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Controversy Over Cam!

The richest sport in America; the final game of the N.F.L is upon us, the Superbowl. Once again, for the third straight year there is a Quarterback of African American skin – Cam Newton. He’s 6’5″ and 250 lbs. How many 6’5″, 250 lb Quarterbacks run like he does, throw as hard as he does? He’s special and different.

Newton was called a “thug”. People hate his swag, his dance move that has swept the nation and his arrogant style. But, Newton said it like this, “I’m an African American Quarterback with unique skills and that may scare a lot of people”.

This is a man of high moral standards. He has charity programs, doesn’t get it trouble with the law, a married man and goes to church. Yet, he is hated by the masses in America. WHY? Because of the acclaim as a star Quarterback playing at an elite level? So too, has risen old school hate and he’s viewed as a villain more than a hero! The hate is because of his brash style and the ease in which he displays on the football field. He plays a position that has been defined by the elite white player, the highly praised QUARTERBACK. He’s not traditional, he is the new age black player. He’s black and that’s the only reason they hate. Letters are coming in to radio, T.V. and football studios like the one from Andrew Tilton, a white Seattle Seahawks fan. It said, “Ban Cam Newton from the Century Link field for being the most unsportsman like Quarterback in the N.F.L”. The letter turned into a petition and had more than 23,000 signatures. He is also getting a lot of negative attention on social media, being referred to as hateful, racist names.

Newton’s dance and joyous touchdown celebrations and his smile that cuts white America to its core is routed in his outspokenness, confidence and competitiveness. Newton is clearlhy being held to a different standard. A higher standard and one easy explanation is that he is black.

It’s the Hip Hop culture Newton embraces that the masses don’t understand or like. Young Jeezy and Future have even shown up to his games. His culture is too young, too Hip Hop, too black for such old, traditional football fans. This attitude is all over basketball. Lebron James is Hip Hop, but the masses have given up their hold on basketball a long time ago (lol). It’s the evolution Newton represents. They call him “disingenious”, lacking the respect for the position held till the last 15 years, by clean cut white men. True, he has an enormous ego, but he is making it look easy. Leading his team to a 15-1 regular season that the Carolina Panthers (his team) blew out Arizona in this year’s playoff game.

So, when you see Cam on the sideline with a towel over head, hanging out with rap superstars, “you” understand the real reason why his haters can’t even articulate why they don’t like him. Imma let you know how it really is!

CAM, win the Superbowl, win it for the new-age black men. Unapologetic for being GREAT!

Pushin this pen – KJS

Newton Cam Cam with kid

The Black Economic Dilemma Part 2: Solutions

Do you care to be aware? This is part 2 of the economic dilemma amongst the black race here in America. So, we first looked at the unemployment rate for 18-35 year old Americans. As blacks, despite our true condition, we view work on the general level. Minimum wage up to $12/hour is devalued in the process of working from the ground up, having little more or less than a high school education. To make it from this position, having a job and working thru whatever company you happen to work for, is a sure way to secure and keep employment and to make a job a career. We must change our view of a job being “slow money” or not macho enough. Please understand our dreams/goals should be pursuable at the same time.

Learn how to interview…
1. Include proper dress
2. Be on time
3. Respect networking references

Take over those jobs within our community to secure and control your own community. The partnership of the black woman/man working together for a common cause must get the same respect as a crime oriented couple. This will strengthen the household of the black family. Over come the extra obstacles of securing employment i.e felony or child care issues, it forces you to disengage from public assistance.

Do you care to be aware? Home ownership, as we discussed, is the true foundation of America’s wealth. We must recover from the Home Foreclosure Crisis of 2013. How do low income minorities secure a home? No question, we face significant barriers to sustainable home-ownership. But, it’s most crucial and possible! The first and easiest is thru excellent credit. O.K, if that’s not your reality (lol), the second easiest way is to have the capitol (cash). To all you dope boys/girls, you can change the life of your whole family by purchasing a home instead of that $100,000 car or jewelry worth 6 figures.

Listen, the asset value of a home can give you “freedom” in the ways any land ownership is granted. Now, the next way if you have high money that’s not reported, is a real estate program called rent to own. This is where you pay a little more than normal rent, but every payment is to own that property. The drawback is there’s no landlord to call. All property maintenance is your responsibility. There are plenty of interventions on behalf of a first time, low income home owner. Such programs as “Neighborhood Works America, H.U.D, Government Urban Development and the Federal Housing Administration (FHA). Eligible home buyers can also obtain assistance with down payments and closing costs through the Home Investment Partnership and Community Development Block Grant programs. You will have to do your homework, fill out forms, have meetings and have records of income, but these are the mature moves of a nation.

