and the U.N.I.A. empire. Sold out for rice and peas. Is this the truth? It’s backed by direct accounts from the best source that had first-hand information, Amy Garvey, and passed down stories by the F.B.I. reports. They confirmed agents employed by the government, a mission known as “cointelpro”. So, Garvey was federally indicted on mail fraud stemming from stocks sales on his Black Star Line. The trial ended on June 23, 1923. He was sentenced to five years, but the ultimate goals was his deportation back to Jamaica and the governmental dismantlement of the U.N.I.A. and its assets, which at its height was $233,340.

That’s that truth about Garvey being sold for rice. Marcus Garvey was an inspiration to every major black movement of the 20th century, both in America and Africa. His U.N.I.A. organization, which stands for Universal Negro Improvement Association, became the blueprint for a movement. His ideology was inspiration for Elijah Muhammad, Malcolm X, Martin Luther King Jr., and leaders of African Independent status. Leaders such as Nnamdi Azikiwe, Kwame Nkrumah, Jomo Kenyatta, Nelson Mandela, Patrice Lumumba and Julius Nyerere.

Garvey’s true goal

His ultimate goal was for the independence of all African countries and the creation of the United States of America. The U.N.I.A. was just his way to fund the dream. It was a tool used to embark on a plan to repatriate most African Americans from the U.S. and other parts of the world where the African diaspora took place, back to Africa. His base was to be in Liberia. The action behind the slogan “back to Africa”.

Marcus Garvey was at one time the richest black man and also one of the richest man period in America. Unyielding in his commitment to the African American race, Hiring mainly blacks, convicts and former no slaves with no business skills. Garvey could not be swayed or bribed, nor the later tactics by whites and law enforcement “Intimidation.” The FBI/Government: First spied on the U.N.I.A. long before the Black Panther Party..The government used Tax-Evasion to bring down Marcus Garvey long before the same tactic was used on Al Capone. The U.S. Government used “deportation” on Garvey generations before they are now, using to exile Mexicans. Marcus Garvey change the way blacks were looked upon. Garvey also is under valued for bridging the bonds of Jamaicans and African Americans.

The Truth beyond Myth and the pride of our heroic past! Bringing you more #WritingWithPurpose. #YoungBlackHistoiran

Marcus 2

True Survival of An American Ghetto

To the social world, I hope you’re closer to your dreams and further away from your demons, vices and weaknesses. Constant elevation causes expansion, so says the greatest M.C. to every touch a mic… Today’s topic is one brought to my attention during the Trayvon Martin murder. I heard a mother say she teachers her children to dress “white” for protection on these streets (in black communities). That blew me away. Conform, cope and yield were things we had to do. The new age culture is making millions from the creativity of our style and dress. Now, the street urban gear is getting us killed or making us targets. Yes, you must use common sense in the face of unstoppable oppression when children become the target victims. Yet, just as many women would say my style of dress has no bearing on your metal perception. Meaning, there’s no justification to attack over dress. The lawyers for Zimmerman drafted that battle cry. The hoodie became a contributing factor in the case. That’s insane!

So, it has become a negative issue and if it’s a black nation issue, the B.A.F. will attack it. But, during further reflection, survival of American ghettos is so much more complex than the clothes you wear. Our youth grow up in hostile environments without a father figure on the corner. The brothers and sisters who have found family in the arms of gangs and in the arms of crime. Don’t let a young brother on the road to self-destruction guide your child, but to let one whom lives in a sound home, single parent or not. How do the positive survive in an American ghetto?

The American ghetto – the hood, my block, deez streets, West side, East side, South side or North side, alley ways. These are all names of what “we” call the projects or simply “da hood”. Extreme aggression and danger, desperation and jealousy feeds on the blood of the youth. As it is said, they are the ones who put in work (work to do criminal acts for the respect of our neighborhood). The ghetto feeds on your children. Teach them how to move, things to do and not to do for fear of bodily harm.

So, I will be your tour guide thru this maze of avenues, streets, boulevards and alleyways. Where the worries are those in your own area, rivals or just others coming to put in work. Worry about desperate drug addicts. There’s not even safety from the Police, who are also an enemy in a ghetto. Whom can you rely on, but still not trust? Probably family, friends, your crew, homies in other words – those who you grew up with. So, here are some basics to survive in the American ghetto, whether you’re born into it or just visiting. Lol.

