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Is Bill Cosby The New Age Booker T. Washington?

Wow, not Heathcliff Huxtable!

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“No Sypmpathy, No Love for Rapist and Child Molester’s No matter who they maybe, Just because they’re bathed in the spotlight of fame don’t make it right! We didn’t turn our back on Bill, he fooled us All!”

I don’t look forward to this post, mainly because I feel fooled as many do, Bill Cosby was dad to all. A pillar to the value of African American Family, Now look!

I know you’ve heard about Bill Cosby and his charges. Damn, a serial rapist! Real “FACT” crazy how this man whom was a cultural icon has become a running joke. Shows you money, power and admiration ARE LESS THAN RESPECT! He has become Michael Jackson, O.J. Simpson, Robin Givens, Tiger Woods. A joke. He will be remembered not as a great man, but as a RAPIST!

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What’s In That Pudding Pop’s?…..

The Bill Cosby “Defense Team” is set to present its case on Monday 6/12/17. After the Prosecution Friday 6/9/17 rest its case for the charge of Sexual- Assault against Bill Cosby. Friday the Montgomery County district attorney’s office used Cosby’s own words from his 2005 civil suit as evidence in is disposition Cosby said: “I gave pills to that woman” ( Andrea Constand).

Andrea Constand testified on behalf of the prosecution on Friday and said: “I felt frozen after ingesting three pills (to relax) that Mr. Cosby gave me.” She went on to say she was repeatedly raped at the Cosby home in Philadelphia 2004.

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The Cosby team have a plan for the defense of Bill Cosby, They outline the charges and agree with the 2005 disposition of Cosby, but say the drug Cosby referred to was “Benadryl” not the 70’s super drug “Qaaludes” think “Elvis Presley” A powerful drug that is used in full or half doses in full dose it paralysis’s the nervous system (a depressant) In smaller doses slows the mind and body to what is described as “Total Relaxation” Been called the second “Date Rape Drug” Roofies being the first ( Rohyphenol). The defense team also said that the sexual encounter was consensual and part of a long time romantic relationship.

But, what is this legacy in the black community? First off, the youth of our community doesn’t care or know much about William Cosby. They may have heard of the Cosby Show but, Cosby didn’t keep himself relevant in the public eye. To the new generation who grew up on the Cosby
Show (shout out to Lisa Bonet lol), it’s another shot at our BLACK CULTURE if you’re open or on the low support of the legacy of Bill Cosby A.K.A Heathcliff Huxtable. To the older generations, he is an icon in comedy and film. But, if you see RAPE as in inexcusable act then fuck who he was and his fame. He is a criminal and an embarrassment.

Putting you up on game, Bill Cosby was arrested yesterday 12/30/15 before the statute of limitations ran out on these charges of sex without consent. Like his already ran out on several of the 54 (yeah 54!) women who has accused Cosby of sexual misconduct. FACT “O”, Bill Cosby was arrested on a felony charge of aggravated indecent assault, for drugging and sexually assaulting a woman at his home 12 years ago. For which he could receive 10 years. He posted a bond of 1 million dollars and was released on bail. He also has a civil lawsuit against him by seven of his so-called victims so they can get his money because the statute of limitations has run out on them to file criminal charges.

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Now, let’s get to what’s REAL to us, the Black Nation and why I compared Cosby to the greatest SELL OUT in black history in America – Booker T. Washington. On 5/21/2008 Bill Cosby said “Blacks can’t be Doctors with the kind of crap coming out of your mouths. They’re standing on the corner and they can’t speak English. I can’t even talk the way these people talk.” He was referring to slang like “Why you ain’t, where you is, what he drive, where he stay”. These are some examples he used. Cosby also said “Blacks need to realize that it’s high time to get themselves together and stop perpetuating the stereotype. Blacks are screwed by no one else but themselves”. He also said that blacks don’t know their parents.