Capitol leans or small business loans will start a foundation for your family, a foundation to uplift your race. Now banks see you as an asset, not a color. These are steps to the American dreams and our path is and always will be more difficult, but in harsher times we were achieving these things. Our economic dilemma is ours to solve. Trust me, there will be no help for this problem. Unlike voting, civil rights and the other dilemmas that we have gotten sympathy for, money isn’t one! Securing financial freedom will afford us respect on a level that will reflect in the injustices we are enduring and improve our conditions as a whole. One home moves us in the direction of racial uplifting!

The struggle has many branches, there is no quick fix. Now, the individuals of the race must discover unity! Strength in your family, which is strength in the community, which is strength in your city and the progression. The ripple effects are felt throughout our “NATION”!

A product of determination – KJS
Chains black home ownership

Care To Be Aware: The Black Economic Dilemma Part 1

White vs. black economics
Our economic dilemma runs a bit deeper than the eight year presidency of Obama. A lot deeper lol.

Do you care to be aware? In 2016 a lot of individuals inside and outside of the black community are enjoying success. If you look at the media, music, sports, hell even politics, you may be swayed to think the black race is doing well. But, it’s still crumbs from the table of wealth. On a whole, we are suffering at a rate that can only be described as an economic dilemma!

In this care to be aware part 1, we’ll explore the state of our money as a whole, not just a few new millionaires. It’s a two part awareness scope of the economic condition of African Americans. Part 1 will go in on facts and status with no bullshit. Part 2, with real solutions to uplift our condition. To my race, know this; the only time success comes before work is in the dictionary. There is no short cut to true success. The Dope game and criminal activity is like the lottery, a one in a billion chance of success. I believe everyone, regardless of color/gender has a gift to contribute to America and family wealth. Crime is not a career, it’s a short cut to short lived money, anti society interaction, an outdated way to produce profits.

Fact O – black unemployment fell to 9.1% in July of 2014. The lowest since April 2008. This is under the Obama administration. But, let’s pose these facts to the national average unemployment rate of 2015…

Men and women (25 and over)
White – 3.4%
Black – 7.7&
Hispanic/Latino – 4.4%
Asian – 3.6%

To move you to understanding the national unemployment rate for any person with less than a high school education is 6.7% . Still think were doing well in the world of economics in America?

But, this is only once aspect of our black economic dilemma. Loans and home ownership were also a dilemma. These two divisions of the economic landscape of America truly determine wealth in America.

Small business loans are the backbone of the economy for the United States. Over the past 25 years, the wealth gap between blacks and whites has nearly tripled. A typical black household has accomplished less than one tenth of the wealth of a typical white household.

The staggering facts; white households’ yearly income is an average of $59,754. Where a black household yearly income averages only $35,416. In 2008, black small business’s received 8.2% of all small business bank loans. Listen, we’re talking almost 30 billion dollars in loans in one year! In 2013 that number dropped to 1.7%. That’s 385 million out of 23 billion dollars in loans in America!

Homes are what is called capitol to banks and businesses for giving out loans. It’s called equity, a home is collateral. The main way to secure a loan to open a business.

Fact O, in America and its history, wealth has been created largely through home ownership. No home, no loans, no business.

Blacks typically, on the whole of the race, have lower incomes than whites. This also makes it harder to save and build wealth. Fact O, blacks average out to make 60% less than whites.

Home ownership facts in America
Whites – 72.9% own at least one home
Blacks – 43.5% own at least one home

In 2013 there was a real economic elevation of the black nation. The 2013 home foreclosure crisis wiped out 53%! More than half of black home ownership! That’s black wealth in home equity!

Current unemployment rate
Whites – 5.3%
Blacks – 11.4%

The black unemployment rate stats more than doubled! Economic dilemma!

A product of determination – KJS

Assault on the Constitution: The Danger of Donald Trump

There’s just some real situations we must pay attention to. No matter how far from your environment, despite your up bringing, things that directly effect the issues that plague the black population. The WHITE house effects the inner cities. This billionaire, shock value artist whom is rallying white republicans, young and old, under the umbrella of fear. But, the scary part is this tug of war as a republican is a disguise. He has a personal 1% agenda. The republicans have the balance of power in the senate and congress. The final piece is the circle of the three, the presidency.