Victims are exposed; this is not the place to be unaware. You must keep your head on a swivel. The vibe can change in an instant in the hood.

A) Stay away from large crowds.

B) Always have a run plan and exit path. Violence drive bys, fights and shoot outs where you stand can erupt in gunshots of just violence. Have an escape route.

C) Never ask for directions in an unfamiliar hood. You never know who you’re asking or who hears you. Know where you’re going.

D) Never sell drugs in an unfamiliar hood or hood that’s not yours.

Common sense

A) Never pull out all your money in a store, restaurant or wherever. Find out or know the price and adjust your money in the car, at home, before hand, or even go to the bathroom to pull out a little more than the purchase.

B) Never leave a car running to make a quick run.

C) Never brag or flaunt your assets and money.

D) Never shoot dice outside your own hood. Dice games kill more than cancer in the hood.

E) To avoid being disrespectful to older generations, wipe your feet before entering any one’s home in such an area. Older people take great offense to this. I don’t understand it, but you don’t have to understand it. Sometimes you just have to respect things.

Higher level activities
Ok, rules to live by – The Ten Crack Commandments (REAL TALK)

A) Never ride dirty!

B) Try hard to keep car insurance, tags, registration stickers and your L’s all up to date and paid up. The reasons are clear.

C) Be extra careful when conducting business in small cities and towns.

D) Keep a duffel bag in your trunk with a change of clothes and shoes, new and unused cell and gloves – another back up bag outside your area.

E) Never let anyone where your kingdom is. Home, in this environment is important, a spot to just relax.

Survival for civilians; safe spots within the ghetto are libraries, churches and community centers. During extreme violence, underneath a car is a temporary safe spot or lying flat inside a car. Inside a store, sideways behind beer coolers and such structures.

Dangerous spots; school parking lots right after school, another hood during or after a high school game, parking lots of night clubs after two a.m., any outside gambling area or high drug traffic corners and streets and liquor stores. It’s best to travel to the less frequent liquor stores.

If you live in these areas, but your environment does not control you, make direct comings and goings. Dress definitely defines you in an area. Colors and military clothing. Beware of unseasonable coats on people. One thing exists and always will in any hood – “mind your own business”. Let any outside forces do their job. Yours is to stay alive in an existence meant for you to succumb to the trials and tribulations of oppression. There are reasons they call it a “project”.

The true wilderness of America is an American ghetto. A war zone complete with terrorists, drug lords, addicts, churches and liquor stores. To make it out in sound body and mind is a major accomplishment for young, fragile minds.

We must secure our environments, but that’s another topic for another day. The collection of criminals and the small circle of money, in which they all fight for, breeds a hostile culture of people that are numb to the devastation that swirls around them daily.

Devise a plan to get out. School, sports, military, business, anything to rise above an environment meant to suppress and bring the results of failure.

A product of determination – KJS


How Sweet it is: Sweet 16 Men/Women

bracket wbracket m
Wow, this tournament was crazier than that 14 year old woopin Katt William’s ass! Just sheer excitement. There are 16 teams left in the men and women’s NCAA Division I Championship tourney. I’m proud to say that Syracuse is still in both! Okay, so my bracket is busted… by Middle Tennessee and their first round victory over Michigan State. Yale’s win over Baylor blew my bracket after the first round like probably most of you. In the women’s bracket, the first round shocker was the State of Florida losing. Number five seeded Florida lost to number 12 seeded Albany and number five seeded South Dakota State. In the second round of women’s number seven, number four seeded Stanford barely beat the tough, gritty game of those number 12 seeded South Dakota State. The big surprise in that round was number seven seeded Washington. I’m surprised with its win over number two seeded Maryland. The number six seeded Depaul win over number three Louisville was a big win for the women’ Depaul team.

The men’s side had some great games in the best sports game in the world – March Madness. That Texas A/M game versus N. Iowa game was perhaps the best finish I’ve ever seen, the way those boys from Texas A/M never gave up. One headline read “Texas A/M pulls off a one in 3,000 comeback victory”. They had a twelve point deficit with 35 seconds to play. In a span of 6 possessions, they scored 14 points. They tied the game, forcing overtime and won it in double overtime to complete the most bewildering comeback in the history of March Madness tourney!