Just to give you a view of his stance while he was on top in Hollywood and had the love and respect of the white world. Cosby said some things that need to be known. I call HARD TRUTHS yet, it’s how and where it’s said. I come from a place where I’m connected to my people and the black community. I want to improve our cause. He ranted from a place where he felt he was better than us and was above the black race and his acceptance in the white world and in a financial status that prevailed him above the landscape that the black race comes from – poverty and the urban lives of blacks. Not to use his position to give back “sincerely”. Which is every ones responsibility. He sold us out like Booker T. Washington did and was all based on how another race accepted him. We also feel betrayed by what he was pictured to stand for and the message he conveyed on his T.V show. This 78 year old man now knows he’s a black man again and who do you think he’s leaning on NOW? Do you think he’s getting phone calls from producers, agents and politicians in the white world that dazzled him? You can never put yourself above your RACE, you will never be bigger than the cause and the struggles each race must face. Our cause was to endure, adapt and over come. Bill Cosby – a great man or a sell-out?

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Simply a Product of Determination – KJS #YoungBlackHistorian Sworn to the Truth of are Heritage/Culture “The Dark and Light” recording of our history needs reality not emotions of the Time! Are greatest downfall in African was a lack of recorded history ( passed down by the Elders) Which gave way to Europeans to calls us uncivilized and history-less. I Say “Never Again” The writer with a purpose KJS.

Mental Illness In The Black Community

Mental illness

Thank you for joining us, Coming at you wit the REAL to kick it wit you about an epidemic within an epidemic inside the black community, no matter the city or state. Mental illness and how blacks overlook and deal with mental illness in our hoods. In every hood I’ve been in, there is at least one “Crazy Kurt” or “Bugged out Bre”, someone that has mental problems. With no medical attention, no support from family because they don’t understand. So, where does that leave the one suffering with the mental disease? They self medicate with weed, coke, heroine or even alcohol to deal with the voices or any mental problems they may have. They exist on the edges of a community already on the outside of mainstream society. They stand outside churches, corner stores, rec centers or whatever talking to themselves, dancing to no music. In my hood there used to be “Kung Fu Crazy”, a man who stood in front of a community based office doing kicks and punches at the air all day. He swept up the front of a parking lot for, I don’t know, some change he got or free coffee and a place to exist. I’m sure y’all got the similar stories. He and people like him at least found a way to BE in a world that have just shunned his condition. Just go to any homeless shelter and see the thrown away mental African Americans! Those that fell through the cracks.

Mental illness has come to ravish America. It is a faster growing epidemic, faster than the prison population. Not that it affects blacks more, it’s just that other races at least except it as a TRUE medical condition more so than us. Not saying that’s always a bad thing because other races might have decided to over medicate, especially their children. But, in some cases medical help is so badly needed! I am not talking about those who fake the funk to get a check from SSI (Supplemental Security Insurance) but, the very real problems that exist in the black community.

FACTS; severe disabling mental illness has dramatically increased in the United States. The number of those who are so disabled by mental disorders that they qualify for SSI or SSDI (Social Disability Insurance) increased nearly two and a half times between 1987-2007. From one in 184 Americans to one in 76 Americans. For children, the rise is even more startling, a 35% increase.

What? You don’t think that our black population (13.2 %) suffers from this mental epidemic? Our percentage translates to roughly 42 million blacks in America! It’s the stigma and shame that blacks face with mental health treatments in the African American communities. Our lack and reluctance to deal with mental illness as seriously as other races. Why? It’s misinformation, our trust in a field of medicine we don’t really understand or in some cases believe in and it’s the extremely high cost to treat a mental disorder. But, mainly 63% of blacks think that depression is a sign of personal weakness. Depression is the most common form of mental illness. I do agree with my people that America OVER medicates. It seems that if a child in school is just a little wild, they wanna give them Ritalin or some other drug. Be very careful with this because they’re children and they’re supposed to be hyper! You know as a parent if your child has real problems.

Thank God you were not born with or developed a Mental Disorder! True Words.

Solutions; You know I think it’s so important not just to talk about problems but more importantly, to give real concrete solutions. So I did my homework about how blacks can get help Nation wide without the stigma. Here’s what I got for you…

Sarah Vinson; A black psychiatrist has developed a website that caters to the black community. It’s called Black Mental Health Net (BMHN). The site asks no personal questions and offers articles, videos, forums, links and referral sources. Thank you.