Most of the “GOP” don’t agree with the blatant disregard for the principles of government and worse, his assault on the very constitution that is finally affording us at least OPPORTUNITY!

At this high racial tension, do you see this very dangerous man if he is for the few? How do you think this will directly effect us? It could be worse than the Reagan era. Where the president, with the backing of conservative, tea party type of republicans make changes to the Department of Justice. They make constitutional changes, federal penalty law changes, homeland security changes and laws and policies on law enforcement levels. They will reflect the true nature of the powers that “tone”.

How do you think this attitude of the scared majority white population will translate if they vote out of fear combined with a low turn out vote by the minority population partly due to the new voting laws? Strategically step-up right in time for this presidential election, so that historic minority voting in 2008 never happens again.

See how it is set up with one piece to go!

Doesn’t he move differently, the old money way? The way he carelessly reflects the feeling of a scared nation. Secure the boarders, stop giving in to China, forbid Muslims from entering America, support city Police more, not tear down the structure of law enforcement.

I raise the alarm to ALL minorities. It’s just some things on large scale. They cannot manipulate THE POWER IN THE VOTE! I implore US to stop this madness and serious threat and serious threat now. Before he even gets the GOP nomination.

This is bigger than democrat or republican parties. True facts – blacks are not strangers to the republican party. Some of our greatest gains have come through the republican party, i.e. Abraham Lincoln and the F.D.R presidencies. Although in times most recently, the racial lines in these parties have been drawn. Yet, for the percentage of black republicans, the alarm is raised. Do not vote from shock value, but DO vote from a sensibility of a nation!

-Simply KJS
Trump White sup

Sell out for the Cash: Ms. Stacey Dash

BET Dash Dash mag
Long since her unspoken position as a beauty queen of all ghettos, Ms. Dash has shown her true colors. No matter how fine, no matter how long she’s been a DIME, you can still be ugly! Just like your mother/grandmother used to say.

On these recent events as it pertains to our race, Stacey Dash’s new job is a Fox News Contributor. Do you know know Fox News’ position is pro republican and it’s rumored to be owned by enemies of the black race? That’s the sell out! She has been talking recklessly about her own race, the same race that supported her career and gave her world popularity as an all time beauty.

Her comments came out of the boycott of the Oscars by the black race for the snub of the Straight Outta Compton movie. On Wednesday, Dash took issue with the Jada Pinkett Smith/Spike Lee boycott of the 2016 Oscars. Now, here’s what she said…”I think it’s ludicrous. We should make up our minds. Either we want segregation or integration. In order for things to change, we have to get rid of the double standard. If we don’t want segregation, then we need to get rid of channels like B.E.T and the B.E.T awards and the Image Awards where you’re only awarded if you’re black. If it were the other way around, we would be up in arms. It’s a double standard”.
Dash further sealed her new position as a sell out when she said, “There’s no White History Month and there shouldn’t be Black History Month either”.

Wow, the social world is (was) blowing up. Charlamage gave Dash the “Donkey of the day” on the Breakfast Club Show. He said “Stacey Dash, blacks have made up our minds a long time ago about segregation or integration. In 1964 to be exact, when the 1964 Civil Rights Act was established.” He went in on her second part saying, “You sound foolish boo. Get rid of Black History Month or B.E.T? Black History Month is not a form of segregation, Black History Month is part of American History. As individuals, we should celebrate ourselves. As for B.E.T, it’s called nitch programming and I didn’t hear you call for an end to to others like Telemundo or an all Spanish speaking Network or W.E Woman’s entertainment or Logo, a network for the LGBT community”.

Bun B even went in, saying, “For everyone that didn’t know that looks don’t mean a god damn thing if the inside of you is ugly as fuck, here’s proof. Her black skin drives her crazy”.
And as hard as she tries to separate herself from the black community, she doesn’t even realize her token role as a pawn in her own game. You’re BLACK! Hating yourself and US wont make them love you. The best you’ll ever hear is “You’re not like the rest of them”. And if that works for you, then cool. But, the sisters are going in our her too – Gabriel Union, Tyra Banks and of course Jada Pinkett Smith, who’s leading the charge of the 2016 boycott of the Oscars.