Looking ahead to this sweet 16, I had Kentucky winning it all. They’re gone, but that little point guard Tyler Ulis is the best point guard in the country! I gotta ride with UNC or Texas A/M. I think they can beat Kansas and UNC. My team has over achieved, but plays Gonzaga in the sweet 16. The Zags have a strong inside game. The very thing Syracuse is weak at. The games today are going to be great match ups – number three Miami versus number two Villanova. Villanova hasn’t looked good yet. I gotta roll with Miami. The Duke game versus Oregon should be a track meet. But, that Texas A/M versus Oklahoma is the ONE! Friday’s North Carolina versus the team no one wants to see, number five Indiana, will be epic. But, ya’ll pray for Syracuse in Friday’s match up. If the Cuse can make it to the elite eight, our season will be a success.

On my women’s side, you remember my prediction… UCONN Women will not win the National Title. Not this year. It’s the rise of the Dawn Staley and South Carolina program.

Well, sit back and enjoy in the greatest time in American sports.


Giving Love to the Under Dog of Hip Hop: R.I.P. Phife Dawg

Phife 1Phife 2
Peace to the social world. This topic is not what I intended to do today, but sometimes life writes itself. R.I.P. Malik Taylor A.K.A. Phife Dawg, part of the historic rap group Tribe Called Quest! The greatest Hip Hop album I’ve ever heard was the “Low End Theory”. Still to this day, there is Biggie (greatest of all time), Pac, other great artists and other excellent albums but, none are better that that album! I’ll be banging it all day today fo sho!

Malik Taylor was born November 20, 1970 and died March 22, 2016 at the age of 45. He was known as the Five Foot Assassin, the Five Footer or best known as Phife Dawg or just Phife. He was a St. Abans Queens native with Trinidadian blood lines. One of the trio that made up the pioneering rap group A Tribe Called Quest alongside Q Tip and Ali Shaheed Muhammad. They were all high school friends before the group. Phife was more known around Queens as the Five Foot Assassin because of his 5’3” stature. This is the passing of someone I can connect to thru music, someone so prominent in the rap world. It really makes things a little clearer now. It brings into focus my short comings, wasted opportunities and how time waits for no man nor woman.

The Hip Hop life of Taylor

“Tribe” came into existence in 1985 at the height of the Hip Hop pop culture explosion. When Hip Hop had the vibe of black pride, Tribe was composed of lead M.C./producer Q Tip, M.C. Phife Dawg and D.J./producer Ali Shaheed Muhammad. A fourth member, Jerobi White left the group after their first album. On the streets in Queens, before the Tribe, Q Tip and Phife performed any and everywhere from battles to local shows. Q Tip went by M.C. Love Child at the time and they occasionally hooked up with Muhammad to make demos. They were known as “Crush Connection”. The name A Tribe Called Quest was given to them by another high school group, the Jungle Brothers in 1988. Q Tip made two appearances on Jungle Brothers’ debut album “Straight Out the Jungle” in the songs “Black is Black” and “Promo”. Q Tip was thrust as the lead rapper. He was the best rapper of the group with his unique, smooth style versus Phife’s rough Queens bridge style. The takeoff of the group is common knowledge. Two of the group’s five albums in the early 90’s are “The Low End Theory” (1991) and “Midnight Marauders” (1993). These were in the golden age of Hip Hop. They were THAT group!