-Simply KJS
Copyright 2017
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Chicago’s Racial Colors Showing

Chicago, Illinois is in the news once again showing its racial injustice code and colors! The mid west has become worse than the south with their face of HATE. Violence lives in Chicago, been known as the gang capitol USA. FACTO, in 2015 Chicago had 161 homicides in 151 days! WOW! Please give this time to marinate on your mental for a minute.

Now, this morning I report to my community of black lives two more police shootings and killings of African Americans in Chi Town.

Quintonio Legrier; Another black life given up in the cause of hate. Legrier was a college honor student, majoring in engineering. The fact must be also revealed that young Legrier was dealing with some mental health issues. On Sunday, December 27, 2015 he was in his home threatening his father with a baseball bat. The events unfolded like this; police were dispatched to 4710 West Erie St in a Chicago neighborhood. When they arrived, he was banging a metal bat against his bedroom door and ignoring police commands. Next, police probably became annoyed by his unresponsiveness. An officer reported that Legrier lunged at him with the bat. Legriers father, Antonio Legrier is on record saying the cop shot blindly and recklessly into the doorway shooting the 150 pound, 19 year old seven times, killing the young man.

This must be stated and coincidentally, my next daily post is on mental issues in the black community. It must be stated that it seems this young man had mental issues (but still made college honors) throughout his life. His mother stated in the Chicago Tribune, “My son suffered from mental issues”. During the Thanksgiving break, Legrier was hospitalized for “emotional problems” which leads me to question his care for his mental issues, his struggle to deal logically with a mental sickness. How helpless, how young to deal with an epidemic in America – mental disease! There is still no excuse for the lack of care for black life, the open faced intimidation of white power over our most precious commodity, “the next generation of our black nation”. No other race of young men are under attack as young black lives and there’s many other races in low income neighborhoods. It’s something else. A conditioning, a devaluing of the lives of black Americans.

Bettie Jones; A 55 year old grandmother and a known anti-violence community group worker was still shot and killed by Chicago Police. On Sunday, December 27, 2015 police were dispatched for a domestic violence disturbance. Jones was a downstairs neighbor to the Legriers, who had been asked by Anthony Legrier to keep an eye out for police arrival. As the situation began to escalate, Jones was believed to be standing behind Legrier, near the entrance to her apartment. When the officer wildly shot, a bullet stuck Jones in the neck and she later died of that wound. She was the mother of five and grandmother of ten. She lived in her first floor apartment with her boyfriend. On Christmas she hosted Christmas day for her family with food and card games and love ruled the day. Jones was battling ovarian cancer.

The police report goes like this; At least one bullet appeared to have traveled through the Jones’ apartment, hitting at least two walls. The official statement reads like this; “The 55 year old victim was accidently struck and tragically killed. The department extends its deepest condolences to he victims family and friends”.

I applaud Bettie Jones’ nephew Jahmal Cole for having the education of non violent responses most likely learned from his Aunt and her anti-violent group work. He called on the people to remain calm. But, how long will calm remain in our cities? Soon this will become a battle over our youth. How long before a version of black militancy comes to light? How long will it take to repair the HATE?

-Simply KJS


Step Fatherhood Part 2: Biracial or Other Race Children

My peeps, what’s good? KJS with that aint bullshit… Yesterday I went in on Step Fatherhood. Today, I’ll build on that a little, give you more concrete weapons/defense to deal with this very precious position. Represent yourself as a man in the household,but let HER deal with punishment of the child unless you have an understanding that you will both play a part in it.

Special note; if you’re dealing with a woman and the baby daddy is a big part of the child’s life, be a stronger man and don’t try to interfere with their bond or get jealous and attempt to poison the child to his/her father or try to out do his duties or allow her to. Respect a man’s efforts to maintain a relationship with HIS child. Understand your place in this family setting. We could go all day just on this topic. Imma keep it moving but, comment on this piece and I will go in deeper. On the other hand, if the father is absent, your responsibility is even greater because if the child is young enough you might become Daddy. A child doesn’t care, they want and need a father. Now you have to maintain truths in a situation like this. In some religions it is a sin and considered immoral to adopt a child and change their last name. Even it that child calls you Daddy always remind that child of their last name, that their father may be in hard times but still loves them. (Hard truths).