Sunny Hostin, a panelist of the T.V show The View has a passionate rage dug the deepest. She jumped at the topic saying, “I think it’s the height of hypocrisy that Stacey Dash would say that there should be no B.E.T when she has a reoccurring role on the B.E.T series, The Game. I just think it’s incredible that she would give up whatever values she had in the first place to ponder to an audience that is sort of angry and scared of people that don’t look like that”. Hostin went on to say, “Dash is doing it for the dollar. When you compromise your values for money, you now who you are”. Hostin also said Dash was a previous presenter at the NAACP Awards and graced the cover of such nitch magazines as King, Smooth, Pride (lol) and Jet. B.E.T had a response as well entitled “Every time Stacey Dash proved she was clueless”. Also, posted on an epic tweet with a pic of Stacey Dash on the set of the B.E.T series, The GAME. “Soooo @realStaceyDash, can we get our money back or nah? #remember #youwereonthegame #andwedontmeantherapper”.

This site will continue to expose the enemy from within those of our race whom have that Booker T. Washington complex. Those who love the money more than the culture. Those who have been a leech of our culture while we thought she was a statute of beauty for our race. The same race whom supported her career to the steps of the Playboy mansion for a spread. Her hype, her force of fans have been the black community. Man, what the fuck is going on with the Dash family? Her cousin Dame Dash still crying around about Jay Z. Failure is their family trait NOW!

Love our Nation – KJS

Black Giving Back: Don’t Dwell on Yesterday’s Failure; But Look to Today as Opportunity

To my social world; with pride and love from your product of determination.

You may have heard the words arranged in different ways “Don’t dwell in yesterday’s failures, but look to today as opportunities.” But, is the meaning hollow to you? More than a great saying or sound advise, it should be a foundation for your very life! As water, it is essential for life. As love, it is the foundation to the soul. So it must be the bricks in your construction of a positive health and mental state. Common sense is less common than you may think.

Pitfalls – trials and tribulations are a part of life and although there are different degrees of pain, the principal remains TRUE in all cases. “It is not what befalls a man/woman. Their failure only comes in their response to it”. ALL life, let me say it again, ALL life has tragedy and there is none like yours. You are not alone. Lil Wayne said it so profoundly in one of his raps. “Some say tragedy is hard to get over. I say sometimes tragedy just means it’s over”. “Poetry”, feel the meaning. Life sometimes brings you to a point where the end has come and at every turn, the situation only brings you only negativity. It brings you to the bottom and your decision will bring you back to your path or bring you down. “Life choices”.

Never let a past mistake and the embarrassment or the temporary humiliation of any event continue to affect your presence. Failure is a part of life, everyone’s life. Your failure is in good company. Everyone of the human race. The difference in learning from a mistake is in the response to our mistake or tragedy.

Everyday is another choice, meaning the detours in life are meant to steal time from you because every human being is able to overcome their obstacles in life. Ever heard the phrase “God gives no one more than they can handle”? I had to stress that point, even though this site does not go in on religion.

Today, living in the now is just as important as knowing your past and focusing on your future. Sun, moon, stars. See your connection to the Universe. If you believe in evil, then what could the purpose be other than for one to just give up on life. Today, change your life. No matter your surroundings, if you wake with a positive attitude and live the words “I’m gonna make it happen today”. I promise that energy will open windows and doors in that direction. STOP wasting time in self doubt and self pity. To my dudes – why do you think confidence is so impressive to women? They see your path. Ladies – why you think confidence makes you even more attractive? We see your light, your swag!

You know how “WE” do here at the B.A.F. We deal with solutions and force you to see that you are “already clear”. No longer do we have to dwell on past failures.

Women; as a woman, do you see that failure of “the black body”? The 80’s, 90’s and still now, the Wave of curvy black women’s bodies. The rap videos, the exploitation of the hips and ass, the sexuality and suggestive dances, the new idea that a woman is only the sum of her body parts. I know my sisters and how America made them feel about their full lips, wide hips and no doubt, you have changed how the world views your body type. Curves are in! Yet, it has moved past acceptance and moved to negative. I ask, we know how men in general have exploited women (and sex sells in America), but black women who can do more harm to the reputation of black women then you can.

If you change your tone or tone down the sexual stimulation and the style of dress, then trust me… men will still follow a better class of sexuality. CLASS!