Taylor’s personal life and struggles

Phife was an avid sports fan and was featured on sports radio and E.S.P.N. as a playable character on video games like 2K7 and N.B.A. 2K9. Phife was a pioneer for rappers and made that jump to sports games and guest spots on sports shows. He was also diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes in May of 1990 at the height of Tribe’s popularity. He even mentioned being the funky diabetic on their third album “Midnight Marauders”, confirming what Hip Hop news, The Source and N.Y, radio shows were bugging about at the time. It must have put a strain on his health with the group traveling, doing shows and guest spots on The Basement, Yo MTV Raps and the boom of Hip Hop in white suburban American homes. The beef or fall out with Q Tip had been silent, but everyone knew. You know what I’m sayin? A Tribe Called Quest became an icon movement in Hip Hop like the leaders of the Native Tongues. Not because they were the most Afrocentric, but because they were the most famed. Remember the Native Tongues? They were a collection of Afrocentric brothers and sisters. Some famed members were Jungle Brothers (founders), De La Soul, the whole Zulu Nation, Queen Latifah and others. But, the Tribe was the face of that. Q Tip often spoke on the movement’s behalf. They were important figures in that time of Hip Hop greatness. In fact, their first three albums broke creative grounds and reached commercial success on a massive scale in those days. So, was disharmony far behind or was it the word on the streets? Q Tip felt Phife’s health problems held them back from being bigger and better. At the time, they was a kind of resentment because of Phife’s health.

More street gossip said that Q Tip desired to go solo. The word was “Damn, Tip should go solo. He’s the heart of the Tribe”. He did go solo and it was not so great. The next gossip asked “was it money problems”? Tip was making all these extras and it was reported that Muhammed was complaining about that. Did ya’ll check out Michael Rapaprt’s Chronicle of the group’s past with hopes that they would get back together? It was called “Beats, Rhymes and Life: The Travels of A Tribe Called Quest”. In this documentary, Q Tip and Phife argued a lot. At times, each of them walked off camera. Word was, when this film came out in 2011, a portion of the proceeds were going to Phife’s hospital bills. I cannot confirm this however, it’s just the Hip Hop’s ear to the street type shit. Q Tip was said to also be doing it to test Phife’s health for a world tour new album, an all the way back type of move. Anyone could see that was Q Tip’s resentment again.

In 2008, Taylor, age 34, received a kidney transplant. He had been waiting for two years. Phife Dawg’s condition was covered in a daily diet on the health of African Americans. I described diabetes as the age old enemy of black life. Taylor was diagnosed with it due to his poor diet of fatty foods, high alcohol intake and love of sweats. Due to his small body type, it ravished him early in life. By 1992, his blood sugar levels spiked to near fatal levels at 1,000 mg/dl. Normal levels are between 80 and 120 mg/dl. These are confirmed facts. It was diagnosed as the cause by his Doctor and him himself to warn of the dangers of what he called “the fast life”. In 2000, he was placed on dialysis and hospitalized in 2002, when his health continued to deteriorate. He was told he “must” get a kidney transplant in the near future to have any quality of life. Around that time, he released his solo album “Ventilation”. The single “Flawless” was Phife’s best spit. The track was mainly about his disputes with Jive Records and more to the point, Q Tip. He was rippin Tip’s new style of rhyme and his appearance and old issues. Yo, the pain and hurt caused by his health and a fading friendship can be felt and heard in this song. If you’ve never heard the track, do what you can and take five minutes for Phife. I promise, if you’re a true Hip Hop head, you will love the track!

Phife’s passing is a soul blow. He was the underdog whom played his part and dealt with a crushing health problem, while trying to pave the road as the lead rap group in Hip Hop. Yeah, money ain’t everything!

Long Love R.I.P.

Malik Taylor, Five Foot Assassin, Phife Dawg

Your fire flame spitter – KJS
Tribe Album

Watch an interview with Phife Dawg on the Come Up Show’s Youtube Channel here … Interview with The Come Up Show

Obama’s Mission in Cuba

Social world, “WE” salute you and your energy to do more than just exist, but to feed your mental life!

In today’s highly charged presidential election year, with the added pressure of an opening seat on the Supreme Court, the open boldness of the other extreme of a black president – Donald Trump is making noise with the dissatisfied white population, Obama takes time to mend America and Cuba’s relations. Cuba, “Fidel Castro’s playground”, forced the U.S.A. to put embargo against Cuba on October 19, 1960. This was two years after the Batista regime and take over by the Cuban Revolution (Castro and Che Guevera). An embargo is a commercial, economic and financial blockage of trade or trade with its allies, if they choose to. This is an old beef after the Cuban Revolution. The American owned Cuban oil refineries were taken by Castro and America was not compensated. American business men/women/families were detained as political prisoners. Castro turned into a Dictator after the revolution. That was not the intent of the movement of Che Guevera. If he would have lived, Cuba would be very different. Guevera was a true leader.