Now, the true topic of today, the Father or Mothers. As I’ve stated again and again, “The family of blacks in America is so diverse. It comes in many shades and nationalities”. To the families of different races, your obligation to a biracial child or a child of another race is even greater. Why? Because the value of a father is to educate his family. Now you must learn about the other half of that child’s race or customs and traditions. Yes, even if the mother of that child isn’t versed in her own culture. Her role has nothing to do with your obligations as a man. You will deal with the family of another people and the process may be filled with rejection, doubt and even discrimination. The best part is no matter RACE, CREED or RELIGION, a man is a man in any race. A positive, healthy, functioning family will shine through and command respect.

The core of this is… take more care and thought of what a true step father is and the obligations and responsibilities are the same, if not greater than if the child was of your own flesh. It is also your job to construct the guidelines and actions of this extended family. Talk with your mate on how things will work. Avoid headaches and emotional stress by taking this undertaking with the seriousness it demands. There is an old African proverb which states, “It takes a village to raise a child”.

I love humanity

-Simply KJS

Step Fatherhood Part 1

Peace to my people, all my people, from your freelance writer from the bricks…

The obligations and expectations of being a stepfather… There are more self made extended families than so-called traditional families. This is coming from real life experiences. A point of view from real life issues, seldom addressed but, shape our new forum of black culture. Every time you hook up with someone that has children (or both have children), it is more than a union of man and woman. You are now connected to the children’s joys and pains, the baby mamas and baby daddies – the DRAMA! You are now the seed that nourishes the babies that may have always had a strong need for a step in father/mother figure. The design plan is to break the bond of family, most directly to kill or send to jail, to break a man in the family. Second to drugs that smother the essence of a woman.

So, the view aint new. Each one teach one has always been in effect for the families of the oppressed! The history of the step father. Now, let’s deal with a regular thing in the life of a black man, age 30 to whatever, most women you run into have at least one child… FACTO.

What are your obligations and expectations as a fill in father? Some say “Man I’m just there for the sex. I aint tryna be no baby daddy”. Straight talk, make sure you let her know that and do your best to stay from being around her kids. But, if you’re real about this woman, you have not only an obligation to her, but to her children. Why? Simply put, you are now the man, the head of a self-made family. They will look at you for protection and direction. No matter the times, the core of what we are as men and women, fathers and mothers remain! You are obligated to enrich that child in the history as an African American, the child’s roots. To teach that child more than the three pages in the school text books. The struggle that almost put us as an endangered race upon the shores of North America. Teach them more than just Martin Luther King and Harriet Tubman. What are you so obligated to break the chains of the weakness of the lack of lineage? Unbind the mental shackles of our deep self hatred. Yes, as a black man, who else will lead the black family to beyond equality, but into the light of greatness?

You are obligated to take that young man and mold him into a better man than you are. To teach your wisdom that you developed from life. To avoid the pitfalls of the justice system that wishes to own a piece of his very soul. Obligated to bring him into manhood. To show him how a man moves and carries himself. To that little girl, you are her cloth of protection in a nation that has such a negative image of her worth. Protect her and teach her as she comes from an endless blood line of Queens who helped build and shape Africa. Such as Queen Amina of Nigeria and Candace Empress of Ethiopia. Do you know of these amazing woman? Teach them the new age population of prisoners are the minority women. Give her the pride to avoid the misconception that her worth exists only in her face and body. Imagine these seeds are thirsty for understanding and you, YOU as a black man are the giver, the sun that nourishes their WORLD!

Your obligations are more than just to satisfy the mother of these kids, no matter how strong she is. They need the black man, no matter if that is your biological child or not, it is a child of the black nation.

What can you expect – (hard truth) you can expect NOTHING! The definition of a parent is a selfless act. As a step father, you may go through the rebellion stage of all children, yet yours is a heavy burden to bear. Be assured that “You’re not my dad” will be spoken. Yet, your aim is to prepare this child or children for life with a pride and understanding of who they are in this world. You will earn respect, deep respect from the woman you’re with. Stay the course and I will be here to help guide in ways of this very important task. Raising another mans child with a love for your race and see the picture of a nation that’s bigger than your family, your block, your city. We belong to the nation of blacks!