Men; as black men, do we see the life crushing failure in keeping thug life and dope boy lifestyles? In the 80’s, 90’s and now, the wave of drug king pin life and the acceptance that violence is a manly thing has become the norm. Prison is now the right of passage for young black men, making it an American tradition! A young black man from an urban environment has to be hard, where intelligence and blacks with different vibes are outcast. Where a young black man gives his life for a block or street WE DON’T EVEN OWN is praised as heroism in the hood!

I know where this beastality comes from. Over time we had to stand up and fight. Physically had to fight or die. Over time we have perfected the American way. Violence and savage moves are made in ghettos across the U.S. Barbaric acts of calculated carnage (please trust, I know) without remorse and the most brutal is the most respected, but we commit these new found skills on one another!

If those are not enough reasons, they have reshaped a justice system to punish the soul of our race. The overseers, oh I mean the officers are soldiers in a war inside America. If we educate ourselves on the opposite of the hustle, we can defeat the targets we are in American society. So many of us don’t even understand the meaning of a plea agreement. The foreign language of law they created, the language and rules of this system to be unrecognized by the people it’s supposed to represent. Before you jump in this life and death game, learn the basics of the other side of the game. Understand the odds ain’t the only thing against you, but the prime years of your life are at stake. The new, modern day slavery! They have perfected it so well that most are unaware that not only do they take your life, but now it’s a true business where convicts produce a product for world and get paid $5 a day. That’s slave labor and they make this legal. Who else, but poor minorities to use as mules in the exploitation? Learn if you ain’t making bail and lawyer money, you ain’t doin shit! If you must chose this fruitless life know this, you must respect a game and understand that the game has no respect or love for NOBODY!

-Simply KJS


rh lead

Glad to be back, from a long weekend hope your holiday was healthy and happy. Opens this week with a breakdown of a topic we as a Nation must address and overcome…March on with us to conquer this topic that “Cannot defeat us as Americans.”

Social conservation is now the way to interact with one’s peers. Step up, get familiar if you’re not social! Moving trends, after they’re invented, is a tactic to shake those on the edges of society.

To my peers in the social world – do all of you care while on this land?

The majority has always been the whites of America. If we look at this as a racial conflict within the borders of the world here in America, whites are the racial apex. Centuries of dominance led the way to white privilege and all the other names you wanna give it. That’s the “CORE” of “RACISM”. As with any group that has enjoyed the fruits of such superiority, they feel in their soul that by the bible and blade, this is theirs and they deserve the top of the human chain in status world wide. No matter the pockets of European Abolishement, the moral wrongs or the legal human violations. Not to mention, the religious transgressions.

The facts remain true. Big bank takes little bank. So, if you’re the apex, you need to validate your position. That was the first Native Americans, present holders of fertile land (it always comes down to people owning land). They took land by force by a claim of civilizing a savage race. Bringing Christianity to the lost race, whatever their stance. Fact – Europeans took North America, but the race of Native Americans were deep with culture and pride. They had too much knowledge of their land to conform and be the workers and homage payers that an apex race needs. Also, the fight in the Natives diminished their numbers so much so, that their population was not sufficient enough to be the second class citizens European’s needed.The importance of physical laborers and groups of races helped them mold and control them. That was the next progress in a plan to secure lands with their own ideas, religion and government.

Blacks and Asians were those races brought to America. The Asians did not come in chains or bondage, having already been sold and seasoned like the African slave. They came looking for work and the “freedom” of a new land. The Japanese already had considered them second class citizens in Asia. In 1763, a small group of Filipinos established a small settlement called Saint Majo in the bayous of Louisiana. But, the strongest Asian surge was in the 1820’s. Chinese merchants, sailors and students began to immigrate via Sino U.S. maritime trade. Once an influx of Chinese came to America, they earned such little pay and did dangerous work on building Americas railroads. Many thousands died and soon after, some were used as slaves. But, they were not “chattel” or looked upon as blacks. Still in the West where their numbers were populated, they endured the discrimination of the apex class.

To mold a people to have hundreds of years, or as many thought a life time of homage payers, one must strip them of home, religion and hope. You must break them physically. Instill self-loathing and a wide scale view of inferiority to mentally enslave them as well. All this was done and these words devalue the process.