Monday, Obama made the trip to Havana, Cuba where it was illegal to go, as an American. President Obama met with Cuban President, Raul Castro, to start with the reconciliation between the one time adversaries. Obama declined a “new day” of openness between the U.S. and Cuba, but the real facts are the human rights violation he, and more so Fidel Castro, (whom did not meet with him) and the government structure of the Castro’s to make this historic thaw nothing more than a public relations thing and worldwide introduction to the hope that Cuba can re-associate with the Free World. Cuba’s allies are Russia and China.

Raul Castro made an empty gesture when he said “Give me a list of any political prisoner and I will release them immediately”. He knew Obama wouldn’t make a move like that. He wouldn’t want a terrorist or any other unknown prisoner released. Human rights groups quickly produced rosters, sent emails and social media names of “imprisoned people” for demonstrating or challenging Castro’s government.

Castro flipped it in the public spotlight, giving criticism to the U.S. human rights violation, arguing about our inability to provide universal health care (like Cuba and most of the world) and in areas of education and equal pay. He also argued that the, then Cuba land, owned by America (Guantanamo Bay’s) prisoners should be returned to Cuba. America is in no place to lecture Cuba.

What does it all really mean?

Obama is in his last months of the presidency. There is not much he can really do besides be more presidential and introduce a solution to the Cuban/American relationship with the hope and vision that the Democrats win the whole house to follow up his lead.

Cuba’s agenda is to re-establish itself in this new age technology and open trade with countries that are connected to the U.S. embargo. The restrictions prevent the country of Cuba from billions of dollars in revenue. Raul Castro needs to step out of the light of Fidel Castro. It’s all just posturing for the future and the legacy of men. Nothing will change until Fidel dies. Then you will see the true Raul. Also, no U.S. President can use executive order to lift an embargo. That is something Congress must do by majority vote.

The criticism Obama is getting for even looking like he agrees with Fidel Castro is no different than Richard Nixon’s 1972 visit to China when it was an enemy. It didn’t mean Nixon agreed with Mao Zedong’s government.

A product of determination – KJS
young F Old F

Malcolm X – The Invigoration of NOW!

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Thank you for joining us as we touch on the everlasting effect that STILL springs from the short spot light and the impact of el-Hajj Malik el-Shabazz, better known as Malcolm X. He was born as Malcolm Little on May 19, 1925 and died February 21, 1968. In death, nearly 51 years later, he still draws the love and admiration of a nation steeped in the pains he fought in his later life for. Mr. Shabazz embodies the strength of our resolve.

There is no human life that has moved me to be a tool for the improvement and safety of my people more than he. He moves and connects with so many of us, regardless of the time, because of his humble and criminal beginnings. His trials and tribulations bond to the majority of us. He had courage and rage for the discrimination of US!

This is however, not a profile of the man. During Black History Month, there were personal profiles the B.A.F. had done and Malcom X was not one of them. I feel I would be unable to give the proper profile this American legend deserves! So, I will not give a history or my “one two” on Shabazz, as I normally would for a profile. For this is about the legend that still lives on, the upcoming events, his time, the buildings and schools and the continued beneficial fruits of Dr. Betty and Malcolm X Shabazz today!

Malcolm X has an unspoken respect from the whole of African Americans. Few things unify us. The symbol of the “X” is related to this man all over America by ALL races. That was first. Secondly, the unspoken respect is so deep that it is felt by every black person in America and abroad. I’ve been black a long time and I have never heard any other black disrespect or talk badly about him. Have you? Comedians, talk show (radio or T.V.) writers or others never speak ill of Shabazz. That alone, is a powerful, true testament to his character. He even cheated the pains of being discredited by modern day media like they have humiliated many of our heroes. A permanent way to destroy or bring in to question their legacy or humble them (see Cam Newton).

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Let’s focus on the NOW of the symbol of black pride.

There’s a Malcolm X school, a college in Chicago, Illinois. Here’s a short history – it’s a two year college located on the West Side of Chicago. Founded as Crane Junior College in 1911, it was the first of city colleges. This institution of higher learning was renamed to the Malcolm X College despite the fact that he was a “public enemy” of the establishment of America. The address is 1900 West Jackson Blvd. Chicago, IL 60612 and the phone number is (312) 850-7000. Just in case you needed that push to further your education. The Chancellor is Ms. Cheryl Hyman and notable alumni are Arthur Goldburg, Bryan Bracey and Esther Golar.