What of the drama of the biological father or mother, the family, the extended family? All the bullshit that comes with raising another mans child. I can say this – handle it with dignity and calmn. The solution to all these problems is not to take it personal. If the outside parent feels some type of way and wants to reconnect to the family because of you, then it’s a positive thing. You and your mate must devise a parenting plan and together, make it work. In part 2, i will build on the day to day trials and tribulations of being a step father. You are undertaking an important role in reshaping our BLACK NATION!

The oratory of blacks
-Simply KJS

The 2015 Protest By Black Lives Matter

Just as in 2014, the Black Lives Matter Organization, a new age black guardian, protested at the Mall Of America on 12/23/2015.
Yet, this time, the mall tried to block the Black Lives Matter Organization from legally holding a peaceful protest granted to all by the First Amendment Rights. The Mall of America seeked to pursue a restraining order against the Black Lives Matter Organization for wanting to protest before Christmas Eve. Judge Janisch of Minnesota said in his ruling in favor of the Black Lives Matter Organization “The verified complaint identifies Black Lives Matter as a defendant. However, Plaintiff has provided no evidence that Black Lives Matter is a legally cognizable entity capable of being sued as a party in litigation”.
The judge ruled that the Mall of America could not block the most concrete of the bill of rights. Yet, he did bar three members of Black Lives Matter from being present on the property of Mall of America. Those three very powerful members are the organizer of Black Lives Matter, Ms. Miski Noor and two of her most vocal and intense members, Ms. Kandace Montgomery and Mr. Michael McDowell.
So, just like in 2014, Black Lives Matter protested inside the largest mall in America. Last year, 3,000 protested and forced 80 stores to closed down in the shadows of Police dressed in riot gear and weapons.
Brothers and Sisters, this is about how this black organization STOPPED white peoples’ ability to make money on one of the busiest shopping days in America! These mainly young black civil liberty fighters shut down a portion of Corporate America.
Lost in this is the true purpose for the rally this year to bring awareness of last months shooting and killing of Jamar Clark, a black man in Minneapolis. On November 15,2015, 24 year old Clark was shot by police officers Mark Ringgenberug and Dustin Schwarze. They were placed on a paid administrative leave after the incident. The case is still under investigation.

The 2015 Protest Review
Protesters, black white and other gathered around 2:30. This time they blocked the airport of Minneapolis as well as the Mall of America. Over 1,000 people showed up to protest at both the mall and airport. They shut down the airport. Black Lives Matter said the mall and all its hype was a decoy this year and the airport was the true target. Flights were delayed and terminals and the light rail were shut down. It worked, the police were unprepared to deal with hundreds of protesters when they descended to the airport. PEACE to Jamar Clark!
I’m here to finish the efforts of the past of our civil rights!