So, then we must look at the 450 years of true slavery! In this time, the whites as a whole prevented blacks from education, self dignity. Blacks as a whole had to adopt a new language, a new religion, new customs and traditions. Know and understand when I speak of these races and the plan, nothing goes smooth. There were slave revolts on both land and sea. Pockets of whites whom disagreed with the enslavement of a race. Those of the enslaved that OVERCAME, shined in spite of… But we’re talking about the WHOLE of a race, then place and positions of the majority of each race.

rh 1

The next phase was blacks becoming stronger as a race in North America, learning to read and write. They began to understand the principles of the Christian religion. Thru the Civil War and the strength of the most resilient race upon the planet, we became and to this very day, are now a “threat” to the white establishment. Slavery was broken in many ways. Internally through black nannies raising white children, those children grew with a love for that black woman. Slave masters having children to produce “free laborers”, but how can one not see himself in his/her own child. Blacks/whites constant synergy to overcome slavery. Evil will never succeed without opposition. The inner conflict of the North and South view of the African slave in America. All these and more were reasons that broke the back of slavery. No doubt, it takes time to come out of the most diabolical atrocity inflicted upon a race of people.

rh 2

Now, in 2016, we’re still fighting off the fruits of slavery and at the same time, we’re targeted as a threat to the white world in America.

“The threat”. So, if I fast-forward to now, the hate is ingrained in them as inferiority is ingrained in us and the two are in conflict, creating what we now have. Those of the black race educated and filled with making it the American Way, you have a race of whites deeply engulfed in guilt, struggling in ways to justify actions by brushing slavery off in many ways. You’ve heard them all.. “it wasn’t me who enslaved you”… “my family wasn’t even here yet”. Yeah, the many and they are now the majority – but, you have the few who wish to preserve the white America as it was, and these few are the ones in “power”. It rears its ugly head often in the form of politicians with old, racist views. An unfair justice system and of course, in the form of those meant to hold order on American streets (police).


We’re a threat because blacks have a factual claim that we are the original people upon the earth. Pride in our race and history has been constant since the 1920’s. We’re a threat because physically, we’re built stronger and during the slave-era, bred to be physically stronger. We’re a threat because we create better out of what we have. We now have a major influence on American Pop culture. We’re ingenious in our skills of dance, singing, sports, style and our mental contributions have always been copied or stolen. “Threat”.

We are a threat because we are a reminder of what hate produced. We’re a threat because to survive, we had to become militant in our thoughts, ways and actions and this ravishness revenge percentage directly threat the stability of a nation.

We’re a threat because tall, dark and handsome became the object of desire for other races of women. We directly threaten the very existence of white America.

We have taken ground and positioned ourselves as the dominant minority in America. Even at only 13%, we are well represented in the view of America by other nations. We touch all avenues in American society. We, as a race do not want to take over this nation. I’ve never heard blacks as individuals or as a whole, ever talk about that. What we strive for is equality in a nation we helped build, a nation that has killed and displaced millions on its shores. We want a rightful place in a nation that leads the free world.

The new surge in racial attacks is pitted from race hatred and a feeling by whites that their America is slipping away. The Latinos threaten to become the majority in America by population. Blacks threaten to take power positions, once thought impossible to possess.
There’s no unity in America where races within are trying to defend and trying to blend and the Latinos trying to get in. While outside nations wait for us to fall and know we’re ripe for take over!

RACE HATE will be the fall of America. Rome fell, Babylon fell. You cannot build on hate.

-Simply KJS….From the staff of #TheSiteWithInsight (BAF) Copyright 2017

Do You Care To Be Aware?

….Be aware of these hundreds of thousands of black lives that bled and were tortured and died for that “POWER” in the vote!….

How was your MLK day my peoples? Today Imma go in on a victory we earned in BLOOD and must preserve the right and responsibility to vote. The power in the process was so great that once we received it, we were immediately equal with every man with the same right! One man – one vote! This great time is upon us in 2016 election. In the years landing up to the 2008 Presidential Election, we proved the power of the minority vote (please show your love to the vote as well). A VICTORY born in the beginning. True American democracy is only decades old, not centuries. Not until the 1965 Voting Rights Act, could blacks vote and that struggle began in the 1700’s! Do you remember the landmark 1856? The Dred Scott case when the supreme court legally ordained us property. Blacks “had no rights”, which a white man was bound to respect. But, some states protected voting rights in 1776 – Delaware and Maryland. New Hampshire in 1784 and New York in 1777. A signer of the constitution of the state of New York named Rufus King declared that in New York, “a citizen of color was entitled to all privileges a citizen”.