May 19th is Malcolm X Day! The greeting is “happy X day”.

It’s up and coming and an American holiday in honor of civil rights leader, Malcolm X. it’s celebrated on May 19th, which is his birthday, or the third Sunday of the Month of May. The commemoration has legal status in the city of Berkeley, California. It was also proposed in Atlanta, Georgia and Washington D.C. with numerous calls suggesting that it be celebrated alongside Martin Luther King Jr. Day, as a federal holiday. The events sponsored by the Malcolm X Museum and the Dr. Betty Educational Center will host speakers at such places as the Schomburg Center for research in black culture in New York, New York. Last year, they held a special 50th anniversary commemoration of the assassination of Malcolm X. It was held at the Dr. Betty Shabazz Memorial. There was a lecture, awards ceremony and an honor dinner for three black women at this 11th annual event.

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Celebrations, nationwide, will be going down. I want you to be ready for an American holiday. We must keep alive for the black prince of our race in honor of his six daughters Qubilah, Ilyash, Malaak, Malikah, Gamilah, and Atallah and in honor of his legacy and dedication he shows us.

Now, the Malcolm X and Dr. Betty Shabazz Memorial and Education Center is located at 3940 Broadway and West 165th Street in Washington Heights New York, New York 10032. The phone number is (212) 568-1341. They accept donations. Please feed those who have fed us when we were starving as a nation. They can also inform you of upcoming events. There are also other Shabazz centers all over the U.S.

Yes, Malcolm X is still alive in the memory of others. You live your life for not just your financial and personal accomplishments, but how you’ve touched and are remembered by others (family, friends and the rest of the world). So, let me be the first to say to you, “Happy X Day!”

In your upcoming family vacations and historical celebration and education of your children incorporate Malcolm X in your family’s food.

I thank you for joining us today #YoungBlackHistorian. No one inspires me more than Brother Malcolm! I leave you with the “Tribe of SHABAZZ” copyright 2017

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Women’s NCAA Basketball Tournament

Bracket Women's Staley

We have previewed and the B.A.F. has made its predictions on the men’s side. Now, let’s focus on the Women’s NCAA Tournament. To our community, the game of basketball is a way out for African Americans. Our body structure is well fitted for the game. Not to get into anatomy of the black body and the physical differences, but more to the point, it has always been an advantage to “us”. Even more recently, women have made it to this opportunity. It has sent thousands of women to college. From 1895 to 1970, the term “women’s basketball” was more referred to as “netball”.

Women’s College Basketball was founded in 1982. The NCAA Division I (U.S.A.) number of teams today is 64. The Women’s Basketball Division I championship tournament was preceded by AIAW Women’s Basketball A.K.A. Association for Intercollegiate Athletics for Women from 1972 to 1982. It’s formatted to its counterpart of Men’s Division I basketball today.

In the WNBA, young women have another field of advancement. You should encourage and support your young daughters and family members to explore sports. The area is wider than just basketball. No other race benefits more from the game of basketball. Women’s high school, college and the WNBA has made black women household names and in some cases, made them very rich.

So, let us take you to the tournament of Women’s College Basketball.

2016 Division I Women’s Basketball Championship
March 18 – April 5

The four number one’s are UCONN, South Carolina, Baylor and Nortre Dame.

Even though UCONN has won the last ten NCAA Women’s Championships, I think, even with All-world Breanna Stewart, the 6’4” forward from Syracuse, NY, that they can be prime for an upset. Stewart is playing for her fourth straight National Championship and third National Player of the Year Honors. Then there’s UCONN, with the amazing guard Moriah Jefferson, the 122 lb. electric point guard from Dallas, TX playing herself into the first round of the WNBA draft. I think they’re going down! Yeah, I know, common sense prediction is coach legend, Geno Auriemma, the UCONN leader, will lead his young ladies to yet another title. I believe the 31 – 1 team, South Carolina is ready to upset UCONN. The charismatic Dawn Staley has her troops prime for an epic upset and she is emerging as the new face of women’s basketball. With All American A’ja Wilson, the 6’5” forward and guard Tiffany Mitchell, they have the athletics to knock off UCONN. A showdown with the beast Nortre Dame is the Championship game.