-Simply KJS
Please support Black Lives Matter

Chicago’s Grotesque Injustice

Welcome to the Daily Diet, where we go in depth on issues that are important to our culture and effect our race as a WHOLE!
Today’s dose is in Chicago, IL. At this moment, the U.S. Justice Department is launching a probe (investigating) the Chicago Police Department. To find out if Chicago Police have been in the habit of violating laws or citizens’ civil rights. The Laquan McDonald murder opened all of this attention that has plagued the city of Chicago.
Laquan McDonald was walking down South Pulaski Rd. with a knife in his hand. But, peep this – walking away from the Jakes. A cop overseer, I mean officer Van Dyke jumped out of his patrol car and after six seconds on the scene shot and within 15 seconds fired shots into McDonald. This happened on October 20, 2014.
McDonald was accused of aggressive assault on four officers and Van Dyke was one of them, but just recently the videos were made public. Much different than original police reports. Then earlier, Freddie C. Gray Jr., a 25 year old black man was killed while in police custody, not by gunshots or a chock hold, but by a lack of human sympathy. By sheer neglect and a lack of respect for BLACK LIFE. Grey was placed in the back of a patty wagon in Baltimore for possessing a punk ass switchblade. Gray asked for medical attention, but the six officers on the scene, Senior Officer Lt. Bran Rice, Sgt. Alicia White, William Porter, Edward Nero and Caeser Goodson refused to grant it. Then he sank into a coma and later died from what the coroner described as a spinal cord injury. Unbuckled inside the new slave ships (patty wagons), he was tossed around and suffered the injuries and gross negligent that caused Gray’s death.
Both Mayors, Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel and Baltimore Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake are under pressure from falsified reports, open faced lies on police reports and even altering police video recordings.
I open this up for discussion before I go in on this old trend. That’s only receiving this much attention because everyone walking is an automatic reporter with technology. Count how many black lives were lost this year by Police hands or by the right to protect yourself. It’s crazy, but I got solutions. The W.E.B Bubois way, not the Gabriel Prosser way. Brothers, sisters and others you know. Who was Mr. Prosser? Coming soon, my basic solutions for this outcry and deadly trend. For now let’s politic on this before you can debate you must have FACTS.
Love my strong people!
-Simply KJS

Trump’s True Stance

“Greatness is not measured by what a man or woman accomplishes, but by the opposition He or She has to overcome to reach his goals”. This is a quote by Ms. Dorthy Height, American Civil Rights Activist and former President of the National Council of Negro Women.
To the social world – what it do ya’ll? This is KJS, the voice of the B.A.F site. Here with my collaborators, Web Master A.K. – and site admin Sherry – A little about us before I jump into today’s Daily Diet – Trump’s True Stance, the brother A.K. is a young computer craftsmen, making his mark as a web designer/code writer. He is continually giving back to the elevation of his race. The young lady, Sherry is a site admin who’s contribution is immeasurable. Her focus is our section that helps educate mothers of biracial children, which is found in the Black Giving Back tab.
The main purpose of this foundation is to encompass the WHOLE of our black nation in America. I am simply the BLOOD of the site. I’m a ferocious freelance writer and push this pen for the betterment of myself and black’s condition.
My vision for this site is that it becomes a hub for black dialog. A place for brothers and sisters to come for reflection and nourishment. Where all races come daily for a dose of reality, touching on all areas of black culture and life, sports, exploration into the heart of hip hop, education, a forum for debate and an overall house of pride!
This section, Daily Diet is where I will post every morning on or before 9:00 Eastern time or 7:00 Mountain time. Please post comments and engage in topics covered.
Ahhhright let’s get this Daily Diet dose on this date 12/21/2015. We will keep yesterday’s “Daily Diet – New Voting Laws” going, but focus on Donald Trump politics. It’s just that time with the Presidential Election coming up. Donald Trump is hot in the news for his sensationalist ideas and big mouth. It’s no secret where his loyalties lie. He is no friend to the plight of minorities as he represents our old enemy. He has been so controversial that his own political party GOP wishes to give him the boot. So, let me put you up on game and tell you what the man stands for and his political agenda.
We proved eight years ago, as well as four years ago the power of the minority vote – “The Obama years”. The minority vote is strong and has become a force in the political arena. That is why the Supreme Court and Congress changed the way most states vote (yo, if you aint knowing, see yesterday’s post on new voting laws).
He has a shock value style, flame-fanning and preying on the fears of Americans with statements like “We should ban Muslims from entering the United States”. I want my people to overlook the circus of Trump and know his stance as a Presidential candidate.
1. He favors shipping millions of Mexicans back to Mexico if they’re found here illegally.
2. He favors building a wall all along the Mexican borders. Yeah really!
3. He favors the use of predator drones to patrol the Mexican borders. How long before he uses predator drones to patrol urban hoods?
4. He opposes the birth right citizenship (if you’re born in America, you’re automatically a citizen).
5. The biggest, most outrageous stance is on banning Muslims from entering America.
This last suggestion is such a big deal for my people because it is how Hitler started his reign on oppression over a race of people. Although this discrimination is against a religion and not a race, yet Arabs and Blacks make up the bulk of Muslims in the U.S. As many believe, as I do, that this would fuel the recruitment of more members to ISIS. The new wave of ISIS recruitment’s are coming from outside of the Middle East. Trump is also in favor what he calls closing “areas” of the internet. He is directly referring to ISIS recruiting efforts on social media sites, so it’s clear he is from the “good ole boys club” in his views of blacks and minorities in general. Trump is strongly against President Obama and is already trying to undo Obama’s accomplishments like replacing Obamacare with health savings accounts. He also favors a stronger police presence in high crime areas. Corruption on top of chaos, a “combustible mix”, which will result in more young black lives lost.
So, while Trump is talking out his necklace, the threat of his “possibility” is real to our health and welfare. Holla at us with your comments on a subject we must be up on!
“The struggle to fight oppression rages on and so shall we”.
-Simply KJS