The next big movement toward voting for blacks was the 1820 Missouri Compromise. Around this time, states mainly in the South started passing Jim Crow Laws and Grandfather Clauses (Law stated if Grandfather didn’t own land, vote etc. then you couldn’t either). In 1869, Congress passed the 15th Amendment giving African American men the right to vote.

But, the South tried and with the new tactics, still are trying to silence the black vote. The rise of the Ku Klux Klan was based in the foundation of southern Democrats violently intimidating blacks and Republicans who tried to exorcise or win political power. Understand the depth of blood spilled to detour you from voting. Churches were burned, black halls bombed, voting registrations could cause your death in the early to late 1800’s.

In 1866 on July 30th in New Orleans, a white mob attacked the attenders of a black suffrage convention, killing 37 blacks and three whites who allied with them. I could hit you in the head with example after example of the silent death of those who with their VERY LIFE felt it so important to vote and stand-up for “YOUR” right to vote. Mothers/fathers died to ensure that maybe their sons/daughters might be able to SOMEDAY be able to FREELY VOTE!

The Civil Rights Movement of the 50’s to the late 60’s are a clear, recent scar you can still feel.
1945 voting
Do you care to be aware of the march to cross the Edmund Pettus Bridge near Selma, Alabama? To envoke the Voting Rights Act of 1965! It made President L.B Johnson say “We shall OVERCOME”. The influence was from the man Martin Luther King whom helped define his Presidency!

The POWER of true equal power rests in the right to vote. Look out what “WE” have accomplished putting a BLACK MAN, a BLACK FAMILY in the white house…. Your children now grow with the REAL vision that they could be PRESIDENT of the whole free world, despite the fall out, hate and aggression of this accomplishment. Understand the positive victory that is just as fear and self hate can be inbred. So can positivity.

Now, they have made NEW VOTING LAWS (please see prior post). They have enforced in most states some sort of I.D to vote. Well, who do you think avoids I.D (ie. warrants, owed child support, owed restitution/fines)? MINORITIES!

But, don’t let this right earned in blood pass us by.

Solution; Register! Regardless of the hardship you think you have to endure to get right in your state to vote. It’s more like an inconvienence in the big picture of things. Even if it means you must face your responsibilties to the state or your baby mama! This is as they say, bigger than “YOU”! I know how the 18-35 year old people think. How it seems not worth it, it wont make difference. But, I say to you… the system works if you work it! Keep the flow moving. “WE” have the opportunity to put a woman in office and a woman who’s husband and family have shown at least – not a hate for minorities and dare I say, a LOVE for the black plight. The Clintons!

Let the blood be for not, the ghosts compel me to write to your heart.

The beginning of this year’s Presidential Elections primaries and generals happen in every state. Feel the passion in my words for I speak from the pain of the past – ghosts of the struggle, the power, respect and justice begins at the top of this construction of world power. The voting of state/congress is just as important.

There is no greater Freedom, have your past brothers and sisters fought and died for. Shall you take pride, take action? Is it not your racial responsibility?

Love KJS
obama crowd for obama

Racial Hypertension Of Chicago

To my social world in the face of these alarming times, remember to stay in the moment while looking towards the future. To my social world – the sky’s the limit, even to find peace in a society that develops our lives!

The release of the video of the Chicago police officer killing of Cedrick Chatman, a young black male that was shot and killed running from a police officer after a suspected car theft has surfaced. What’s fresh and raw is that a judge publicly released the surveillance video from three years ago.

The back facts are this… On January 7, 2013 the 17 year old Chatman and two friends Akeem Clarke and Martel Odom were suspects in a beating a car jacking, stealing a Dodge Charger. The surveillance video shows Chatman bailing out of the car and running away from police. While the detective gave chase, he said he saw what he believed to be a gun. It turned out to be a black Iphone box. His last words were “I give up. I’m shot”. Young Chatman was shot by Officer Kevin Fry.

His friends Clark and Odom were astonishingly charged with first degree murder for Chatman’s death because of their involvement in the car jacking, it had spurred his shooting. They both pleaded to a lesser charge of robbery and were sentenced to 10 years.