So, the first round will go as expected, all higher seeds advancing. South Carolina will beat my girls from Syracuse in the third round on the Sioux Falls region. UCONN will sweep to the Final Four to face Baylor. I believe Baylor will emerge from Dallas region and of course, Notre Dame out of the Lexington region. I got all the number one’s making it to the Final Four.

Nortre Dame vs. South Carolina
UCONN vs. Baylor

South Carolina will beat Nortre Dame in the Final Four. UCONN will beat Baylor and in an epic championship, Staley will lead her young troops to a 2016 shocker in the sports world!

The women’s game has evolved and the opportunities have opened doors in the area of careers. There are so many jobs associated with the women’s game of basketball, from camps for beginners to the front offices of the corporate business world of the WNBA. This game is more than jusr a game, its women’s liberation. The minority women’s movement.

-Simply KJS

Stewart Geno

Super Tuesday II Results

Clinton Trump
Hello social world. The gears keep turning in this presidential race of 2016.This may be perhaps the next most historical presidential election race of our generation. First, of course, being the 2008 election of Barack Obama. This election is of such importance because we have a real threat in the race, Donald Trump! True intentions will leave, not only minorities, in horrible days ahead, but any gender or race that is below or balancing the poverty line. How he objectively views women and the violence at his rallies may be new, but his response is “I wish I could punch him in the face”. Some have claimed he is the most threating to the fragile racial relationships in American. A threat to the fragile balance of the American economy. A threat the fragile relationships with foreign policy. Its plain to me, Trump is a true racist. A billionaire racist seeking the most powerful seat in the world!

Marco Rubio; having failed to win his own state, has dropped out of the race for the Republican nomination. Where did his supporters go? Cruz? Trump? Kasich? Speaking of John Kasich… He won his home state of Ohio, which was a winner take all state like Florida. Ted Cruz didn’t do much there. I’m calling it not so Super Tuesday for Cruz. On the other side, Hillary Clinton swept Florida, Illinois, Ohio and North Carolina. Bernie Sanders, who the B.A.F. supports, lost big. The energy he had from winning Michigan did not show up in Ohio and Illinois where he expected to win. He is designed now to stay in the race to push the Democratic position. He is no longer a threat to Mrs. Clinton, whom would be the B.A.F.’s second choice.

So, Clinton vs. Trump looks like the two nominees. A humiliating loss on his home turf killed off Senator Marco Rubio who, in the beginning, was the Republican Party’s savior. He is young, fresh and new with a home state of Florida, which has the very important population vote. Ted Cruz is not picking up much steam in Super Tuesday’s two votes. Kasich’s distant chance is not a real threat. On the Democratic side, Clinton is blowing through Super Tuesday to cement in her spot as the front runner. Sanders, like Cruz, failed to pick up steam to change the tide.

Super Tuesday Results

Democratic Nomination
Clinton – pledged 1,094 unpledged 467
Sanders – pledged 774 unpledged 26

The Democratic nominations needed to secure are 2,383. Clinton’s total is 1,561 and Sanders’ is 800.

State by State Super Tuesday II

Florida 124
Illinois 66
Missouri 2
North Carolina 59
Ohio 75

Florida 60
Illinois 64
Missouri 0
North Carolina 42
Ohio 54

Republican Nomination
Trump – pledged 621
Cruz – pledged 396
Rubio – pledged 168 (dropped out of race)
Kashich – pledged 138

The Republican nominations needed to secure 1,237

State by State Super Tuesday II

Florida 99
Illinois 24
North Carolina 29
Ohio 0

Florida 0
Illinois 0
North Carolina 26
Ohio 0

Florida 0
Illinois 0
North Carolina 5
Ohio 5

Florida 0
Illinois 0
North Carolina 9
Ohio 66

Missouri’s G.O.P. race is too close to call yet.

The results show where this epic political race is headed. Either the first woman President of America, after the historical two term presidency of African American, Barack Obama or the desperate grasp of old ways of the elite whites. It’s a true threat to the economic class, minority class and class of progression in America.

Choose wisely!

-Simply KJS

Rubio and Kasich