New Voter ID Laws!!!!

My first daily post is not the most stimulating topic, but lets be accountable for our position in today’s society.

As of April 2015 the United States enacted and will enforce new voting laws in 32 states, with 17 states requiring voters to present photo identification and 15 states will accept other forms of identification.

In 2013, congress and the supreme court handicapped a right that stood since 1965, VRA, (Voting Rights Act), Now requiring ID to cast a vote. Directly effecting the minority voters. The fall out of the new surprising power in the minority vote encompassing the ever growing Hispanic vote and the unification of the black vote. As a result the DOJ and the curtain of old political power devised a way to wound this new competent among the Information Age generation. Get knowledgeable, get yo ID right, and know your State’s laws.

List of States and Their Laws

There are three different categories in the new voting laws.
1. State photo ID is required to vote.
2. These states require non photo ID to vote. i.e. birth certificates or Social Security card.
3. States have no requirements to vote.

  1. Alabama Photo ID Required
  2. Alaska Non Photo ID Required
  3. Arizona Non Photo ID Required
  4. Arkansas Non Photo ID Required
  5. California NO REQUIREMENTS
  6. Colorado Non Photo ID Required
  7. Connecticut Non Photo ID Required
  8. Delaware Non Photo ID Required
  9. Florida Photo ID Required
  10. Georgia Photo ID Required
  11. Hawaii Photo ID Required
  12. Idaho Photo ID Required
  13. Illinois NO REQUIREMENTS
  14. Indiana Photo ID Required
  16. Kansas Photo ID Required
  17. Kentucky Non Photo ID Required
  18. Louisiana Photo ID Required
  20. Maryland NO REQUIREMENTS
  21. Massachusetts NO REQUIREMENTS
  22. Michigan Photo ID Required
  23. Minnesota NO REQUIREMENTS
  24. Mississippi Photo ID Required
  25. Missouri Non Photo ID Required
  26. Montana Non Photo ID Required
  27. Nebraska NO REQUIREMENTS
  29. New Hampshire Photo ID Required
  30. New Jersey NO REQUIREMENTS
  31. New Mexico NO REQUIREMENTS
  33. North Carolina NO REQUIREMENTS
  34. North Dakota Non Photo ID Required
  35. Ohio Non Photo ID Required
  36. Oklahoma Non Photo ID Required
  38. Pennsylvania NO REQUIREMENTS
  39. Rhode Island Photo ID Required
  40. South Carolina Non Photo ID Required
  41. South Dakota Photo ID Required
  42. Tennessee Photo ID Required
  43. Texas Photo ID Required
  44. Utah Non Photo ID Required
  46. Virgina Photo ID Required
  47. Washington Non Photo ID Required
  48. West Virgina NO REQUIREMENTS
  49. Wisconsin Photo ID Required

See how the mass of southern states support the repression of minorites or those who are from the Information Age and are “awake.”

I will always give you solutions.

  1. Educate yourself on your State’s position on “young and minority”
  2. Spend your day off getting your ID up and straight.

  3. I feel you if you have to spend a little to get right with your ID. Tip: get a non drivers liscense to avoid unwanted bills/fines.
  4. Next week spend one day off organizing your self with voters registration.

  5. Support the petition to congress “Restore the Power of Voting Rights Act” VRA.
  6. Pass the word. The most effective way to spread the word in the class of the “Other Side.”

Cant wait to blow on you.