The re-interest in this three year old case has many reasons on the break down and exposure of the law enforcement’s incapabilities in the city of Chicago. The Federal Government has an investigation of police procedures and racial discrimination. The rash police shootings of young black males and innocent civilians have blown up in the city’s face. So much so, that a city judge released this surveillance video in a time of hypertension in the city. Judge Gettleman scolded the city and the mayors office. The mayor said, “It is irresponsible to waste taxpayer’s money”, trying to block the judges ruling to release the video. There has been widespread protest in the city adding to the racial hypertension. Protesters targeted Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s home and a building where he was supposedly having lunch.

The video also showed Officer Lou Toth standing over hand cuffed Chatman’s body with his foot on top of him as if he were wild game. The outrage comes in the wake of Laquan McDonald’s police shooting.

The tensions are high, racial divide is in the air in America and the spark is in Chicago. Something must be done or rage will set in. The violent nature of the city can explode in a confrontation with the outraged and the police. I will write more on the solution of the rage and lack of respect in our American cities.

-Simply KJS

#BlackLivesMatter Organization

What it do social world? I was told not to touch this topic, don’t blog about another organization, sending followers to another site – like they are my competition or something. I say I thirst for true unity of the black nation in America. The #BlackLivesMatter Organization is an inspiration to me and the community of blacks from the slump dwellers to the 1% of our race. #BlackLivesMatter is on the front lines of this forever fight and struggle of black nationalism, taking the fight to the streets to cry and outcry against those who wish to deny us “true equality”. Extremely organized from the pain and the atrocities inflicted upon mainly the black male, the true enemy of the American way.

The foundation of my site – its function is Black Awareness. I would be less than honest with whomever follows US, less than true to my version of the cause if I neglected or avoided such a fresh army as Black Lives Matter.

The #BlackLivesMatter Organization started from the outrage of the death of Trayvon Martin in 2012. #BlackLivesMatter is a call to action and a real response to the virulent anti-black racism that permeates our society. Black Lives Matter is a contribution to the betterment of the American black family. Its founders are Patrisse Cullors, Opal Tometi and Alicia Garza.
Cullors Tometi Garza
True, sincere movements are not anything new to the black cause. They say the black race lacks unity – like other races that have endured hardships and that meaning the Jews. Jews were always compared to us because of the inhumane treatment of both races. The sentiment that the culture of blacks have never enjoyed unity is simply not true or our race would have never survived the war against us. The first known organization to promote black independence were Christian church organizations. Some of the first to unify blacks was Richard Allen and Absalom Jones, highly revered as the founding fathers’ African American preachers and organizers. One of the first African American churches was a 1774 Baptist church, the Harrison Street Baptist Church in Silver Bluff, South Carolina. Even earlier in 1693, black Christians founded the Negro Society of Boston to care for the welfare of the city’s black populace. The Quakers must be noted. The famed Society of Friends (Quakers) was the launch-pin for many independent organizations.

During the fall of the reconstruction period and the dawn of the 20th century, we saw the growth of the new age of black unity. During the Exodus Movement and the Populist Movement, some such as the true activist C.W. McCune founded the Colored Alliance in 1886 in Texas.

The 19 century was the age of black nationalism.

Frederick Douglass, Martin Delany, Henry McNeal Turner and Henry Garnet’s care and concern birthed the age of black nationalism. Such as the 1909-1910 National Negro Committee that became the better known NAACP in 1918. Mary B. Talbert became the President of the NACW National Association to new heights for the cause of black women. The 1920 UNIA – Universal Negro Improvement Association founded by Marcus Garvey. The organization was the most successful of its time in unity and profits.

The Martin Luther King movement, the SCLC movement, The Black Panther party. These organizations of the 1960’s – the civil rights era, had many players like Malcom X, Philip Randolph, Whitney Young, Roy Wikins and the likes of John Lewis. The wide scale of organizations were everywhere. Some were The NAACP, SCLC, CORE (Congress of Racial Equality), and the SNCC (student nonviolent coordinating committee). The era was strong with the improvement of black lives. I could write 100 pages to prove unity and movements of black cause that have always been. Black Lives Matters and my site The Black Awareness Foundation are two different roads to the same destination.

I chose to bring awareness, historical facts and proof of the continual contribution of the black nation, education and hard truths of the condition of blacks in America. Black Lives Matters are on the front lines of the fight, taking a more hands-on approach to the everlasting fight for respect of the black condition.

Why wouldn’t I promote the cause we have in common? So, please go to their site and even more, invest your support for #BlackLivesMatter.

A product of determination – KJS

Black Lives Matter